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By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, RFR, J.J. Solari, Bob T., Sam Burns, the Redhead, Jack McIntyre, Gearhead, Laura, Steve Bauman, Joe Smith, and the whole gang

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Weekly I ask myself if I’m nuts and on the wrong track.
I know lots of brothers and folks in the industry question Bikernet’s direction to research Man Made Climate Doom. They cringe and point. Some might quietly pray that I keep going and that what I profess is correct and man hasn’t caused anything. If we have a storm it’s just Mother Nature doing her thing.

Bandit says, "Let's ride, no matter what."
Bandit says, "Let's ride, no matter what."

I started in this industry in 1971 as the manager of ABATE. We fought for the freedom to choose to wear a helmet or not. We also fought for the freedom to build choppers and succeeded. For some reason I can’t stop fighting for the freedom to ride whatever you want. For some reason I started to question Al Gore’s lovely film and discovered he lied to us and all the kids in our country for personal gain.

Don’t ever give up on Freedom. It works. Let’s hit the news:

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Click for the action.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--OLD SCHOOL RULES

Great look back in time to the peak of the west coast chopper scene. But now I feel like I was ten years late too late to the party with photos and accounts like this article the only way I can ever contact the genuine bikes, bikers and life of those days. Now the guys I knew who were there, are no longer around to pass on those stories and lessons.

--Vern Moore
Kingsley, PA

TOUR PAC WIRING DONE RIGHT FROM NAMZ--NCTP-WK14 – Complete Tour Pack Wiring Installation Kit for Street Glide & Road Glide models 2014 to Current

2019 Badlands Lighting Modules, Tour Pack EZ Harnesses, Tour Pack Harnesses & Add-On Lighting Pigtails, Tour Pack LED Kits, Tour Pack Quick Disconnect Harnesses, Tourpack EZ Harnesses

NCTP-WKSR – Wiring Installation Kit for Retrofitting a 2014-Up tour pack to ’10-’13 Street & Road Glide Models


Complete Tour Pack Wiring Installation Kit for Retrofitting a 2014-Up tourpack to 2010-2013 Street & Road Glide Models. Everything you need to connect the wiring on your OEM or after-market tour pack light! Allows for a plug-n-play wiring harness with quick-disconnect feature for easy removal.

NCTP-WK99 – Wiring Installation Kit for Retrofitting a 2014-Up tour pack to FL 1999-2013

2019 Hot Box Line of Wiring Harnesses, Lighting for Harley, Tour Pack Harnesses & Add-On Lighting Pigtails, Tour Pack LED Kits, Tour Pack Quick Disconnect Harnesses, Tourpack EZ Harnesses
Complete Tour Pack Wiring Installation Kit for Retrofitting a 2014-Up tourpack to All FL 1999-2013 except 2009-2013 CVO/SE & 2010-2013

CALIFORNIA SMALL ENGINE BAN--California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that aims to ban the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment, generators, and other small engines designed for off-road use.

This new law builds from the executive order signed by Newsom in 2020 that bans the sale of new passenger cars powered by internal combustion engines in 2035. In the same order, Newsom calls for "100 percent zero-emission off-road vehicles and equipment," the phaseout of which must now be road mapped by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2022 and officially put in place by 2024.

The text of the signed bill specifically calls for the banning of small off-road engines (SORE), calling out emergency response equipment and generators as well as both residential and commercial lawn equipment.

However, the SORE category expands past the named items. CARB officially defines SOREs as off-road spark-ignition engines that produce 25 horsepower or less. Other equipment examples given by the board include industrial, logging, golf carts, and specialty vehicles. It's not yet clear how this will affect small off-road recreational and sport vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes, though most exceed that 25-hp threshold.

“Small gas engines are not only bad for our environment and contributing to our climate crisis, they can cause asthma and other health issues for workers who use them,” said Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a co-sponsor of the bill. “It’s time we phased out these super polluters and help small landscaping businesses transition to cleaner alternatives.”

There are currently 16.7 million small engines in California, according to a fact sheet supplied by CARB. That's significantly more than the state's fleet of 13.7 million passenger vehicles. Approximately 77 percent is made up of residential lawn and garden equipment, while federally regulated construction and farming machinery make up 11 percent. The remaining 9 percent is attributed to commercial lawn and garden, which may be hit hardest by this legislation.

These fleets of small engines are responsible for a substantial amount of the state's emissions. In fact, CARB says that running a leaf blower for an hour is equivalent to driving a 2017 Toyota Camry for 1,100 miles.

Marc Berman, author of the legislation, recognizes that the transition to battery-powered equipment will be a hardship for some small businesses. He says that California will pledge approximately $30 million to aid commercial businesses, but given that there are around 50,000 outfits in the state that'll be affected by the change, that works out to around $600 each.

According to financial figures supplied to the Los Angeles Times by Andrew Bray, vice president of government relations for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, that simply isn't enough. A gasoline-powered commercial riding mower could cost a business anywhere from $7,000 to $11,000, while the zero-emissions equivalents often cost more than twice that.

Equipment cost aside, there are also logistical concerns. For example, Bray believes that a three-person crew would need to carry as many as 40 fully-charged batteries to complete a full day's work. Additionally, these small companies may even need to upgrade their workshops to handle the daily charging of this equipment.

Legislators have their concerns as well. Given California's history of brownouts and power grid problems, some lawmakers like Senator Brian Dahle say that banning critical fuel-based power backup mechanisms like generators makes no sense.

"[Fuel] is very sustainable. It’s easy to access. And when the power is off, you can still use it," said Dahle. "You can still run a generator to keep your freezer going, to keep your medical devices going. But when your battery’s dead and there’s no power on, you have nothing.”

California will require that the ARB determine the regulations which will govern small engines no later than July 1, 2022. The adopted regulations will be put in place 18 months later on Jan. 1, 2024.

--Rob Stumpf

NEWS FROM THE BIKERNET BLOG--BMW made no bones about moving in on the Harley-dominated cruiser market when it launched the R 18 and R 18 Classic in 2020.

To truly hit Harley where it hurts, BMW went after the grand touring segment. BMW re-engineered the chassis to suit the cruiser’s new touring ambitions.

Released in July, 2021, the R 18 B added long-distance comfort and convenience to the platform’s repertoire.

First Ride Review of 2022 BMW R 18 B

Supreme Commander Editorial Magnet
Bikernet Blog™

LATEST FROM LOWBROW--Laced, trued and ready to roll.

Add a tube and tire to your Lowbrow 21" Ribbed Spool Hub Wheel and you are ready to go.
We even made axle spacer kits so you can quickly bolt-on your new wheel!

Install your Lowbrow wheel on your Ironhead or Evo Sportster, or any bike with a Mid-USA Springer using our innovative kits.

No fuss, no measuring, no problems!

Click for Action.
Click for Action.


It is only when I let go of the lesser will there be room for the greater. Ernest Holmes

Today I let go if anyone and anything that does not serve my greater good. In this Consciousness I let go of confusion, so I can embrace Peace, I move from doubt and fear to Faith and Trust. I Know it is time for me move on to a greater expression of Life. The Gifts of the Good Life of God are mine to expect, accept and express.

I go within to my God Space for Divine Guidance; in this place I know exactly what I must think and do. Knowing that the Divine is ever present in my life, I make right decisions, I act on these decisions intelligently. I accept this guidance and manifest great results.

As I breathe, I am at Peace and My Life is Good.
Today I take the action needed knowing that All is unfolding in right and perfect order. I am so Grateful for this Truth, My Truth. I release these words to the Divine action of The Law and Know It Is Done.

And so it is

Click for action.
Click for action.


TEXAS WEATHER REPORT--Got to wear my Special Ops vest again last Saturday with a brief, but really nice day!

Unfortunately the one image is staged, like the old Hollister picture with all the beer bottles. Then yesterday wasn’t quite fall, but was able to stop by and change my EV vehicle up!

Only in the Woodlands could there possibly be a need for an electric vehicle charging station at Walmart!

Official Meteorologist™

INFRASTRUCTURE BILL ON HOLD, FOLLOWING EXTENSION--If you don't know what's happening with the infrastructure bill, you're not alone, as even political insiders who should be in the know seem not to be. The vote on this ‘highway reauthorization bill’ is complicated by action to be taken on another measure, a sweeping social spending and climate package, that has been politically tied to the infrastructure proposal by congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden.

Despite both chambers of Congress agreeing to extend the FAST Act deadline, H.R. 5434; the “Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2021,” Biden put the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on hold, telling Democrats that a vote on the highway measure must wait until the party agrees on spending trillions more for his far more ambitious social policy and climate change package.

In addition to providing billions in new funding to rebuild America’s deteriorating roads and bridges, improve airports and rail services, and expand high-speed internet access, the infrastructure bill still offers several pro-motorcycle provisions such as expanding prohibitions on motorcycle-only checkpoints, prohibiting law enforcement activities that profile motorcycle operators, evaluating biker profiling by law enforcement, specifies that motorcycles must be considered in autonomous vehicle operation, allocates increased motorcyclist safety funding, and reauthorizes the Motorcyclists Advisory Council at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

--Bill Bish

Watch for Bill’s complete legislative report on Bikernet in the next couple of days. –Bandit

Biketoberfest celebrates a full-throttle lifestyle born on two wheels. Motorcycle enthusiasts come together during the four-day rally each year to enjoy beautiful Florida weather, live music, motorcycle racing at Daytona International Speedway, and miles of scenic rides along famous A1A, historic Main Street or the scenic Loop.

There's nothing like the warm Florida sun. Daytona Biketoberfest is a classic example of great riding, weather, and a nonstop 4-day long party. From the super-beautiful beer tub gals to the assortment of motorcycles, events, contests, and bands, it's simply a stunning Bikefest to attend. This gallery is only from the first Thursday, 10/14/21. Much more to come as out photographers creep around and shoot everything & everyone, especially the sun-tanned skin of the gals on Main Street.

Check all the action in Jack’s Galleries in the Cantina. --Bandit

click to join...
click to join...

THE DENIEL DESK—Check SEMA or SANS latest offering--

These guys are basically saying, “Don’t sweat it. They won’t come for us for another 15 years.” What bullshit. They are coming for us with guns blazing, now. The radical environmentalist are going to attack our roads, supplies, manufacturers, you name it. We need to attack their mantra, “Doomsday.” Until we break the veil, they have that mantra on their side. It’s nuts. You just read about the small engine ban.
I don't get it. If they are right about everything, they wouldn't be afraid of any debate. They wouldn't attack people who disagree  Makes you wonder. 

Unfortunately for them here’s the wildest truth: Climate Alarmism or Climate Doom IS misinformation. Oops. –Bandit

THE SAP IS BACK FROM RMJ TACTICAL--The SES Sap is our twist on a true classic. We've blended sharkskin with 9 ounces of lead to produce these gorgeous exotic skin saps. The SES sap is is 8 3/8 inches long and weighs in at 11 ounces. They are died in a deep rich black and include a sterling silver Uncle Stumpy's accent.

Regular price $225.00


NEWS FROM THE RED CROSS--This month is scary, and it’s not because of Halloween. Fall is typically a time when the blood supply bounces back from summer blood shortages, but this year is different. We’re experiencing an emergency blood shortage amid the lowest donor turnout in all of 2021. Hospital demand for blood remains high, so it’s critical that blood is always available.

One blood donor can make a big impact, and one appointment is all it takes. Come in to give blood this October and receive a link by email to claim a free Zaxby’s® Signature Sandwich reward!* Or get a $5 e-gift card to a merchant of your choice.** PLUS, get double the thank-you with an extra $5 e-gift card when you come to give by Oct. 31!**

Will you join the mission to help save lives today?

You may still donate after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. Knowing the name of the manufacturer is critical in determining your blood donation eligibility.

The Red Cross follows the highest standards of safety and infection control. For the safety of our donors and staff, the Red Cross will require all those at blood drives and blood donation centers to wear face masks regardless of their vaccination status. Valve face masks are not permitted. Face shields can be worn in addition to face masks but not as a substitute.

You may still donate after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. Knowing the name of the manufacturer is critical in determining your blood donation eligibility.

The Red Cross follows the highest standards of safety and infection control. For the safety of our donors and staff, the Red Cross will require all those at blood drives and blood donation centers to wear face masks regardless of their vaccination status. Valve face masks are not permitted. Face shields can be worn in addition to face masks but not as a substitute.

NEWS FROM THE BUELL MOTORCYCLE HEADQUARTERS--Over the next six months, Buell will be hiring full and part-time employees across multiple areas within the company including:

· Production Technicians
· Engine Technicians
· Parts Technicians
· Fabrication, Welding, & Painting Specialists
· Marketing & Sales Associates
· CAD & Mechanical Engineers
· Electrical System Specialists
· Warehouse & Order Fulfillment
· Technical Phone Support
· Office Support Staff

Prior skills and experience are a plus, but not a must with enthusiasm, self-motivation and a willingness to learn key factors in joining the Buell team.

“We are excited for our future and bringing Buell back to our loyal customers and many new ones as well, but we are also excited to partner with the community and bring good paying jobs to West Michigan,” said Steve Laham, Chief Products, Development & Strategy Officer at Buell Motorcycle Co.

Over the next six months, Buell will be posting career opportunities online at For those interested, please submit resume and position of interest to

For future Buell updates, follow our news page on our website at and our social media pages.

BIG NEWS FROM THE CLIMATE DOOM FRONT--Biden EPA sued for illegally stacking science advisory panels

Young v. EPA is a hugely important lawsuit. The law requires that EPA seek scientific advice from an independent and balanced panel of qualified scientists as part of its policy-making process. The Biden EPA has turned the law on its head by first deciding what its policy is and then stacking the panel with its cronies.

These EPA cronies are academic researchers who have been awarded tens of millions of dollars’ worth of EPA grants. This will not be independent and balanced scientific review; rather it will be the rubberstamping of EPA’s predetermined policy in contravention of congressional intent. Dr. Stan Young and other applicants were rejected by EPA from panel membership not because they are unqualified, but because they have points of view that might jeopardize EPA’s pre-determined policy plans.

The EPA policies at stake rely on of the agency’s most potent regulatory powers and will have major economic and social ramifications for America. The notion that these policies will not get the independent and balanced review Congress intended for them to have is simply outrageous. A copy of the complaint is here.

--by Steve Milloy,
Reposted from Junk Science

Wreaths Across America to Add Ceremonial Wreath Representing the
United States Space Force

This addition will be the eighth wreath provided to all participating locations with corresponding service flag for use on National Wreaths Across America Day.

National nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) announces the addition of the United States Space Force to the set of ceremonial wreaths that are provided to all participating locations nationwide to be used on National Wreaths Across America Day – this year scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021. This is the eighth ceremonial wreath with corresponding service flag to be provided by the organization to all registered, participating locations. The ceremonial wreaths represent each branch of the service, and POW/MIA, and are encouraged to be on display as part of each National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony held.

The U.S. Space Force, which was established December 20, 2019, with the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, is the first new military service since the Army Air Forces were reorganized as the U.S. Air Force in 1947. The U.S. Space Force organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force.

“The U.S. Space Force traces its roots to the beginning of the Cold War, with the first Army Air Forces space programs starting in 1945, and the first major employment of space forces culminated in the Gulf War, where they proved so critical to the U.S.-led coalition,” said Joe Reagan, U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Military & Veteran Outreach, Wreaths Across America. “As an organization whose mission is to Remember the fallen, Honor those that serve and Teach the next generation the value of freedom, it is imperative that we recognize all those who have stepped up to serve as Guardians and continue to protect those Freedoms all Americans enjoy.”

Since in founding as a 501c3 in 2007, WAA has provided seven live, handmade balsam veterans’ wreaths – each with a corresponding service branch flag, including a POW/MIA flag – to each registered participating location to use in that year’s National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony. Moving forward, eight wreaths will be provided along with the U.S. Space Force delta service flag. Each participating location is coordinated by local volunteers who are encouraged to host a ceremony using these wreaths as part of their National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony and invite veterans, current servicemembers and their families to participate.

This year, more than 2,700 participating locations are registered to take part in National Wreaths Across America Day – Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 – each one will receive the now eight ceremonial wreaths for this event.

For more information on how to volunteer locally or find a participating location near you, please visit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--FOSSIL FUEL BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for October 14th, 2021

Nice, But I Will never be able to buy a Nino Sturgis Hall of Fame ring.

-- Rogue
Palm Bay Florida, FL

I’m checking with Nino to see what we can do. --Bandit

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Reader Comments

Let's keep planting mini forests in big cities. That is the trend in LA anyway. It's a matter of keeping the carbon where it's needed and create the correct balance that is needed for the planet.

Guess I sound like a bit like Melody from Bandit's series in the Cantina. This is a trend that needs to continue, I think. That would help make a lot of people happy so great bikes like Harleys can stay authentic with that wonderful rush of a sound that they have. No other bike on this planet has it like the Harley- Davidson. That's what I think anyway.

May the gods be kind and stay positive and free.

Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Editor Response Well put. Science says the cars and bikes are feeding those trees.
As for the VA, for years I have asked my skin condition that VA say is agent orange, but the VA dr. will not call it that. he calls it the stuff they sprayed that won't hurt you. Well, I have made it to 75, and still ride. I just picked up a mint '93 Sportster to play with. Very short money and Biketoberfest was good.

I must say I do not miss that white shit. A final observation, look at how Hitler took over a country seems the dems are trying, but they have not been able to disarm us. It's time to go for a ride on Sporty and clear my head. \

Ride safe, enjoy

deland, FL
Friday, October 22, 2021
Editor Response I'm 73 with three tours under my belt. Can't wait to build another bike.
I dig RFR's Dyna! I love Dynas, one of the best all around bikes Harley-Davidson ever made! I am holding on to mine!

charlotte, NC
Friday, October 22, 2021
Editor Response Good man!

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