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Shit is Happening Everywhere!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bob T., Sam, Berry Green, Rogue, the Redhead, Gearhead, Laura, Jeremiah and the rest of the crew

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The movers are here and we’re scrambling.
Keep your fingers crossed they can make everything fit. They are already looking at me like, this shit weighs too much. Hang on.

It’s great to see events popping up all over the country. If the media didn’t freak out about everything, we could deal with whatever was thrown at us and move on. It’s not about blame. Science is never settled, as we have seen.

Let’s hit the news.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

AUTHOR COMMENT-- I sent the Zeitz piece to an high school girlfriend. she said, "What the fuck is a Sustainable Harley. Is that one that will make it from the driveway to the first beer stop without breaking down?"


--J.J. Solari

Laconia City Council approves 100% parking, traffic capacity for Motorcycle Week--Council considers lifting all COVID-19 restrictions on vendors, beer tents

The Laconia City Council voted Monday night to return to pre-pandemic parking and traffic flow for this summer's Motorcycle Week.

Last year, the event was scaled down and pushed to August. There were no vendor tents or big scheduled events as organizers and state officials hoped to cut down on the potential spread of COVID-19.

With Monday night's vote, the council opened the door to having full capacity at this year's event, which is scheduled for June 12-20.

Some council members also want to do away with COVID-19 restrictions when it comes to vendors and beer tents.

"Everything is going 100% — restaurants, bars — everything," said Councilor Tony Felch. "There's no reason why we shouldn't open things up for this event."

Others argued there should be some restrictions to limit risk as the pandemic continues.

"We're really asking people here who have health concerns to be totally not considered, and I do think we have some responsibility," said Councilor Henry Lipman. "Above all else is safety."


Nothing chases the winter blues away quite like a warm breeze and the aroma of April flowers. And we all know the best way to experience the season and all that spring has to offer is out on the open road—wind in your hair on a beautiful bike for a day...or even a week!

We hope this month's Nick's Picks will remind you that while it's spring, it's also the perfect riding season. Enjoy.

Have a bike you want to share on Nick's Picks?

Nick is Twisted Road's resident "all things motorcycle". If you are part of the Twisted Road community, odds are you have "met" Nick and he's taken good care of you. And now he's sharing his love of bikes with us all—10 at a time.

--Nick Marietta

Click to get started.
Click to get started.

GOOD TIMES FROM BILTWELL--Good times, not lap times

Oh, man did we have fun at the first ever Biltwell 100 off-road motorcycle race! Riders from as far as Alabama, New Jersey and Alaska made the trek to southern California just to challenge themselves and their machines. We’ve got a ton of killer photos and full story on the blog, plus two videos: one that shows an entire lap o our Spare Parts Sportster and the other showcases some of the glory and heartache that only the desert can deliver. If you missed this year, read the rules and details at

Get that old bike running, and come join us in 2021!


LAS VEGAS STRIPPER UPDATE--Unless I read the announcement wrong, which is more than possible, so please inquire, Las Vegas strip clubs will be allowed to funnel human beings into their establishments to no more than 80% capacity on May 1.

The logic being that the C-19 virus has, over the past year, lost its ability to keep track of all the distance protocols that it needs to know in order to successfully infect someone with itself so that it now sees a room at 80% capacity as being empty. So it goes somewhere else.

However, if it enters a room that it recognizes as being at 100% goes into balls-out hyperdrive and starts doing its thing, creating "cases" and going full-thermal apefire.

Studies are still being done to determine of the C-19 virus has an instinctive knowledge of the capacity allowances and permissions granted to each "space" and an understanding of each space's inherent "safe occupancy levels" or if it just reads the plaques on the walls of rooms which routinely are installed by fire departments in accordance with each city and town's local building codes.

"Percent of occupancy capacity calculation " abilities vary from virus types to virus types. It is thought and suggested and hypothesized and speculated that C-19 viruses, according to experts who spoke under conditions of anonymity, may have an advanced ability to gauge room capacity levels. While room capacity allowances are for the determination of maximum safety in case of fire, fire-spread and viral contagions apparently respect and/or obey the same building-code parameters used by architects and safety engineers who design and construct doorways, corridors, and other exit capacities.

So, to the 80 percent capacitants who manage to gain entrance into the Kit Kat Klub, you still need to wear a mask. Because while the C-19 virus respects and honors capacity parameters.....if it sees you don't have a are lungless, yellow-mucused toast, there sparky.

You may be in an under capacity room but the C-19 viruses that were already there before you showed up....they see a maskless face.....they go into undulating-shark mode and they will wriggle right through the entire BODIES of the people in the undercapacitied room and fly right down your gullet and kill you faster than Master Yoda with two light sabres, an anthrax-spitting penis, high on meth, and flames coming out his ass.

So, as Joe Biden says, and he is not a dummy, wear a mask. Thank you.

--J.J. Solari
Chief Doctoral Statistician
Bikernet Medical Center

NEW FROM GMA-- GMA’s 2021 FWD Controls provide the Ultimate in Form and Function

For years GMA, a member of the Belt Drive LTD., family has provided builders with forward controls that have literally set the standard for quality, performance and design. With unmatched aggressive style these cutting-edge controls provide fine-tuned operation and excellent rider feel and feedback.

Mounting brackets on the most recent models have been completely reshaped to provide a noticeably lower profile. Additionally, control kits, part #’s GMA-FC-100 & GMA-FC-200 now feature a splined shift shaft and unique shift shaft arm with pinch bolt for plenty of indexing options.

The shaft is also larger in diameter and supported by an oil impregnated bronze bushing pressed into the left side mounting bracket. They’ve also fit an adjustable actuating rod and clevis design for the rear brake pedal, while retaining the adjustable indexing foot lever.

A nice touch to get both the brake and shift levers right where you want them. Controls are offered with either flat or banded round pegs. Redesigned mounting brackets make for a straight forward installation and provide plenty of clearance for aftermarket frames.

The new controls will fit your standard OEM (3) hole left side and (2) hole right side FX and early FL style frames. GMA calls out 1986-1999, but they will fit earlier models. Some ‘70s Shovelhead applications require a modified voltage regular mount.

Manufactured 100% in the USA the high tech controls provide the ultimate in form, feel and function. For complete details visit the BDL/GMA site at

Finishes available include: Polished (P), Black (B) and Chrome (C)

ROUND or FLAT pegs, and finish, show chrome, gloss black or polished.

GMA 100 series round banded pegs

GMA-FC-100-P, is $479.00 Polished,

GMA-FC-100-B, $565.50 Black and

GMA-FC-100-C $652.00 Chrome

The GMA-FC-200 flat with rubber pad pegs

GMA-FC-200-P $587.00 Polished

GMA-FC-200-B $684.50 Black

GMA-FC-200-C $803.00 Chrome


NEW FROM THE PRISM GANG--1995 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Evo Chopper
We built this 1995 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Evo Chopper for our friend, Kable, a few years ago. It’s back in the shop right now and we wanted to take this opportunity to walk you through the build and how we pieced it together.

If you’re aiming to build something similar yourself, see below for a list of parts we sell on our site to get you started.

4.5” Headlight
Hurricane Handlebars
CV Carb Choke Bracket
Banjo Oil Line Kit
Ripple Ignition Cover
Chopper Seat Pan
Box Chopper Tail Light
Box Chopper Tail Light Weld-On Bracket
Vintage Cloth Covered 16g Electrical Wire
Single Wire Tail Light Magic Box
¼” NPT Stainless Steel Prism Petcock
¼” ID Fuel Line
Universal 3-Position Key Switch
Jockey Shifter

KODLIN Sheetmetal and Body Kits--
Stretched Gas Tanks for all M8 Softails and Wide Rear Fenders / Seats for M8 Breakouts and Fatboys

Our Kodlin Stretched Gas Tank for M8 softails comes in raw steel, unpainted ready for you to customize your M8 Softail. It includes a pop-up gas cap and uses the OEM gas pump, holding approximately 3.5 gallons. Also available, is our handcrafted, precisely fitting rear steel fender. It fits both M8 Breakouts and Fatboy models for up to 250 rear tires and is TUV approved!

The Kodlin Team took it one step further by creating a line of seats that fits exclusively with our gas tank and/or rear fenders. Check out our new website to shop the latest products and get the latest install videos and instructions

K61143: Kodlin Stretched Gas Tank - Retail: $699.00 (Each)

K59437: Kodlin M8 Wide Rear Fender - Retail: $599.00 (Each)

K59660 | K59661-L | K59662-S: Kodlin Seats to fit with Kodlin Gas Tank and/or Rear Fender - Retail: $499.99 (Per Seat) | | 408.228.4508

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

A WHOLE NEW WAY TO LEARN HOW TO GET SIDEWAYS--Flat tracking is a fun, emerging and accessible form of motorcycling which is among the fastest growing motorsports in the World. Royal Enfield has launched Slide School, in collaboration with Moto Anatomy, to provide the ultimate intro to flat track experience.

Developing the fundamentals to breakdown the slide technique used by professional riders in the American Flat Track series across North America. The slide is an art and once experienced it’s hard to get away from the feeling.

Dates & Locations

April 17th Center Hill, FL Moto Anatomy

May 21st to 23rd Texas Motor Speedway

June 5th Speed Ranch Viola Wisconsin

July 25th Hanover Pa Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club

Projected 2021 states to be announced: ( include but not limited to): Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Georgia.

*IF you see a sold out date and were looking to try attend a class round that location and date, please reach out, we are looking at adding a date before or after if needed!

COVID HEADLINE OF THE WEEK-- It's good to know that MIT is not wasting its time trying to figure out a way to remotely ore gold from planet Mars but are contemplating instead the arbitrary 6-foot rule proclaimed as wondrous by such intellectuals as Gavin Newtbrain, the Droopy Dog running the W.H.O. and the dazed and confused dingaling running the C.D.C.

--J.J. Solari

2015 Harley-Davidson® FLHR - Road King for $16,995


This bike is a super clean Road King

ONLY 30,932.00 Miles !!!!!

2015 Silver/Black Harley-Davidson ROAD KING FLHR - TOURING

Some of the features/Add-on's on this bike

* 103C.i. Motor
* 6-Speed Trans
* Black spoke wire wheels
* 14 inch Chubby apes
* Bassani exhaust
* Detachable windshield

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 101 point safety and mechanical inspection. Whether your looking to commute to work, ride the coast or take that dream vacation, this bike is ready to go!!!


Fill out an online application and ride today!!!

**Open 7 days a week**

Just $16,995.00 at Lifestyle Cycles (714) 490-0155

Vance & Hines to Add Andrew Hines and Eddie Krawiec to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Racing Team for Remainder of 2021 Season --

Vance & Hines announced today that six-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle (PSM) drag racing champion Andrew Hines and four-time champion Eddie Krawiec will return to the track for the remainder of the 2021 season after sitting out the first two PSM events.


Both Hines and Krawiec will ride motorcycles equipped with Vance & Hines’ recently announced VH160VT engine and NHRA-approved Buell 1190RX bodywork. They join three-time champion Angelle Sampey as part of the winningest team in NHRA PSM history.

“It was hard to sit out the beginning of the 2021 NHRA Season,” said Andrew Hines. “Not having a helmet at the starting line was an odd feeling, but both Eddie and I had our hands full at the RDC (Vance & Hines Racing Development Center). It was important for the business that we launch our two new racing engines and the components that our customers need. When we went to the NHRA events in Florida and Nevada it was great to see our engines perform, but I really wanted to grab my gear and be on the track.”

“We both felt like fish out of water,” stated Krawiec. “As cool as it is to create two new motors for the racing community, it’s even more exciting to be on the track using the new v-twin engine.”

“There’s no better example of how important racing is to the work we do,” said Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy. “Andrew and Eddie help create and launch two of our most important new products, and now they will be at the track using them at the highest level of motorcycle drag racing. No other company has the talent and the experience that we have at Vance & Hines.”

In February, Vance & Hines announced a new, Suzuki-based drag race engine which made its debut at NHRA’s Gatornationals in Gainesville FL. Two weeks ago, the company announced its new v-twin motor which will be available to teams for NHRA PSM racing.

The NHRA continues their season with this weekend’s Southern Nationals in Commerce GA, followed by the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Concord, NC.


Mission Foods, S&S and Tyler O’Hara Return to Defend MotoAmerica King of the Baggers’ Title
& Compete in Inaugural Bagger Racing League.

Roland Sands Design and Frankie Garcia to Race King of the Baggers & Bagger Racing League,
While Also Running New Indian Chief in Bagger Racing League’s Big Twin Class

Saddlemen Flips the Script, Trading Harley-Davidson® Road Glide for Indian Challenger,
Calls Upon ‘World’s Fastest Female’ Road Racer Patricia Fernandez

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced three privately-backed teams running the Indian Challenger at 2021 bagger racing events. The three teams include reigning King of the Baggers Champion Mission® Foods S&S® Indian Challenger, 2020 King of the Baggers third-place finisher Roland Sands Design® (RSD), and new Indian Challenger converts, Saddlemen.

“Despite numerous naysayers and doubters of last year’s inaugural King of the Baggers race, it proved to be a massive success and the ultimate proving ground for the Indian Challenger, and we’re excited to be a part of it again in 2021,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle. “We’re proud have three privately funded teams showcasing the Indian Challenger’s superior performance in both the MotoAmerica® Mission® King of the Baggers series and the Drag Specialties Bagger Racing League™.”

With superior stock performance, including a best-in-class 122 horsepower PowerPlus motor, an inverted front fork, and a hydraulically-adjustable FOX® rear shock, the Indian Challenger gives these three privateers a formidable advantage. This was no better evidenced than at the inaugural King of the Baggers last October where the two Indian Challenger entries finished first and third in a field that featured 13 Harley-Davidson® baggers.

Among the teams invited to the King of the Baggers and Bagger Racing League™ events, S&S®, RSD, and Saddlemen are the only Indian Challenger entries.

Mission® Foods S&S® Indian Challenger
As reigning King of the Baggers champion, Tyler O’Hara and S&S® will enter this year as the clear-cut team to beat at round one of the MotoAmerica® series at Road Atlanta on May 2. That said, the team enters the series with nothing but confidence, backed by a full-year of preparation to defend the crown it captured in 2021.

“Most race teams don’t learn a whole lot from winning, but we did. We’ve spent the past year meticulously refining our setup specific to Tyler’s preferences to ensure the highest level of performance,” said Jeff Bailey, crew chief for the S&S® team. “Backed by Tyler’s phenomenal skills, S&S® has decades of racing and performance expertise, and the undisputed bagger racing king, the Indian Challenger, our expectations are extremely high.”

But King of the Baggers will not be the only action for S&S® and O’Hara in Atlanta that weekend. In a throwback to the golden age of the AMA Grand National Championship of yester-year, O’Hara will split duties, piloting the Indian FTR750 at the American Flat Track Atlanta Super TT the day before throwing a leg over his Mission® Foods Indian Challenger to begin his King of the Baggers title defense.

“I’ve always been known for versatility and the ability to be highly competitive on just about any motorcycle within a variety of racing formats, and this weekend in Atlanta provides the ultimate stage to demonstrate that,” said O’Hara. “There is no doubt that I’ve got my work cut out for me, but having dominant track weapons like the Indian FTR750 and Indian Challenger certainly helps. Regardless of outcomes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push my limits and challenge I couldn’t be more excited to take on.”

Armed with the RSD Indian Challenger, Roland Sands and the 2020 King of the Baggers third-place finisher, Frankie Garcia, return with a chip on their shoulder and ambitions to dethrone O’Hara. In addition to King of the Baggers, the RSD Challenger will be one of two RSD entries in the Bagger Racing League™ series as RSD adds the new 2022 Indian Chief to its stable of race-ready Indian Motorcycles to compete in the Big Twin class.

“We faced so many curveballs at Laguna Seca last year, not the least of which came when Frankie looped the bike in practice, and we scrambled through the night to get the bike, and Frankie’s body, ready to go for the final. Frankie putting it on the box after all that was an incredible accomplishment, and we couldn’t be more motivated to raise the bar and take the crown in 2021,” said Roland Sands. “There’s no doubt we’re the guys known for having a little too much fun, but make no mistake, the Indian Challenger is an absolute beast and our sights are set on the top of the box.”

“Last year’s inaugural King of the Baggers was an unforgettable experience and when it was all said and done, I was incredibly proud to be on the podium. At the same time, after coming so close in spite of nearly catastrophic challenges, we were all left wondering what could have been,” said Garcia. “That experience provides a ton of motivation heading into the expanded series this year and podiums will not be enough. We want to wear the crown when it’s all said and done this year.”


After finishing in the middle of the pack at the inaugural King of the Baggers, Saddlemen came to the age-old conclusion, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

The team enters the 2021 bagger racing season, discarding its Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® in favor of the reigning king, the Indian Challenger. To pilot the new race-ready bagger, Saddlemen called upon the highly-skilled Patricia Fernandez. Dubbed “the world’s fastest female road racer,” Fernandez will be the only female rider in the field. The team will be led by famed custom bike builder, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway, and will compete in select rounds of the King of the Baggers series and Bagger Racing League.

“It was an honor to take part in the inaugural King of the Baggers last October, but it was obvious we needed more performance after watching Tyler and Frankie make quick work of the field aboard their Indian Challengers,” said Woolie. “This year, we have the luxury of a machine that packs enormous power and incredible performance capabilities right out of the box.”

“After seeing so much excitement around the inaugural race last year and hearing the news of an extended series in 2021, I couldn’t help thinking how cool it would be for a queen to be the King of the Baggers,” said Fernandez. “Thankfully, my friends at Saddlemen stepped up to give me the opportunity, and I could not be more excited to throw a leg over the Saddlemen Indian Challenger and show the world what I’m capable of.”

For the 2021 season, MotoAmerica® will host three rounds of King of the Baggers racing. The first round kicks off at MotoAmerica® Superbike in Atlanta April 30-May 2. The newest racing series added to the fold is the Drag Specialties Bagger Racing League™, which will host its inaugural event at the Utah Motorsports Campus June 25-27.

For more information on bagger racing, visit and

To learn more about each race team, visit, and For information about Indian Motorcycle and the Indian Challenger, visit, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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