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Hang On! It's non-stop...

By Bandit, Greg Wrightstone, Wayfarer, Bob T., Sam Burns, Barry Green, the Redhead, Laura, RFR and the whole gang

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Shit seems to be happening fast everywhere.
Maybe it’s the Spring and maybe it’s stuff left over from the winter that needs to be quickly dealt with.

I just kicked off a new adventure by buying a building in Sturgis. In a sense it’s a clean-up project. I’ve collected a lot of cool shit over the years and need to deal with it before I go to Harley Heaven.

Maybe it is the advent of Spring and our brains are fluctuating to the changing season and weather. I remember what Robin, from Black Hills Gifts and Gold, said about surviving the winter in Sturgis. That’s a major factor and the Rally is a beneficial key, tremendously helping businesses survive each cold season.

I may be wrong, but I see the glass as almost full, whereas many see it as nearly empty during the winter. I believe more folks want to come to the Black Hills year ‘round. There are shops and vendors in Sturgis, Deadwood and Spearfish who are devoted to being open throughout the seasons. Sure, they don’t make as much dinero, but we’re having a blast every day, and every week there’s something happening. In the near future there will be more happening in Sturgis weekly and at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Let’s hit the news. I’m getting excited.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

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You Got It.


Make sure your boots are working and your truck doesn’t break down ‘cause you don’t want to miss...

Tuesday, Aug. 6

Click for the party...
Click for the party...

GOING TO BONNEVILLE—Dennis Manning called. He’s trying to raise money to go to the Bonneville International Motorcycle Speed Trials.

Google Dennis for more info or buy one of his books.

He doesn’t need much, but it would make all the difference in the world.


TWELVE REASONS WHY-- I Don’t Believe There’s a Climate Emergency

I’m not a scientist. But I have reasons why I don’t fully trust the ‘climate emergency’ narrative. Here they are:

Looking back through history, there have always been doomsday prophets, folk who say the world is coming to an end. Are modern-day activists not just the current version of this?

I look at some of the facts – CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere; humans are responsible for just 3% of CO2; Britain is responsible for just 1% of the world’s CO2 output – and I think “really“? Will us de-carbonising really make a difference to the Earth’s climate?

I have listened to some top scientists who say CO2 does not drive global warming; that CO2 in the atmosphere is a good or vital thing; that many other things, like the Sun and the clouds and the oceans, are more responsible for the Earth’s temperature.

I note that most of the loudest climate activists are socialists and on the Left. Are they not just using this movement to push their dreams of a deindustrialised socialist utopia? And I also note the crossover between green activists and BLM ones, gender ones, pro-Hamas ones, none of whom I like or agree with.

As an amateur psychologist, I know that humans are susceptible to manias. I also know that humans tend to focus on tiny slivers of time and on tiny slivers of geographical place when forming ideas and opinions. We are also extremely malleable and easily fooled, as was demonstrated in 2020 and 2021.

I have looked into the implications of Net Zero. It is incredibly expensive. It will vastly reduce living standards and hinder economic growth. I don’t think that’s a good thing. I know that economic growth has led to higher living standards, which has made people both safer and more environmentally aware.

Net Zero will also lead to significant diminishment of personal freedom, and it even threatens democracy, as people are told they must do certain things and they must not do other things, and they may even be restricted in speaking out on climate matters.

What will be the worst things that will happen if the doomsayers are correct? A rise in temperature? Where? Siberia? Singapore? Stockholm? What is the ideal temperature? For how long? Will this utopia be forever maintained? I’m suspicious of utopias; the communists sought utopias.

If one consequence of climate change is rising sea levels, would it not be better to spend money building more sea defences to protect our land? Like the Dutch did.

It’s a narrative heavily pushed by the Guardian. I dislike the Guardian. I believe it’s been wrong on most issues through my life – socialism, immigration, race, the EU, gender, lockdowns and so on. Probably it’s wrong about climate issues too?

I am suspicious of the amount of money that green activists and subsidized green industries make. And 40 years ago the greenies were saying the Earth was going to get too cold. Much of what they said would happen by now has not happened. Also, I trust ‘experts’ much less now, after they lied about the efficacy of lockdowns, masks and the ‘vaccines’.

I like sunshine. I prefer being warm to being cold. It makes me feel better. It’s more fun. It saves on heating bills. It saves on clothes. It makes people happier. Far few people die of the heat than they do the cold.


Here's Greg's lastest book.
Here's Greg's lastest book.


11-30K V VL Top End Gasket Kit 1930-1935 74-inch Motors

Regular price $72.00

Shipping calculated at checkout.

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Click for action!


The “Roadshow” is the Motorcycle Riders Foundation's (MRF) unofficial nickname for the time we spend visiting States from the first of the year through our arrival in Washington D.C. for Bikers Inside the Beltway. Getting out into the States and meeting with bikers is a critical part of what MRF Board Members do. Listening to presentations and having one-on-one conversations helps the MRF shape our agenda.

MRF board members have traveled to 27 states to speak and present at SMRO events. This total is a new record, surpassing the 23 states we hit last year! We are honored to receive invitations to so many events and do our best to attend all of them. With Bikers Inside the Beltway coming up in just a few days, the end of the Roadshow Trail has followed the pioneers and arrived in Oregon.

The MRF joined ABATE of Oregon, Bike Pac of Oregon and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) at the Oregon State Capital in Salem. This very rainy day marked a Fallen Brother Ceremony and received a May is Motorcycle Safety Month proclamation from the Oregon Governor’s Office. The attendees also heard brief legislative updates presented by each group. MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard commented on the long and effective history the MRF has enjoyed with ABATE of Oregon and Bike Pac of Oregon, including their role in protecting our freedom of the road and our lifestyle at the federal level.

While we have a few more events to attend this year, our focus now turns to Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, MRF members will climb Capitol Hill and advocate for our legislative agenda. Our conversations in our nation’s capital are informed and shaped by what we have learned and discussed during our Roadshow. While this year’s Roadshow has reached its unofficial ending, we are already planning the 2025 version. If you would like a representative of the MRF to visit an event in your State, let us know!

Thank you for the hospitality you have shown us, and let’s continue to fight on!

As always Ride Safe and Ride Free!!!


LATEST FROM THROTTLE ADDICTION-- Chopper master Josh Allison on how to make a custom seat

Check out this awesome feature from our buddies at ChopCult!

Josh Allison: "Seats, seats, and more seats! Have to have one on your chop. That's what we're talking about them this month at American Metal Customs. We are covering how to do an integrated mixed metal solo seat! They’re fun to make and with a little creativity, there are endless possibilities on the styles and looks you can give your custom bike! Let's get to it!..."


I got power back sometime in the early morning? I know one tower went down off 290, not sure where this is? Some folks still don’t have cell service


QUICK New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

THE OUTLAW WEST BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for May 16, 2024--click here to read it

California Harley has a new storage program. I will contact Jodi. I do know you can have your bike stored in the warehouse until you are ready to ride and they use it to put in the showroom when they want to change the displays. More to come or what?

Torrance, CA


Alabama legislative session ended without any anti-motorcycling bills. We're still focused on strengthening the current handsfree law to make it a primary offence and not secondary, some cities (Huntsville) codified it as part of city code.

Currently I am utilizing Mobile's 311 notification system to spotlight potholes and limited visibility issues around the city, this is a "me" project to see how to improve riding in the city limits of Mobile with response times and actions being recorded by the cities own system. More to come. Finally thanks to our Dixie ABATE leaders they do a tremendous job of keeping the state organization going and expanding.

--Freddy Wheeler
Dixie ABATE Legislative Liaison

ANOTHER New Bikernet Reader Comment!--S&S Hot Rod Pro Stock 160-Inch Engines

How much is this beast pro stock S&S engine? Probably more than I could afford right now but I'm just curious.

--Joshua Worley
Brooksville FL , FL

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Click for action.

INDIA MOTORCYCLE MARKET REPORT--Hero MotoCorp, Harley-Davidson to broaden India ties.

With the premium motorcycle market on the rise, Harley-Davidson executives have expressed satisfaction with their joint venture with Hero MotoCorp, the sources noted.

Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson Inc plan to expand their collaboration and introduce more models of the iconic US motorcycle brand to the Indian market. This decision follows the tremendous success of the X-440.

The two top brands are nearing finalization of an agreement to extend their current partnership, which now covers only the X-440 model.

A new agreement may also include the manufacturing of Harley-Davidson models in India for export to other markets. An official announcement is expected within the next few weeks.

Hero MotoCorp is the world's largest manufacturer and seller of two-wheelers and Harley-Davidson continues to enjoy the global status of most desired motorcycle brand.

Refer sources at

--from Wayfarer
Lead Reporter
Bikernet International News Bureau

Renowned Artist Scott Jacobs Captures Sturgis History on Cover of 2024 Rally Magazine

Sturgis, South Dakota – May 22, 2024 – The history of the Sturgis Rally roars to life on the cover of the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Magazine in a painting by renowned artist Scott Jacobs. This year's cover artwork, a captivating painting titled "Uphill Victory," marks the 14th time that Black Hills resident Jacobs has created the image that captures the spirit and history of the Rally.

The Sturgis Rally Magazine is the annual handbook of the happenings, the businesses, and the best places to ride and hang out during the rally. Published by the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in partnership with the City of Sturgis, thousands of copies are distributed though tourist information centers and businesses throughout the summer.

"Uphill Victory" isn't just another stunning Scott Jacobs motorcycle portrait, it's a tribute to the legacy of the Sturgis Rally's hill climbs, a thrilling competition that began in 1957 and continues to this day. The painting depicts a 1930 DAH, one of the rarest motorcycles ever created by Harley-Davidson. This legendary machine, built specifically for the challenging hill climb races and embodies the fearlessness of early motorcycle riders and their competitive spirit.

"I love a subject like the DAH, which is a motorcycle that few Harley riders have ever seen," said Jacobs. "The challenge of being visually accurate on the motorcycle and creating a scene that is attractive to the audience is one that I really enjoy."

Jacobs' dedication to detail is evident in every aspect of "Uphill Victory." He created the painting using images of the meticulously restored DAH model at the Wheels Through Time Museum in North Carolina and verified details of the rare Harley with museum owner and close friend, the late Dale Walksler.

The creation process itself was a labor of love. Over 200 photographs and 300 hours of meticulous work with brushes, airbrushes, acrylics, and glazes were poured into this masterpiece. The result is an image that transports viewers back to the golden age of motorcycle racing.

"Creating the cover image for the Sturgis Magazine has become one of the highlights of my year," Jacobs continued. "It keeps me connected to the spirit of this great event and of the Black Hills. Quite frankly, it reaffirms my decision to bring my family here and to make our home in the Black Hills. And I'm always thinking about the subject for next year's cover image. That's always fun."

Jacobs' journey as an artist is deeply intertwined with Harley-Davidson. As the first-ever licensed Harley-Davidson artist, much of his professional career has been dedicated to capturing the beauty of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the rich history of the brand.

The 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Magazine, featuring Scott Jacobs' "Uphill Victory" on the cover, is a must-have for rally attendees and visitors to the Black Hills. It's available starting this week at tourist information centers and business throughout the region.

click for info
click for info

HOT, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

THE OUTLAW WEST BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for May 16, 2024--click here to read it.

Glad to see Cycle Source is putting out the old Easyriders Tech tips & tricks.
I love my old copies. Still think there's a lot of good ideas there.

Eltopia, WA

"Actually the Lowbrow gang gets the credit for those reprints. Hope they don’t get sued for copyright infringement." --Bandit

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

BUNDLE THE BACK ISSUES – and save up to 65%

Just a reminder that if you still have issues missing from your Greasy Kulture collection, you can choose them as part of a back issue bundle and save BIG.

Our perfect-bound, bigger back issues are three for £10 and our digest sized back issues are just £5 for three. And you pick the ones you want. But be quick: issues are selling out regularly...

There's no better chopper reading for the money!

THE ELECTRIC FILE IS NOW OPEN--Mercedes and Volkswagen DITCH their EV ambitions!

Well, the initial slow drip of auto manufacturers walking away from their foolish EV promises has now turned into a flood. Almost every week, you read of yet another automaker desperately backtracking on their electrification plans as the market dries up and sales plummet.

The latest car makers to cave and back away from these mad electrification plans are Volkswagen and Mercedes, who have hedged their bets with more hybrids, allowing production of internal combustion engines to continue.

This isn’t rocket science. There’s a simple principle which these manufacturers should follow if they want to be successful: build the cars people want and to hell with what the government says.

Bloomberg reports on how Volkswagen’s EV fantasy has just collided with reality. Volkswagen walks back EV or bus strategy that rankled rivals. CEO Oliver Blumer is turning to hybrids and striking partnerships as EV sales slow.

Volkswagen AG’s all-in on electric vehicle plan is no more. The namesake VW brand, which pitched its ID family of electric cars as central to its future, admitted last week it will need more plug-in hybrids as EV sales decelerate. This marks just the latest adjustment VW has made to its electrification strategy after the company botched several model releases and fell behind in China, where local brands now dominate.

The manufacturer has also shelved efforts to seek outside investors for its battery unit and scrapped plans for a 2 billion Euro ($2.2 billion) EV factory in Germany. In fact, the automaker is selling so many cars still running on combustion engines that it’s on track to overshoot its emissions allowance next year, leading Chief Executive Officer Oliver Blumer to ask European regulators for leniency.

It’s a sharp turnabout from only 3 years ago when VW’s aggressive lobbying for EVs in the European Union opened up rifts between the company and some of its peers in the region. Yep, give the punters what they want; works every time. But this is a far cry from VW’s posturing on electrification barely years ago. “Electric mobility has won the race,” D said when presenting VW’s battery strategy in 2021. Many in the industry questioned our approach; today they are following suit while we are reaping the fruit. Well, that fruit must be tasting pretty sour by now, if it isn’t completely rotten.

And Mercedes has dumped an entire EV platform after a woeful sale of its larger EV models. As Top Gear reports, Mercedes has reportedly cancelled an entire EV platform, and apparently, slow EV sales are to blame. Farewell, MBEA; we hardly knew you. Mercedes is putting the kibosh on the development of its MBEA large electric vehicle platform, having apparently been put off by the EQE and EQS’s slower than expected sales. OD Deia first reported by Handelsblut, the move will supposedly save billions in development costs as Mercedes rethinks its future luxury car strategy.

This is a big shift because the MBEA platform, which was due to be ready for 2028, was meant to bring several of the technologies previewed on the ultra-long range Vision EQXX to the table. Don’t expect 750 mi from a single charge anytime soon then. And Bloomberg again dives into why the EQS has been such a disaster for Mercedes. Why Mercedes’ $100,000 electric jelly bean flopped: The German automaker’s limousine customers care as much about comfort and status as saving the planet. Now they should worry about residual values too. When Mercedes-Benz Group unveiled a luxury electric sedan called the EQS in 2021, managers boasted about the radical aerodynamic design, billing it as the German automaker’s most significant launch in decades. Film director James Cameron and singer Alicia Keys were on hand to add their own superlatives for a vehicle that cost in excess of $100,000. “This concept car was inspired by the values of Avatar’s indigenous people, the Na’vi, who believe that we must not only limit what we take from nature but find ways to replenish what we use.” The all-new EQS is not just an impressive vehicle; it’s a commitment to a more balanced world.

Three years later, the electric version of the flagship S-Class risks becoming one of the biggest flops in Mercedes’ storied history, and its shortcomings have contributed to the company’s decision to ditch a goal of selling only electric vehicles by 2030. Sales of the luxury electric sedan declined 40% to just 14,100 units last year, according to Mercedes’ annual report. Price cuts in China and heavily discounted U.S. lease deals failed to revive demand while undermining the company’s strategy of prioritizing high values over sales volumes. Combustion engine S-Class deliveries were more than six times higher.

And the final piece of good news from Mercedes is that the ignominious slide of its once legendary AMG brand into abject mediocrity has been halted, at least for the time being. AMG started going downhill when Mercedes started applying the badge to ghastly little hatchbacks like the A45, and worst of all, applied the legendary C63 badge, which used to stand for a glorious 6.2 L naturally aspirated V8, on a pissy little 4-cylinder car with an electric motor—sacrilege. But the market has spoken, and for the upcoming CLLE 63 AMG is going back to the next best thing to the 6.2 L, the venerable 4 L twin turbo, which is about the best we can hope for in this mad net-zero climate. Mercedes AMG CL63 switches four-pot PH for 585 BHP V8. AMG lines up twin-turbo V8 power for upcoming super coupe amid slow sales for four-cylinder hybrid C63 H. Wonder why that would be?

The upcoming Mercedes AMG CL63 will receive a twin-turbocharged 4 L V8 petrol engine, developing up to 585 BHP, senior officials at the division’s Mercedes-Benz parent company have confirmed. The decision reverses an earlier plan to give the hot new coupe and cabriolet the same 670 BHP plug-in hybrid drivetrain as the latest C63 and GLC63, due to slow sales of the saloon, estate, and SUV, despite its class-leading performance.

Traditional AMG buyers haven’t taken to the E Performance PHV drivetrain, which combines a turbocharged 2 L 4-cylinder petrol engine and a rear axle mounted electric motor—ghastly. I wouldn’t drive one if they paid me. I’d go and find a nice C63 Edition 507 coupe from 2012 or 2013, one of the most fun cars you could ever imagine when the 63 on the badge actually meant something.

Volkswagen and Mercedes aren’t the first automakers to get cold feet over their earlier ludicrous electrification promises in the face of clear market apathy, but we can be 100% sure of one thing: they won’t be the last.

--Charles Rotter

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Reader Comments

Yep, my bad for crediting Cycle Source instead of Low Brow, I'm a fan & customer of both.
As for copyrights, I hope everyone gets treated fairly. When it comes to legal, they say the large print giveth and the fine print taketh away.

Eltopia, WA
Friday, May 24, 2024
Editor Response Thanks Bill, we try to give credit where it's due.


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