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We Can Party Once More, Hopefully

By Bandit, Rogue Wayfarer, Barry Green, Bob T., Sam Burns, the Redhead, Laura, Andreas, Gearhead and the rest of the crew

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I’m confused today and most days. A lot of the info circulating about the Coronavirus is doomsday bad. I believe we have a handle on it, and hopefully we will know by Monday.

Reports are circulating that 70 percent of the population will be infected. That's not even close during this cycle and with social distancing. It could be less than 20 percent. A death rate of 3.5 percent is also being circulated. It could be as low as .07 percent. That’s half of what the regular flu death rate is.

Think about those numbers. The President’s team is looking hard at all the data this weekend and will report on Monday. Since I’m old, I’ve been sequestered in the Bikernet Headquarters, my favorite place on earth. Yesterday, I worked with brothers on articles, helped post some articles and posted articles on the Blog.

I’m beginning to work on an article about Dr. Hamster’s Panhead project for Sturgis, which is supported by the crew at Paughco. We are calling it the Pandemic, seems right. It’s going to be a classic.

Yesterday, a brother stopped by who has also been hiding out. He bought a cool box from Home Depot for the back of his truck for storing tools. It had forklift legs and they needed to go. I was waiting on some parts, so I told him to get over here and we would handle it. We kicked around a few notions, he told me a great beginning biker story, which I will try like hell to put into writing, we cut off the legs and I sent him on his way.

Then I turned to the Torpedo. I spoke to Micah McCloskey the other day and he volunteered to ride through virus ridden Los Angeles to the Headquarters on the coast for a final test run on Sunday. That did it, I needed to finish my Torpedo projects and get ready. I’ll cover them in the News ending. In the meantime, let’s hit it.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Hall of Fame Highlights--Class of 2020

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is featuring Hall of Fame Highlights of this year's outstanding new group of inductees. Here is a glimpse at what they had to say. For the full story join us at the 2020 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (tickets available below). Congratulations and welcome to this year's Freedom Fighters Wayne & Susan Lettau.

*Please note: Hall of Fame Highlights will be published as we receive them from the Inductees. We look forward to sharing information about all of our Inductees in the weeks and months to come.

Wayne & Susan Lettau

Wayne & Susan Lettau’s journey together began in high school. Wayne and Susan eventually got married, moved a couple times and settled in a house outside of Sturgis. Soon after settling in the local ABATE chapter called, they needed some help with their annual Easter Seals Poker Run. Wayne & Susan jumped on board and have never looked back. By the end of 1997, Wayne was chapter Secretary and Products Manager and Susan was chapter Treasurer.

By 1998, Wayne had taken over as State Secretary, while continuing as Chapter Secretary. Wayne’s job as Chapter Secretary meant he was responsible for the newsletter and membership. Susan took back over the Treasurer position in 2003.

When the chapter was looking for a new Secretary, no one was interested in taking over the Newsletter Editor and Membership Secretary along with the Secretary position. So, Susan took over those positions along with Treasurer and still does all three jobs along with MANY other ones to this day.

ABATE and motorcycle rights have been a big part of Wayne & Susan’s adult lives. As with all things, there have been successes and failures, but it has always been worth the effort. The many wonderful people they have met and worked with along the way have made their lives very rewarding. Neither one of them could imagine a life lived any other way.


Wednesday, August 12

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM MDT

The Lodge at Deadwood
100 Pine Crest Drive
Deadwood, SD 57732

Click to order and go fast!
Click to order and go fast!

BUELL BROTHER AND BONNEVILLE—I spoke to Drew who took over Buell brothers and loves his wife and Bonneville almost as much.

He mentioned that a Tim Remus book on Bonneville inspired his efforts to go after salt flats racing. He mention that his first effort on the salt was guided by our book The World’s Fastest Panhead, around our 2007 Bonneville effort and an old SCTA manual. He still has our book, published by Tim Remus on his desk.

He is now working with Ray Wheeler to take Ray’s race bike back to the Salt. Ray spent well over four years working on and investing in his wild racer. He has health issues and we would love to see his speed monster make a pass.


The team at RSD has come up with a cure for the quarantine boredom, enter the #CORONAVIRUSBIKEBUILDOFF. With lots of cash and prizes up for grabs, we want to see your best builds. The C.V.B.B is a global contest open to all things two wheels …maybe even three.

The Corona Virus Bike Build is the “if I only had the time to work on my bike” incarnate.

As most of us are sequestered to our homes, we are encouraging bike builders from all backgrounds to help flatten the curve and finally tackle that project that’s been sitting idle either in the garage or your imagination.

We’ve teamed up with key industry sponsors @motulusa @ridedunlop @bell_powersports @fox @paughcoparts @pit_viper @lexinmoto and @bikergearclub to kick in cash and prizes to aid in the completion of your builds. RSD has even discounted most RSD hard parts at 19% off across our website.

Like most things we do, the rules are loose.
Rule #1 Build what you like, we’d prefer it be two wheels and motorized, but if you build a badass trike or a bicycle, we won’t be mad.

Rule #2 #hashtaging a completed build is ok, but you probably won’t win.

Rule #3 We don’t know when this shit show is going to end, so as of this time, there is no official end date. Our best approximation is Mid May or five to eight weeks from today. That said, things could change and be extended or shortened due to severity.

Rule #4 Socialize!! Have fun with it. Talk about it, hashtag, share it with friends, basically do everything you’re not supposed to do right now, just do it on social media. Show your fellow builders support, like and comment on projects that you love or maybe ones you think need a little extra help. Keep it funny, treat people with the respect you afford yourself and stay away from everyone!!!

Rule #5 This is a worldwide competition. We are all in this together borders and oceans may separate us, but the heart of the two-wheeled culture is alive and well and lives through all of us and the Corona Bike Build Off.

Judging will take place all online with special guest judges, so make sure you are following our channels and using correct hashtags to get noticed and have a chance to win. Post often and Tag always. The more active you are the better your chances.

There will be specific giveaways pertaining to the sponsors, so be sure to stay in touch and follow the #coronavirusbikebuildoff hashtag on Instagram for up to date info. And tag #coronavirusbikebuildoff @rolandsandsdesign @rolandsands @motulusa @ridedunlop @bell_powersports @fox @paughcoparts @pit_viper @lexinmoto and @bikergearclub

“What are ya gonna do when there’s nothin to do? Why not build a motorcycle!” says Roland Sands of RSD.“This is the time to get after those projects we’ve been meaning to get around to since the entire motorcycle community is on collective pause.”

Be vigilant, stay home, build bikes, have fun. Put that quarantine to work and put that work in while on quarantine!

My name is Florin Moraru. I'm contacting you in the possibility of a future partnership.

Right now, I'm preparing myself and my motorcycle, a 2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide, to set a new world record for the longest distance made in 24 hrs.
All the info regarding this project can be found here .

After this project, I plan to make another adventure travelling all the National Parks in US, then to make from Alaska Aric Cercle all the way to South Argentina.

This are for 2020.

Also, in 2021 I plan to make a second world tour, but because in the previous tour I traveled only 51 countries and 3 continents, now I want to reach 160 countries and all 5 continents.

Everything will be upload on my website , my Instagram profile and my Facebook page.

Also I will collaborate with local and national media and tv in order to promote and obtain visibility.

In case you see an opportunity and want to become partners/sponsors in this type of project this is my personal email address and my cell phone is +1 7025920483

DIRECT FROM THE BIKERNET UNIVERSITY--For the first time, China reports zero local infections.

China on March 19 reported no new local infections for the previous day, a milestone in the ongoing fight against the pandemic. The news signaled that an end to China’s epidemic could be in sight.

However, experts said the country would need to see at least 14 consecutive days without new infections for the outbreak to be considered over. And the announcement did not mean that China recorded no new coronavirus cases. Officials said that 34 new cases had been confirmed among people who had arrived in China from elsewhere.

As the safety of our volunteers, staff, and recipients is always of paramount importance, we have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation locally and nationally.

In accordance with the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health organizations, and as a precautionary measure, we have canceled our March 21st Assembly Day in Los Angeles.

Through this decision and in our daily operations, we are actively taking measures to reduce the exposure or accidental transmission of COVID-19. We will continue to assess the situation, and provide routine updates through our website, social media and “Weekly Briefing.”

While we wait for a time (hopefully soon!), when we can get back to our usual business of taking action to say “thank you” to all who serve and forge strong bonds, I want to share this two-minute video of the first Assembly Day at our new FOB which beautifully captures the energy and dedication of our volunteers:

“Volunteers are the heart and soul of Operation Gratitude. Without our volunteers, we cannot accomplish our mission.” That’s why we have launched our new Facebook Group for you. Operation Gratitude In Action is a community that allows our dedicated volunteers to get to know each other, share their Operation Gratitude stories, recruit other volunteers, and keep up-to-date with amazing opportunities to give back in a hands-on way.

Making connections is an important part of our mission - and with this new Facebook group, you will be able to stay connected to one another and to us here at Operation Gratitude, even during times when it may not be possible for us to get together face-to-face. There are always actions we can take -- even from home, even as individuals, to support all those who serve. I’m excited to be part of this new group with you, and to see how a community of volunteers can inspire each other to take action every day, and call on others to join our movement!

Also on Facebook, be sure to check in next week when our Chief Operating Officer, Paul Cucinotta, starts his monthly Facebook Live Q&A series, “Ask Paul!” What questions do you have for Paul about our operations? You can reply to this email or to him directly at with your questions, and he will read and answer them live on Facebook.

As a final note, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you by sharing the email from deployed Soldiers who received the Care Packages that we assembled and shipped on February 29th.

"We are currently deployed and we would like to take a moment to say thank you for all of the care packages. So here are a few pictures of us. We really appreciate EVERYTHING you guys have done for us. It has helped us out tremendously! You have made us smile with these boxes. THANK YOU AGAIN VERY MUCH!!"

We will have plenty more emails like this one from recipients around the world to share with you in the next “Weekly Briefing”, as well as an update about the impact of COVID-19 on our operations nationwide. Until then….

With Gratitude and Semper Fidelis,

Kevin M. Schmiegel
Lieutenant Colonel USMC (Ret.)
CEO, Operation Gratitude

Click for action.
Click for action.


As Congressional leaders seek to implement massive legislative initiatives in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, numerous policy changes are being considered. Some of these initiatives are unrelated to the underlying situation and are being put forward by both political parties.

One legislative proposal put forward by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R.6379 - Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act, would ban lobbying by corporations that accept Federal aid in any stimulus legislation. You can read the legislative proposal in Section 407, CONDITIONS ON FEDERAL AID TO CORPORATIONS. We at the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) believe that one of the most important rights guaranteed in the First Amendment is the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The MRF prides itself on actively petitioning the government on motorcycle related issues and the curtailing of that right, even if not aimed at our organization, is troublesome. We understand that these are trying times, but any infringement on our fundamental Constitutional Rights is not the answer.

“While the MRF continues to monitor the ever-changing legislative initiatives out of both chambers, I want to let you know that we are still busy being a ‘watchdog’ on Capitol Hill,” stated MRF President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard. “I want to reassure you that we will continue to navigate and execute our political mission with our long-standing ‘Total Vigilance’ in the coming days and weeks.”

We will continue to monitor the legislation as it moves through Congress and keep you updated as it pertains to anything motorcycle related or the operations of the MRF.


SPRING ROAD HAZARDS ALERT FROM THE LEADER--Spring is just around the corner (or maybe where you live it’s already here)! It's a good time to review some of the more common road hazards we riders face.

Here are Nine Common Road Hazards to be ultra-aware of.

Rough roads
Edge breaks
Expansion & bridge joints
Slick surfaces
Railway tracks & crossings
Debris or objects in the road
For tips on how to handle each of these hazards, click here.

$30 Off eCaddy SLIDE Mount
The SLIDE mount might just be the most secure mount for phones, GPS and other devices.

Its flexible design accommodates a variety of devices (with and without case/cover) and make it safer and more convenient to use a phone or other device on a motorcycle.

Select styles up to $30 off.

--from Leader Motorcycle Accessories

LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK-- 2012 Harley-Davidson® FLTRXSE - CVO™ Road Glide® Custom for $18,995.00


2012 FLTRXSE - CVO Road Glide Touring Screamin' Eagle 110ci

With its classic design, the Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Custom is considered one of the most wanted hot rod touring models in its class. The 2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRXSE CVO Road Glide Custom is offered with an exclusive multi-color paint scheme, a new high-output sound system and a host of fresh custom components.

Its distinctive feature is the shark-nose which not only protects the rider from wind, but also gives the entire bike a pretty unique look. Then, there is the strong, air-cooled, Twin Cam 110 engine, which is mated on a 6-Speed Cruise Drive gearbox and delivers a combined fuel consumption of 41 mpg. Plus a parade of CVO goodies too numerous to get all in this writing!!!


**Just 23,856 miles on this 09'**

White / Black paint is like new with raised Willie G (skull) tank logos. Vivid Black tank strap with CVO graphics. Vivid Black 14" apes, H-D chrome/rubber grips, black levers, round mirrors, tinted wave windshield and a raised Willie G emblem on the front of fairing. Dual hi-reflective headlamps, chrome smoked lense blinkers, vivid black fork shroud, chrome lowers, axle caps on 7 spoke cast chrome / vivid black wheels.

ABS anti-lock braking system, 110 motor badges and chrome exhaust with custom chrome tips. Vivid black motor and engine covers including Screamin' Eagle chrome 90* stage one air cleaner with black contrast cut cone, timing with chrome H-D logo cover and 110 derby cover. Solo diamond stitch seat, pillion, chrome / rubber floorboards, passenger pegs, mini padded backrest and quick detachable vivid black luggage rack. Chrome engine guard and LED fender support rear tailights. Much more...

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 101 point safety and mechanical inspection. Whether your looking to commute to work, ride the coast or take that dream vacation, this bike is ready to roll!!!


Fill out an online application and ride today!!!

**Open 7 days a week**

Only $18,995 at Lifestyle Cycles
(714) 490-0155


SENIOR EDITOR ON THE MEND—Rogue, the Bikernet Senior editor had shoulder surgery in February and his healing nicely. “Hanging in doing Rehab and shoulder is doing well,” reported Rogue, “I can sit on motorcycle and reach the handlebars as part of rehab. They want me wait a couple of weeks before I actually do road test. But all is good.”

"Dear Museum Supporter,

If you recently received our mailing regarding the opportunity to win this Retro Bobber pictured here, we hope you respond soon.

If we missed sending a mailer to you, please call (319) 462 3925 or email us at and we'll add you to our next mailing.

You can also go to WIN a MOTORCYCLE! or click on the photo below and purchase tickets right from the website or download an entry form to mail back.

Thanks very much for your important support of the National Motorcycle Museum.

--Jill Parham,
“Chairman of the Board"


As we mindfully operate our business during this uncertain time, the well-being and safety of our customers, associates, and communities remains a top priority.

McNICHOLS® products and services are regularly used in critical manufacturing, infrastructure, military, and medical applications. It is for these and other reasons that we have been deemed an "Essential Business”, and therefore our nationwide Metals Service Center locations will remain open to support your vital projects and needs.

At our Company Headquarters and in all Metals Service Center locations, we have enacted several protocols to keep our customers and associates safe in our day-to-day business. These include, but are not limited to, following social distancing guidelines, sanitizing facilities in our customer waiting and service areas, and keeping our operations areas hygienic. If you would like to learn more about our protective measures, additional information is available at

Please allow me to remind you that our in-stock inventory and nationwide coverage has never been stronger. Additionally, each location is equipped with processing and fabrication equipment to deliver "install-ready" specialty metal products that our customers rely on to operate their businesses daily.

Since 1952, our goal has been to provide superior service and quality, and our team of knowledgeable associates are delivering on this promise, safely. Your needs are essential, and so is our commitment to serve you. If you have any questions regarding your McNICHOLS service, a Customer Service Specialist is available to assist you at 800.237.3820,, or via Live Chat at

Inspired to Serve!®

--Scott McNichols

NEWS FROM THE GRIFTERS--We hope everyone is staying safe out there. We wanted to update everyone on our situation. Our new production has stopped due to the outbreak, we hope to be back up an running soon.

In the meantime we are offering up 20% off everything on the website. If your item is not in stock, we kindly ask for your patience as we will sewing once we get the green light from the local government. If your item is in stock, we are still shipping daily.
Stay Safe! We will all get through this together!

Our mailing address is:
Grifter Company
1827 Reynolds Ave
Charleston, SC 29405

You and your team are doing a tremendous job all-around and with the virus. The media has no responsibility or culpability to the American public, only to their selfish agenda to get the story of the day or week. They don’t care how hard you work, or if it you’re upset or pointing out their fake news. They don’t care.

We are about to face an opportunity to embrace a worldwide question. As you know, many countries and states have taken on the Zero mandate to save lives. They fail to embrace the notion that Zero means Zero freedoms and ultimate control, which will never work except for the annual agency budget requests. It’s nuts.

Now, we face decisions regarding the Coronavirus. Do we prevent more illness or deaths, or set our people free to work and live again. Or we can put it: Do we continue to try to curb the virus with every effort to save a single life and let a major portion of our society go broke, starve and live in terror.

At some point we need to embrace and celebrate risk. Risk means we live, party, ride motorcycles, invent, climb mountains and have a blast, but in the process, some will get sick and even some will die. What’s it going to be?

THE END IS NEAR—Not! We will continue to party until the end, whether they like it our not.

I hit the Torpedo yesterday afternoon. I adjusted the trail to be almost 14 degrees of rake. As soon as someone is brave enough to stumble into the shop, I will get help checking the toe-in again. I had it at exactly 1/8 inch.

I made a guide to hold the throttle cable and clutch cable out of the way of the body, for ease of assembly. I’ve replaced all the lead sheet fasteners with countersunk bolts. I’m trying to make the body happy and to slip into place with ease. We don’t need to be fighting it on the salt.

I attempted to adjust the chain. It seemed too tight and I need to safety wire the axle. I got close and will complete it later today. Tomorrow, I should to check on the paint progress, if I’m allowed on the streets.

I need to put the battery tender on the Torpedo battery, and finally take the Torpedo off the lift, check the tire pressure, fire it up and prep for a Sunday test run.

It’s never a dull moment around here. I’m hoping for a batch of Paughco parts to arrive. The Pandemic is flying together. My Funky Pan is ready for the next run to Deadwood.

Okay, I’m certain the administration will come to a conclusion about this virus over the next few days and hopefully we can get back to being alive. Then we can ride free once more…


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Thanks for that. We have 4 weeks of lock down here only places open are supermarkets and pharmacies. Fortunately there is plenty of Bikernet history to catch up on and plenty of time to service my bikes. Cheers

Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand
Saturday, March 28, 2020
Editor Response And teach your kid how to work on your bike...Thanks.
Give me a call . I work for the government as a contractor . I got my letter from the company president saying I can be out on the road for company business.

Torrance, CA
Friday, March 27, 2020
Editor Response Incredible, congratulations.
Nice read. Like the project.

Steve stillwell
Stanton, CA
Friday, March 27, 2020
Editor Response Thanks Steve. Always another project.

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