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The Tipton Murder, The Iron Order, and the CODE

By Miami Mike, Wheels On The Road Magazine

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In two conversations recorded earlier this year, Mike “Cgar” Crouse of Fayetteville, North Carolina, the International Sergeant at Arms of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, made multiple statements indicating that Iron order members were encouraged to provoke confrontations with members of other motorcycle clubs because in Crouse’s words, such confrontations were a “free ticket” to “destroy.”
The Iron Order is alone among all three piece patch motorcycle clubs in encouraging its members to gain a strategic advantage in disputes with other clubs by tattling to police. In multiple instances, Iron Order President Ray “Izod” Lubesky has told his club’s members in writing, “We will cooperate with LE (law enforcement) and we will prosecute.”
There is a massive amount of evidence that indicates that the Iron Order feels free to provoke fights and even use deadly force against other motorcycle clubs with the foreknowledge that the Iron Order’s victims will not cooperate with police.
Honor Code
Most motorcycle clubs subscribe to a code of honor that includes precepts similar to the following.
“If you ever get arrested never make a statement of any kind. Don’t make the stupid mistake of trying to talk your way out of jail. All you’ll end up doing is telling on yourself or implicating Brothers or someone else. Always say you have nothing to say and you want to speak to an attorney.”
“If subpoenaed or questioned as a possible witness, never say anything adverse that would cause anyone to go to jail, even if it’s not a Brother.”
“If a local Law Enforcement Task Force wants to talk to you for any reason always take at least one other Brother with you. If you are wanted or questioned for possible criminal charges, take your lawyer and don’t tell them shit.”
“Remember, if you can save a member from doing a large amount of time by doing a small amount of time, then do it without hesitation. You may need someone to do it for you someday.”
“Never press charges on anyone. If you get in a street fight and a citizen calls the man, and you happen to be the victim you do not press charges. Never testify in court or a parole hearing as an adverse witness. You may testify as a friendly witness only.”
Iron Order Code
In a conversation about four months ago, the Iron Order International Sergeant at Arms said: “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”
The motorcycle club honor code is based on the premise that clubs will “handle their own business” when two clubs have a dispute. One nationally known member of a brand name motorcycle club has described biker justice as “swift and primal.” The American Outlaws Association has a proverb that describes biker justice as inevitable – “God Forgives Outlaws Don’t.”
The Iron Order has decided as a club that the threat of extra-judicial justice is hollow. In a conversation about three months ago Crouse bragged, “These people and clubs talk shit on the internet but they are like crickets. As soon as we come around they shut the fuck up.”
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This K. Randall Ball novel is all about fighting for motorcycling freedom. Click on the image for a signed copy.

The Tipton Murder
The Iron Order has blatantly adopted a strategy of claiming territory and dominating clubs that “handle their own business.”
That is what happened in the June 26 murder of Black Pistons Motorcycle Club member Zachariah Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. An unnamed former police officer who was an Iron Order prospect and an unnamed accomplice awaited the arrival of Tipton and either two or three other members of the Black Pistons in order to intentionally provoke a dispute about the Iron Order’s insignia.
When the argument became a fist fight, one of the two Iron Order members drew a pistol and fired four shots. At least two of the shots struck Tipton in the face and another shot struck Tipton in the temple. Tipton was pronounced dead at the scene. His companions refused to cooperate with police. The police accepted the Iron order members’ account without question and the Iron Order members were immediately released.
Jacksonville Beach police have stonewalled the press about the shooting ever since and the Iron Order appears to have gotten away with murder
-- Miami Mike

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Reader Comments

The Iron Order is for pussies. Period. I would enjoy meeting this CGAR bitch somewhere one on one. These clowns are punks that start crap and then call the cops and lie about another club starting the trouble.

Hell, you fuckin' morons who join this phony assed club, all you are doing is paying your dues and fines and making the leaders rich...dumbassed retards. I look for that patch all the do a lot of other folks now. Started by a retired Secret Service agent and an atf cunt....hell go figure.

DeepSouth, Mississippi, MS
Monday, February 22, 2016
Another case in point. Denver Swap Meet 2016. Another murderer not arrested.

There are some members who deliberately antagonize the confrontations, they are first to pull deadly force, then off they go with no criminalization.

Corruption in those who "enforce" law for all men, enable these occurrences. Prosecution and fair justice should be demanded by all citizens.

After all, think they would extend you the same courtesy if you discharged a weapon resulting in the death of another person. WITHOUT being placed into custody and interviewed, detained and possibly going through court procedures.

Denver, CO
Friday, February 5, 2016
Editor Response It's a very strange situation that is only going to lead to problems no one needs in a world or terrorism.
This article is completely wrong ... I was there .. three black pistons jumped the guy for no reason and started beating on him... they got what they deserved.... live like a animal ..die like one.

Typical outlaw behavior... fight by jumping on one guy with several of your buddies... once you get know how these cowards operate you will have no desire to be like them. That is why iron order is so popular as a MC . They operate like a MC but they don't go around trying to intimidate people. I have seen the outlaw behavior in person.. it's childish and they need to grow up. This is not the '70s will go to prison ..then we will see how bad you are .

mike p
jacksonville, FL
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
These "Bought my patch so I's a BIKER" SOB's are not only a disgr
ace to the MC WORLD, they are a disgrace to the HUMAN RACE!
ASSHOLES ALL! FTUrine Odor!!! You ain't man enough if you have

Thursday, July 30, 2015
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