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Nothing but Fun

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bob T., Barry Green, the Redhead, Sam Burns, Laura, RFR, Johnny White, Geno, Buck Lovell, and the rest of the crew

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What can I say,
we have tons of inspirational quotes in the news this week. We have friends and old outlaws visiting from the coast. We ate at Scott Jacobs restaurant in Deadwood last night. Scott has been a licensed artist for Harley-Davidson for 32 years.

Last week I rode my ’46 Knucklehead around Boulder canyon, and every time I shut it off, it got pissed and wouldn’t start again. It just wanted to keep going.

Tomorrow we are having a gang over to discuss choppers and winter builds. Ah, I didn’t know Keith Terry can fix or rebuild starters. I have two that need help. We discussed the Sturgis Hall of Fame for next year.

I just wish the whole world could have as much fun and as many bros as us grubby bikers.

Let’s hit the news:

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

"There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth."
--Leo Tolstoy

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Sign up for email alerts. It's free and easy and we will never hit you up for anything.

TEASER FROM BUCK LOVELL PHOTO SHOOT—That’s Charlie from Sturgis, SD. These are shots from a feature photo shoot for Cycle Source Magazine. Hang on for the full feature on the esteemed pages coming up in an issue near you.

If you need old shit for your motorcycle reach out to Charlie’s company Rustyoldiron: 708-431-6778. And if you’re into wild romantic, Western photography of the Black Hills check out Buck’s web site.

----Buck Lovell
Lovell Photography & Design
B.L.A.B.B. (Buck Lovell's American Biker Blog) /
20824 Eddy Place
Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 490 2991

Newest Icons Collection Motorcycle Boasts Stunning Paint and Performance from an American Legend

MILWAUKEE (September 1, 2022) – Harley-Davidson turns up the intensity on an iconic styling theme with the introduction of the Low Rider® El Diablo model, the latest offering in its limited-edition Icons Collection program. In a nod to an American West Coast custom styling trend, the Low Rider El Diablo model combines lean performance and sport-touring versatility with a stunning paneled hand applied paint scheme and the sonic power of Harley-Davidson® Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate.

“The Low Rider El Diablo is a modern expression of the iconic 1983 Harley-Davidson FXRT and a representation of the creative times it was born in,” said Brad Richards, Vice President of Design and Creative Director – Motorcycles Harley-Davidson. “It embodies the spirit of counterculture in Southern California in the ‘80s in a contemporary package that features meticulously crafted custom paint, including pinstripe trajectories that nod directly to those of the original FXRT.”

The Icons Collection

An extraordinary series of motorcycles inspired by some of our most recognizable and sought-after models. Each Icon in the collection will celebrate H-D’s signature colors, designs and parts — along with the latest technology. A limited collection, each model will be individually numbered and only produced once. A new Icon will debut annually, with no more than two bikes released in any given year.

Low Rider El Diablo Model

The Low Rider El Diablo is a model intended to take style and sport touring performance to an extreme. The Low Rider El Diablo model combines the touring capability of hard bags and a frame-mounted fairing with the taut handling performance of the Harley-Davidson® Softail® chassis and the V-Twin muscle of a Milwaukee-Eight® 117 powertrain. Global production of the model will be limited to a one-time build of 1,500 serialized examples, scheduled to reach authorized Harley-Davidson® dealers in Fall 2022, with an MSRP of $27,999*.

Artistry In Motion

The Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® ST motorcycle serves as the foundation of the Low Rider® El Diablo model. The limited-production Low Rider® El Diablo model transforms the look of the Low Rider® ST model with the addition of a detailed paint scheme applied by Gunslinger Custom Paint. The paint scheme begins with a base of El Diablo Bright Red and a second pass of Bright Red Sunglo.

The red pinstripes are masked off, and a layer of El Diablo Dark Red and Dark Red Pearl is faded around the panel shapes to add depth. After masking, a layer of El Diablo Dark Red Metallic is applied to surround the El Diablo Bright Red color, with a fade effect where the colors meet to add depth. When the masking is removed El Diablo Bright Red pinstripes are revealed on the saddlebags, tank sides, fenders and fairing. Pale Gold pinstriping is then hand-applied within the El Diablo Bright Red panels. The El Diablo Bright Red Sunglo is formulated with a tinted clear element to create a “candy” effect.

Black finishes on the powertrain, front end and exhaust highlight the El Diablo paint scheme. Radiate cast-aluminum wheels are finished in contrasting Matte Dark Bronze.

The Low Rider® El Diablo motorcycle paint is hand-applied by the artisans at Gunslinger Custom Paint in Golden, Colo. The Gunslinger roster of nationally-known painters, designers, artists and manufacturing team leaders has decades of experience as a supplier of custom-painted components for Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations motorcycles and Limited Edition paint sets.

High-Performance Audio

The Low Rider El Diablo model features factory-installed audio designed for outstanding performance and an ideal fit within the fairing. A powerful, intelligent amplifier with digital signal processing (DSP) technology developed jointly by Harley-Davidson and Rockford Fosgate is engineered to perform in the demanding motorcycle environment. The system connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth to play stored or streaming audio through a pair of built-in two-way speakers.
  • Speakers include a pair of 5.25-inch woofers and two remote tweeters for great audio performance.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 provides a strong wireless connection to most devices with minimal compression for outstanding sound quality.
  • A compact 250-watt amplifier mounted within the fairing delivers crisp, clear sound quality at any volume.
Connectivity with the Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate mobile app offers unique features like Automatic Volume Control (AVC) that allows hands-free volume control based on vehicle speed, adjustable 7-Band EQ, firmware updating, and step-by-step system configurator.
Learn More about the Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate.

Low Rider El Diablo Model Key Features
  • Frame-mounted fairing shape is inspired by the classic FXRT Sport Glide® model fairing, favored by West Coast customizers.
  • Aerodynamic performance was developed through CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis and real-world testing.
  • A single center and Softail® triple splitstream vents reduce rider head buffeting at highway speeds.
  • A 6-inch high windshield has a Dark Smoke tint.
  • Single 5.75-inch LED headlamp.
  • The Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin engine with precision oil/air cooling is the pinnacle of torque and displacement from a factory-installed, regular-production Harley-Davidson® powertrain. This engine delivers outstanding performance and instant bragging rights on the street.
  • 117 cubic inch displacement.
  • 125 ft. lbs. of torque at 3500 RPM
  • High-performance camshaft is matched to displacement and air flow intended to maximize performance.
  • High-performance, tuned Heavy Breather intake with forward-facing exposed filter element flows more air into the engine to produce exciting mid-range torque, and gives the motorcycle added hot rod presence.
  • High-performance 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhaust is tuned to provide smooth and broad mid-range torque while producing a stirring tone.
  • Dual counter-balancers help reduce primary vibration at idle for improved rider comfort.
  • Dealer-installed Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Stage Upgrades from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories are available to boost engine performance even further.
  • Lockable clamshell saddlebags can be removed in seconds with an internal quick-release mechanism, converting the bike from sport-touring to urban cruising mode. (Combined saddlebag capacity is 1.9 cubic feet/53.8 liters).
  • Tall monoshock suspension raises the rear of the motorcycle to improve ride comfort and increase lean angle.
  • Inverted 43mm forks.
  • Dual front disc brakes.
  • Premium Michelin® Scorcher® 31 tires (Front 110/90B19, Rear 180/70B16) enhance ride and handling performance.
  • Digital “tech gauge” instrumentation in the handlebar riser presents a stripped-down “no gauges” look.
  • A deep solo seat helps hold rider in place during aggressive acceleration and cornering.
  • One-inch-diameter moto handlebar mounted on four-inch pull-back risers is a West Coast style element that puts the rider in an aggressive posture on the bike.
  • Low-profile tank console.
  • Bright LED brake/tail lamps.
  • USB charging port.
  • Standard Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Cruise Control.
To learn more about the Harley-Davidson® Icons Collection, and the Low Rider® El Diablo model, go to:

BIKE FEATURE OF THE WEEK—Here is one of Earl’s Triumphs (R.I.P.). The guy had major machining and fabrication talents.

He was located in a small shop in San Pedro. I still have one of his billet signatures like the kicker shown here.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

Mike Egan Story 1943-2021

Hi, I got some badge from USA
the badge said: Southern California Chapter
Antique Motorcycle Club, Mike Egan
National Meet, La Mirada, Oct. '79.

I checked his name by internet, So I think this is the guy. I did not know he was passed away.

But if you can contact his family
let them know.

-- Hayami "sonny" takeharu
zama, kanagawa
"Thanks, and I will reach out." --Bandit

Save $34 to $88 per gas tank, for a limited time!

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One of these gas tanks may be perfect for that current build, or a future one...

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Click for Action.
Click for Action.

THE DARK ROAD AHEAD-- Are you afraid of the dark?

With road fatalities increasing by 10.5% from 2020 to 2021, safety advocates are looking for causes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has begun a nighttime test of vehicles that use automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems to address the high percentage of pedestrian crashes that occur on dark roads.

“As we expected, most of these pedestrian AEB systems don’t work very well in the dark,” says IIHS President David Harkey. You heard that right, out of the 23 brands of mid-sized cars and trucks, only 4 scored the highest rating of “superior” by the IIHS. When the same testing was done in daylight, 19 of the 23 vehicles received the highest score.

While pedestrians are the focus of this study, motorcyclists are rightly concerned. All too often, motorists assume the technology in their cars is perfect and rely too heavily on it. This study shows that this new technology is far from flawless!

Motorcyclists are operating at higher rates of speed, with a different profile, and in closer proximity to other vehicles than pedestrians or other roadway users. If a car, with this new technology, can’t see a pedestrian walking across the street at night directly in front of them, can it see a biker in the lane next to them?

This is one of the many topics we will discuss at the MRF’s upcoming Meeting of the Minds in Des Moines, Iowa, September 21-25. To learn more about the MRF and the Meeting of the Minds click here.

To read about the IIHS study and see which vehicles were not up to the IIHS standards, click here.

I just follow a new mantra -- my wisdom quote for the Thursday News :

"If you can't solve the problem, don't aggravate it."
-- Wayfarer
Monk is Training
Bikernet Thought Temple
Pillar Peak, SD

The 17th Annual David Mann Chopperfest will be held Sunday, December 11, 2022 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA from 8am - 4pm.

This event will feature a very special David Mann and Friends Art Show with tons of original and tribute art on display and for sale. The "If You Build It They Will Come" all brand antique and custom Motorcycle Show features 22 classes with something for every motorcycle enthusiast. There will be hundreds of motorcycle culture Vendors as well as a new and used parts Swapmeet, World Class Bike Builders showcasing their latest bike builds, Rock and Blues bands. Join us to celebrate the legendary David Mann, the artist whose work influenced and inspired so many!

General Admission is $15, Military with ID $10, kids 12 & under Free

Bike Show Registration:
Register your bike online or download the bike show registration form. You can mail it in, or send to 805.217.2113 Bike Show registration is $40 and includes 1 General Admission, 1 David Mann ChopperFest Event T-Shirt and Poster.

Vendor and Swapmeet registration: Vendor registration is now open. Vendor/Swapmeet forms can be downloaded by clicking the link below, visiting or you can call or email Tory to reserve your space. 805.217.2113,

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK FROM American Prime Manufacturing-- APM Advance Assembly

This Comp Master brand advance assembly from American Prime has a 304 stainless steel base, center post and pivot pins.

The weights are coated with a specially formulated polymer that protects from heat saturation, reduces friction, and, in most cases, strengthens the component to make it more efficient.

The special CNC-coiled springs hold precision tolerances controlling spring rates to within 5% of specification to provide the maximum advance and retard applicable to the model.

They are manufactured with precision-drawn wire, then zinc plated for corrosion protection with post baking for relieving any potential of hydrogen embrittlement. The kit includes the center bolt, is made in the U.S.A. and assembled at the APM facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. Rebuild and spring replacement kits are also available.


Click for Action!
Click for Action!

NMA LEGISLATIVE Alert -- Please Forward this Email to Family and Friends!
First Major Congestion Tolling Program Proposed in U.S. Let's Make It the Last.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which is responsible for public transportation in the greater New York City (NYC) area, has announced a public comment period ending September 9, 2022, on the implementation of the Central Business District (CBD) Tolling Program. The Program’s claimed purpose is to reduce traffic congestion in the Manhattan CBD while generating revenue for future public transportation improvements at the expense of motorists.

Since this would be the first activation of a congestion pricing plan by a major city in the United States, all motorists have a vested interest in the outcome. That is why we are encouraging members across the country to respond to the MTA in opposition to the tolling plan during the comment period. You could be impacted if you visit NYC for business and/or pleasure, so you should feel entitled to comment.

Information on how to comment by webform, email, or voicemail is provided below. Remember, you have until September 9th to respond.

Ultimately, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will decide whether to impose the tolling plan so it is the audience for our comments. The FHWA can essentially approve it, direct the project sponsors to modify the plan based on public comments, or flat out reject it. Because the sponsors are in favor of implementing the tolling program — with all that revenue generation — the best hope for motorists is a massive push-back during the public comment period. You can help drive that opposition and deliver a message to other jurisdictions considering similar budget-bolstering tolling.

This is a money grab to pay for MTA services without providing any congestion relief to motorists. In essence, the CBD Tolling Program would create an inner-city tollway on roads below 60th Street, forcing motorists to pay again for roads they funded many times over through the gas tax.

Reasons for Opposition
There are many reasons to oppose congestion tolling in NYC or elsewhere. We recommend you choose the two or three that resonate most with you to include in your comments to the MTA. We don’t want a verbatim repeat of the full list of opposition points, which could give the impression of an organized “form letter” drive and cause the responses to be discounted.

Congestion tolling is another tax, not a user fee. Low-income drivers are taxed disproportionately, but so is everyone since the cost of goods and services goes up to cover the increase in transportation costs.

Congestion tolling is double taxation. Drivers are forced to pay two taxes for the same road: a gas tax and a toll tax. And, depending on the scenario, Connecticut and New Jersey motorists may have to pay congestion tolls on top of existing bridge and tunnel tolls.

Congestion tolling is an inefficient, bureaucracy-laden form of taxation. Toll management, enforcement, and operations have run anywhere from 8 percent to over 35 percent of revenue collected. That is money spent not on road improvements but on efforts to gather revenue for non-road projects.

Congestion tolling is all about providing $1 billion/year for the MTA. Each of the possible seven toll scenarios is designed to generate this annual revenue for the MTA. No investment allocation to provide congestion relief is specified in the plan.

Congestion tolling isn’t guaranteed to reduce congestion. Drivers are forced to pay for supposed congestion relief based on the false hope that the additional cost to drive will force reduced traffic.
Congestion tolling worsens traffic diversion. Traffic diversion from tolled routes can adversely affect surrounding neighborhoods and clog alternative toll-free routes.

Go to our website to make comments.

The webform has several fields and an essentially unlimited comment box with no provision to attach documents. The required fields are first and last name, email, and the county you live in. The "county" pulldown offers several choices, including "I am not sure or prefer not to respond." That is a legitimate selection for anyone not in the New York tri-state region, but if you have a reason to represent a particular county or state listed, please do so. You do not need to include a company or affiliation, and you don’t have to provide a phone number.

You can also respond by email at or directly to the FHWA at You can be creative with the subject field to immediately express your opposition since these are dedicated addresses for comments on the program. No mandatory information is required.

For those who would rather speak their mind, you can leave voicemail at 646-252-7440. After you indicate a language, you are prompted with, “Please leave your comments or questions here.” There is no requirement for providing mandatory information such as name or address, but we do recommend providing your name —your first name at a minimum.

Tips for Commenting
Please follow through before the end of the comment period on September 9th.

It is often helpful when commenting to include anything that makes a personal connection to the issue. Another approach is to express what would bother you about the program and perhaps what you would do or not do if the program were implemented.

Whatever approach you take, please comment to ensure the motorist's viewpoint is loud and clear. You choose your vehicle for the travel advantages of safety, speed, comfort, and convenience. If the value and fairness of being tolled are not apparent, drivers become nothing more than cash cows.

Click to join.
Click to join.

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Reader Comments

Ethanol sucks!!! I will not burn that shit unless I absolutely have to. Everything I run has 91 non ethanol, (which isnt that good either,) from my truck to my lawn mower. Ended up having to fill the Roadking during the rally with ethanol at a stop, bastard ran like shit the whole day, no power and detonated like crazy. Took a couple days of fills before it run decent but still wasn't right.

I miss the days of real high octane fuel. Fuck it, ride on!

Rik Savenko
Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Editor Response I can't seem to leave a bike without run time for a month without an issue. Major pain in the ass. I got some Lucas ethanol treatment. I'm trying it.
1. The Congestion Tax is not a new concept. It exists in London since its first introduction in February 2003. It was inspired by Singapore Electronic Road Pricing system after London officials had visited there. But Singapore and England are "islands" whereas USA has land and sea and airspace for all modes of transport for civilians to use their own vehicles within national borders. I can't imagine NY city is so small that they need it after all the other modes of public transport being used regularly by so many people. Why not make those public transport modes safer so that citizens trust it and trust the lawmen?

2. What about "modern city" employers preferring working-from-home to save all the dough & taxes?

3. Besides, do workers / laborers move around in large Mercedes & limousines ? I believe India they have a "Luxury Tax" on people wasting fuel (they have to import 85% of the gasoline / crude oil).


Highest 28% GST on luxury, sin goods to continue: Revenue Secretary (July 2022)

ever online
Sunday, September 4, 2022
BTW: regarding Sam Burns comment: Well Bandit, everyone looks like a slug compared to your daily 24x7 (x365days) routine - And I am gonna be 43 in a few days. I think you moved to Badlands to slow down, to enjoy, (apart from other perks). But "this is" your enjoyment. Wow!!!

ever online
Sunday, September 4, 2022
BTW: regarding Sam Burns comment: Well Bandit, everyone looks like a slug compared to your daily 24x7 (x365days) routine - And I am gonna be 43 in a few days. You moved to Badlands to slow down, to enjoy, (apart from other perks). But "this is" your enjoyment. Wow!!!

ever online
Thursday, September 1, 2022
Editor Response Thanks. It's a magnificent adventure...
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