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All Dialed in Ready to Rock

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Barry Green, the Redhead, Rogue, Bob T., Laura, RFR, El Waggs, Ray Russell and the rest of the gang

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I’m focused on a couple of things this week.
Being focused leads to accomplishing goals. I like having goals. It gives life direction and meaning. This was an exciting week for me. With another leader in the motorcycle industry, we may have started a path toward more freedom. I’m itching to tell you more, but we just tested the waters. It has to do with the first news item. I would hope SEMA has massive success, but we will see. Hopefully, by next week I will have something more to report.

Let’s hit the news and at the end I will report on other goals in the works.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

SEMA-Supported Bill Introduced in U.S. House of Representatives to Prevent Internal Combustion Engine Bans

U.S. Representative John Joyce (R-PA) introduced H.R. 1435, the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act,” a bill designed to protect Americans’ right to choose the technology that powers their motor vehicles.

The bill was introduced in response to the California Air Resources Board’s plans to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

The Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act would restrict the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from issuing a waiver for regulations that would ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The bill is important to stopping CARB’s plans to ban ICE vehicles, which requires the EPA to waive federal preemption provisions in the Clean Air Act in order for California’s zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate to go into effect.


"In a major sense the MIC, the AMA, triple A, the NMA, and every other motorcycle and automobile organization on the planet should initiate similar bills and actions, but I only found one willing to step up. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation."

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When things feel overwhelming remember, One thought at a time, One task at a time, One day at a time.

--Ray Russell
Senior Professor of Philosophy
Bikernet University


Polaris launches Xchange Powersports Marketplace Giving Consumers an Easy and Convenient Way to Shop Online for New and Used Vehicles

Polaris Xchange puts consumers in the driver’s seat as they shop online for off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, side-by-sides, auto-cycles, and ATVs

Polaris Xchange offers an extensive inventory of new and used Polaris powersports vehicles

Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII), the global leader in powersports, is putting customers in the driver’s seat as they shop for their first or next powersports vehicle with the introduction of Polaris Xchange. Built from the ground up with the needs of the powersports customer in-mind, this one-stop online marketplace provides customers the ability to shop, research and start the buying process on thousands of off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, side-by-sides, auto-cycles, and ATVs from participating Polaris dealers nationwide.

“We are constantly infusing new ways of thinking and using our knowledge of the powersports customer to help advance our industry, introduce new people to powersports and enhance the experience for our owners and riders, and Polaris Xchange is another example of that industry leadership,” said Vic Koelsch, senior vice president, chief digital and information officer at Polaris. “Polaris Xchange simplifies the shopping process for customers, allowing them do most of the process online before visiting their local dealership to sign the paperwork.”

Consumer shopping habits have evolved in recent years with more consumers leveraging online resources for discovery, research and learning as they start the buying process prior to visiting a physical retail location, and powersports consumers are no different.

Polaris Xchange offers consumers the tools they need to feel confident as well as conveniently start the buying process from the comfort of their homes including: finding the vehicle, viewing used vehicle history and condition reports, shopping for accessories, indicating interest in protection products, determining trade-in value and prequalifying for a loan. From there, the customer simply needs to complete the purchase and pick up the vehicle from a dealer or have it delivered.

Polaris Xchange also provides value to Polaris dealers who can publish their new and used inventory online increasing visibility, reach, and awareness to shoppers.

“We set out to streamline the shopping process and provide consumers with even more confidence as they look to purchase,” said Koelsch. “Through Polaris Xchange, we are offering a one-stop, credible resource that makes it easier to not only find new Polaris vehicles but search through available used powersports inventory at our trusted network of dealers.”

With JoyDrive as a technology partner, Polaris Xchange will showcase used powersports inventory from all powersports manufacturers as well as available inventory of new Polaris vehicles at participating dealers.

Shop for your next ride and learn more about Polaris Xchange at

--Erika Burke

Would someone on the inside tell Polaris to advertise on Bikernet. It’s cheap. Here’s our program:


Earlier this month the MRF’s “Road Show” made its way to the Show Me State. The Missouri Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) held their 2023 seminar in Jefferson City and the MRF was proud to participate. The seminar entitled “Rebel with a Cause” included a diverse set of presentations focused on how riders in Missouri can help protect their freedoms and safety.

MRF lobbyist Rocky Fox made the trip and shared a recap of the MRF’s 2022 accomplishments in Washington D.C. and goals for 2023. Other seminar topics included presentations on group riding dynamics, security at motorcycle events, and a recap of the state legislative agenda.

The keynote speaker at the event was Missouri State Representative Darin Chappell. Representative Chappell is a newly elected member of the Missouri State Legislature, and he discussed his legislative priorities, including addressing the issue of motorcyclist profiling.

FORR has a strong track record of building lasting relationships with key lawmakers. In 2022, two longtime supporters of Missouri bikers were elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Mark Alford of Missouri’s 4th District and Rep. Eric Burlison from Missouri 7th district have both been champions for bikers in the Show Me State.

In fact, Congressman Burlison was the main sponsor of a helmet choice bill that repealed the universal helmet law in Missouri. The helmet choice bill, which repealed the universal helmet law that passed in 2020, was the culmination of years of lobbying by riders in Missouri. If that wasn’t good enough, Rep. Burlison is also a member of both the FORR and the MRF!

The MRF has long preached that building relationships with lawmakers early is the best way to see results down the road. The MRF is excited to work with these two lawmakers in D.C. and build off their work in Missouri.

The state of Missouri and the MRF have a long and storied history. Nearly 40 years ago, in 1984, the first ever “Meetings of the Minds” was held in St. Louis, Missouri. As a tribute to that important moment in the history of the motorcyclists’ rights movement, the MRF will host next year’s Meeting of the Minds in St. Louis. Both the MRF and the motorcyclists in Missouri are excited about returning to the place where it all started 40 years later!

The MRF thanks FORR for including us in these events and we look forward to seeing many of you in Missouri in 2024!



DONNIE SMITH SHOW LAST WEEKEND—It was down some, but Cycle Source was on hand to cover the action. The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum was involved and the local chapter of the AMCA displayed antiques bikes from every era.

The above classic was one of the highlights. The cocktails flowed and everyone had a good time.


Click for more info.
Click for more info.


My three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas.

* * * 

People are usually shocked when they find out… I’m a bad electrician.

* * * 

They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.’ So that was nice.

--Sam Burns
Certified Librarian
Bandit’s Cantina™

If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.
If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.


INDIAN AND BARNSTORM CYCLES--Forged, Custom Sport Chief Series: Barnstorm Cycles

Here’s the second builder in Indian Motorcycles Custom Sport Chief Series, Jake Cutler with Barnstorm Cycles.

Carrying the torch for west coast style performance builds on the east coast, Barnstorm has an extensive history of delivering next level cruiser and bagger builds. Straight out of Massachusetts, Jake has been riding and working on motorcycles since he was three years old.

Watch Carey Hart check in with Jake on his vision for the Custom Sport Chief here:



A resolution by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation to Congress to demand scientific transparency and truth for every motorcycle rider in this country.

Whereas Truth and Free Speech are the cornerstones of our society, motorcyclists all over the country want our rights and the truth to be respected

Whereas Critical Thinking is the backbone of science it needs held high for kids all over the world. America always endeavored to be the bastion of truth and free speech.

Whereas science is never settled and the public requires nothing but the truth as it affects their very existence.

Whereas children deserve to know the truth and scientific transparency. No matter who tries to hide the truth it will surface and the real deniers will be exposed.

Whereas every law in this country that effects the lives, livelihoods, homes, businesses and transportation must be based on truth or they are meaningless.

Whereas criminal governments throughout history restricted free speech. We cannot allow any attack on free speech to infiltrate our government.

A rough draft by Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

5-Ball VL,XA,FL Knucklehead build, Part 3

Kool KOOL $#!t .

And as for the 'Stalled in progress' chopper projects, I DEFINITELY have (I hate to say) a couple of them hahaha. Although, one is definitely back on (the lift) and progress is being made.

--El Waggs
Oceanside, CA

"This puppy isn't stalled. It's just my mental state that needed tweaking. More progress this week, with the Redhead's help."

"Bootlegger Betty and Ugly Eddie"
"Bootlegger Betty and Ugly Eddie"


Greetings from hot Lakeland, Florida! I am here at the Sun 'n Fun fly-in show and will be joined by David tomorrow. Our gallery is in Hangar A, so if you are coming out, please stop and say hello!

A few housekeeping items:

1 - our production department has been working tirelessly to get all of the pieces out from our previous promotion and are now focused on finishing the orders from Daytona and Isabella's watercolor pieces.

2 - David is bringing a fun new aviation piece (title TBD). I'll be sending out details on this one in the coming days. Would love to get your feedback!

3 - he's also bringing a portrait of Jackie Cochran which will serve as his second "Women of Aviation" piece (with "Amelia").

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Ave
Golden, CO 80401

Click to see the studio.
Click to see the studio.


If you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, nothing will happen.

But if you shake the jar hard, the ants will start killing each other.

The red ants will consider the black ants their enemies, and the black ants will consider the red ants their enemies.

The real enemy is the one who shakes the jar.

The same thing happens in human society.

So, before we attack each other, we should think about who is shaking the jar.

--Professor Ray Russell
Bikernet University

FIRSTGEAR'S New Palisade and Reflex Products Deliver

Features for Diehard Riders

Whether the destination is work, play or the other side of the country, FIRSTGEAR's newest arrivals deliver features designed specifically for riders with a destination in mind. The new Palisade Jacket and Reflex Jacket, along with their matching pants, shine when the sun is out. As always, FIRSTGEAR apparel products deliver comfort, safety and style with a price tag that makes them attainable for real riders.

The FIRSTGEAR Palisade Jacket is designed to be a rider's daily "go-to" gear. It's a three-season, waist-length jacket, that is comfortable and durable with no excess bulk. Constructed with waterproof and windproof polyester, abrasion resistant nylon ripstop and SuperFabric reinforced elbows, this jacket uses modern fabric technology to deliver a dry, comfortable ride.

The features don't stop there, with reflective piping and panels, removable liner, adjustable armor pockets, vents, waterproof pockets, neoprene cuffs and seamless integration with FIRSTGEAR heated gear. This jacket goes to the top of the list when riders are shopping for new gear.

The Palisade Pant is designed to pair with the Palisade Jacket, delivering the same confident, comfortable ride. Using the same fabrics and technology, these pants add stretch knee panels, "no-snag" cuffs, adjustable waist and "slide-free" seat grip panels.

The FIRSTGEAR Reflex Jacket is perfect for riders enjoying warm summer days on their motorcycle. The fully vented, abrasion resistant nylon mesh construction is designed to keep a rider cool and safe. Features like elbow, shoulder and back protection, reflective piping and panels, SuperFabric elbow panels, adjustable neoprene cuffs and removable waterproof windproof liner, this jacket looks good no matter what style of bike the rider is aboard.

The Reflex Pant provides protection during warm weather rides. It features the same fully vented, abrasion resistant nylon mesh construction, knee and hip protection, stretch knee panels and slide-free seat grip panels.

Reflex Gloves deliver solid function and protection with the comfort of ventilated fabric, stretch wrist area and a hook and loop closure. Gloves are a critical piece of riding gear and Reflex gloves are the perfect match of fit and function.

The Palisade Jacket is available in Black/Black in men's sizes from small to 2XLT. The Palisade Jacket retails for $419.95. Matching Palisade Pant is offered in waist sizes 32 to 42 with both regular and tall sizes in the lineup. The retail price for the Palisade Pant is $369.95.

The Reflex Jacket is available in Black/Black in men's sizes from small to 2XLT and women's sizes from s the 3XL. The Reflex Jacket retails for $369.95. Matching Reflex Pant is offered in waist sizes 32 to 42 with both regular and tall sizes in the lineup. Retail price for the Reflex Pant is $269.95.

Reflex Gloves are available in Black/Black for $59.95 and are available in men's sizes S through 3XL and women's sizes S to 2XL.

FIRSTGEAR products are available at motorcycle dealers around the country and a complete list of product features is available at

NEW FROM BAKER DRIVETRAIN--The Armored Attitude Adjuster

If you have a 2006 or later Dyna, or a 2007 and later Softail/ Touring bike you know the issues that come along with the stock auto chain tensioner. At the first moment that the chain has any slack in it, the auto tensioner ratchets the shoe up another notch.

Now one notch is not going to be an issue, but the tightening never stops and this causes several problems. The BAKER manual chain adjuster prevents damage to your motorcycle's left-side motor case bearings, inner primary bearings, clutch hub bearings, and transmission output gear bearings.

Click for Action.
Click for Action.

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