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By Bandit, Wayfarer, Barry Green, J.J. Solari, Laura, Joe Smith, Bob T., Sam Burns, The Redhead, Rogue, El Waggs and the rest of the gang

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What’s going on? If only I knew. Each week I scramble for progress on multiple fronts. The weather cleared last week, but our contractor was detailing a spec home, so it could slip into the multiple listings book for the world to see.

Our trusses were delivered this week, but it snowed and the driver didn’t dare back his rig into our back yard to unload them. He had a notorious process. He backed up to the edge of the road and let them slide off his trailer into our yard. Crazy. He told me that when he first started delivering building supplies, one of his loads slipped off his massive trailer and slid right through a garage, oops.

He dropped them and took off. Unfortunately, the tip rested right on the edge of the road on the curve. I couldn’t sleep, if a holiday spirit-soaked neighbor took that curve wide and clipped the trusses, we were fucked. The next morning, my neighbor and I used massive straps and a come-along attached to a nearby tree to pull them at least 5 feet from the road.

I took delivery of this almost complete XA front end from Matt Olsen, the Knucklehead expert. And I’m working with Irish Rich on a single-loop VL frame. Projects and Progress are what life’s all about. A brother, Edge, the Smoke Out master called this week about riding to Sturgis, and I reached out to Rich Worley from American Biker in Charlotte about an FXDR from 2019. So a project can also be the next run to the Badlands.

Let’s hit the news. May all your projects come to fruition, and you make progress daily.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

CLIMATE FRAUD ALERT--Meteorologist calls Biden’s tornado climate link ‘utter bullsh*t’ – ‘Directly opposite to the clear observational evidence’ – Dec tornadoes not rare – Tornadoes used to be blamed on global cooling in 1970s
Meteorologist Chris Martz on tornado climate link: "This is utter bullshit." ... "Here are the facts: No overall trend in U.S. tornado activity since 1954; but EF-3+ down 50%."

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: "To claim ‘global warming’ as cause for tornadoes ‘is directly opposite to the clear observational evidence’"

Even the UN IPCC disagrees with Joe Biden - Extreme Weather Expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. noted: UN IPCC AR6 WG1 states: "trends in tornadoes... associated w/ severe convective storms are not robustly detected" ... "attribution of certain classes of extreme weather (eg, tornadoes) is beyond current modeling & theoretical capabilities" ... "how tornadoes... will change is an open question"

NAMZ NEWEST PRODUCT--Mini Mirror Mounted Turn Signals--Our BRAND NEW Mini Mirror Mounted front LED turn signals will offer you a sleek alternative to the factory turn signals and they are now available on our website (sold as a pair).

Stocked in both Black and Chrome, these lights feature WHITE SWITCHBACK running light that switches to AMBER when the turn signal is applied.

(Universal fitment, for EZ-Install, use Turn Signal Tap Harness part # LLC-FTTH-01, LLC-FTTH-02, LLC-FTTH-03 or LLC-FTTH-04)

Check the new NAMZ web site when you have a chance. Tell them Bikernet sent ya.
Check the new NAMZ web site when you have a chance. Tell them Bikernet sent ya.

Sorry, this isn't Kathryn.
Sorry, this isn't Kathryn.

BATHROOM NEWS--Who is Kathryn Trammell? Florida woman arrested for breaking sink during sex in pub
The woman got slapped with $500 worth of damage that she and her friend caused inside a bathroom at Seminole eatery Irish 31

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA: A woman in Florida was arrested after she and her friend ended up having a bit aggressive intimate moment in a bathroom eventually breaking a pub’s sink. The woman later was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The woman has been identified as Kathryn Trammel. She got slapped with $500 worth of damage that she and her friend caused inside a bathroom at Seminole eatery Irish 31 on Tuesday, December 7, as reported by the website, Smoking Gun.

This is not the first time when sex made headlines for the wrong reasons. A Florida woman named Danielle Ferrero was caught exposing her breasts and masturbating during a visit with her inmate lover Cody Thomas.

In another incident, Tina Gonzalez, a corrections officer in a prison facility came under fire for having sex with an inmate while 11 others watched.

Similarly, a 30-year-old guard Javonte Richardson, was caught having sex with a female inmate, 15, in CCTV footage.

In another reported incident a couple of years ago, a married 27-year-old correctional officer Sinead Nichole Hagan was seen having sex with multiple male prisoners.

--By Ashish Singh
--from Rogue

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT--Four Evo’s, three Shovelheads and a Twin Cam in a Peat Tree, some for sale, some not. Was frickin windy and cold Saturday, had on the 5-Ball vest, but it was really a jacket day. Sunday Sunshine and 60 degrees but needed a vest too, but back into the 80s today.

Certified Meteorologist™

Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.

NEWS FROM ENGLAND--Brits In Trouble Over Motorcycle Transport To The European Union

British motorcyclists who have their bike transported to the European Union by truck or van, often run into trouble and are confronted with high fines and duties in EU countries.

This is an unforeseen consequence of Brexit, the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. British and European riders’ organizations FEMA and NMC, and historic vehicles owners’ group FIVA ask the European Commission to help solve this problem.

Many British owners of motorcycles and historic vehicles like to travel to the European Union to go to events like shows, rallies, exhibitions to share their passion with others. Or they simply want their vehicle waiting for them in the country where they planned their holidays or leisure trip.

For practical purposes, the vehicles are often transported in vans, on trailers or in transporters. We are aware of situations where owners of motorcycles and historic vehicles from the United Kingdom thought, after inquiries, that they did the right thing but were confronted with problems and extremely high fines and duties in EU countries they crossed or at borders of EU countries. Similar problems have been experienced entering the UK from the EU.

It seems that EU member states have different views on the necessary papers and how to handle this kind of transport.

For clarity, the problem relates to vehicles which are road registered and legal for use on highways – not unregistered vehicles for sports purposes or exhibitions for which the ATA Carnet regime is in place as detailed in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

FIVA, NMC and FEMA have written to the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Mr. Thierry Breton, asking him to help solve this issue. We offer a number of possible solutions and we have asked the Commissioner for an opportunity to discuss the matter further.


BAGGER RACING NEWS--Shane Narbonne Takes Pirelli to the Top Step of the Podium and Captures Bagger Racing League Championship at Sonoma

Narbonne’s Trask Performance Harley-Davidson Relies on Pirelli’s DIABLO Superbike SC1 Front and Rear Slicks to Capture Custom Dynamics GP Bagger Victory

SONOMA, Calif. (December 15, 2021) – Pirelli Tire North America carried its momentum into the Bagger Racing League season finale at Sonoma Raceway on Saturday, December 11 by once again capturing the top step of the podium thanks to an impressive performance by Trask Performance’s Shane Narbonne.

Competing aboard a Harley-Davidson equipped with Pirelli DIABLO Superbike slicks, Narbonne would prove to be the star of the weekend by capturing the Custom Dynamics GP Bagger class win, which was enough to crown him 2022 Custom Dynamics GP Bagger class champion.

Shane Narbonne captured both the event victory and championship at Sonoma.

“First off, I just want to give a huge thank you to Pirelli for coming on board with my racing program,” said Narbonne. “It’s my first year working with Pirelli and this past weekend was an incredible time working with Oscar [Solis] to get my bike working great with the sticky tire, even though we had cool temperatures. We had a great tire choice for the race and the tires worked amazing the entire time, which allowed me to take the Bagger GP victory!”

Narbonne consistently set the pace throughout the weekend by capturing pole position and the fastest lap of the weekend using a Pirelli DIABLO Superbike SC1 front slick in 120/70R17 sizing and a DIABLO Superbike SC1 rear slick in 190/60R17 sizing. He would overcome a mid-race charge from his competitors and use excellent late-race speed and grip to prevail. The race-winning performance helped clinch the class championship and prove Pirelli’s capability in bagger racing.


Sonoma Raceway – Sonoma, California

December 11, 2021

Custom Dynamics Bagger GP
1. Shane Narbonne
Cory West
Ben Bostrom

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--Typhoon Twist Billet Carburetor from Carl's Speed Shop

I am looking for a repair kit fair a Carl’s speed shop carburetor I wonder if anybody knows where I can find one. If you guys can send me a phone number where I can find it, I really would appreciate it

--Cesar Rodriguez
Waynesboro , GA

I suggested Rivera Primo.--Bandit

EV NEWS FROM THE GOVERNMENT--Electric Vehicles were in the news a great deal recently. Last week, President Biden ordered an EV federal fleet by 2035 and he wants all of the federal government to be carbon-neutral by 2050. Vice President Harris unveiled the administration's plan for an electric vehicle charging network across the country.

Power companies banded together for a coast-to-coast EV fast-charging network. The website Governing proposed that the US needs at least 100,000 stations by 2030 for the EV recharging network. Now, the feds need to mandate that all EVs and chargers use the same system to charge or it might be even a bigger headache for car owners.

Some Congressional news: US House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio will retire next year. On Thursday, a Senate panel will hold its hearing to decide on Biden's nominee to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. Steven Cliff formerly served as an official at the California Air Resources Board and since February has been serving as the NHTSA's deputy administrator.

LATEST FROM THE NASH COMPANY-- Our newest update to the original "NMC" hammer comes in stainless steel or bronze with our hand distressed finish! Add to your collection or start your new one now!

Weighing in at 16oz. this blunt walloper packs a heavy punch! These are 100% made in the USA, casted in stainless steel or bronze, and features a backwoods genuine Tennessee hickory wood grip!

Click for action.
Click for action.

Harley-Davidson’s new middleweight electric motorcycle platform could finally drop prices--
Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire engineers have been hard at work for years developing multiple platforms of electric motorcycles.

The original Harley-Davidson LiveWire bike that morphed into the LiveWire One under H-D’s new sub-brand gave us our first look at a high-powered electric Harley, but the manufacturer’s Arrow platform for a second electric motorcycle pushes that technology further with a new middleweight design that is likely to be easier on riders’ wallets.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Arrow platform

The major difference in the Arrow platform is that the battery pack is no longer housed inside of a frame but rather becomes the frame.

Or rather, it becomes a structural component of the bike to which the steering head tube, motor, control electronics, swingarm, and other major components simply bolt onto.

The battery pack will be comprised of 21700-sized lithium-ion cells and it will be produced in a number of voltages and capacities.

That creates a much more modular platform that can be used to create a number of different models. And that appears to be what Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire engineers are doing.

The first new model, which bears the model designation “S2” and the name “Del Mar,” bears a striking resemblance to the flat tracker electric motorcycle that Harley-Davidson revealed as a concept several years ago.

We’ve previously discussed how such a middleweight electric motorcycle could be exactly what H-D needed to revive interest among younger riders. And that’s exactly the bike that is slated to follow the LiveWire One. The S2 Del Mar will become the first production bike using the new Arrow platform.

A teaser for the new bike was included in a presentation to investors following Harley’s announcement that LiveWire would go public using a SPAC with KYMCO.

--Micah Toll

Motorcycle Industry Veteran Steve Piehl to Drive Monimoto's Series A Funding Round in North America

Vilnius, Lithuania - December 14, 2021 - Monimoto, the producer of smart, anti-theft GPS trackers for motorcycles, has partnered with former Harley-Davidson executive Steve Piehl to drive its Series A funding round in the U.S.

Mr. Piehl, a powersports expert who spent 35 years on staff at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, was responsible for developing and launching the Harley Owners Group, one of the motorcycle industry's biggest success stories, with nearly a million members in more than 90 countries.

He was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame in 2012 and now acts as a consultant in communications and business development for several companies in the powersports, bioscience and industrial design industries.

"I'm delighted to partner with Monimoto to help them with this round of fundraising. I’ve been working with the company for nearly a year and I’m impressed with what they’ve already accomplished and their vision for the future. As our world moves toward more two-wheeled transportation in an increasingly urban environment, their product makes practical and emotional sense. It gives motorcycle owners a feeling of confidence that their investment, and their passion, has an extra level of protection,” says Piehl.

The Monimoto device is designed to be secured to high-value and collectible motorcycles or bicycles. When the device senses movement and the owner is not within range, it provides exact location tracking to the owner’s smartphone, allowing authorities to secure the return of the bike.

The current device, Monimoto 7, uses the latest worldwide eSIM, 4G/5G IoT technology and upcoming versions will leverage yet to be announced hardware and software improvements to further security and connectivity to owners and authorities.

Monimoto is raising US$5 million to accelerate R&D and continue its expansion in the U.S. motorcycle and e-bikes markets. The company is profitable already, but additional funding will help drive growth in this new market and segment.

"Most standard solutions, such as locks, fail to prevent theft, and just a small fraction of stolen motorcycles and bicycles are returned to their owners," says Andrius Bruno Rimkunas, one of Monimoto founders. “Our tracker allows owners to immediately work with authorities to recover their stolen bike or motorcycle.”

"We’ve already seen the demand for this product in motorcycle applications throughout Europe. The high-end bicycle market is a huge opportunity for our growth, as the total available market in the U.S. bicycle segment is $14 billion. The market in Europe is even bigger, and we already have a strong presence there," says Rimkunas.

The company aims to become the anti-theft solution of choice for motorcycle and bicycle owners in the U.S. and the EU and grow into a marketplace offering a wide range of services.

CHIX ON 66 Partners with Open Road Radio--
The Riveter Chapter of the AMCA proudly announces that leading multimedia outlet Open Road Radio has been named Premier Broadcast Partner for the “Chix on 66” event June 11-25, 2022. This partnership will enable extensive multicast coverage for the ride, bringing the excitement of this amazing cross-country journey to Open Road Radio listeners and viewers worldwide.

Chix on 66 is a cross-country ride that follows Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “Gina Woods of Open Road Radio has been an enthusiastic supporter of this event and the Riveter Chapter from the beginning. In fact, she was so all-in with our endeavor that she joined Riveter as a charter member, and she has already given us the advantage of her experience in PR and broadcasting behind the scenes.

To have that kind of support so early in our venture was pivotal in the growth of the Chix on 66 ride from a cool idea to an event with nationwide reach. With Gina's Open Road Radio as our premier broadcast sponsor, we will have an even more powerful presence in women's motorcycling.”

Co-creator, president and host of Open Road Radio Gina Woods affirms, “I am thrilled to be a part of this group of women riders and to not only share the camaraderie of motorcycling but also vintage motorcycling with them. I have always been passionate about antique motorcycles and have been riding one, a 1949 Panhead “Sweet Melissa” for over 30 years and ridden it through most of the 50 United States!

“I look forward to swapping stories about motorcycling and share tips & tricks of riding and wrenching on them.” Gina has also created a team of women motorcycle mechanics, Gina Woods’ XX Chromes All Women Bike Builds, who built bikes that were raffled off with all monies going to charitable organizations.“

Gina continues, “I have been ever so fortunate to have had such a great run of ‘motorcycling to the airwaves’ for 25 years with Open Road Radio! Open Road Radio (ORR) is moto-talk radio on everything motorcycle. It combines entertainment, education and information into weekly programming.”

ORR broadcasts up-to-the-minute race results, tech tips, product reviews, road trips, rides and rallies, and motorcycle lifestyle news from around the world. Her zest for life and motorcycling has been captured in magazines and photos over the years. This lifestyle is her calling. “It’s a lifestyle, not just a weekend thing,” she exclaims.

Gina has appeared on a WGN-TV segment on women and motorcycles, and has also been the subject of a Chicago Tribune front page (Riders’ section) article. Both of these news stories followed on the wheels of Gina as a featured biker in the book Biker Chicz of North America, with her own chapter on her journey in motorcycling. ORR has been awarded a trunk load of awards over the years like the AMA MVP (Most Valued Program) Award.

While you tune up your machine, tune into 1500 AM & 92.5 FM WPJX and follow:
@roadhost @openroadradio

And for more information on the Chix on 66 ride, follow: @chixon66 @chixon66

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Great Job on the news as always. I appreciate the RFR posts as he's always posting shots of my old Houston roads and reminding me of the warmer climates.

Still loving it up here in the Chicagoland area, feels like I see more Indians on the roads here than Harleys. My Road Toad seems to be the only bike on the road anymore...looking to invest in heated gear as once the temps drop below 20 degrees, it is painful.

John White
Sugar Grove, IL
Friday, December 17, 2021
Editor Response You're not sniveling? We took a walk today. It was 11 degrees in Sturgis, but it warmed to 12 degrees in Whitewood...

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