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We're warming up January with Wild News

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Laura, Barry Green, the Redhead, Bob T., El Waggs, RFR, and the rest of the gang

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Bandit's flying wheel in Wilmington, CA. It's now in the badlands.
Bandit's flying wheel in Wilmington, CA. It's now in the badlands.


I love progress.
I don’t care what the hell it is, as long as we’re making progress. It snowed last night and at the crack of dawn I was forced into 7 degrees to clear the driveway for the redhead. She rolled south to work in the dreaded Chocolate Mines in Deadwood.

My VLXAFL5 frame and sheetmetal are almost finish at the paint shops. It was time to clean and prep the shop for final assembly. I cleaned two shop benches and a lift. I sanded and prepped. Irish Rich recommended automotive grease and wax removal for a final wipe down. I hit it to Owens Automotive paint supply. They recommended de-natured alcohol and since the grease and wax stuff hit the cash register at $27 for a gallon and I needed a pint I went with the DA.

 I’m working with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the IMA and the CO2 Coalition on a flier to be supplied to motorcycle rights groups all over the country regarding the attack on everything we do. With plenty of work, approval and support it’s coming together. Chris from Source Media is laying out the text and Becky from ABATE of Wisconsin is going to print them.

I’m working with Eric from the MRF to determine and supply me with addresses to distribute them to over 20 state organizations. We will make them available to everyone, including you if you want some.

We better hit the news:

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.


We're stoked to announce the release of our latest video, How To Properly Install A Wheel With Dreams Rides! We can't wait for you to check it out.
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Ride Safe & Be Cool!

Mr. Slippery Grease

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Verge Motorcycles upgrades flagship model with both hardware and software to make motorcycle safer than before. All Verge TS Ultra motorcycles now feature cameras and radars that use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Electric superbike manufacturer Verge Motorcycles has announced that it has updated the hardware and software of its flagship TS Ultra model. The motorcycle now has six cameras and high-resolution front and rear radars. The upgraded Verge TS Ultra replaces the previous version, and customers who have already placed an order will automatically receive their bike with the new features.

In November, the company unveiled its Starmatter software and intelligence platform with four different elements: automatic over-the-air updates (OTA), sensor technology, artificial intelligence and a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). This package has now been completed with the advanced machine vision announced today, Starmatter Vision. With new functionalities, Verge is the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to bring these advanced safety features to motorcycling. Besides the standard features, such as traction control and ABS brakes, Verge’s bikes have a low center of gravity, which enhances the control of the bike making the riding experience safer.

“Verge is making riding even smarter and safer, for example by improving the rider’s ability to observe the environment and the functions of the bike with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The TS Ultra’s new cameras combined with the software update announced today make it the world’s first motorcycle equipped with the sense of sight, advising the rider and acting as a ‘whisperer’ while riding,” describes Verge CTO Marko Lehtimäki.

The Verge TS Ultra now also features updated displays. The display on top of the tank is larger than before, which makes it easier to use. The new Starmatter Dash display and user interface that was unveiled today revolutionizes the way the rider interacts with the bike. The new dash makes managing essential functions easier and more intuitive, it informs and warns of potential hazards, and it displays the image from the rear-view camera when the rider uses the turn signal, for example.

“Verge is developing the world’s most advanced electric superbikes that focus on the riding experience. We do not want to compromise on that. Starmatter Dash provides a visual and intuitive interface, which gives the rider a clear real-time view of the bike’s features and status at a glance,” says Mark Laukkanen, VP of User Experience at Verge Motorcycles.

WWE Superstar and a former world's largest bodybuilder, The Great Khali with an Enfield motorcycle.
WWE Superstar and a former world's largest bodybuilder, The Great Khali with an Enfield motorcycle.


Enfield might launch a fifth motorcycle with the 650cc engine. It is rumored the top-selling model of Enfield, the Classic 350 will get the 650cc twin-pipe parallel twin engine. The others sharing the engine are the Continental GT, Interceptor, Super Meteor 650 and the soon to be launched Shotgun 650. Alleged road test mules have been spotted, photographed and posted on the net.

Enfield has clocked a remarkable 11% growth in one of the world's most intensely competitive market, the world's largest for two-wheelers--India. This is thanks to its bread and butter models: Classic 350 and Bullet 350 plus the new 650cc model namely the Super Meteor 650 and their fastest growing model Hunter 350 which has been named best entry level motorcycle runner up in lists such as those by

All eyes are on Honda CB350 which is the best retro styled motorcycle to match up against Enfield and offers a better "deal" in terms of specs and features. Yet, people who buy an Enfield keep blindly buying an Enfield. It's not at all about price-benefit ratio for these fanboys(-men). Honda CB350 motorcycles will soon be delivered to their first owners. People have reported good showroom experience --whereas Enfield showrooms are a victim of their own success--too many customers inside most of the time.

Meanwhile, Kawasaki has thrown its hat in the ring against the ring-leader Enfield. Kawasaki Eliminator was launched on 3rd Jan 2024 and is priced to rival the best cruising Enfield model, the Super Meteor 650. Eliminator has a 450cc engine and lot of goodies.

Yet, Kawasaki Eliminator suffers all the same problems and limitations as that of Honda CB350.

1. handful of showrooms and service centers in the world's largest motorcycle market

2. expensive to maintain, service, repair, replace parts

3. low resale value due to the above and hence not preferred

Other players providing comic relief to these leading actors in this segment are Benelli, Keeway, Bajaj Dominar 250 and Yezdi Roadster. They are hardly seen on roads and their showrooms / service centers even less so located on the map. Serious contenders such as Triumph Speed 400 and Harley-Davidson 440X don't fit the retro-cruiser profile and are simply an option for those looking for middle-weight motorcycles with engines between 300cc to 750cc.

International Editor
Bikernet News Bureau

MRF MOTORCYCLE SAFETY DEPARTMENT REPORT--The MRF’s Motorcycle Safety Department (MSD) has been quite busy.

Thanks to Ryan’s assistance and patience, the MSD strategic plan is up to date and the department operations manual should be complete soon.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking to update several documents. The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS), the NAMS Implementation Guide, the Model National Standards for Entry-Level Motorcycle Rider Training and the Model National Administrative Standards for State Motorcycle Rider Education and Training Programs are all being reviewed.

NHTSA has contracted with a third party (TOXCEL) to collect input regarding these documents. They will be convening Communities of Practice (CoP) to discuss each of these areas. In an effort to ensure that participants have an understanding of the motorcyclists rights movement, as well as motorcycle safety, the MRF communicated with a number of rider education professionals from the State Motorcyclists Rights Organization (SMRO) family. Advocates that stepped up to the challenge include: Ron Braaksma - Iowa, Vince Consiglio - Michigan, Jay Jackson - Indiana, Gary Klinker - Wisconsin, Ed Schetter - Ohio, Imre Szauter - New Hampshire. The first meeting is scheduled for January 18th.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is now (finally) seating the Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC). Applications were due December 15 and we are optimistic that appointments will be made soon. The MSD worked closely with our lobbyist to assemble the supporting documents for the application. Many SMROs offered their support as well as several members of Congress and the former MAC Chairman.
Thank you to all that assisted.

The status of the industry is still uncertain, depending on who you listen to. There was a slump in sales prior to COVID, but the pandemic spurred sales as people looked for outdoor activities to socially distance. It appears that we may be headed back toward pre-COVID numbers. Sales, new riders and rider education are all intertwined so we will watch closely to see what happens.





We are starting off the new year by offering restoration-quality paint jobs! This will include factory original colors or any color you wish. We can also provide patina style if shiny is not your thing.

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Robinson & Ball dealing with year of "78" helmet laws.

We collaborated with Hal right up until his death. But we still honor his superlative talents through his wife Ann. We also helped her with a small line of T-shirts and art examples.


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Click to order...


Get any of our 1986 and up Sportster Sissy Bars for 15% off, today!

Discount shown on website, no promo necessary.


I guess it is natural to get new year's jitters --- it is like standing at the foot of a new mountain and then having to visualize conquering it within the next 12 months--- all the ambitions, goals, desires, expectations...

Well, if anyone's got the new year's blues, why not just sing along with it. ".....this is not our fate"

Here is a desktop wallpaper illustration done by me, inspired from the illustrious lyrics in Dylan's All Along The Watchtower.

Master Deep Thinker™

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

Movie Mystery Bike Solved, the Mickey Rourke Black Death, click to read

The black death bike is an enigma. Can't be recreated. And the version Mickey owns is the Zito / Jay Brainard version of it, before and after it got laid down and run over. The real one, whichever one that was is nothing more than a few video stills and rare pics. God loves the black death.

--Mickey Bike
Columbus, NE


We met with Gina, Penny and Dazzlin’ last week and discussed the good and bad from 2023.

These were the catagories and Marilyn Stemp, from Flying Piston and the Buffalo Chip and I attempted to offer insights and answers.
  • Craziest Motorcycle News Story
  • Most important Motorcycle News Story
  • Most interesting…
  • Dumbest
  • Most controversial
  • Most heartfelt
  • Most predictable
  • Most unlikely……Motorcycle News Stories of 2023!!
Check it out on the Open Road Radio Website.

Click for more info.
Click for more info.


Sturgis is in the final steps of adding a new event to the end of their motorcycle rally.

AMA Pro Racing will feature a flat-track style of racing in Downtown.

At one time the Sturgis Rally incorporated street racing and with the AMA as the sanctioning body, they are hoping to bring it back.

“We brought in AMA Pro Racing as a partner of ours. You know, one of the most well-respected motorcycle racing companies in the world,” Outkind Partner Ben Keane said.

This new event brings with it a unique twist, with three different divisions of racing all taking place throughout the downtown streets of Sturgis on a half-mile loop.

The details of the deal are being worked out and we will report on the final stages.

--Bandit and Kelo News


Yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a hearing on California's plan to eliminate the sale of cars and trucks powered by internal combustion engines by 2035.

The Clean Air Act allows California to seek a waiver of the preemption which prohibits states from enacting emission standards for new motor vehicles. The EPA must grant a waiver before California’s rules can be enforced. Put more simply, this hearing is where the California Air Resources Board asks the EPA permission to enact its plan.

If the waiver is approved, beginning with model year 2026, a growing percent of new light duty vehicle sales must be zero emissions. The MRF will be submitting formal comments to the EPA on California’s plan and the threat it poses to our lifestyle. Stay tuned, this battle is heating up!


I bought one on Amazon...
I bought one on Amazon...


The CO2 Coalition is the “tip of the spear” for advancing scientific knowledge challenging the notion of man-made catastrophic warming.

We do this through interviews, blog articles, commentaries and op-eds, social media efforts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
In the last 12 months I’ve been very busy, publishing articles and commentaries, creating amicus and legal briefs and giving presentations (live and via Zoom).

In addition, I have done more than 230 interviews via television, radio and podcasts. I regularly issue statements for the media that are often then used in newspaper articles or in online media commentaries.

My new book, A Very Convenient Warming has just been released and its publication amplifies our CO2 Coalition message of the benefits of warming and more CO2.

When I took over the reins here in late 2020, I had a vision of how to unleash the power of this wonderful organization, but we only had two employees. That was not nearly the staff required to mount the national effort that I had planned.

The increase in funding that we have received from donors like you has enabled me to hire quality employees that we so desperately needed. These new hires have allowed us to greatly amplify our messaging and take on new projects.

With the recent addition on December 1 of our new Development and Operations Associate, we now have a total of eleven full and part-time employees, including one in Brazil and one in Scotland.

Vijay Jayaraj is a researcher and author who recently transitioned from his home in India to Aberdeen, Scotland, where he is studying for an advanced degree in energy economics. He has published more than 60 articles in the last year and often writes about energy poverty in the developing world.

Also assisting me is Byron Soepyan, our new Science and Research Associate who has a Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering). He previously worked as a carbon capture engineer until he realized that he was working to advance the harmful removal of a beneficial molecule from the atmosphere. He has seen the light.

Nothing we do here in terms of editorials and publications would be as effective without our Senior Advisor, Gordon Tomb. Gordon is our primary editor for all publications and also occasionally writes, mainly on energy. Everything we write, Gordon makes better.

I’m very proud of each and every publication our office has produced. It is our role as scientists to provide the scientific basis to reject policies that are based on incorrect projections – truly hyperbolic assertions – of catastrophic climate change.

--Gregory Wrightstone
CO2 Coalition

Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.
Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.


Today is a beautiful day of opportunity.
I’m exactly where I need to be.
I open my mind to the universe and trust to the unfolding of my life.

"Bullshit, get off your ass and get something done." --Bandit

Professor Ray Bates
Professor Ray Bates


In Memoriam Professor Ray Bates

The author of this debated the climate question with Ray before the members of the Law Society of Ireland. I’ve cut to the chase here.--Bandit

But then I had written a model to take the monthly global temperature data from the various datasets and plot the trend. Practically no one else was doing that. There was endless talk about global warming, but no one was letting us in on the secret or how much (or, rather, how little) global warming was actually happening.

I discovered, and named, the Pause. From 1997 to 2015, a period of almost 19 years, there was no global warming at all. Yet the vast majority of the world’s news media had kept this fact secret. On seeing the temperature plot emerge on the screen as a least-squares linear-regression trend that was horizontal, I realized the world was being fooled.

I wondered why the world had not been warming for so long. For the greenhouse effect is a real effect. Why was it not warming the planet at even half the long-predicted medium-term 0.3 K/decade? That is why I began to investigate feedbacks, since feedback response constitutes three-fifths of midrange predicted warming.

At our meetings from time to time since the Galway debate, we would often talk with sadness of those in the scientific community who were unwilling to think for themselves but were instead wedded to the Party Line because it was temporarily fashionable and undemandingly safe.

Ray was one of many who quietly encouraged me and my team in our research, and he was among the many distinguished scientists, from Freeman Dyson to Will Happer, who had generously given us their time and support when no one else wanted to know. From time to time, he would send me his own learned papers and ask for my comments before he submitted them.

Ray Bates, then, dazzlingly and publicly exemplified the ancient truth that he who changes his mind when the evidence requires it provides irrefutable proof that he has a mind.

How, then, shall we honor the memory of that great man?

What I propose is this. We have now been working on our research for close to a decade. We submit that our result is no longer in doubt. It is not at all likely that global warming will be large enough or rapid enough to do net harm. Yet the journals of climatology will not publish our paper, not because it is wrong but because it is – to coin a phrase – the inconvenient truth. We have had some hilariously dopey reviews.

Therefore, if there are any learned readers of WattsUpWithThat who are curious, and would like to read our paper and give me any comments they would like to make, they can honor the memory of Ray Bates by doing what he did, asking for a copy of our paper, reading it, thinking about it and then letting us know whether we are right and, if so, how we can improve the paper. Just drop me a note at monckton[at]mail[dot]com and I shall send you the paper. It is just six pages long.

Meanwhile, may Ray Bates make merry in Heaven as he made us merry on Earth.

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley


Get this. I know a girl who rides a Sportster and lives on a boat in a Los Angeles Marina. She met a rich guy recently, very rich who lives overlooking the beach. He plays video games during the day and parties at night.

So, the other night she’s hanging out with him and he says, “If you get ‘Property of Big Dog” tattooed on your cute ass, I’ll give you 100 grand.”

I don’t know if she’s a blonde or a redhead this week, but she didn’t mess around and the next afternoon texted him a shot of the tattoo. He needed to touch it before he’d pay.

He did and she’s a 100 grand richer.


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Reader Comments

Liked seeing the Robinson Ball panel cartoon about helmet laws. Looking through old Easyriders, other Piasano publications, and spotting work is interesting. Also, like the idea of the calendar where you peel of the art work. Really cool I think.

Ann Baysinger Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Thursday, February 8, 2024
Editor Response Thanks, check the recent J.J. Solari story...
Hey brother can your subscribers purchase a 5-Ball points cover for a cone style point housing motor?I like the idea of coasters for y'all.I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel this new year.

Take care brother.

Torrance, CA
Sunday, January 14, 2024
Editor Response Yes, whenever I receive them. Hang on. And regarding that light at the end of the tunnel, we will need to work very hard for it.
Good Post!

Palm Bay, FL
Friday, January 12, 2024
Editor Response Thanks. Sometimes I run through it a day or so after the deadline. I check for typos, but then i step back and say, "Not bad for an old grubby biker."

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