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The Good and Bad

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Barry Green, El Waggs, Laura, Yale, RFR, The Redhead, Steve Piehl, Bikernet Readers and the whole gang...

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Get this from Marc Morano’s Climate Depot:
NBC New York cites professor who links climate change to recent earthquake: Excess rain leads to floods that ‘could result in landslides’ that can ‘lubricate’ faults leading to more earthquakes.

Now they’re coming for your pants! Wearing BLUE JEANS creates huge carbon footprint: Study reveals wearing a pair just once is the equivalent to driving a car for 6.4 miles

African nation becomes ‘first country’ to outlaw entry of gas cars! EVs only! Ethiopia announces plans to ban import of gas-powered vehicles ‘to reduce its output of planet-warming pollution’ — But only 54% of people have ‘access to electricity’

Marc Morano on OAN TV about Harvard screening ‘How To Blow Up A Pipeline’ Film – ‘Students at Harvard are being exposed to what NASA scientists & Hollywood have promoted’

Wait, Jeff Bezos just bought a 90 million mansion on a man-made island after screaming about sea rise…

Is life crazy or what… It really comes down to the need for truth and integrity. Hang on, the news is going to be wild.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

A TOUCH OF FREEDOM--Colorado Makes Lane Filtering Legal For Motorcyclists...For Now

State governor Jared Polis signed the bill into law on April 4, 2024, but it's currently for a limited time only. This law will come into effect on August 7, 2024, so hold on to your temptations.

SB 24-079 was sponsored by state Senators Nick Hinrichsen and Jim Smallwood and state representatives Javier Mabrey and Ron Weinberg. It will make legal for two-wheeled motorcycles to overtake or pass another vehicle in the same lane as long as certain criteria are met.

This law is not applicable to trikes, sidecars, or autocycles.

Conditions to be met to benefit from lane filtering law in Colorado State are:
  • The motor vehicle you pass is stationary / not moving.
  • Vehicles in adjacent lanes are moving in same direction as the two-wheeled motorcycle and those vehicle are also stationary.
  • The 'driver' (as per the bill) of the two-wheeled motorcycle is on a road with lanes wide enough for allowing safe passing through lane filtering.
  • The two-wheeled motorcycle can only pass / overtake at a speed of 15 mph or less
  • the road and traffic conditions permit prudent operation of the two-wheeled motorcycle during overtaking / passing.
  • If the vehicle you are overtaking starts to move, you will cease to overtake or pass them on your two-wheeled motorcycle.
Then there are other conditions about two-wheeled motorcycle behaviors not allowed which are also applicable:
  • The two-wheeled motorcycle 'driver' cannot overtake on right shoulder.
  • Not to overtake on right of any vehicle in farthest right-hand lane if the highway is not limited-access.
  • Not to overtake in a lane of traffic that is moving in opposite direction.
Yet, this detailed law on lane-filtering in Colorado's is only temporary for the moment.

This law is intended to help the Colorado Department of Transportation in gathering safety data proving whether lane filtering is, in fact, a safe and viable permanent law change that needs to be brought into effect in the state.

In current form, this new law will be repealed effective September 1, 2027.

It will be legal to filter as long as riders adhere to the criteria mentioned above. During the applicable period of this law, CDOT will collect data for analyzing how it affects drivers and riders, and whether any changes need to be implemented.

CDOT will be analyzing specifics such as:
  • Motorcycle rear-end collisions, before and after the date that lane filtering is temporarily made legal in the state.
  • The comparative severity of motorcycle rear-end collisions in heavy traffic before and after the effective date of this law.
  • Motorcycle side-swipe collisions while overtaking and/or passing at a rate of 15 miles per hour or less before and after the effective date of this law.
Let's hope that good sense prevails upon all vehicle drivers and that licensed two-wheeled motorcycle 'drivers' (the law uses the word 'driver' instead of rider) will pay attention to dates, conditions, circumstances and the long road ahead!

Bikernet Blog Editor™

JOIN US-- in Carmel, CA for the BaT Moto Gathering at The Quail

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be holding our second BaT Moto event in conjunction with the 14th annual The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California. Meet us on our own section of lawn at the The Quail Lodge and Golf Club on May 4 from 10am-4pm to enjoy camaraderie, special edition BaT Moto swag, and a whole lot of interesting bikes owned by members of the BaT community.

If you’d like to bring a classic, unusual, or otherwise compelling bike to display with us, please click the button below and fill out the form to register your interest.


If your bike is accepted for display, we’ll cover admission to the adjacent Quail Motorcycle Gathering for you and one registered guest. We’ll prioritize motorcycles that were purchased on BaT, but will host as many as space allows! Please note that this is a motorcycle-only event.


The notion included over $500,000 in protective barriers and over 10 meetings with the city and the AMA race promoters.

The city passed the notions and the five-year plan, but a boastful councilman caused the public to rise up and file a petition for a vote. The vote took place earlier this week and only 20 percent of the residence voted. It failed to pass.

Another quirky aspect of this election was the written word. If you wanted the race program to proceed, you voted “No.” If you wanted the races shut down you voted “Yes.”

Bottom line, racing is coming to Sturgis in a big way. A few brothers are researching a possible 3-5 mile strip of land for Land Speed Racing.

Woody at the Buffalo Chip is building a race track, plus there are other racing efforts in the wind. Hang on!



YOU could WIN our 2014 Silverado 4X4 High Country giveaway!

Every $1 you spend at gets you entered to WIN!

...but not only will the winner take a truck home...

You could also WIN a custom Sportster and $5,000!

Merch, chopper parts, riding glasses, EVERYTHING gets you ENTERED to WIN!

Get entered Now!

-Throttle Addiction


I recently introduced a movie producer to my books, stories and series in Bandit’s Cantina. She pitched them to Hollywood, but unfortunately Hollywood is currently under the doctorial requirements of DEI and OSG. It’s a mess of unreasonable restrictions and requirements.

For some odd reason, I was inspired to write a Biker story that flew in face of the dictates and exposed the hypocrisy. I went to work. It wasn’t difficult to weave a tale based on real life and unreal regulations.

I hammered my computer keys to tell a story about regular blue collar oil field workers/bikers who are attacked by doomsday proponents who want to shut down all the basic fun-loving necessities in life, over-throw society and take control.

This creative narrative is actually an account of what any sensible society would do if faced with a challenge. They would test it on a community to see if it worked before dictating untested requirements on an entire nation. Seems sensible enough.

I can’t give away the ending, but like so many times before, Bikers are the bastards brave enough to step up and make freedom and the truth shine again.

If you would like to read this epic. If you would like to be proud of being a biker once more, check it out: Brothers for Truth on

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GREASY KULTURE NEWS-- issue 98 is shipping right now!

So who was Don Fera – and why's he on our cover?

Years ago when we first saw the great Bob Magill photo of Don we've used for the cover of the new issue, we wanted to know who this guy was.

We discovered he was one of the 'greatest generation'... a WWII fighter pilot, racer, tuner, actor, stunt man – his life was extraordinary. Even more amazing is that the Harley he rode in The Wild One movie still exists – and it's in issue 98, thanks to its current custodian Danny Zandona.

Do not miss this one!

--Greasy Kulture

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

I HAVE A DREAM BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for April 4, 2024--click here to read

Good Post. Keep Up The Fight. Continue to educate those younger and to help them take over what was started so long ago-- But Needs To Continue To Survive. Ride Free Brother.

Palm Bay, FL

Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.
Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.


At the 2015 AMD Europe held in Sweden the Best in Show and Chopper class winning bike was “WSA” by Veikko Sikiö of Juupajoki, Finland.

The bike was entirely hand-built – including the engine. Using casting techniques in his workshop he created the 800cc V-twin motor, carbs, and many other parts for his build. The only parts to be bought were the Bobbin Wheels and rear brake. They manufacture helmets.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.


Bikes, greasy treasures, scratch & dent parts, food truck & good times...

Check out all the basic info and sign up for your free vendor spot if you haven't already!

Last Spring we had over 100 vendors and about a thousand people come through during the day. This is going to be a good one!

There are always lots of cool bikes riding in to drool over, a food truck for breakfast or lunch, and piles of greasy treasure to dig through!

And as always, vendor spots and admission is FREE.

See you at the Lowbrow Swap & Meet!

Click for Action.
Click for Action.


Irish rich after healing from surgery recently started working in his shop again. He’s allowed to lift up to 45 pounds, so he dug into the Dick Allen Springer project. “Have to hold on until the #8 tapered reamer gets here for the spring rods, slow shipping,” Rich said. “I got the bushings sized for the rockers.”

He went to Clauser’s Machine in Spearfish to have Reno make the pivot spuds for the ends of the springer legs. “Oh, and the rocker studs you turned down for me,” Rich added. “The tap we couldn’t find to clean out the internal threads was 9/16-24. It costs $40.00, yikes.”

We will follow this process till the end and we witness an historic Dick Allen Springer come to life.

--Bandit and Irish Rich
Shamrocks Fabrication
Sturgis, SD


Let us Live in the Present Today

May we make peace at last, with the pieces of the past. --Monica Kramer

In this moment, we embrace the gift of the present, shedding the weight of past grievances and embracing the peace within. As Monica Kramer beautifully expressed yesterday, may we make peace at last, with the pieces of the past.

Yesterday, her message was, to release that which no longer uplifts our souls. We understand that dwelling on the past stifles our ability to fully embrace the present. Those who dwell in the shadows of yesterday often find themselves consumed by anxiety about tomorrow, trapped in a cycle of dread and anticipation of further pain. This mindset robs the present of its serenity, making restful sleep elusive and dampening the natural exuberance that should greet each new day.

Yet, today beckons us with an invitation to release the past, to learn from the lesson and then let it go. Though we cannot erase yesterday's chapters, we can revise our interpretation, learning from missteps and granting ourselves forgiveness. Today offers us the chance to embrace new perspectives, to relinquish the grip of resentment and to reclaim our personal power.

Today's affirmation: I declare my worthiness of peace, abundance, and joy. I choose to view past challenges through the lens of growth, recognizing that they have served their purpose, and it is now time to forge ahead. I release the burden of old wounds, surrendering to the beauty of the present moment. With Gratitude, I acknowledge my freedom from self-limiting beliefs and embrace the Transformative Power within.

Today, I stand in gratitude for the opportunity to fully embody my Divine Gifts, unencumbered by the weight of the past. I rejoice in the simplicity of being, celebrating my existence in this moment, here and now.

And so it is.


When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. --Lao Tzu

Senior Monk
Bikernet Thought Temple

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Click for action.


Their 3rd date by JJ Spain

He introduced Mary to her first motorcycle ride. He pulled alongside a Ford Focus using the right turning lane. At the last second, the Ford also decided to turn right. The car's front fender gave the cycle an extra boost off the two-lane, crashing through a picket fence.

Able to slide to a stop still upright, he sighed. His left knee put a dent in the black tank. His date was scared and crying. The bastard driver of the car didn't stop. They rode to her house to ice his knee.

Two years later, he took a knee and she said, “Yes.”

--JJ Spain


Forgot to mention, while I may not get an Academy Award for best video, I’m sure to take home the cinema photography top honors! Plus, you should share this Celluloid Masterpiece with the Bikernet readers.

People don’t seem excited about my video. I don’t know why, it’s only 7 seconds. Carb side, I have no running light, bulb looks good? Dorman sockets, but made in China.

We had some major weather come through around 2:00 this morning and another cool front I’m trying to enjoy before they end.

Working on putting the Dyna’s bars on the Shovelhead with the original small button controls. Have everything identified, now to hook it all up. Currently in search of another small hand held butane soldering gun, had one I bought at Radio Shack in ‘92, finally gave up a few years ago. I replaced it with a BernZoMatic that’s great when I can get it lit! But I currently don’t have any chickens to sacrifice, so connectors for now.

It was just the bulb on the FXRP signal, now to see if the bikes wires are actually connected? Don’t recall seeing a flasher? Compared to building that beautiful Knuckle, turn signals aren’t much. But drivers in Houston apparently no longer understand hand direction signals & the only one they do know I’m trying not to use anymore. Think the Dyna’s rear LEDs and equalizer may become RP mounted.

My brother mentioned he thought 1157s ‘cause getting harder to find. When I picked up the second socket for the turn signals, I was going to grab a pack as I wasn’t sure where mine were? $13 for 2 bulbs & only the one package. I believe they might have been super white? And then all these bulbs and no 1157s!

I did find two more 1157s separated out, most likely off the Shovelhead. Which brings up another issue that’s her 7-inch H4 conversion on the RP currently.

--RFR-FXR Life
Texas Weather Reporter

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Celebrate a Milwaukee icon this 4/14 Day

The biggest Milwaukee Day party is found at the crossroads of 6th & Canal.

Milwaukee, get ready for the largest 4/14 Day party in the city at the world’s only Harley-Davidson Museum this month. The legendary story of H-D could not be told without the support of Mil-town, and every inch of the H-D Museum™ campus will be celebrating the city we love, and the city Harley-Davidson has called home for more than 120 years.

Of course, the collection within the halls of the H-D Museum brings to life the story of an American icon that is renowned the world over.

Celebrate the stories of our employees, dealers and enthusiasts who have made Milwaukee Iron our city’s number-one export. And the museum is offering an exclusive 414 deal where 414 people can buy $4.14 admission tickets to come see the museum on 4/14 day (while supplies last)!*

Test your Milwaukee history bona fides with trivia from Quizmaster. And even more giveaway winners will go home with tickets to Harley-Davidson Homecoming,™ Milwaukee Brewers games, Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee Admirals games and Summerfest!

At MOTOR, Chef Doug Stringer has enlisted the help of local purveyors, butchers and more to highlight the unique culinary menus of Milwaukee this month. Bratwursts, stuffed pretzels, sauerbraten wings and even a jumbo “dream puff” will have guests singing a song of gemütlichkeit. And if you’re looking to test the limits of your gastronomy gusto, the famed 4.14-lb burger eating contest makes a triumphant return and will take place after the official city toast of 414 day taking place at 4:14 p.m. on April 14.

And get set for viewing the MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers Races at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant. Come watch the H-D® Factory Race Team take the track in April at the MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers Races, April 12-14 & 19-21 (exact race times TBD – posted by MotoAmerica one week prior to race weekend). Come for lunch or dinner and stay for the races to cheer on 33 Kyle Wyman and 43 James Rispoli.

• April. 12-14. Circuit of the Americas Races (Austin TX)
• April. 19-21. Road Atlanta Races (Braselton, GA)

With factory-sponsored racing efforts dating back over 100 years, Harley-Davidson proudly supports racers and series across multiple disciplines. From MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers to Mission Super Hooligan and Progressive American Flat Track, there are Harley-Davidson motorcycles lining up at road courses and dirt tracks across the country in 2024, all hoping to take the checkered flag. Don’t chance it – make your reservations at MOTOR online or by calling 414-287-2778 to ensure your seat at the table.

The recently revealed 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival model, the fourth installment in the Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection, celebrates the 75th anniversary of that 1949 landmark bike, a champion of the Panhead era. And the new bike could be yours. Visit the H-D Museum to check out the original 1949 model in the H-D Museum’s Motorcycle Gallery. Then throw a leg over the 2024 Icon in the Experience Gallery and learn how you could be riding home on one of these limited-edition bikes.

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Reader Comments

Hi Bandit, I will be in Deadwood Wed. May 1st, riding up from So Cal to meet up with the Kyle Petty Charity Ride for a ride across the country to North Carolina. We will have the group at Scott Jacob's studio and another evening at his Brewhouse. But I want to get to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, is it open during the week?

I love the concept drawings that you have been working on.

Anyway, another great read, thanks.

Bob Warren
Orange, United States (+1)
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Editor Response Thanks Bob,

See you in the Black Hills. The museum is open every day.

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