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Vintage Motorcycle Racing – Daytona Beach was and is where it’s at!


 1937 was the first year the Daytona 200 Motorcycle Race was run on the packed sand track on Daytona Beach. This race is where it all started…the origin of Bike Week. Racing was the main focus of the event, with the  beach course approximately 4.2 miles of  sand and was located south of Daytona Beach. The race was postponed for 5 years during World War II, but Bike Week still carried on.  

 Over the years, there were amateur and pro races, at times having more than 375 racers kicking up the sand. In 1948, the average speed was 84mph. That same year, an Indian motorcycle was the race champion.   Today, a monument located at 100 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach stands in memory of the beach races of yesteryear. Beach Racers still meet during Bike Week for their “Over the Hill Gang” annual breakfast, and there is also an annual service at the Monument honoring the history of the Daytona 200 Motorcycle Beach Race.

 Along with the evolution of Bike Week, The Daytona 200  has since been moved to blacktop  of the Daytona International Speedway. And decades later, Billy Lane resurrected the board track racing tradition and brings alive Sons of Speed racing at New Smyrna Speedway, which is one half mile asphalt track with a 20degree bank.

 Perfect October weather – great track conditions – and the home town crowd made for

An exciting afternoon of old iron, some newer faces, and an overall great event!   This is the 6th year since Sons of Speed was launched during Bike Week in 2017, rescheduled due to the hurricane that damaged the track in October, 2016. 


Trey Clark, Master of Ceremonies did well perched high up in the crows nest (he doesn’t like heights!!!) – with Chris Callen/Cycle Source Magazine as Flagman.


The Welcome Crew: Erin Lane and assistant at the front Gate.


Sponsor: Journey Biker Church –


Tom Banks/Banks Brothers Motorcycles – waving ‘em on Trackside. 


How many heads?????




Tools of the trade in the pits!


Old Time Trackside!!!


He found the Guiseppe”s Pizza!!!! Mangiare - Mangiare!!!


Thumbs Up!!!!! Track is Clear!!!


Warm up lap!!!! Stock 45 Class.

Hot 45 Warms up!!!


#313 – Randy Haward - Legends Class – 30 Single


#97 - In Deep Thought. 


Getting closer!!!! I got this!!!!


Neck in Neck….sooooo close!!!!


Flagged at the Finish Line!


Made It!!!!!!!!!!!


Nick Hunter Crosses the Line!!!!!!!


Nick Hunter JR


Jay Wright – Stock 45


Luke Atkinson edges out Chuck Kitchen – Stock 45


Trophies of the day!!! –


And they’re off!!!! HOT 45 Class

And the winner was…………..Michael Lange #50!!!!!!!


Stock 45 Class – Winner was Byron Bartley #74!!!!!


Michael Lange #21X raced to take home Hot 61 First!!!!!


Legends Class – 30 Single - #97 – Rich Packer – brought it home!!!!

 …Ya just had to be there….get your seats early and catch the 2024 Bike Week Sons of Speed Race at the New Smyrna Speedway.

 Cya there!



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