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Ride Forever -
Saturday Edition



By RFR with photos by RFR

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Leaving Willis this Sunday morning after online church. It was still a bit damp from the early morning rain. While it stayed cloudy most of the way down I-45 to the 99 toll road, I couldn’t resist heading to the Destroyer Garage Swap Meet. I couldn’t resist my first Covid escape.

Upon my arrival the skies parted & the sun began to heat up my multiple layers, including my 5-Ball vest! (My only complaint with my vest is it needs some sort of pocket inventory system. I’m sure I’m still missing half a samich & a small bottle of Jack in one of the 32 pockets).

There was already a good crowd on hand, even with the opening rain parade.

I originally met Eric and family at one of Greg Hale owner of MC Creations swap meets and began following his shop on Instagram. He’s building some sharp and essential bikes over by the beltway, but today was my first opportunity to check out his shop.

There was a very clean and classic black (my favorite color) Shovelhead up on one of the tables and various other projects displayed around his area. He’s also a dealer for Chopper Hauss products a local Texas based company with some Texas pride products and some cool Dyna & FXR stuff!

I’m for sure interested in the highway peg/front motor mount combo! You might also check out the CH Selfie stick rear pegs, could be handy for pointing out the location of the side view mirrors to oblivious drivers? I even found a ride for the 14-month-old grandson!

As I left, I passed more folks making their way over to look for bargains, spend time with friends and check out some cool rides and enjoy the spring like 86-degree temps! Probably should have rod the Shovelhead!

Check the 5-Ball Racing Flat Out Vest. Super clean. Click for action.
Check the 5-Ball Racing Flat Out Vest. Super clean. Click for action.


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Reader Comments

Keep an eye out for a wishbone frame. It just has to fit a '70 shovel motor. Cracked frame or aftermarket will do.

Torrance, CA
Monday, May 18, 2020
Editor Response Our scouts are on the hunt. You might check with the German manufacturer.

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