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It's All Good...

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Laura, Berry Green, El Waggs, the Redhead, Bob T. Gearhead and the rest of the gang

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Another exciting week in the shop.
A brother recently picked up a 1960 Panhead roller from a friend in Alaska.

The guys told me not to use the float valves with the neoprene tips. Charlie showed me a stack of them. The tips stick and pop off. Use only the Colony steel valves.
The guys told me not to use the float valves with the neoprene tips. Charlie showed me a stack of them. The tips stick and pop off. Use only the Colony steel valves.

He asked Ron, the shop owner, to send him a Linkert carb, since he didn’t have one. This carb needed parts and a rebuild. What a challenge.

Even the threads in the cast aluminum bowl were in bad shape. I taped it, but the bowl should be replaced.

Almost there...
Almost there...

Speaking of old shit and aftermarket news: Primo Rivera has sold and we will find out more shortly. And I received a note from a builder who is having problems with V-Twin or Tedd’s cycles early bike petcocks and front brake drums cracking. Watch out.

Let’s hit the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

SEMA-Supported REPAIR Act Heard-- in Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee

The U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Innovation, Data,Capitol and Commerce held a hearing this week on "Proposals to Enhance Product Safety and Transparency for Americans." The subcommittee hearing included the review of 14 bills, including H.R. 906, "Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act."

The SEMA-supported REPAIR Act is a bipartisan bill that would ensure automotive enthusiasts, aftermarket parts manufacturers, and repair shops have access to the information and tools needed to maintain and personalize vehicles as automotive technology evolves.

SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola submitted a formal statement supporting H.R. 906 and encouraged lawmakers to expand the bill to include similar protections to protect businesses that produce and install parts that modify or customize vehicles. "SEMA strongly supports the REPAIR Act as drafted but also requests that the bill be expanded to clarify that it protects the right to modify vehicles, ensuring that auto manufacturers cannot employ any technological, legal, or cryptographic barriers that impede the ability of an aftermarket parts manufacturer or a vehicle repair facility to produce or install aftermarket parts and software that are custom, upgrade, or modify a vehicle," Spagnola said.

The REPAIR Act was introduced by U.S. Representative Neal Dunn (R-FL) and Reps. Brendan Boyle (D-PA), Warren Davidson (R-OH), and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-WA). It currently has 42 co-sponsors (21 Republicans and 21 Democrats). Click here to send a letter to your U.S. Representative asking them to support and expand the REPAIR Act to protect our right to modify vehicles.

By the SEMA Washington, D.C. office

For more information, contact Eric Snyder at or visit

The Easyriders magazine website shows a message that appears as a pop-up on the re-invented “Classic” Easyriders magazine website. This is after two years into the re-launch of this iconic motorcycling lifestyle publication.

Two specific things noted after reviewing the website:

1. The September 2023 issue is not listed for sale
2. There is no link nor button nor any webpage for purchase of annual subscription

It is unknown if there is any refunds or cancellations or any other subscriber related issues– and we don’t intend to speculate. 

Below is the text reproduction from the screenshot for your information and reference only.

From their site:
Dear Easyriders Subscribers,

Due to a legal conflict between GIT Corp. (licensee) and Paisano Publishing (licensor and Brand Owner), GIT Corp. will no longer be publishing Easyriders Magazine. It will continue to be published monthly by Paisano Publishing and the current subscribers list has been forward to Paisano from GIT, in order for you monthly subscription to continue being delivered to all Easyriders subscribers.

Please direct any new subscription inquiries or current subscription questions to:

We at GIT Corp. would like to thank all the customers that have supported us in the past 2 years in bringing back Easyriders Magazine.

GIT Corp.

* * *  
"We heard that due to legal stipulations the next issue is on the streets now paid for by Joe Teresi, Paisano Publications and ongoing negotiations with new investors took place at a recent Easyriders Rodeo." --Bandit


--Sam Burns
Motorcycle Curator
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Sign up for email alerts. It's free and easy and we will never hit you up for anything.


Listening to the Shoptalk from last week. Man having realizations of so much since being sober, especially for my freedom! Thanks for the support over the years. Thanks man, ride forever

I got two Coolhand Speedco seats 04/50 and 27/50 in the works in the shop.

All the best, ride forever

--Adam Croft
Founder and President
Dime Bag Enterprises

Click for custom leather seats and leather products.
Click for custom leather seats and leather products.

"If you know of anyone with a substance or drinking problem, there’s a massive network of folks who can help. Solving this issue will change anyone’s life completely for the better every day." --Bandit

In response last month, more than 1,600 scientists, among them two Nobel physics laureates, Clauser and Ivar Giaever of Norway, signed a declaration stating that there is no climate emergency, and that climate advocacy has devolved into mass hysteria. The skeptics say the radical transformation of entire societies is marching forth without a full debate, based on dubious scientific claims amplified by knee-jerk journalism.

Many of these climate skeptics reject the optimistic scenarios of economic prosperity promised by advocates of a net-zero world order. They say the global emissions-reduction targets are not achievable on such an accelerated timetable without lowering living standards and unleashing worldwide political unrest.

--Epoch Times

"Anything is possible -- Trust the process, make the effort, believe in yourself." ~ Ujjwal Dey

"Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention." ~ Richard P. Feynman

Staff Philosopher

Read this book quick, before it's too late!
Read this book quick, before it's too late!


Woke up on Saturday. Rushed to get dressed and gulped down a quick cup of coffee. It was late fall when I had finally picked up my new Road Glide, which I parked in the garage. With anticipation off the charts, I looked over my shiny new steed. Pulled on my 5-Ball leather and then hit the button for the garage door.

Shit, there was a foot of new snow. Damn New England weather.

Went back to bed.




Here’s Liam Kennedy riding his Black Rot custom.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor ™

If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.
If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.


A NOTE FROM THE PRISM GANG—Congregation Motorcycle Show Coming

Show Info
  • Admission - $20 cash only
  • All ages welcome
  • Free admission for kids 13-years-old and younger
  • Free admission for veterans and active military w/ ID, thanks to Harley-Davidson
  • Tickets can only be purchased at the door
  • ATMs will be available on site
  • No pets inside the building. Service animals permitted
Be there, Be there, Be there…

Click for Action.
Click for Action.

NEW STUDY JUST RELEASED--Results of media brain washing.

Questionnaire: you might be surprised by the answers!

What percentage of the United States is black?

What percentage of marriages are mixed race?

What percentage of the United States is "Latino"?

How many families make more than $500,000 per year?

What percent of Americans are vegetarians?

What percent of Americans live in New York City?

What percentage of Americans are 'transgender'?

The Poll Results:

This should be a wake-up call if you don't already know this... A recent poll was conducted by a national polling outfit. Names don't matter. They are all the same. This one was "YouGov." Results to these questions asked of average people on the street:

1. What percentage of the country is black?
Answers - 41%...
Actual 13%.

If you watch commercials, you would think it is 90%.

2. What percentage of marriages are mixed race?
Answers 50%...
Actual 1%.

If you watch commercials, you would think it is 90%.

3. What percentage is "Latino"?
Answers 39%...
Actual 17%.

4. How many families make more than $500,000 a year?
Answers 26%...
Actual figure 1%.

We think a quarter of the country is rich.

5. What percent of Americans are vegetarians?
Response? 30%...
Actual 5%.

6. What percent of Americans live in New York City?
Answers? 30%...
Actual 3%.

7. What percentage of Americans are 'transgender?
Answers 22%...
Actual number 0.5% (that is POINT 5 or 5 tenths of 1 percent)

So why do people have such inaccurate thoughts on these counts? THE MEDIA! The media runs race, gender, and wealth stories constantly. Result? You are being brainwashed by the national left with the media. Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would be proud if he had half the success.

Disney just went full-on "gender." It will no longer welcome guests with the traditional "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls."

Why? Because 0.5% of the population dictates to the other 99% (that would be the vast majority), and corporate America falls for it.

Regardless of what you think, less than 20% of Americans use "Twitter," yet Twitter controls 80% of public opinion. Why? Because the media is so effective at what it does. It promotes as well as censors. Think about it.

Next time you are thinking Americans have changed and not in a good way, remember, it's mostly fake. It's all a lie. Most people think just like you do but the media has brainwashed Americans with constant broadcasting of LIES.

It's called social engineering. It's here and it's effective.

--from Dr. El Waggs


From time to time, I send out an email trying to find new homes for client-owned pieces. Today's list includes some images that very rarely come up for sale and some classics offered at very attractive prices by motivated sellers!

Please let me know if any of these are of interest and I'll forward additional information. Some of these will go quickly!

"Timber Titan"

David's first-ever Holiday Series piece

20 x 26.5

Sold out at $3,850, this framed piece is priced at $2,400

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Ave
Golden, CO 80401

Click to see the studio.
Click to see the studio.


Nashville is known as Music City, but it also has a vibrant motorcycle scene, among other things.

It’s home to a full-size replica of the Parthenon (which houses a museum), some great barbecue restaurants, a world-class live music scene, of course…and on top of all that, Nashville is a perfect place to rent a motorcycle.
Explore Nashville



Keanu Reeves out covering some territory on a new magnificent ARCH motorcycle powered by S&S.

All handmade and made in America.


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You been busy. Good stuff!

John Martinisko
Deadwood, SD
Friday, October 6, 2023
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