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We can't ever give up!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, the Redhead, Bob T., Sam Burns, J.J. Solari, Laura, the Prince, Marilyn Stemp and the whole gang

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In today’s harried world
, of projects and priorities, requirements and finances, most of us can only focus on this week’s list of to-dos and obligations. But there are brothers all over the world who are raising families, building bikes, making runs and supporting our freedoms to ride. I know a few.

But we can never stop trying to stay focused and alert. So, what happened today? I’ve sent my dream resolution far and wide, and today Mike Rounds the Senator from South Dakota responded. See below. Keep your fingers crossed.


I wanted to let you know that your message regarding a proposed resolution from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has been received and reviewed. Senator Rounds appreciates your concerns and values your input.

You raise important points, and I would like the opportunity to discuss your concerns in more depth if you are interested. Please feel free to call me at our Washington, D.C. office. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Office of Senator Mike Rounds

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

  • Best-of-Show won over $15,000.00 in prizes
  • Presented by S&S Cycle with Show Hero Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles
As custom bike owners know, a few minutes of glory and bragging rights can be very gratifying. But what’s even better than that? Hardware, that’s what!

This show offers major hardware - in the form of an S&S complete engine, Paughco frame and Baker transmission - that Ryan Gore of Paper Street Customs took home as best-of-show winner at the 2nd annual Buffalo Chip Evo Entanglement Show, presented by S&S Cycle on Wednesday, August 10th. $15,000 worth of hardware.

That record-setting prize package included a complete S&S Cycle V-111 engine, a Paughco frame with tank and triple trees, and a Baker Drivetrain OD6 transmission. As if that’s not enough, a complete Cometic Gasket V-Twin kit and a Klotz Synthetic oil change were included.

“Prize packages of this magnitude are not common,” said Buffalo Chip owner Rod “Woody” Woodruff. “These are the major components for a builder’s next custom motorcycle!”

Sure, there’s only one best-of-show, but other classes and places weren’t left out of the bounty at the Evo Entanglement. All the big names of the V-Twin aftermarket opted in with high-value gift certificates and swag for the judges to award, including Saddlemen, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, Burly Brand, Wedge Fairing, GMA, BDL, NAMZ, Chop Docs, Drag Specialties and so many more.

Such as? Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Twin Power, Fat Baggers, Avon Grips and Avon Tyre – totaling almost $34,000.00 in prizes!

Name another bike show that can say that!

To manage the bounty, renowned builder Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles, with reps from S&S Cycle and Baker Drivetrain, assembled a panel of judges who know the ropes.

Winners were determined on merit and awarded their share appropriately.

The Evo Entanglement isn’t a typical bike show. As proof, new at the show in ’22 was an invitational showcase, the Evo Pro Show, comprised of bikes on display from legacy builders including Paul Yaffe, Bill Dodge, Taber Nash and S&S Marketing maven Jon Montgomery.

“For decades, these builders have appreciated the versatility, reliability and affordability of the Evo engine,” said show manager Marilyn Stemp. “The variety of builds provided inspiration and showed the possibilities of the Evo platform as a foundation for distinctive customs that are also reliable riders.

All this happened at the 2nd Annual Evo Entanglement Show at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip free access CrossRoads. It was free to enter the show and free to spectate.

Did you notice? It's not an Evo.
Did you notice? It's not an Evo.

Still need convincing to be there in 2023?

The first 100 to pre-register in 2022 received a FREE limited edition Mint Speed Shop flannel – a classy buffalo check yellow and black shirt with pearl snaps and distinctive logos. If you missed it this year, don’t let that happen next year.

GAS STOVE WARS--House passes bill to protect gas stoves

After months-long controversy sparked by the Biden administration’s proposed option to ban it, House Republicans passed a bill Tuesday to protect gas-powered stoves.

The Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, introduced in March by North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong, “prohibit[s] the use of Federal funds to ban gas stoves.” It passed the House early Tuesday evening by a 248-180 vote.

Now, it goes to the Senate. Good luck with that. Why doesn’t anyone have the balls to go after the core issue—Climate doom.



“Check out this 1929 JD with 1938 Crocker heads,” Billy said. “Stuart is building me a 2-cam bottom end for the Crocker top, then I plan to put my Rudge 8-valve top end on this ’29 bottom.”


Mike Kane or the Fucking Asshole from Arizona and Sturgis, SD just bought this handmade 6-cylinder Excelsior-Henderson. It was for sale at the Dixon, CA swap meet.

--Charlie Rust

Our billboard for the Rally, hang on!
Our billboard for the Rally, hang on!

QUICK SEMA ALERT--Send a Letter to EPA Opposing Multipollutant Standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued proposed federal emissions standards for new motor vehicles model-years '27 to '32, which are intended to dramatically increase sales of electric vehicles (EVs).

The EPA estimates that 67% of new passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. would be EVs by 2032 under its proposed standards. SEMA has serious concerns with this proposal, which aggressively seeks to lower carbon emissions under timelines that effectively make electric vehicles the only option for automakers to meet its requirements. It ignores all of the other low and zero-emissions technologies under development and creates a damaging impact to small businesses.

We need your help! Please sign a letter opposing the EPA’s proposal. Feel free to personalize the letter and explain how the agency’s push to an all-electric future will impact your business.

This is what I wrote:

I write in opposition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed multipollutant standards for light-and medium-duty vehicles (Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–OAR–2022–0829). I have serious concerns with all three of the options included in the draft rulemaking, as the EPA seeks to lower carbon emissions under strict timelines. I'm sorry, but CO2 is not a pollutant. There is no climate emergency, and so the premise for all your rule-making is unjustified.



This is so f**up . The BEST is the popular public transport for the city of Mumbai second only to the local trains. Now this.

I am thinking of buying a petrol car before they start getting heavily taxed so as to promote e-cars
* * * 

Electric bus of BEST catches fire in depot; working to identify cause, says Tata Motors

An electric air-conditioned bus of the civic-run Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) caught fire while parked in a depot in suburban Mumbai at Malvani on Friday afternoon, an official said. Nobody was injured in the incident.

The bus, hired from a private contractor, had completed a 53 km run since Friday morning on route no 359 and arrived at the depot around 1 pm, the spokesperson said. " Officials are investigating the cause of the fire," he added. A civic official said the fire started in the AC unit installed on the roof of the bus around 2.55 pm.

Read full story at:

--International Correspondent™

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Way back in 1992 as the Editor of Hot Bike Magazine (Socal) I sent various magazine titles to Sonny when he was in prison (Arizona). Eventually the prison restricted certain titles such as Survival Guide and others because of their content.

Sonny wrote to me twice thanking me for the magazine he was able to receive. I have these letters in pristine condition from 1992.

I'm working on framing them with Sonny's image and selling them.

Please feel free to google the name Buck Lovell..... my motorcycle photography is known worldwide for the last 45 years!!

--Buck Lovell
Former Editor of Hot Bike Magazine (early 1990s)

Lovell Photography & Design
B.L.A.B.B. (Buck Lovell's American Biker Blog) /
(605) 490 2991


Saw the 4-Generations post on IG pretty cool!

Back in it again, this time fix the engine seal leak which I thought was going to be in backwards not telling the lower-end checker of the belt drive I didn’t think? I believe that is correct, so it just leaks.

I saw Irish Rich took a jockey set up off a customer or friends Shovelhead with electric. Was a Fab Kevin unit modified I’d guess? As I believe his site stated for rigid frame only? I did try to reach FK pre-covid but never heard back, as I don’t think he had any for the cow pie at the time.

I remember when this bike came out a buddy at Fort Hood had one, the black pull back risers was all I could afford! They are/were on the ‘76 Shovelhead rigid.

Ingenuity, when your impact still had power but needs the trigger rebuilt, and my Dayroll needs its 100,000 mile oil change & detailing. It’s melted on the other side from the Little Red Rigid headlight


"Hot headlight?" --Bandit

New, all leather exterior Dayroll. Click for Action!
New, all leather exterior Dayroll. Click for Action!

TRIKE OF THE WEEK—1980 Stallion Custom Trikes

--Sam Burns
Trike Editor™

Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.
Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.


BAKER Drivetrain is a proud sponsor of the Born-Free Motorcycle Show. This year's event will take place June 24-25 in Silverado, California.

Born-Free Motorcycle Show is the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. This two-day event welcomes anyone and everyone with a love for all motorcycles but focuses on vintage builds and custom performance bikes.

This show also raffles off two customized bikes every year. This year, the event will give away a fully customized 1991 FXR built by San Diego Customs on Saturday and a custom 1957 Panhead on Sunday. Don't miss out on your chance to win one of these two bikes!

Click for Action.
Click for Action.


--Sam Burns
Art Curator ™

Quick, Join Bandit's Cantina and support Bikernet Content.
Quick, Join Bandit's Cantina and support Bikernet Content.

We still have some of these brochures from the CO2 Coalition. It you want one, send your address to
We still have some of these brochures from the CO2 Coalition. It you want one, send your address to


Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a new law barring state agencies from considering climate impacts in their analyses of large infrastructure projects and industrial developments such as mines, oil and gas leases, and power plants, when undertaking environmental impact analysis and permitting decisions.

The law, which originated as House Bill 971, “bars state regulators like the Montana Department of Environmental Quality from including analyses of greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts, both within and outside Montana’s borders, when conducting comprehensive reviews of large projects,” the Montana Free Press reports.

Rep. Josh Kassmier (R-Fort Benton), who sponsored the legislation, said it is intended to rein in the judiciary, which had recently revoked a permit granted by the state to the NorthWestern Energy gas plant because of its alleged effect on climate change. Kassmier said the law reinforces the fact that it is the legislature, not the judiciary, that is authorized to make laws and set policies in the state.

Gianforte spokesperson Kaitlin Price issued a statement to the Montana Free Press explaining the governor’s support for the bill:

“House Bill 971 re-established the longstanding, bipartisan policy that analysis conducted pursuant to the Montana Environmental Policy Act does not include analysis of greenhouse gas emissions,” Price said. “The bill would allow evaluation of GHGs if it is required under federal law or if Congress amends the Clean Air Act to include carbon dioxide as a regulated pollutant.”

In the case of the Northwestern Energy gas power plant, the law seems to be having its intended effect. On June 8 the judge in the case reversed his order and reinstated the construction permit, citing a “changing legal landscape.”

Sources: Montana Free Press; Associated Press


John Parham’s 1955 Harley-Davidson FL Panhead

The year is 1979. At an Indiana swap meet a man and his wife find the Harley-Davidson of their dreams, a yellow 1955 FL Hydra-Glide. Putting together about all the money they had, including their IRS refund, they buy it a week later for more than they felt they bargained for. It’s restored once.

Five years later the Panhead burns in a fire at J&P Cycles. It gets restored again. In 1991 expenses at J&P Cycles get way out of control. A 1939 Harley and the yellow Pan are hocked to cover payroll and a delinquent bank loan payment.

Two years later, the Pan is bought back. This time for good, and it gets restored yet again to its original yellow. Some years back the late John Parham told the story. “The bike sort of tells the story of J&P Cycles. We started our swap meet and catalog business small, began to grow, got successful, then went out of control. The bike suffered ups and downs similar to those of our lives and our business, even kept us in business when money was tight.”

Those are the high points of John and Jill Parham’s lives with John’s favorite Harley-Davidson, and he owned many. Most know John and Jill as the founders of J&P Cycles.

Back in the 2010s, when asked how many Harleys he then owned, Parham said probably about 65, with some really great bikes including a 1908 “Strap Tank” Harley. In raw dollar value the yellow Panhead is well down the list in Parham’s collection of over 250 motorcycles, but Parham then offered, “While I have been lucky enough to gather many great, rarer and much more valuable bikes in my collection, the ’55 Pan has the greatest sentimental value to me; it ties to my life experiences with my wife Jill and also to the development of J&P Cycles.

Jill’s happy we got it restored back to its original yellow. I’m just happy to still own a bike that went through so many trials and tribulations with me, a bike that means so much to me.” The 1955 Harley-Davidson FL will remain in the family, going to John and Jill’s son Zach and then to the grandkids.

A new OHV big twin engine was first offered in 1948 in 61 and 74 cubic inch versions. Though the bottom end was little changed, for the first time in many years, the heads were cast from aluminum. In addition, the valve lifters were switched to hydraulic and lubrication as well as induction and combustion were improved. The distinctive valve covers are what led enthusiasts to refer to this engine as the “Panhead.”

The forks, headlight nacelle, dashboard, distinctive fenders, tombstone taillight and chrome speed stripes were among those components that received a re-design. In 1952, foot shifting became an option, in 1958 rear suspension became standard with the introduction of the Duo-Glide, and in 1965 electric starting came along with the Electra-Glide, the last model Panhead.

In 1966 a new OHV engine design came on line, the one we now refer to as the Shovelhead.

Though this fine yellow 55 Panhead will stay in the Parham family, hundreds of other motorcycles and thousands of pieces of memorabilia will be offered in the John Parham Estate Collection Mecum Auction at the National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa, September 6 – 9, 2023.

Watch for information on the Mecum Auctions website, For schedule information, to consign a vehicle or to register as a bidder for this and all Mecum events, visit, or call (262) 275-5050 for more information.

Click for Info.
Click for Info.


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation listens. Culminating 18 months of planning and fulfilment, the MRF ended Meeting of the Minds 2022 by reviewing input from over three hundred attendees.

Meeting of the Minds 2023 will reflect that the MRF listens and what we heard will make a difference in building the MRF and strong partner state motorcyclists’ rights organizations.

Bikers inside the Beltway 2023 was a total success because of the work the MRF does at the Meeting of the Minds addressing the needs of members and our partner SMROs. The feedback we received from MOTM 2022 put us on track with new workshops, more workshops, and new presenters with topical presentations.

This year, we added four workshops for a total of sixteen! Although some workshops are updates of annual presentations, we’ve added ten new presenters and a slew of new topics.

If you or your SMRO is social media challenged, meet Joy Mack. She’s a Twenty-First Century wizard who understands the challenges individuals and SMROs face when delving into social media. Her workshop --- The Power of Social Media: A Catalyst for Recruitment -- is tailored to putting the “social media challenged” into a comfort zone – and because we know her workshop will have high demand; we’re offering it twice!

Wondering why the MRF and our partner SMROs have such a high success rate on Capitol Hill and state legislatures? Meet Steve Panten, he and Dave Dwyer will provide attendees a few hundred ways on Building Effective Legislative Lobbying Efforts, another key to positive advocacy for motorcyclists’ rights.

Bikers inside the Beltway, Meeting of the Minds – the Motorcycle Riders Foundation --listening and making a difference.

The Meeting of the Minds – September 21-24, Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindie Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111. Use the QR codes below to register and make reservations or call 717-939-0720 and mention Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2023 Meeting of the Minds.

Thank you for your support of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Minds, Sept. 21-24, 2023.

Yours in Freedom,
--Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events


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To turn a two axle trailer easier by hand crank the dolly down to raise the front axle off the ground and it should spin easier.
Good luck.

Windsor, CT
Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Editor Response Thanks much for this.

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