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THE ODD BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for September 21, 2023

Lotsa Different Directions

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Rogue, The Redhead, Laura, Bob T., El Waggs, Jay Jackson, Barry Green, and the rest of the crew

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I said it was the odd Bikernet Weekly news
, because we are living in strange times, but there’s always hope. One of our major parties, not even a splinter group, is trying to destroy America. We are actually living in the Best of Times, and everyone has the opportunity to grow, build, learn, better themselves and prosper.

Others have bad opportunities, because we are living in easy times, easy to hate, destroy, damage and teardown. They actually want to send us back to bad times, because they can. Why would they have any other reason.

I say there’s hope, because like this weekend, brothers and sisters from all over the country are meeting in Harrisburg, PA to discuss strategies for freedom at the Meeting of the Minds. It’s not too late to be a part of the action. There’s always hope.

Here’s a bit of positive news from last week:

HR 1435 just passed 222-190. That bill would stop internal combustion engine bans. All the house Republicans voted for it plus 8 democrats, amazing. It doesn’t have a prayer in the Senate and Joe Biden won’t sign it unless… Who the fuck knows?

Let’s hit the news:

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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After it sold out 20 years ago, Outlaw Justice has only been available in Bandit’s Cantina. Through new technology, Kindle, help from Kate Meadows in Rapid City, her editor/ designer Trisha and many hours of reading and re-reading we finally have an updated version ready for sale.

Check out the 5-Ball Garage Shop for books, leathers and bling.

--K. Randall Ball, (Keith “Bandit” Ball)

Click for a signed copy.
Click for a signed copy.


by Gearhead

We rode from Northern Cal. The rain came down in buckets. I pulled off under the redwoods in Big Sur. My wife crawled into the back seat of a car. I threw a sleeping bag on the ground under a leaking makeshift lean-to. It didn’t stop raining.

The next morning the fog threatened like a dense cloud of gray paint, and my wife said, “It won't lift until late afternoon.” We had to ride.

We packed up and pull out in the rain moments before the murkiness engulfed the highway. We fought downpours, the cloud of doom, wrecked cars, 18-wheelers, dead animals and limited vision until we caught the glimmer of Santa Barbara just before nightfall. We slipped the veil of death once more.

"This piece speaks to rides we all encounter and even our daily adventures on two-wheels. Well done." --Bandit

Read all contest entries and list of winners at:

Mark Fountain's sharp Panhead.
Mark Fountain's sharp Panhead.


House Passes Bill to Stop California’s ICE Vehicle Ban. Quick, reach out to your Senators.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” (H.R. 1435), which now awaits consideration in the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee. This SAN-supported bill seeks to preserve vehicle choice for consumers and prevent the State of California from choosing only one form of technology (such as electric vehicles) over the many others to achieve their emission reduction goals.

The “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act” has also been introduced in the Senate (S. 2090), which includes the same text as H.R. 1435.

"Click and let your Senators know how you feel." --Bandit

THE REAL BATTLE GROUND--Order Clintel’s unique and critical analysis of AR6 and support us!

The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC is by far the most important publication in the history of the Clintel Foundation. The book came about through the cooperation of ten scientists and experts from the international Clintel network, including Canadian Ross McKitrick (known for his criticism of the hockey stick graph), Italian Nicola Scafetta (known for his work on the influence of the Sun on our climate) and Fritz Vahrenholt (known in Germany because of his book Die Kalte Sonne).

In the book we analyze two vast parts (the Working Group I and II report) of the most recent IPCC report AR6. In thirteen chapters we evaluate by theme whether the IPCC did a good job.

In short, we conclude that the IPCC has made several serious mistakes. These mistakes all point in the same direction: they make climate change ‘worse’. Some of our conclusions are frankly shocking, because the IPCC acted so shamelessly.

In one particular instance, the IPCC ignored almost all literature (on the subject of damage due to extreme weather) and leaned on one (flawed!) study that presented the apparently preferred conclusion (i.e. a claimed rise in damage by CO2).

See a presentation of the results by Marcel Crok here

Order the book and support Clintel
Not surprisingly, the book was completely ignored by the mainstream media. So, we will have to remain patient and keep hammering on the contents of the book. Sooner or later, the IPCC will have to deal with our criticism because it is so devastating.

The publication of the book was coordinated by the American author Andy May and Marcel Crok, the director and founder of Clintel. They have now made their research avalaible as e-book and as paperback as well.

For 35 euro’s (including international shipping) you can order a signed copy (by Marcel Crok) of the book from Clintel. This would also mean a little bit of support for Clintel. More support for this important project, which is far from finished for Clintel, is of course more than welcome. You can do this through a donation.

Or please, become a Friend of Clintel and receive a signed copy of the book as a welcome gift!

Thank you in advance!

Guus Berkhout & Marcel Crok
Founders Clintel

"Illustration of Leonardo da vinci painting the Vitruvian Man" by Wayfarer
"Illustration of Leonardo da vinci painting the Vitruvian Man" by Wayfarer


Outcome of consuming protein supplements

What could be the results of consuming protein supplements

In this brief article, we will review what happens to people who consume protein powder every day; what are some affects you can expect to see.

Whey protein is the most popular supplement for those who exercise regularly and compete in any sport as a professional or even as an amateur. It’s a healthy milk-based vegetarian product. As with consumption of anything, how and when you consume such supplements may cause minor to major differences in results when compared to fellow athletes.

Not just sports professionals, even office-goers today grab a whey protein milkshake as part of their breakfast to help them endure the city life and long hours at offices.

Protein itself is an essential macronutrient every human body needs for proper functioning. However, your daily diet or lifestyle may not always allow you to consume required amount of various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of protein, or digest those foods daily for that matter. Hence arises the need for a protein supplement in the diet.

So what will happen if you consume protein supplements (protein powder) everyday?

1. It results in healthy blood pressure
2. Helps maintain healthy body-weight
3. Gains in muscle development
4. Not known to cause any addiction nor dependence to whey
5. Using poor quality protein brands is known to result in exposure to heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. Fly-by-night brands or fake and counterfeit protein products may have such dangerous metals. Chronic exposure can result in development of renal disease, thyroid disruption, weakened bones and neurological dysfunction.

Check the "Country of Origin" of the products. Additionally, you can look where and who has manufactured the product and manufacturing has been undertaken for which company / brand. Is it a licensed version of a foreign brand?

Look for third-party tested products and seek out peer-review regarding which brands are of repute in the multi-billion dollar supplements industry.

While this article only mentions Whey protein, there are over two dozen other types of popular supplements, some have been tested for decades and some which are recent with unknown long-term usage effects.

Always check if your protein product is filled with sugar or has ingredients you actually need and paid for.

So, is Protein Powders safe and good for use?

1. A balanced diet can contain protein powders as another healthy part among other food products.
2. Ensure you follow consumption guideline and note it in your exercise log-book.
3. Use the protein powder which is relevant to your physical needs and not based on what someone else in the sport, dojo, gym or office is using.
4. Choose a brand carefully after scrutiny of third-party verification, expiry dates, genuineness / seal. Get an invoice / bill from the seller when you purchase it.
5. It is a supplement. Do not use it as a meal replacement!

In conclusion, yes, whey protein is safe and reliable, yet you need to check and investigate the sources and brands and serving sizes appropriate to yourself.

Say no to drugs. Refer help for addicts and addictions or consult a medical practitioner.


--from Dr. Way
Chief Nutritionist
Bikernet Medical Center
Homelessness Torn West Los Angeles, California

STURGIS 2024—Where will you be?

Seal the Deal on a Trip You'll Remember for the Rest of Your Life

Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2024 Passes On Sale September 19

For a limited time only, when you reserve an Early Bird Pass you get a place to party and crash for a very special price.


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In addition to a place to party and crash, you’ll get free entry to:
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Click for Action
Click for Action


“Happiness isn't around the corner, happiness IS the corner.”
– Unknown

--from the Sturgis

BIKERNET TECH READER COMMENT—Custom Cycle Engineering Dyna Mounts:

Click here to read this Tech

Could you please send me the part # on these motor mounts front and rear and the link to order ...I have all Dynas and I hate doing the Dyna dance...

--Ritchie Card
Navarre, FL

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

"I would suggest checking with Custom Cycle Engineering. I would need the year of your Dyna." --Bandit

JUNKYARD GEMS-- Finding value in toxic waste

No, this ain't about Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter's book or life. The secret here is the technology used by UK Royal Mint.

There is a reason why most mobile phone and laptop sellers are willing to accept your old device in exchange for a small discount for purchasing a new device. They need the rare elements in digital devices and it’s not just about chip-shortage anymore.

Have you ever been in a situation that no one wants your old device even if you are giving it away for free? Well, if yes, have you cracked open your defunct device to tinker with it like a tot?

However, things might look upwards if this news catches on globally.

Put on your old iPods and start mining in your local landfill. Playlist? I just added “Digging in the dirt” by Peter Gabriel and "Dirt Rich" by Brothers Osborne.

BBC recently reported: The gold jewelry made from old phones

E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials.

The Royal Mint has licensed chemical technology to extract gold from circuit boards found inside discarded laptops and old mobile phones.

Source :

Editor: Bikernet Blog

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It's dry as a bone down here. Sorry to hear about the Covid. I hope yawl get well soon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Editor Response Thanks brother. I'm clear now.

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