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THE WAKE-UP BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS from September 28, 2023

Seek the Truth

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, the Redhead, El Waggs, Bob T., Laura, and the rest of the gang

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I will make this quick
. Just recently the MRF had a very successful Meeting of the Minds legislative conference in Harrisburg, PA. A couple of brothers were there to discuss ICE bans and End of Life regulations for old cars and motorcycles, Chris Callen from Cycle Source and Bob Kay helped out.

There’s a new documentary about fossil fuel use in England and although the UK only produces 1 percent of the global emissions, they propose using violence to force additional regulations.

What’s the bottom line? I believe it’s ignorance and education. Folks all over the world need to start reading and learn about these issues. There are tons of books available.

The other thing that needs to happen is the forced censorship, fear, and bullying must stop. We need to read the facts and understand the issues without censorship.

Let’s hit the news.


The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

I have some great news to share with you! We just scored a big win against the Mileage Tax that California politicians have been trying to impose for the past three years – but the fight is far from over!

CA politicians proposed a 6 cent-per-mile tax that would cost the average driver $900 per year. That’s on top of the existing sky-high car and gas taxes we pay. To implement the tax, they needed to pilot it within a large county and they selected San Diego County as the first up.

This morning the politicians who sit on the board of San Diego County’s SANDAG were forced to vote today to remove the Mileage Tax from the San Diego county’s regional transportation plan! This big win comes after we waged an aggressive public pressure campaign over the past 3 years that included 21 community Town Halls, countless mailers and texts, and the defeat in the 2022 election of several high-profile politicians who backed this crazy mileage tax.

Public pressure worked – for now. The next phase of fighting this tax is to stop the California Air Resources Board (CARB) from requiring San Diego to impose the Mileage Tax by mandate. This is a very real threat.

That’s why passing the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative in 2024 is key because language in that initiative explicitly states that mileage taxes will not be allowed without a public vote.

Can you help us celebrate this key win against the CA Mileage Tax and continue to fight by contributing anything today?


Wins like this are rare – but the battle must continue. Thank you for your continued support in this fight!

Carl DeMaio

Bagger Racing League is Back at the Daytona International Speedway!--

The Bagger Racing League (BRL) and the American Sport Bike Racing Association (ASRA) are teaming up to bring back two, thrilling bagger racing classes to ASRA's Race of Champions at the iconic Daytona International Speedway on October 21st.

After successful races in Pittsburgh and Blackhawk Farms, Bagger Racing League and ASRA are joining forces to deliver a full lineup of action-packed races. You won't want to miss BRL's renowned Bagger GP class and an exciting new AMA-sanctioned Production Stock Bagger class, featuring the hottest up-and-coming racers.

"We are excited to team up with Bagger Racing League and AMA to bring back these two bagger racing classes to our championship series in Daytona said ASRA President, Alex Spellman. As the originators of bagger racing, BRL brings an unrivaled level of cool factor and competitive spirit to our races." "We plan to expand BRL's participation into our national race series for 2024 and in the years to come."

In addition to the Daytona Race of Champions, Bagger Racing League is also hosting its own championship race at the Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA on November 18th, and 19th. This grand finale will determine the best Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle bagger racers for the2023 series.

Rob Buydos, the founder, and president of Bagger Racing League, sees ASRA's national race series as a tremendous opportunity for the V-Twin industry. He believes that this partnership will expose the next generation of consumers to the thrill of riding and racing American, V-Twin motorcycles. Don't miss out on the thrilling action at ASRA's Daytona Race of Champions and Bagger Racing League's grand finale in Rosamond, CA.

For race info and registration information click the link here: DAYTONA ROC 10-19/22 - Evolve GT Track Days | Motorcycle Track Day ( or contact ASRA at (725) 755-7550 or


I believe this is the hottest topic on the planet for everyone including every kid and every motorcyclist.

Internal Combustion Engine Bans, where did they come from? I watched Al Gore’s compelling documentary in 2007 and was impressed, but he asked questions and discovered Al basically lied to kids all over the world for power and personal gain. His wealth skyrocketed from a few million to over 400 million.

His CO2 doomsday has caused an attack on every form of our well-being from heaters to gas stoves and in particular Internal Combustion Engines. I started to let Bikernet readers know the scientific truth and searched for solutions.

It wasn't until this year and through the leadership of the MRF that I started to see a small light at the end of a daily darkening tunnel. We all witnessed leaders of the MIC waking up. We watched SEMA, the largest automotive organization stand up and last week with the help of the MRF HR 1435 passed 220-190 to stop the ICE vehicle mandates. It’s unlikely it will pass the Senate. Everyone needs to write to their Senators.

But the premise remains. We are doomed unless we change the climate by eliminating CO2. Inspired by the growing number of organizations fighting back, I created a resolution to force congress to challenge and study the bottom line on a national stage. With the help of Kirk and the board of the MRF including Rocky their lobbyist, we made minor successes in South Dakota. All we want is the truth, to expose the untruths, level the playing field and make Freedom a priority again. A CO2 molecule from your exhaust pipe is the same as a natural CO2 molecule and we need more of them. It’s not a pollutant.

Just to wrap it up, I wanted to mention that we’re not alone in the fight for ICE vehicles and scientific proof. There are scientific groups all over the world stepping up, including 1600 scientists, including Nobel prize winners who have signed a declaration, “There is no Climate Emergency.” But we must be vigilant. Three weeks ago in Montana, a judge sided with a group of kids who were paid to sue the state to take control of the entire energy sector.

I immediately reached out to the MRF and ultimately to Rocky their lobbyist. I also reached out to a physicist in Montana, Ed Berry, who recently beat an alarmist lawsuit in Montana. I also reached out to Greg Wrightstone, the executive director of the CO2 Coalition, a group of scientists who are trying to spread the good word about CO2 and prevent misinformation.

Rocky immediately spoke to a legislator’s staff in Montana, and between this legislator, the CO2 Coalition and Ed Berry a team is in place to defeat this ruling during the appeal process. The MRF was on the case.

Finally, a presidential candidate is stepping up against the doomsday movement. Vivek has publicly stated Climate Alarmist are wrong. With the MRF at our backs freedom will ride high once more.

--K. Ball


This month is your last opportunity to win an expense-paid trip to be our VIP guest on raffle weekend on top of your chance at winning the beautiful 1937 Knucklehead raffle bike.

Your VIP experience includes three days of admission to the museum, a 2-night stay in Maggie Valley, and $300 in travel expenses along with lunch and special recognition during raffle day. Remember, this is the last month to get your chance at an expense-paid trip to beautiful Maggie Valley, NC, and to spend our biggest day of the year with us as a VIP guest.

Raffle Day is always a fun-filled day with historic machines, live music, food trucks, and of course, finding out who will be riding home on the '37 Knucklehead. Make your plans now to join us on November 18th!


"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession, what there is of it."
--Mark Twain

--from Epoch Times


I have been tempted to buy that as a toy sometimes. It is made entirely of steel unlike Jap and other scooters.




Piaggio looks to enhance premium play; forays into bike segment with Aprilia RS 457

Italy's Piaggio Group aims to enhance its presence in the premium two-wheeler segment in India, as more and more customers seek feature-rich options for mobility requirements, according to a top company executive.

The company, which is present in India through a wholly-owned subsidiary -- Piaggio Vehicles, has forayed into the growing mid-size bike segment by unveiling Aprilia RS 457.

"There is an increase in expectations of Indian consumers as they seek more than just a vehicle to commute from one place to another," Piaggio Vehicles Chairman and MD Diego Graffi added.

Read full story at:

Bikernet Blog

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Click for action.
Click for action.


This magnificent car, which reminds me of some Delahay cars from the ‘30s was hand built by Rick Dore.

It ended up briefly behind Jim Waggaman’s Air Stream Studios shop in Escondido, Calif. Jim or El Waggs is a longtime contributor to Bikernet.

Then we found out that this car was purchased by Joe Teresi of Easyriders and placed in a windowed room in his home. Incredible.



Exile on Front Street Review:

I was planning on reading it before I read this review. NOW I'm compelled too.

This review was very interesting and one of the more uniquely written and enjoyable to read ones I have ever read.

Well done J.J.

--El Waggs

  • Celebrity Athletes Deliver Bike Program to 74th Street Elementary School
  • Ahead of SuperMotocross Championship Weekend at Los Angeles Coliseum
All Kids Bike, the nonprofit dedicated to equipping schools with the resources needed to teach children how to ride bikes in kindergarten PE class, kicked off the 2023-24 school year with two new program activations at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools thanks to a $100,000 grant from Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, via its Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI).

The first two recipients of the All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride PE Program, courtesy of the Yamaha grant, were 74th Street Elementary and Virginia Roads Elementary, both of which are Title 1 schools in LAUSD.

To help get the kids excited about the new program and raise awareness for the All Kids Bike mission, some of Yamaha’s celebrity athletes and ambassadors helped deliver an entire fleet of new bikes to 74th Street Elementary School Friday morning. SuperMotocross cameras were on hand to capture the moment for broadcasts during its Race Day Live and Gate Drop coverage, scheduled to air on Peacock and USA Network, respectively.

On hand to unveil the bikes and help the kids with their first ride around the playground were Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac, a 2-time Monster Energy Supercross 450 Champion, 4-time Pro Motocross 450 Champion, and 2022 Motocross of Nations Winner; Yamaha Ambassador Ryan Villopoto, the 4-time Supercross Champion, 2-time 450 Motocross Champion, and 3-time 250 Motocross Champion; Yamaha Ambassador Damon Bradshaw, known as one of the all-time top 10 Supercross riders; and Yamaha Bicycles and All Kids Bike ambassador Brian Lopes, a Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame inductee.

“You never forget when you learned to ride a bike, and I’ll never forget seeing how excited these kids were when we showed them the fleet of shiny new bikes and gave them a first ride,” said Eli Tomac, two-time Monster Energy AMA Supercross 450MX Champion, four-time Pro Motocross 450MX Champion, 2022 Motocross of Nations Winner. “We’re here to help raise awareness for the All Kids Bike program and to get people excited about bringing this program to more schools in Los Angeles and across the country. Riding bikes is one of the most fun things you can do when you’re a kid, and it’s also a really important skill that gives you confidence and a sense of freedom you just can’t get any other way.”

The fun and interactive event included LAUSD Region South Administrator Juanita Rainey-Woods, Will Celestine and Maggie Yu-DiPasquale with LAUSD Wellness Programs, and Adriana Valenzuela with LAUSD Physical Education who were on hand to celebrate with the kids. All Kids Bike’s goal is to eventually get the program into every school in LAUSD.

"Student outcomes depend largely on their access to a safe, loving environment and rich learning experiences,” said Dr. Cairen Ireland, principal of 74th Street Elementary and Gifted Magnet. “It's partners like All Kids Bike and Yamaha that help bridge our scholars to these great opportunities. Fostering wellness and having fun while doing it, is a win-win!"

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride PE Program includes a fleet of 24 balance bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, a teacher instruction bike, SHAPE-standard curriculum, teacher training, and equipment storage racks. It’s everything needed to teach kids how to progress from balance to riding a bike in 8 lessons. Among the 434 elementary schools in LAUSD, over 68 have already adopted the All Kids Bike program into their PE curriculum, recognizing the significant value of this skill in enhancing children's lives both in and out of the classroom.

Lisa Weyer, executive director of Strider Education Foundation, the nonprofit that operates All Kids Bike, expressed her gratitude for Yamaha's generous support and the commitment of school districts like LAUSD, “The unwavering support of generous donors like Yamaha and the steadfast commitment of school districts in recognizing the profound importance of the All Kids Bike program, empower us to bring the joy of riding to countless children, fostering not only physical skills but also a sense of freedom, confidence, and happiness that will positively impact their lives for years to come.”

In 2023, All Kids Bike received a $100,000 grant from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, bringing Yamaha's total commitment to All Kids Bike programs over the past three years to $200,000.

“Yamaha is about creating experiences, creating memories, and today we’re about getting these kids on bikes,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha Motorsports marketing manager. “Too many kids don’t get the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike these days. We hope these grants help inspire some of these kids to enjoy having fun outdoors, get some exercise, and be excited about school.”

Click to get involved.
Click to get involved.


If it's a Hogs Party you know it is going to be HHHUUGGGEEEE and we want to invite you ALL to join us in celebrating our 31st Hogs-I-Versary,

Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1.

Starting things off on Friday, September 29th at 6pm with LIVE MUSIC from Detective Frog, Algorerhythm and The Far Worst. Of course, for any good party there has to be a Celebratory Toast and we'll have a very special one at 8:30pm, sponsored by Fireball Whisky.

Saturday, September 30 we're having a FREE CAR SHOW presented by Chops Barbershop and Shave Parlor and La Tienda Vintage Clothing and Goods starting at 4pm and LIVE MUSIC from Eddie Clendening and the Blue Ribbon Boys. Then starting at 7:30pm we have MORE LIVE MUSIC from Noize Complaint, Ash Easton and American Voodoo.

Sunday, October 1 we're bringing out the grill for a gold ole' Hogs & Heifers FREE Barbeque from 2pm - 6pm and Live Music from The Moanin' Blacksnakes, Stanley Ave and Manda Lyn from 5pm - 9pm.

Who's Invited? You're Invited as long as you are 21+ w/ID and even better we have NO COVER CHARGE! Spread the word, grab your friends and get ready for a weekend party at Hogs like no other.


The Eastside invitational at the leadroom tilbury docks.

It’s a big pleasure to have White’s Boots grace the pages of Issue 101.

170 years of American made history!

Peep the DicE Blog for more.

--DicE Blog

PANHEAD OF THE WEEK—1948 first year of the Panhead.

1948 Harley-Davidson found in a Building in Michigan City Indiana

--Sam Burns
Chief Curator™

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I had the opportunity to visit the DWTT museum this past July. It was on my bucket list. It was great. Spent the better part of two days there and could've spent more as there is something to look at in every corner of the place. I had a nice conversation with Matt who is always willing to share his knowledge and noted every piece in the building has a backstory.

I met his father, the founder, several years ago in Daytona when he was raffling off the red knuckle. I didn't win. The machines in the museum from rusty and crusty to restored all run. Amazing place and a must visit for anyone who rides.


Friday, September 29, 2023
Editor Response You're right. The most amazing collection on the planet. I miss Dale. A good friend.

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