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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition down the beach…

Taking In The Time Warp In Wildwood


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I haven’t been to Wildwood since I was 7 or 8 years old. My memories include lots of jellyfish in the water, and having to walk “forever” just to get to the water – not quite like our usual beaches in Seaside or Ship Bottom. Since I’m sidelined for a few months with “medically induced motorcycle emptiness”, I decided to head back to NJ for a quick turn and burn. Stopped in to see Nick and Veronica at Nick’s Custom Cycles in Williamstown trying to track down brackets for the hack. Their place is like a motorcycle museum and Nick, “the curator “–knows every inch and every part in that place." Definitely worth a drop in:


After tracking down a lead with Colony for parts, we headed south for a night of the Troglodytes and a day at the races. All things T.R.O.G.


Being raised in south Jersey – racing was always around – I spent many hours at Atco, on Front Street, and headed up to Englishtown for the more “formal”drags. Don’t remember beach racing in the old days – just a lot of summers spent partyin’ on the beach. That’s what we did “down the shore”.  Fast forward to 2012. A few friends, a love of all things old -two, three, and four wheels, add in some car clubs and you now have "The Race of Gentlemen". 


According to the official T.R.O.G. website: the race revives a tradition of an old beach race that was held in Cape May in 1905. The initial T.R.O.G. (The Race of Gentlemen) was held in Asbury Park in 2012. It was moved to Wildwood because of the “flatter,wider beaches”-all the better for racing! Don’t forget the boardwalk with its games, rides and attractions to complete the scene! Oh yeah, and now there are some racing ladies as well!


Motorcycles entered must be pre-1947, and cars must be pre-1936. Vintage rules. 

The setting for the thousands that attended the two days of racing during this early October event was 1/8th of a mile side-by-side drag “sand” strip set up on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.


Car clubs, MCs, locals and tourists-some even from across the Pond-spent hours watching the life breathed back into the aged iron. 


The event started Wednesday October 2, 2019 with a Beach Party from 6pm–12pm at PigDog, a local boardwalk bar.  Thursday, October 3rd brought a T.R.O.G swap meet, T.R.O.G car show and a party on the Bay.


On Friday, October 4th, the swap meet and car show continued. But at the Binns Motel after sundown, the Night of the Troglodytes began. 


Best thing about this show was so many of the younger generation that were there taking part. Looks like the tradition is going to be carried on! 


The Nott Chopper Show was encased in 6-foot chain link fencing along with Warsteiner Beers, bikes and great music throughout the night!  


Saturday, day 1 of Race Day, began at 8am on the beach behind Morey’s Pier – off Schellenger Avenue. 


Tickets could be purchased previously online – or day of the event. Both lines were extremely long on Saturday; even with weather in the 50s, the turnout was massive.  


(HINT: if you go next year – get your wristbands Friday and you won’t have to wait in a long line).  


The pathway to enter the race on the beach was lined by the Customs by the Sea Car Show and The Nott Chopper Show. More vintage on wheels. The night was capped off by a bonfire on the beach!


Sunday, race day 2, was bracket racing starting at 8am with beautiful weather in the 70s all day – nothing like the freezing weather the day before (spoken with Florida blood in my veins). 


The day wound up around 2:30pm with a presentation of the winner’s banners, beer sprays, and post celebration party at the Starlux later that night. 



Rail Class: Harry Carlson (Crazy Uncle Harry) #7


4 Banger: Patrick  Cronin   #1


V8: Jeremy Baye

Big Twin Bike: Nick Hunter


45 Bike: Trevor Stegall



Ed Adler                      #32

Robert Angell              #235

Philippe Aube              #5

Mike Barillaro             #555

Jim Barillaro                #788

Brian Bass                   #199

Chris Beckwith            #88

Richard Bourbonnais   #312

Steve Brown                #458

Greg Campetella         #75

Harry Carlson              #7

Dave Carter                 #223

Jerry Chinn                  #69

Paul Clarkson              #41

Joe Conforth                #88a

Mark Conforth            #88c

Ron Cooper                 #10

Patrick Cronin             #1

Maggie Cryan             #128

Ken Dennison III          #49

Trevor DeWitt             #101

Alma Dhuyvetter         #88b

Brooke Dolan              #12

Daniel Dolan               #86

Jon Duggan                 #78

Sean Durgin                #333

Bryan Edmiston           #118

Robby Egbert              #469

Alejandro Elicerio       #21

Monceaux Fabrice      #254

Ron Fisher                   #22

Peter Fontana             #170

Tom Freund                 #72

Andrew Garban          #575

Jesse Giuliano             #831

Michael Goni               #38

Ted Haarke                 #188

Jason Haas                  #241

Garrett Jedicki             #66

Doug Kenny                 #531

Paul Kisarewich           #15X

Phil Knudsen                #9

Paul Kramer                #318

Howard Kramer          #510

Michael Kuczynski       #29

Jerry Laboranti            #124

Benny Leach                #46

Taylor Leitzell              #142

Richard Leonard          #138

Steven Lux                   #141

Lisa Marchione           #28

Shawn Mazur              #27

James McGinnis          #4

Jim Mundell                #578

Robert Nieves             #111

Ryan O’dell                 #2B

Caroline O’neil            #23

Frank Pellegrini           #422

Ranieri Rezzonico        #8

Butch Rosales              #617

Andrew Rosen             #3

Gene Schwandtner      #87

Mike Scaplo                 #56D

Chris Schwandtner      #87

Scott Sheehan             #21X

Albert Springer           #T99

Red Stauffer                #2

Jame Stormes              #13

Charlee Swanson         #104

Tony Tierney Rendon #666

Jeffrey Walker             #54

Shawn Whalen            #74

Steve White                 #91

Matt Wiertel               #27A

Josh Wilczynski           #16

William Wright           #97

John Young                  #31

Ryan Zinck                   #73

Cliff Zubrycki               #59



Link to the T.R.O.G.


Guess there is still something good left in Jersey after all!!!


T.R.O.G. 2020

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Most excellent article...and your links work (ask Bandit)


Friday, October 18, 2019
Editor Response Amazing thanks to DMac.

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