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It's all over the Place

By Bandit, Rogue, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Mike Pullin R.I.P., Laura, the Redhead, Bob T., Bob Clark, Barry Green, Wicked Bitch, J.J. Solari, and the rest of the gang

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Talk about a major issue facing our lives currently
and in some respects being shoved down our throats.

Most of the industry is just plain scared to even ask about the issue. Some of the industry and even rights organizations are being bullied by environmental groups. See the story from Alex in the news.

This is a very strange position to be in right now. I have simply asked for scientific transparency and with the help of Patrick Moore, Ed Berry and Marc Morano we will see transparency soon.

That will put the electric solution on trial, and I don’t mean in court. We will be able to test it, like you would test any other product and see if it will or can fly.

I’m not for or against electric. If it works, it will make for much more simple vehicles. But if it doesn't or they aren’t the greatest or can’t stand up to the demands of the market, so be it. I’ll go back to my old Panhead, with all its moving parts and love it, like I have for decades.

Electric has been tried a number of times. Maybe we have the technology to make it fly this time and maybe not.

Let’s hit the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK--2018 Harley-Davidson® FLHR - Road Kingfor $18,995.00

see it here:

STOCK # 12883

This bike is a super clean and strong running Road King

ONLY 13144.00 Miles !!!!!

2018 Silver fortune/sumatra brown Harley-Davidson ROAD KING TOURING MILWAUKEE 8 FLHR

Some of the features/Add-on's on this bike

* 107c.i. Motor
* 6-Speed trans.
* Rinehart exhaust
* Luggage rack
* Passenger backrest
* Detachable windshield


Just $18,995.00 at Lifestyle Cycles (714) 490-0155 or Fill out an online application and ride today!!!


Don’t Do College Alone, Go as Part of a “Posse” of 10 Veterans.

The Posse Veterans Program sends Veterans to college as teams or “posses” to both give and receive support throughout college and beyond.

There is a AMA National Adventure Ride happening soon!

What: Berkshire Big Adventure Ride
When: May 21-22, 2022
Where: Colebrook, CT

Hosted by: Berkshire Trail Riders

The Berkshire Big Adventure Ride features three different routes throughout the weekend. The Explorer Route is great for beginners as it is a scenic loop made for a relaxed ride. The Big Bike Adventure Route is a challenging ride offering optional hero sections from mild to wild. Knobby tires are highly recommended for the main route and required for successfully completing the optional hero sections. Lastly, Berkshire Big Adventure Hard Adventure Ride consists of about 80 miles of continuous hero sections. Be sure to check what days those rides are taking place.

Questions? Contact Berkshire Trail Riders at (203) 725-8439 or

Please Note: AMA membership is required to participate in AMA National Adventure Ride Series events. Join the AMA today!

--AMA Member Services

Polished Nuts Stainless Knuckle Hammer

This newest version of the Jason Momoa x Nash Motorcycle Co Knuckle Hammer is the stainless steel edition.

We've taken the original design and finish to a new level by hand polishing the iconic Knucklehead nuts just like they would have been on a 1930's-40's Harley-Davidson Knucklehead.
This piece really stands out and makes for a great addition to your tool chest or something to hang on the wall for Harley enthusiasts to gawk at for years to come.

This project tapped into Jason Momoa’s passion for the classic late 1930’s era Harley-Davidson motor affectionately known to American motorcycle gearheads as the Knucklehead motor. The same engine that powers Jason's personal hand-built bike.

Handmade in the USA and casted in stainless steel, the quality of these weighty hammers is unmistakable. The handle is made of dense Tennessee hickory, a fine wood of choice by many tool aficionados, and each hammer is individually hand stamped featuring Jason's "On The Roam" logo as well as the Nash Moto logo. Coming in at a solid 1.5 lbs and 13.5" tall!

--Nash Motorcycle Company

Click for action.
Click for action.


Bikers Inside the Beltway – The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has completed the preliminary work to pave the way to Washington, D.C., your attendance at Bikers Inside the Beltway will make a difference.

You still have time to take part in this exercise in participatory democracy. Half-a-world away, Ukrainians are not so blessed. They are defending their country from a despot hellbent on destroying the country and any semblance of democracy. Those freedom fighting Ukrainians would gladly trade places with any one of us if that’s all they had to do to preserve their country and freedom.

Is the MRF’s legislative agenda to support anti-profiling, renewable fuel education, and autonomous vehicle standards benchmarks to protect democracy? Compared to what the Ukrainians are doing to defend their democracy, hardly. However, the siege against your rights, your freedom, your lifestyle, and yes, your motorcycles is not going to go away because motorcyclists wish it so. Ukrainians do not have the luxury of traveling to their capitol in Kyiv. Attending Bikers Inside the Beltway and taking part in participatory democracy is still a luxury you should not take lightly.

“Let us refuse to be silent! Speaking freely is a decisive step forward on the road to freedom” – Leyla Zana

Remaining silent and not acting is an option that the MRF will not exercise, and neither should you. Since 1989, the MRF has brought over a thousand motorcyclists to Washington to meet with their members of Congress with the sole mission of promoting a legislative agenda that continues to successfully become law on behalf of all street riding motorcyclists.

Your personal visit to Congress does make a difference. In 2021, co-sponsors on MRF supported legislation rose over 20 percent during Bikers Inside the Beltway. Numbers make a difference. Currently, there are almost ninety co-sponsors on H. Res 366 – an anti-profiling resolution. By joining other freedom loving motorcyclists, you can help increase those co-sponsors and the resolution can move forward.

The MRF’s legislative agenda – beyond the three items listed below -- recommended and approved by SMRO leaders at the 2021 Meeting of the Minds, is not all-inclusive. Changing ethanol 15 to all-year availability demonstrates why the MRF’s legislative agenda is important:

Profiling: Sustain lobbying efforts for the passage of resolutions or legislation that promotes awareness and prohibition of motorcyclists profiling.

Renewable Fuels: Advocate for targeted changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Support the universal availability of approved fuel blends, containing no more than 10 percent ethanol by volume. Ensure that consumers are educated on proper fuel usage.

Autonomous Vehicles: Advocate and monitor any legislation or regulations related to motorcycles concerning connected and autonomous vehicles (AV) including endorsing rulemaking to set new standards specific to seeing, detecting, and properly reacting to motorcycles. Ensure motorcycles are part of all testing and development procedure.

Join us to ensure that the mission of getting our message to Congress does not fail, please consider the following:
  • Make your appointments locally or in Washington.
  • Familiarize yourself with the briefing points.
  • Confirm your appointment locally or in Washington.
  • Virtual or in person, make notes on your meeting.
  • Share your meeting notes with the MRF.
  • Numbers do make a difference toward accomplishing the legislative goals of the MRF. All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for reelection. Thirty-four members of the Senate are up for election. Numbers do make a difference. Like it or not, legislators tend to listen better during election years.
Paving the way for the long haul is what the MRF does to ensure that the future of motorcycling survives. It is not too late to use that “paved way” to help the numbers make a difference.

Rooms are available until May 15, through the hotel direct line 703-684-5900 and use reference code MRF. And while you are there, make plans to attend a meeting of the MRF Board of Directors on May 16 at the Embassy Suites, 1900 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Bikers Inside the Beltway 2022 – The Motorcycle Riders Foundation – “Speaking freely is a decisive step forward on the road to freedom”

Yours in Freedom,

--Fredric Harrell


NEW FROM KODLIN--K68495 and K68496 Sleek Lights
  • Super bright German engineered COB LEDs with run, turn and brake function.
  • Housing made from CNC machined billet aluminum.
  • Black or chrome finish
  • Replaces rubber antenna grommets when factory antenna is relocated or removed.
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for installation.
We recommend the use of the Kodlin Curved Touring License Plate Kit KUS20100 / KUS 20101 (Frame dimensions: 7-3/16? length x 4-1/4? width, mounting hardware included)

Sold in pairs!

Fits HD Street Glide 2006-2013 FLHX, 2014-Up FLHX/S; Road Glide 2009-2013 FLTRX, 2015 and-Up FLTRX/S and Road King Special 2017-Up FLHRXS

K68495 Kodlin 3-1 Sleek Lights, Black $249.99 (Pair)

K68496 Kodlin 3-1 Sleek Lights, Chrome $249.99 (Pair)

KUS20100 Kodlin Touring License Plates, Black $159.99 (Kit)

KUS20101 Kodlin Touring License Plates, Chrome $159.99 (Kit)

Want to become a Kodlin USA dealer today? Click here:

More products, including front and rear indicators for Sportster S models and HD Touring Floorboards coming soon!

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

While shopping for vacation clothes, my husband and I passed a display of bathing suits. It had been at least ten years and twenty pounds since I had even considered buying a bathing suit, so I sought my husband's advice.

'What do you think?' I asked. 'Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?'

'Better get a bikini,' he replied. 'You'd never get it all in one.'

He's still in intensive care.


The graveside service just barely finished, when there was massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance...

The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, 'Well, she's there.'

If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.
If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.

WORDS from RoadRunner Rag Magazine-- OLD BIKERS

The old ones stand out now, their numbers dwindling down. They're a sad loss to the American scene, these individuals with the worn-down clothes, and faces

You can still see them sometimes, the real ones, some in packs, not as large as a while ago, sometimes alone. The alone one is the best. One who's been there a long time, staying in the life he loves, never giving in to a system that sucks you up like a Vortex if you slip just one foot into it.

He's got his connections- a few like him, that care for and protect each other. Hanging onto the only unique lifestyle left, like old dinosaurs, their faces are leathered and rough by forty, but their eyes still sharp and knowing.

Some are gray and white in the beards and braids, some are limp in the step, and some pain in the kidneys.

They know that no other life is life, but merely a dreary journey into everyone else's monotony.
He looks at the new ones, then turns away, knowing they will never know of life on the road, and of the women who can take it. Wild, loving women who'll hang in with them because they love it too. A woman with a wild heart and a loyal soul, that's what's needed here.

The new ones are shiny and young, and a bit too clean. They're born into a system that has an iron grip now.The new ones will never know and couldn't take "the life".

I think it's a mystique, even to the old ones, why this life is theirs, but it is, and it's the only one.
When the last biker falls, like the dinosaurs, the sun will go down on a breed of heart-of-gold, tough-as-nails, free spirited men, who, even at their worst, love what's theirs and protect it.

In a world-wide system that is making all people as alike as manufactured dolls, the earth will be a duller place when the last biker falls.
Author Unknown

Senior Editor™

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Fear Rides with Motorcycling Photojournalist in Ukraine

A brave soul . There is nothing glamorous working/participating in a war despite how Hollywood likes to entertain us. I've been there!
Have worked as a contractor going back to the final says of Rhodesia, late ‘70s , San Salvador and Nicaragua in the ‘80s, Sierra Leone in the ‘90s and the Middle East in the early 2000s .

I feel for this guy, he is risking everything to tell an important story, unlike the pathetic TV reporters who fly in, do some photo-ops and zip out .

Good job Bandit for putting this on your platform!
You continue to impress.

--Captain Ed Hardison
Corolla, NC

Prestigious Yamaha GNCC University Opens for 2022 Registration
Learn Professional Racing Skills and Techniques from Premier Off-Road Racers for Free

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces registration is now open for the 2022 Yamaha Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) University. All up-and-coming off-road racers and riders are invited to hone their skills with hands-on help and tutelage from some of the greatest ATV and off-road motorcycle racers of all time – both past and present. New for this year, Yamaha is providing bLU cRU scholarships to all attending students to cover the GNCC University’s cost of tuition.

At the Yamaha GNCC University, students undergo an exclusive master class of off-road racing fundamentals led by elite racers, GNCC veterans, and their top racing mechanics, highlighting best sportsmanship practices, training, proper nutrition, race preparation, and more, along with hands-on technical riding instruction.

“The Yamaha GNCC University is a fun and unique opportunity for both next-generation and current off-road racers to sharpen their riding and racing skills, while creating memories alongside reigning and previous champions,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports group marketing manager. “This year, we’re thrilled to offer free tuition to all students, courtesy of Yamaha’s bLU cRU support program, and look forward to welcoming racers to this one-of-a-kind experience put on with the aid of legends of the sport, our partners at GNCC, and the Snowshoe Resort to refine rider talents on and off the track.”

Jason Raines
Jason Raines

ATV classes will be led by:
  • Walker Fowler, seven-time GNCC XC1 Pro ATV champion and current undefeated series leader.
  • Johnny Gallagher, XC1 Pro ATV racer celebrating 27 years of racing at a pro-level.
  • Traci Pickens, 12-time WXC ATV champion.
  • Danny Fowler, Walker Fowler Racing team manager and owner.
  • Mark Notman, retired Pro ATV racer and elite Walker Fowler Racing mechanic.
  • Josh Merritt, XC1 Pro ATV racer.
  • Jeff Pickens, Vet A (30+) champion.

Randy Hawkins
Randy Hawkins

Motorcycle classes will be led by:
  • Randy Hawkins, seven-time AMA National Enduro champion and AmPro Yamaha Racing team manager and owner.
  • Stew Baylor, current AMA National Enduro champion and XC1 Open Pro motorcycle racer.
  • Jason Raines, six-time AMA National champion and Raines Riding University instructor and owner.
  • Layne Michael, XC1 Open Pro motorcycle racer.
  • Mike Witkowski, XC2 250 Pro motorcycle racer.
  • Rachel Archer, WXC motorcycle racer.
  • Prestin Raines, WXC motorcycle racer and Raines Riding University Team instructor.
Johnny Gallagher
Johnny Gallagher

Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia will host the Yamaha GNCC University June 22-24, followed by a weekend full of GNCC racing. This year, Yamaha stepped up to cover the cost of tuition for all GNCC University students via bLU cRU scholarships, therefore students and their accompanying guests will only need to take care of their room and board.
To aid in these costs, Yamaha is offering a discounted option to purchase six meals (two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners) for only $50 per person, as well as by providing discounted lodging at Snowshoe Mountain by means of a promo code on the student’s Yamaha GNCC University confirmation email.

Traci Pickens
Traci Pickens

Interested riders can find more information and register online at
Reservations for the Yamaha GNCC University and Snowshoe Mountain lodging are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are only 80 Yamaha GNCC University spots total, with 40 per ATV or motorcycle discipline. Students must be at least eight years of age and provide their own equipment and vehicle.

For more information on Yamaha’s bLU cRU support program, including all guidelines and requirements for ATV, Side-by-Side, and motorcycle racing contingency, visit
To view Yamaha’s entire Podium-Proven lineup, visit and connect with Yamaha on social media via @YamahaMotorUSA and @YamahaOutdoors, as well as by searching the following hashtags on all platforms: #Yamaha #REALizeYourPodium #REALizeYourAdventure #ProvenOffRoad #bLUcRU #YFZ450R #YZ125X #YZ250X #YZ250FX #YZ450FX

About Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (YMUS), is a recognized leader in the outdoor recreation industry. The company's ever-expanding product offerings include Motorcycles and Scooters, ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles, Snowmobiles, WaveRunner Personal Watercraft, Boats, Outboard Motors, Outdoor Power Equipment, Power Assist Bicycles, Golf Cars, Power Assist Wheelchair Systems, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Robotic Machines, Unmanned Helicopters, Accessories, Apparel, Yamalube products, and much more. YMUS products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors and dealers in the United States.

YMUS has a corporate office in California, two corporate offices in Georgia, facilities in Wisconsin and Alabama, and factory operations in Tennessee and Georgia. Additional U.S.-based subsidiaries include Yamaha Marine Systems Company (YMSC) with divisions Bennett Marine (Florida), Kracor Systems (Wisconsin) and Siren Marine, Inc. (Rhode Island), Skeeter Boats (Texas), with division G3 Boats (Missouri), and Yamaha Precision Propeller (Indiana).

The Raptor 90 and Grizzly 90 is recommended for use by riders 10 years and older and always with adult supervision.
ATVs over 90cc are recommended for use only by riders 16 years and older.

ZIPPERS BUSINESS STRATEGY --Our business today is radically different from 3 to 5 years ago.

Three main points of our business today that drives 75% of what we do is CNC porting cylinder heads, making camshafts and producing big bore kits with special pistons and some racing parts.

All of these are difficult to install which takes away any DIY installs, none qualify to sell in the state of California due to CARB and most all are sold to shops in 49 states. We had to admit we were now an extremely niche manufacture selling complex products to businesses in the trade, with little to end users-retail.

In the end we had to realize a focus on our core business had to be the goal and let the general purpose parts business fade away. We have spent big $ in advanced automation on the shop floor, avoiding the temptation to sell to the big distribs and make the quality of what we produce so good it drives shops back to us for repeat business.

Keep up the good fight in your daily efforts, your platform is a voice that shines bright!

Best Regards


"Darkness surrounds us from Russia to Climate Doom and CRT. We must stand tall until the light of the truth shines once more."


Click to check the Jak Shirt line from 5-Ball.
Click to check the Jak Shirt line from 5-Ball.

BIKE FEATURE OF THE WEEK—Another classic from Kaktuz Chopper Garage. I can’t tell if these guys are in Japan or Europe. The bike is featured all over the internet.

It’s sort of a pro-street rigid with the mag wheels, narrow bars and a hot rod stance. Check the open belt and hot rod aluminum oil tank.

Everything is tight and racy like the narrowed Sportster tank and the Sportster styled headlight system.

Mid controls add to the mix to keep the bike tight and lean.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

The Future of California Emissions Standards and What Comes After 2024

Following numerous delays and ongoing efforts by MIC staff, the California Air Resources Board now proposes to hold off with new on-road motorcycle exhaust emissions standards in the Golden State until model year 2025.

CARB has stated that it will not impose any new emissions standards or other requirements on internal combustion on-road motorcycles for model years 2023 or 2024.

CARB is now proposing that new requirements and harmonization with Euro 5 standards go into effect starting with model year 2025, and that additional program elements beyond Euro 5 harmonization will begin with model year 2028.

"The motorcycle industry supports CARB's effort to harmonize with Euro 5 requirements for on-highway motorcycles," said Eric Barnes, MIC vice president of technical programs. "CARB's proposal to start harmonization requirements in the 2025 model year provides little relief for manufacturers. Manufacturers are not able to simply import and sell European market models in California without sufficient opportunity to ensure compliance with federal and State of California requirements. The MIC will continue to advocate that CARB provide sufficient time for manufacturers to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements."


"They want to ban us and will, but no one wants to fight for fossil fuels. They are either in support of bans or are being bullied by environmental groups." --Bandit

Click for action!
Click for action!

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Reader Comments

I was a lot happier there than when I came home, had a fewcverey fuckedup years.

Deland, FL
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Zippers: Danny Fitzmaurice has always been a focused, intelligent engine builder who has a spotless reputation for quality. Zippers will be around a long time to come.

Anyone who builds engines should pay attention to them, because not only does their product work, they stand behind it 100%. First hand experience.

Also, Danny is very modest about his racing days and that would make a good story!

Another pillar of our industry.

Dangerous Dan
San Jose, CA
Saturday, May 7, 2022
Editor Response Thanks for this on several fronts. I'll follow up.

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