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OLD SCHOOL CHOPPER SHOW During Biketoberfest 2021


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 During every Biketoberfest I make sure to attend Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show, or die trying...

The show has 20 classes and is sponsored by, Hot Leathers, Twisted Tea, Blings Cycle, S&S, Church Of Chop, Renegade Magazine and Rue & Ziffra.


Bill Dodge Build
Bill Dodge Build

Willie givin Bill and his wife award
Willie givin Bill and his wife award


Bill Dodge got an award for his build. He generally does. 


Tony Agoso and his motorcycle Pandemic were also featured.



Best Knuckle                                Garret Madalone

Best Old School                           Garret Madalone

Tropical Tattoo Choice              John (no last name given)

Willie’s Choice                             Antique

 Best Twin Cam                             Bobby Colella
 Cycle Source Choice                  Shadd Reed
  Best Sportster                              Lashonda Donckey
 Best British                                   Frank (no last name given)
  Best Panhead                               Brandy Dozer
  Best Japanese Import                Blake Ingram
 Best Shovelhead                         Drew Cemer
 SmokeOut Choice                       Billy Flash
 Best Classic                                   Ken Napier
 Best Evo                                         Mike DiPreta
 Roadside’s Choice                      Mad Pen Cycles


 Rev Al Award                                Dozer

Tarball’s Choice                           Tino

 Tino’s Choice                                Ron Zuk

BD Custom’s                                 Zackery Zdrodokski

Trailer Trash Choice                   Hatch


There was every kind of bike you can think of from Flatheads with patina and refurbished, to new, to gorgeous custom paint jobs on Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovelheads, Evos and some imports.

The show runs from 11:00AM until the Awards at 4:00PM with many people showing up early.

 All the proceeds made from this event goes to support our veterans.



 Though the Bike Show was the main feature, out back Jackson Slim put out some good sounds. There was also plenty of food and beverages, including Twisted Tea.

Trophy Girl with Bill from Twisted Tea
Trophy Girl with Bill from Twisted Tea


There are numerous T-Shirts that are interesting for one reason or another. And of course, plenty of women.



Some great news was announced that The SMOKE OUT will be coming back in September 2022!

Click for the action.
Click for the action.


Chris Callen and the Cycle Source crew were in attendance and hard at work as were numerous other publications.

 Come show and award time part of the entertainment is MC Roadside Marty who kept the crowd laughing.


 While it is always good to see a lot of old friends, this year especially Bill Dodge and Willie, up and about, both still healing from serious injuries from being hit by vehicles while riding their motorcycles.


Trophy Girl and Willie
Trophy Girl and Willie



A special Thanks goes out to all the people who work so hard to make this event fantastic every year.





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Reader Comments

One day, I'm going to leave work and make the 1.5 mile ride up there and enter my Panhead in the show. I built it with Edward Eisler (Vintage Harley Works) 30+ years ago.

I should say that I was there and helped build it. Edward Eisler actually won one of the Panhead or chopper divisions about 3 years ago. Not sure when it was.

Great show, Great pics and great people....Thank you! Scuba Dave

Scuba Dave
Daytona Beach, FL
Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Editor Response Would love to see your Panhead.
Never been there. On the bucket list.
Great rideable motorcycles. Mr. Ball keeps the faith .
What’s with the trophy girl? Fake titts way over the top .
I never could figure how people so into real steel could dig on such titt fakery .

Hamden, CT
Saturday, October 30, 2021
Editor Response Sex man sex.

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