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I'm going to be glad when this year is toast

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, Jim Houck, Laura, the Redhead, Sam, RFR, Bob T. and the rest of the gang

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Okay, just relax.
That’s the name of my accountant’s business. Shit is happening fast on most fronts and I’m going to Deadwood to relax and slip in the snow.

There’s a side of me that wants to find a place in the Midwest, where I can chill and breathe in the home of the old west and the center of the Chopper World. Motorcycles have always been my home. I like the sound of Bandit in the Badlands.

Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Global Cities Put Brakes On E-Scooters—
E-scooters were promoted as a holy grail for sustainable living in cities, cutting down on carbon-guzzling cars and providing recreation for all. Now, pedestrians just about everywhere loathe E-Scooters and want them dumped. ? TN Editor

Singapore became the latest city to target electronic scooters on Tuesday, when a ban on riding the devices loved by commuters but loathed by pedestrians took effect.

E-scooters have become a common sight on city streets from Berlin to Paris, but they have been blamed for accidents including the death of an elderly lady in Singapore this year.

Anyone riding an e-scooter on the city’s sidewalks now faces up to three months in jail or a fine.

Here are five other countries that have restricted or banned e-scooters.

1. France
Paris has banned e-scooters from sidewalks, with offenders facing a fine of 135 euros ($150).

A speed limit of 20km (12 miles) an hour has been imposed on the motorized vehicles across the capital, where scores of people have been injured and a man in his 80s was killed in April.

2. Germany
German lawmakers voted in May to legalize e-scooters on roads and cycling paths but ban them from sidewalks. Riders must be aged 14 and above, and comply with a 20 km per hour speed limit.

3. Spain
Last year Madrid banned e-scooters from pedestrian areas and from roads with speed limits of 50 km an hour or more.

4. Britain
It is illegal to ride e-scooters on public roads, cycle lanes and pavements and offenders can face a fine of £300 ($387), although there have been recent calls for the ban to be lifted.

5. United States
Some cities have imposed restrictions on e-scooters and a study in September found they were involved in a rising number of injuries, often involving young men who are drunk or stoned.

Technocracy News

New Illustrated Sportster How-To Guide
Some simple tasks, such as changing your motorcycle's oil, can be a bit daunting if you haven't done them before.

In this illustrated guide, Cycle Monster condenses the process of changing the oil in a Harley-Davidson Sportster into two easy to follow pages.

Chock full of great information and entertaining at the same time. Enjoy!

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Participation is critical and will have long lasting, positive impacts on the community. Remember. Silence is consent.

To begin the survey please scroll down in the box below. Thank you.



A WINNING HAND Winning Hand From METZELER: Four New Tires For 2020

SPORTEC M9 RR, ROADTEC 01 SE, RACETEC TD Slick and ROADTEC Scooter Are The New Products To Join The Brand’s Range In Their Relative Segments

METZELER, always at the forefront of research and technological innovation, announces that, in 2020, it will broaden its range with four new tire models.

SPORTEC™ M9 RR is the successor of the multiple award-winning SPORTEC™ M7 RR, which is still considered a benchmark in the Supersport segment. ROADTEC™ 01 SE represents the evolution of ROADTEC™ 01, available in radial sizes for owners of naked, supersport and sport-touring bikes who are looking for improved handling and sportier performance. RACETEC™ TD Slick is a new slick tire for track-day lovers and club racers. Finally, ROADTEC™ Scooter, the chosen heir of the FEELFREE™ family, is designed for urban mobility, commuting and sport-touring use typical of the ROADTEC™ product family.

SPORTEC™ M9 RR perfectly combines the typical versatility of day-to-day use with the brand’s competitive experience in road racing, building on the important legacy of the SPORTEC™ M7 RR, a tire that boasts an impressive list of awards and recognitions. This is completed with the most recent technological advances from the German brand's research and development pursuits.

One of the most pervasive innovations in motorcycle technology from the introduction of the SPORTEC™ M7 RR has been the development of electronic rider-assist technology, supported by sophisticated sensors that offer riders greater security, regardless of the type of motorcycle. In this context, tires play a fundamental role in allowing the electronics to interpret the true behavior of the vehicle and calibrate it to offer the best riding experience and optimum performance. The biggest challenge for the METZELER Research and Development Center was to adapt the dynamic performance of the SPORTEC™ M9 RR to a wide range of motorcycles, allowing electronic rider assistance systems to function properly.

SPORTEC™ M9 RR has been designed for motorcyclists, primarily owners of supersport and naked bikes, with a sporty riding style and who use their bikes almost every day in conditions from the urban jungle to the winding weekend roads. These riders are looking for improved performance and want a great riding experience with sporty performance even in wet conditions, but also with the option to take their bike on the track as well. These riders need a sports tire that provides precise and reliable feedback while they enjoy their bike's performance.

The full SPORTEC™ M9 RR range includes 3 front and 9 rear tires sizes.

Following the success of the multiple award-winning ROADTEC™ 01 that debuted in 2015 for the sport-touring tire segment, METZELER has decided to introduce the new ROADTEC™ 01 SE.

The ROADTEC™ 01 SE radial range completes METZELER’s catalog, consolidating the strengths of the ROADTEC™ 01 – with its exceptional performance in wet conditions and high mileage – and enhancing the sporty characteristics in terms of the grip and agility needed by supersport, naked and sport-touring riders.

Marked-The Unforgiven', a series inspired by the American biker club Hells Angels, will shoot part of the first season in Almeria from November 21 until the end of February. This work of fiction is an adaptation of 'Marked', the novel with autobiographical ties to George Christie, former president of the Hells Angels of Ventura (California).

Specifically, Almeria will serve to recreate the environment and the headquarters of the Ximénez cartel, enemies of 'Marked The Unforgiven Motorcycle Club'. The natural scenarios will be in the areas of Cabo de Gata and Tabernas , where shooting sets are being built.

The first phase of filming the project will take place in the province of Almeria and the rest of the season will be filmed later in locations in the United Kingdom and Canada.

According to the executive of Wanda-Halcyon Television, María José Morales, “the dramatic backdrop of rugged landscapes , extensive virgin sand beaches, impressive fortresses and sun all year round make Almería the dream of any director and an ideal setting to improve the general aesthetics and experience of the viewer of productions like 'Marked The Unforgiven ".

Morales recalls that internationally "Almeria is known as the Hollywood of Spain for the iconic classic films starring Clint Eastwood and more recent productions such as 'Game of Thrones' have made it one of the favorite places in the industry for filming" .

For his part, Pat Andrew, producer of the series, reports that George Christie himself, "former president of the Hells Angels of Ventura and Renaissance man, will play Big John, one of the main characters, an exciting new television series.”

On the starting argument of the series, "the pilot episode tells the return of Jack Crest a former Navy reconnaissance sniper in Afghanistan and protected from Big John, a sniper of the Vietnam era," explains the supervisor and producer from the script, Sutish Sharma from New Street Pictures.

ABATE OF INDIANA TO HOST MRF SEMINARS--Just wanted to share this with you. ABATE of Indiana will host our Fall Seminar this weekend. This is the same facility we expect to use for MOTM 2020.

We intend to use this weekend as sort of a “trial run” looking at everything from a perspective of, “how will this work for MOTM?”

Anyone who wishes is welcome to attend. Paulette and I toured the facility last week and she plans to come to the Fall Seminar as well.

Thanks, Jay


THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY REOPENED--What's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom? One snatches your watch. The other watches your snatch.

Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He couldn't budget, so he had to work it out with a paper and pencil.

What do you call an IT teacher who touches his students? A PDF file!

--from Rogue
Superior Senior Editor ™

Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson Takes Battle of the Kings Glory-- Following an intense global competition, including national and international heats, Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson has today been crowned Global Custom Kings and overall winners of the 2019 Battle of the Kings.

Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson’s winning entry, the stunning “FXGTS Coast Glide” is based on a Harley-Davidson Sport Glide model and has been extensively customized to create a truly unique ride.

The bike is a throwback to FXRT styling with a Southern California twist, paying tribute to the Pacific Coast Highway and the Southern California influence on modern performance cruisers. As a concept, it covers a lot of ground. As a design, it’s far more than the sum of its parts. The team wanted full functionality but with a strong California flair.

Battle of the Kings is the world’s largest dealer custom build-off competition. The competition showcases the very best in customization capability and the creativity of the Custom Kings who can be found at every Harley-Davidson dealership globally. In 2018, the Custom King crown was taken by debut-entrants Harley-Davidson Bangkok with their Street Bob-based build “The Prince”.

For 2019 any model in the Harley-Davidson range could be selected as a base for the build (excluding Trike and CVO models) meaning dealers had more choice than ever before in order to create a title challenger. To further inspire the competition dealers had to choose from three style categories – Dirt, Chop and Race – for their build. The rules for the build were simple – 50 percent of the parts used must be genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and the customization budget was a maximum of 50 percent of the donor bike retail price.

The United States dealers added an extra dimension to their competition, inspiring the next generation of custom builders by teaming each build with a trade school, with students working alongside the dealership team to create and build their machine.

Grand final runners-up were Warr’s Harley-Davidson, The Crook (United Kingdom), Thunderbike Harley-Davidson, Roar (Germany), Calgary Harley-Davidson, Moonshine (Canada) and Harley-Davidson Queretaro, Joe Tracker (Mexico) – whose machines were all on display at EICMA for the tense final voting.

“Once again the global Harley-Davidson dealership community has excelled at demonstrating their custom leadership. This expertise is accessible at any Harley-Davidson dealership, allowing riders around the world to truly make their ride unique. Huge congratulations to all of our over 300 entries, the regional winners and finalists – and especially to our 2019 champions Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson. A truly stunning build--– and a worthy champion,” said Steve Lambert, International Marketing Director, Harley-Davidson.

For information on the Battle of the Kings contest visit:

BAD CITY FILE OPENED-- Ohio Speed Trap Town Retaliates Against Cop
Police lieutenant sues Independence, Ohio after he is accused of exposing an illegal traffic ticket quota.

A notorious Ohio speed trap town forced a police lieutenant out of his job for blowing the whistle on its ticket quota practices. The problem for the city of Independence is that Lieutenant Leonard Mazzola, a 23 year veteran on the force, may have had nothing to do with leaks to the media.

"Though Lieutenant Mazzola did not actually tip the press to the quotas, doing so was constitutionally protected conduct," Mazzola's attorney, Ashlie Case Sletvold, wrote in a legal brief filed Monday. "Defendants had no right to target him or strip him of his distinguished career in public service in retaliation for their embarrassment at someone having a light shined on the effort to raise revenue in Independence by targeting motorists."

Mazzola is now suing Mayor Anthony Togliatti, Police Chief Michael Kilbane, and Law Director Gregory O'Brien in federal court for violating his constitutional rights. His suit includes new evidence that the mayor pressured the police chief after seeing ticket revenue plunge at the beginning of last year. According to the suit, the chief ordered Lieutenant Mazzola to "get this turned around" by imposing a ticket quota in August 2018. The order from above had the effect of increasing citations by 27 percent, but this was not enough to satisfy the chief who wanted to see the numbers reach 3000 tickets annually -- ten per month per officer.

"To reiterate, this is not a quota, it is a performance standard fundamental to effective policing," Chief Kilbane wrote in a September 2018 memo.

Mazzola said he was ordered to discipline an officer who failed to issue the requisite number of citations. He followed through under duress, and the reprimanded officer filed a grievance. Three days later, WJW news broke the story about the the ticket quota. The story included copies of internal documents and other direct evidence.

"Defendant Kilbane was interviewed," Sletvold wrote. "He looked silly adamantly insisting that officers do not face quotas despite the fact that his own internal emails and orders show that they do."

In a February 27, 2019 email to the chief, Lieutenant Mazzola objected to the quotas, saying what was being required was illegal. Minutes after the message was sent, the chief hired an outside investigation of Mazzola as the potential media leaker, the lawsuit alleges.

"A public employee cannot be disciplined for sharing a public record with the public," Sletvold wrote. "A public employee cannot be disciplined for revealing a public policy (like a traffic-ticket quota) to the public. Whoever tipped the press about the traffic-ticket quota was engaging in constitutionally protected conduct."

The chief allegedly told Lieutenant Mazzola he could either retire or be demoted to patrolman. He chose to retire in April.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
WEEKEND ROUND-UP for October 30, 2019

Since you are doing some writing for a new book maybe Sutter can reflect to you on it. He is out of a job and you can teach him how real bikers are and not those SOA posers .

Torrance, CA

Ya just never know what could happen next.--Bandit

adverb [thith-er, thith?-]
to or toward that place or point; there.

adverb [thith-er, thith?-]
to or toward that place or point; there.

What is the origin of thither?

The adverb thither “to or toward that place or point; there” is an old one in English. Its original form in Old English was thæder, altered to thider (among other forms) due to hider. This adverb hider evolved into a word thither frequently appears together with: hither, as in hither and thither “here and there.”

Thither was largely replaced by there (as hither was by here). If you go back far enough in time, you’ll find that thither and there share a common root, as do many humble English function words beginning with th-, including that, this, and the.

How is thither used?

We told them that we were travelling, that we had been transported thither, and that they had nothing to fear from us.

He was a thorough-going old Tory ... who seldom himself went near the metropolis, unless called thither by some occasion of cattle-showing.


NEW JUMPSTART– Portable Vehicle Jump Starter/Flashlight/Power Bank with 37000 mWh

JUMP STARTER The JumpSmart can jump start up to an 8-cylinder, 5.0L engine with ease (up to 2.0L Diesel). Its powerful 37000 mWh high-grade Lithium-Polymer battery is compatible to jump start with most cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATV’s, and more! Re-charge up to 1000 times.

FLASHLIGHT Beyond its jump start features, this 8W, 330 Lumen LED Flashlight has 4-Modes (High Beam, Low Beam, SOS & Strobe), and a 495ft reach is the perfect tool for daily use, traveling, outdoor activities, and in emergency situations. POWER BANK Use the patented SmartSpeed Technology to charge (1) USB device fast at 2.4 amps when you run out of power. Charge up virtually any device, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, navigations units, and more!


Aside from the other plastic and rubber jump starters on the market, this durable, anodized, and CNC-machined aluminum extruded casing with knurled casing can withstand collision that comes with everyday use.

AWARD-WINNING The JumpSmart has been a recipient of multiple awards, including: Editor’s Choice, Best of CES by Inno & Tech Today Top 50 Most Innovative Products by Inno & Tech Today Twice Picks Awards Winner by Twice/ VIP Award by Twice Best in Technology Product Showcase Winner by ASI

MSRP: $119.99
Available at

--Julia Wilson

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Try that new Screamin' Eagle Heavy forking oil. I put it in my '06 Ultra. It solved drivability issues I wasn't likin!

Sevierville , TN
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Editor Response Thanks, I will recommend it to Frankie and his FXRs.

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