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Sorta Smooth Sailing Today

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Laura, Bob T., RFR, Gearhead, Barry Green, Sam Burns, the Sheriff and the rest of the gang

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It’s interesting.
We face numerous technological abilities to communicate, but are we communicating more or less?

I’m trying to stay focused and connected on so many issues. I need to wire and fire the Knucklehead and write another story. I’m working on about six projects with the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, but some of them have up to 25 elements, like marketing and fund raising.

I just bought the old Richard Lester NCOM building on Main in Sturgis and projects are just beginning, including signage with Tim from Flat Earth. That’s going to be a blast. So much about life is outreach. If you don’t reach out, you don’t know, you can’t find out, you might miss a valuable resource. The list goes on.

Let’s hit the news:

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

NEWS FROM THE PUBLISHER VELOCE-- An update to international shipping of orders outside the UK

We regret that due to the increasing costs of shipping internationally, from 1 June 2024 Veloce is no longer able to ship directly to international customers outside the UK.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our valued non-UK customers, but can reassure you that the supply of Veloce’s wide range of automotive titles has improved and they can be ordered through your local bookseller, or through online retailers.

Thank you for your valued patronage, from all of us here at Veloce.

DOES GROWTH DESTROY NATURE--One of the biggest pushbacks to economic development today is the claim that growth destroys nature. Radical organizations like Extinction Rebellion label capitalism and agriculture as evil. The fossil-fuel industry in particular and industrialization in general are blamed for the loss of ecosystems and habitats. Mainstream media make dramatic claims that wildlife populations are in free fall worldwide, driven by human overconsumption, population growth and intensive agriculture.

But wildlife conservation becomes possible and achieves remarkable effectiveness through the synergy of economic development powered by hydrocarbons, dynamic resource utilization and the augmentation of human capital.

A key argument against economic development is that it leads to environmental degradation. Economically advanced countries, however, have often found themselves better at managing natural resources and protecting fauna, thanks to a greater availability of money and time.

Wealthier nations have the financial means and technological resources to invest in sustainable practices and conservation efforts. Economic prosperity provides the foundation for implementing sophisticated resource-management strategies that are often out of reach for low- and middle-income countries.

This is evident from the astronomical difference in how advanced economies and poorer societies deal with environmental stewardship. While areas of North America, Europe and Australia display some of the cleanest environments, large cities in the developing world struggle to tackle various kinds of pollution. Why is there a difference?

The answer is simple: Rapid economic progression and transitioning into a developed country equips leaders with the economic means to tackle pollution and address conservation needs.

Europe and the U.S. underwent massive industrialization in the 19th and 20th centuries when their cities were infamously smoggy. With economic prosperity, however, came stricter environmental regulations and the allocation of resources to comply with the new rules. An example of this is London, where a comparison of air pollution (as measured by suspended particulate matter) with per capita gross domestic product reveals an inverse relationship between pollution and growth — the more wealth, the less smog.

The situation in poor countries (especially those with large populations) is akin to that of the pre-industrialized West. They need to transition into a developed economy to have the wherewithal to protect the environment. Typically, governments of poorer economies are more concerned with overall economic development and feeding millions who live on less than $2.75 per day. But to achieve this transformation, they — like the Western nations of the 19th century — need to use unrestricted amounts of fossil fuels.

One modern example is India, where the wide use of coal over the past two decades has fueled rapid growth. This phase coincides with an astronomical improvement in people’s living standards. The country’s GDP averaged about 7% per year between 2008 and 2018. Average life expectancy increased from 65 to 69 in those 10 years.

Economic prosperity allowed India to invest in efforts such as the establishment of protected areas and stricter anti-poaching measures and developing community-based conservation programs. This, in turn, resulted in the expansion of forest area and a doubling of the tiger population.

Across the border, the availability of cheap and abundant energy from coal has fueled China’s manufacturing sector, making it the “world’s factory.” Like India, China has made considerable progress in tiger conservation.

Fossil fuels are reliable and cheap, two qualities missing in so-called renewables but critical to any industrial economy. Western industrialization utilized coal and oil. Today, low-income countries have the added advantage of using the same resources, as well as cleaner-burning natural gas, with innovations that will help them avoid the level of pollution experienced in 20th-century Western economies.

-- By Vijay Jayaraj

This commentary was first published at The Washington Times on May 27, 2024.

Vijay Jayaraj is a Research Associate at the CO2 Coalition, Arlington, Virginia. He holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences from the University of East Anglia, U.K.

Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.
Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.

BLACK HILLS MOTORCYCLE SHOW WINNER SPEAKS OUT--Thank You and for sponsoring the Frame Up Custom class at the recent Black Hills Motorcycle Show!

My Xavier Muriel built Custom was fortunate enough to win the class that featured some very nice bikes and tough competition. I am absolutely thrilled to win this award and will always cherish the trophy and memory!

Yours truly,
--John Allan

If you want to see the extent of left-wing extremism --- something beyond ordinary communism-- check out this movie.

Based on the Naxal movement--- a radical group believing in single party Maoist ideology and therefore forcing people into a People's Army and the horrors of such domestic terror.

Movie named "Bastar" --- name of a territory, which to some extent is still the HQ and success model of naxal ideology and movement, still alive and active.

Lot of gruesome scenes and its just a tiny fraction of what they actually do.

Bastar The Naxal Story (MOVIE)

Then there is the other side of the story-- what the Naxals want you to focus on--corruption and abuse of power and poor becoming poorer, etc--which by itself is good journalism coverage but it is showcasing only the naxal's propaganda.

RED SUN: Travels in Naxalite Country (BOOK)


BABE OF THE WEEK—Andy Wood, wow!

--Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

Quick, Join Bandit's Cantina and support Bikernet Content.
Quick, Join Bandit's Cantina and support Bikernet Content.

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT--One of these things is not the other ones.

Thankfully it was overcast on the ride there with police so we don't stop. I was gonna go to Navasota for coffee after grabbing a burger at the ride destination but decided to come back, last 15 to 20 the sun was starting to break through and frickin hot!

Granted we are in an extreme heat warning, 106 today, 110 feels like tomorrow. But even Yankees Tavern was bare!

I did ask the three escort officers today, Harris County Constable, Waller County Sheriff & Fulsher Sheriff, about the putting the red & blue lights on the RP even not working. I know you can’t turn them on and all three said it’s is against the law in Texas. Said even these work trucks with 4 light LED combo that have red & blue can be sited.

I’ll save the money and get a hot rod cam and go yellow or white in the pods eventually.

I heard from the owner of the coffee shop, he is also the mayor. I sent the link to the pictures and story on AAMN. Very cool place inside!

--RFR-FXR Life

THIS JUST IN FROM GREASY KULTURE-- Rare, signed, one-offs. Do not miss these.

We've dragged down some more amazing collectibles from the attic.

These won't be appearing again, so please be quick if anything takes your fancy. They include some of the rarest motorcycle-related books we've ever put up for sale.

And of course, we're still reducing our pile of back issue bundles, in case you're still missing any mags: big quality chopper reading for very little outlay!

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

Have a good one!


Wanted to thank you for the envelope full of goodies. It was a nice surprise after a tough weekend. I was out of town in ME. as my son-in-law passed this weekend. It was expected. Not happy time.

Got back and a co-worker pinged me and said she had my prize put aside at her desk. Address you have is my office. No worries.

Thanks again,



Electric car buyers should be aware of the “astronomical” costs required to regularly replace short-lived tyres, owners have warned.

Car lover Jim Bassett managed just 7,500 miles in his brand new Volkswagen ID.3 before being quoted more than £300 to replace the rear rubber.

The 80-year-old stumped up the cash after being told it was common practice for tyres on his rear-wheel model to degrade rapidly due to the weight of the vehicle .

Due to its heavy battery, the £35,000 hatchback weighs around 1,800kg – the same as a Jeep Wrangler 4×4.

Fellow ID.3 owners have taken to online forums to also complain of short tyre life, blaming degradation on the hefty weight and instant torque of the car.

Mr Bassett, of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I was told they needed replacing.

“I’m quite old and have had cars all my life – I’ve never had to change tyres this early, it’s normally been at around 25,000 miles.

“It amazed me, as at 7,500 miles tyres are virtually new.

“The VW dealership expressed no surprise or concern that they needed replacing so soon, saying that ‘the car is rear-wheel drive and very heavy’.”

The strain on EV tyres comes as a result of both the extra weight and higher torque, the twisting power that launches a car from a standing start.

Road safety charity Tyresafe said: “All that power at any speed in a heavy vehicle means if the driver regularly accelerates hard, the tyres are put under tremendous strain, fighting to grip the road and not spin.”

EASYRIDERS EVENTS THIS WEEK ONLY--Get ready, Bloomville! The Easyriders Rodeo is coming, and for one week only, you can save $10 off your camping wristband tickets! Don't miss this exclusive offer available from May 28 to June 4.

AUG. 29-SEPT. 2
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This $10 discount is available for a limited time only. Mark your calendars, get ready to grab your tickets, and prepare to dive into the heart-pounding action of the Easyriders Rodeo.

THE MOTOAMERICA CHAMPIONSHIP LANDS IN MONTEREY, CALIFA-- for round six at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (July 12-14) for Superbike, Stock 1000, Supersport, Mission King Of The Baggers and the Mission Super Hooligan National Championship.

When: July 12th, 13th, and 14th

Where: Monterey, Calif.

--Rick Abate

TAKE A WALK WITH JAY--Car lovers, this one’s for you! You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with Jay Leno in his famed garage in Burbank, California in January of 2024!

Led by Jay himself, you will get an inside look at his private, working garage – all while learning more about him and his passion for all things automotive… cars, motorcycles, and steam engines.

He is constantly adding to his collection – which currently houses over 180 cars and 160 motorcycles – all of which run and are operational. Adding to the uniqueness of this experience, you could point to anything in the garage and Jay will tell you the fascinating historical history behind it. After your tour, you will be able to sit and talk shop with him in the garage while enjoying lunch brought in by Jay’s favorite place, In-N-Out Burger.

This experience includes:
Opportunity for 2 people to tour Jay Leno’s private garage in January of 2024
1 photo opportunity with Jay Leno
Lunch after the tour catered by Jay’s favorite – In-N-Out Burger

Experience will occur within the following date range(s):
Jan 01, 2024 to Jan 31, 2024
Experience blackout dates: Exact date to be announced.

Additional Lot
Valid for 2 people.
Approximate duration: 1.5 hours.
Lunch is included.
Photo opportunity with Jay Leno included.
Please note other attendees will be present at this private event.
The exact date of this event has not been determined but it will occur in January of 2024.

Lot #2666400
Rules & Regulations

Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
Cannot be transferred.

Travel and accommodations are not included.

We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Decorum and adherence to all rules and guidelines are a must.

All Charitybuzz patrons are required to comply with current government, venue, and event requirements associated with the redemption of this lot. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the experience and final purchase price.

Should redemption of all or a portion of this lot be prevented or postponed beyond the dates of redemption explicitly stated on this lot page due to force majeure (i.e. weather, act of God, state of war, terrorism, strike, pandemic, etc.) or any other condition beyond reasonable control, the winner may be eligible for a refund of the total purchase price.

About the Charity
Lot page thumb
Luanne Elise Foundation
Provide charitable grants, material goods, or monies to individuals to promote personal growth, educational development & more.
Explore the full auction

Jason Mook, Deadwood Custom Cycles helped us move in this classic Paul Yaffe custom.
Jason Mook, Deadwood Custom Cycles helped us move in this classic Paul Yaffe custom.

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM WEEKLY REPORT—Amazing. It’s as if we are already running and operating a massive state of the art Motorcycle Museum. This adage also applies to almost any business. The boss or board must conquer the same elements with a small business as they would a large one.

We just made a list of fund raising efforts going forward. It’s like 25 from going after major donors to setting up jars in all the local businesses to collect a buck here and there. Here’s the key, whatever you choose to do, do it right or die trying…

We loaded in a couple of bikes yesterday, including the 5-Ball Peashooter, Irish Rich custom, a Donnie Smith classic custom and one of Paul Yaffe’s originals.

I’m working with Kirk Willard on scrambling together all the data needed to create RFP’s to expand the museum building to something world class. So many builders, restorers and collectors would love to have one of their bikes exhibited in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. It’s truly the Motorcyclists’ Museum.

Sturgis Annual Magazines being delivered on Friday. Holy shit. We have a plan. I’m meeting with Scott Jacobs on Saturday to deliver some of my books to him and pick up signed posters and a framed example to display at the Museum. We’re using his donated posters for a fund raising Museum effort.

Here’s the Nino 925 Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame ring. His new batch for this year is on its way.

I’m working on another Museum expansion report. We are rolling into the RFP process for bids. We need to fill in the blanks.

Hang on for upcoming reports…


click for info
click for info

BREAKING NEWS!--Something new is coming to our third year in Sturgis...a week-long Mama Tried Motorcycle Show.

Come to Full Throttle Saloon to be a part of the 1st Annual Mama Tried Show - Sturgis!

Starting Saturday, August 3rd, come check out the bikes on display, drool over the custom builds, and chat about all things moto.

Don't worry, Flat Out Friday will be there too! From Hare Scrambles to pop-up Stout Boonie Races, we've got you covered!

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Reader Comments

Or you could call it Bandit's swap meet and museum but what do I know.I am just a retired old grubby biker like the rest of us.Stuff is coming your way from Gearhead.

Torrance, CA
Thursday, June 6, 2024
Editor Response Got it.
Call it anything but an "Emporium" It makes it sound like you are from a different planet--like from Walt Disney Universe. Or is it a Multiverse...Metaverse ???

Just call it Bandit's Loot Lot

If that attracts too many lawmen...then call plan B is call it Bandit's Genre Store

That should have many folks walking in questioning your wares.

Whatever it maybe. DO NOT CALL IT AN EMPORIUM. Just call it a "Bandit's Shop" if you have to.

Dreadedwoody, SD
Monday, June 3, 2024
Editor Response Okay, thanks. That seals the deal. It's Bandit's Emporium. Here's what we are selling: Acronyms, Accolades, Antiquities, Aces & Eights, Armaments, Armadillos and way more...
Wait did I read that correctly. You're selling the digs in Deadwood with that great new shop? That is a surprise but I'm sure you have a grand plan.
Taking up residence in your new building? plan.

South Daytona, FL
Friday, May 31, 2024
Editor Response No,

I had an historic house in Deadwood without a shop. That's why I bought the house in Boulder Canyon and built a shop. I'm keeping the Boulder Canyon house and the joint in Sturgis. It will be called Bandit's 5-Ball Emporium. I'm putting all my shit in that store from antiques, to metal art, to motorcycles and books.

We're going to have a ball with it.


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