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By Bandit, Rogue, Wayfarer, Bob T., Sam Burns, A.J., the Redhead, Laura, Joe, AC, RFR, and the rest of the gang

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This coming week is going to be a strange one.
I know the whole world is trying to grapple with this Covid mess, while I hide out in the Badlands surrounded by peace and nirvana, deer and pine trees.

We are still two weeks from the rally, but tourist and bikers are everywhere. This morning five of our bikes are being delivered to the Bikernet Covid Hide-Out in the Badlands by Haul Bikes. I’ve got the shop set up and ready for minor repairs and already have a brazing project on the bench, maybe two.

I’ll need some help hoisting the peashooter into the livingroom a couple of flights of steps from the street. Every day is exciting when it involves motorcycles. My grandson is trying to coerce a couple of buddies to ride from LA to Sturgis to escape the madness and mayhem. It’s interesting. When we need fresh air, fresh outlooks, or new adventures, just mount up and ride. Let’s hit the news.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Click for Quick Action.
Click for Quick Action.

Pfizer in pact to provide U.S. with 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses--Pfizer said Wednesday it has signed a $1.95 billion pact to provide the U.S. government with 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Americans will receive the vaccine for free, the pharmaceutical company said.

The deal for the vaccine, which is being developed with BioNTech, includes the right to purchase up to an additional 500 million doses, Pfizer said in a statement. Pfizer said it's on track to start the next safety and efficacy trial later this month and is aiming to seek regulatory review as early as October. It could manufacture up to 100 million doses by the end of 2020, it added.

The deal represents the latest government effort to lock up treatments and vaccines for the disease caused by the coronavirus, which has infected about 4 million people in the U.S. and stalled the economy. It's also part of President Donald Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" vaccine program, which aims to develop multiple COVID-19 vaccines simultaneously.

"Now those would, of course, have to be safe and effective" and be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said on Fox News.

Nearly two dozen potential vaccines are in various stages of human testing worldwide, with a handful entering necessary late-stage testing to prove effectiveness.

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BLACK GIRLS RIDE MAGAZINE REPORT—Meet LaShundra Rucker of SportBike Chic! BGR interviewed her and learned so many fun stories she shared. Like how she randomly stumbled upon motorcycle riding, tales of very eventful cross country trips, and even created a women’s motorcycle apparel business catering to size variety. Keep reading to learn more about her journey and passions! Check their web site.

For International Female Ride Day 2020, BGR is hosting All Girls On Ground, in honor of our Fallen Female Riders.

All Riders Are Welcome!

Yes, Men, you are invited! We welcome your support!

Click here to read more info on our website.

SAFETY NEWS FROM THE LEADER—P.S. If you like the bling of chrome - and the security of knowing your phone, GPS, camera, etc will never fall off - Check out our CRAZY COVID CHROME SALE for deep discounts on some of our most popular items!


Don't Let Your Phone Distract You!
Do you ever have problems seeing your phone’s screen while riding?

Needless to say, you don’t want to be distracted from driving because you're futzing with your phone.

Some people solve this issue with Bluetooth in their helmet. I’m not as high-tech as that (not to mention I’m cheap), but I do have some tips to make reading/seeing your phone easier (and therefore safer).

First: a high-quality motorcycle phone mount. Yes, that’s what we do here at Leader, but the truth is still the truth. You don’t want to worry about your phone falling out of its mount (so check out our selection today)!

Below, we've listed six more Phone/Motorcycle tips. Enjoy!
Make it easier to read: Go to phone settings -> screen brightness. Turn off “auto” and adjust the brightness as high as it will go.
Reduce sun glare: When phone is in the mount, angle it so that reflects toward your chest; this will reduce glare from the sky.
Touch screen function: If you need to use the touch screen function, go to phone settings -> screen sensitivity and turn it all the way up. This makes the touch screen more responsive.
Font: You may want to change your font to a larger size
Color: Similarly, you could change background colors (the more plain the better)
Organize: Set up your initial screen with the apps you need the most when riding to minimize the number of swipes required


STURGIS FXR SHOW --Finished up this seat to be raffled at the FXR Show at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. Very excited to be a part of a cool show and somebody is gonna score a cool seat.

Dime Bag Leather

 THE NASH MOTORCYCLE BARS OF THE WEEK--Creepsters are perfect for adding a little evil flare to your front end and giving your bike an awesomely uncanny look. You can get them in several finishes including: raw, matte black, gloss black, chrome and copper.

Made from 1-inch steel tubing with reinforced corners for extra added strength. Available in black, chrome, copper plating, and raw finishes. Made in the USA. Available in sizes 12, 14 and 16". 11" base, 30" grip to grip, 5" pullback.

If you're ordering one of our sticky throttles, we can cut and prep your bars so they're ready and the throttle is in when you get them as an additional option.

*If adding a Cable Kit to your order, please specify at checkout what bars you are currently running & also what type of bike you have.*

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Lectron is the only metering rod fuel system with two circuits. This means no harsh transitions compared to a jetted carburetor, while still having two independently adjustable circuits for bottom end and top end. You can run leaner metering rods for crisp response off idle while making massive peak horsepower numbers.

Due to our high order volume, this product currently has a two-week lead time.
We can build a carb for any Harley. If you aren't sure what you need or have a custom application, order the kit and send an email to with a few pictures and a good phone number to discuss any further details.

The kit includes:

Harley Carb with our Gen II idle circuit.
33" Barnett Throttle Cable to fit Harley style throttles
3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Universal bolt patterns)
2 Bolt Manifold adapter (will also fit stock manifolds)
Metering Rod Adjustment Tool
Shims to adjust spacing

Note: When upgrading from a smaller carburetor to an HD 400 kit, you may need to purchase a larger intake manifold.

*Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing our patented metering rod.

*Our simple design does not incorporate multiple jets to replace.

*Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod.

*Lectrons are a great choice for riders seeking performance, fuel economy, simplicity and smoother power delivery.

*Our new idle correction circuit helps maintain good idle while still having a good throttle snap off low RPM so there is no need for an accelerator pump.
*Lectron is a competitive advantage to 4 stroke engines used for all racing and off road applications.

These products are for racing use only!

Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill with a cast of characters.
Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill with a cast of characters.

“Wild Bill” Hickok, one of the greatest gunfighters of the American West, was murdered in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Born in Illinois in 1837, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok first gained notoriety as a gunfighter in 1861 when he coolly shot three men who were trying to kill him.

A highly sensationalized account of the gunfight appeared six years later in the popular periodical Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, sparking Hickok’s rise to national fame.

Other articles and books followed, and though his prowess was often exaggerated, Hickok did earn his reputation with a string of impressive gunfights.

After accidentally killing his deputy during an 1871 shootout in Abilene, Kansas, Hickok never fought another gun battle. For the next several years he lived off his famous reputation.

We will start to share Deadwood history as we stumble across it. Check the full story of Wild Bill, who was murdered when he was only 39 years of age.—Bandit

Student - How may I enter the Way?
Teacher - Do you hear the murmur of the mountain stream? There you may enter.

--Sam Burns

Click to buy a Hal T.
Click to buy a Hal T.

CYCLE SOURCE NEWS--Can’t Go To Sturgis This Year? No Problem We’re Bringing It To You!

Source Media Group Presents - Sturgis Live! 80 Years In A Day

With the pandemic nearly canceling the most significant motorcycle rally in the world, Cycle Source Magazine brings you “Sturgis Live” 2020, 80 Years In A Day. A backstage pass to The Sturgis 80th Anniversary with hosts Pat Jansen, Jack Schit, and Chris Callen, who will scour the rally to bring you a look behind every curtain.

You will take the most epic rides with them, visit the monuments and parks, ride down Main Street, and of course, go to the legendary parties that make Sturgis what it is today.

There have been motorcycles coming to the Black Hills of South Dakota for over eight decades to enjoy the scenic rides, the brotherhood of the sport, and the good times surrounding the Sturgis Rally.

This year, it came down to the wire as the American Motorcycle Culture, and the industry that supported it started to get ready for the 80th running of Sturgis, it looked like it might not happen. In the end, the city of Sturgis voted to move forward with the rally but the questions loom, who will be there, what will it look like and how will this year add up in the history books of the Sturgis Rally.

Join Cycle Source Magazine’s Chris Callen, a 25-year veteran in the motorcycle media and events world, who has assembled a team of lifelong riders who also happen to be among the most prominent voices in the industry.

Pat Jansen has represented some of the biggest names in motorcycling and, at the same time, has built bikes and cars under the name Sin Central Garage.

Jack Schit has walked onto the biggest stages on the planet, to emcee some of the largest and longest-running motorcycle events.

Together these three will not stop until every question is answered. Join us as we go through 180 minutes of discovery into a part of this great country that bore pioneers, outlaws, gamblers, and statesmen, and of course, became the epicenter of the motorcycle universe. This is Sturgis Live 2020, 80 Years In A Day.

All of this is possible through a partnership with FITE TV, the global network responsible for the recent Moto Fite Club, and Flat Track Fite Club Pay Per View events.

So how can you watch it? Anyone with Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, The Internet, or Smart TV can bring up FITE TV or go directly to our program at and get in on the action.

You can pre-purchase this program now on FITE TV for $14.99 or anytime up until Aug 19, 7:00 PM EDT when we go live, just days after the rally ends. Find out for yourself what the 80th in Sturgis really was.

--Heather Callen
Managing Editor
Cycle Source Magazine
Office - 724-226-2867
Cycle Source on Facebook

Click to order.
Click to order.

WE ARE COOL BY THE CLIMATE DEPOT--No, June 2020 Was Not the Hottest June on Record

By Anthony Watts

The Washington Post and other media outlets are claiming June 2020 was the hottest June on record. Not surprisingly, that is fake news and a lie. Let’s set the record straight.

The root of the claim that June 2020 was the warmest on record comes from an announcement from European Union climate scientists. Yet the scientists don’t say that June 2020 was the warmest June on record. Here’s what they actually said:

“Globally, temperatures last month were 0.53°C warmer than the average June from 1981-2010, almost tied as the warmest June in this record and with the Siberian Arctic experiencing the most above-average conditions. In Europe, temperatures were far above average in the north but below average in the south, overall tying as the second warmest European June in our record.”

Since when does a finding of “almost tied as the warmest June” allow ostensibly factual news organizations to breathlessly exaggerate and claim “almost tied” is the same as being “the hottest on record.” Again, the Washington Post simply printed “fake news” to further its ideological agendas, as well as generate unprofessional click-bait.

Similarly, in late June we were told that Verkhoyansk, Russia experienced the hottest ever temperature above the Arctic Circle, with some media outlets claiming the Arctic is “literally on fire.”

We pointed out here on Climate Realism that not only was it a weather (not climate) event, but we also pointed out that such extremes are normal for the region.

For example, a warmer, 100-degree F temperature was reported above the Arctic Circle over 100 years ago, before “climate change” ever became a cause.

Here’s another interesting note about the Verkhoyansk, Russia, being “on fire” last month – two weeks later, it snowed in the very same place that was “on fire” two weeks ago. The mainstream media didn’t report on that, however, because it didn’t fit the alarmist warming narrative.

As it turns out, the brief high-temperature weather event in Russia caused a skewing of the global temperature record. We are being told by some media outlets that the globe had the hottest-ever June on record, but as you can see in Figure 1, that isn’t true at all.

There are many places on the globe that are in the blue, i.e. “below normal”. Only where the arrow points in Siberia do we have highly warmer than normal temperatures. Most of the rest of Russian, by the way, was cooler than normal.

Figure 1: Surface air temperature anomaly for June 2020 relative to the June average for the period 1981-2010. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.

As you can see, had that area not experienced a weather event that created a localized heat wave, the global temperature wouldn’t be mathematically skewed high. When making claims about “global warming”, being a problem, you can’t really accurately say the entire globe set a record, because we’re dealing with a skewed mathematical average that went off the scale because of one small region.

Looking at other data, such as that measured by NASA satellites, we don’t see a global record for June this year at all. In fact, according to the satellite measurement data, June 2019 was warmer than June 2020. Dr. John Christy, senior scientist in charge of that data at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, said in an email “June was not a record for Global, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, or the Tropics.” You can read his Global Temperature Report here.

So, who do we believe when you have conflicting data? For me, it is an easy choice; the Washington Post clearly lied, and I wouldn’t trust them to report on anything climate related as they have been blinded by the climate alarmism agenda.

The European Union climate scientists used the flawed and warmly biased surface data, which reads warmer than normal, and is prone to urban heat island issues, and also weather station siting problems that create warmer temperatures. The EU also tends to be prone to political bias on the climate issue. And even they refuted the notion that June 2020 was the warmest June on record.

It seems the NASA satellite data has none of those problems, nor does that data suffer from warm biases or an agenda. It also says there’s no global record for June 2020. That’s the data I trust.

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Reader Comments

Man, I'm jealous! Wish I was able to hop on one of those scooters with you and ride the Black Hills. I'm glad you can finally enjoy the years of work! Be careful loading that bike "up the couple of flights" of stairs! You live on the side of a mountain!

John T White
Humble, TX
Friday, July 24, 2020
Editor Response Last night I spent over and hour searching for I-beam cranes. I have a plan for an I-beam about 10 feet above the garage deck and extending over the street by 3 or 4 feet. With a trolley and a chain hoist, I could hoist the bike or furniture to the top of the garage, Then a long 12 by 2 wooden ramp would do the trick up the final steps.

Another benefit to this structure. A large tarp over the I-beam would make a helluva tent during the rally for my grandson and his buddies.

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