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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition

Sturgis 2001 Part 2

Lightening Holes

by Bandit, Photos by Nyla Ross

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Here's a couple of shots of the Bikernet Street Fighting Buell for Sturgis 2001. This is how it currently stands with a handfull of minor modifications and a lot of plastic removed. Let me know what you think.


Note the pulley guard. We had the notion to take levers and braces like this off, lightening-drill polish and replace. Not sure if that's going to be the bit, now, but this brace was the test. I think we'll powdercoat rather than polish.


Trying to keep polished aluminum up on a bike that's well ridden is a pain in the ass. Have you seen a polished engine after a ride to Sturgis? We plan to remove the triple trees and swingarm. The tabs for the plastic dust shields need to be removed and then the parts need to be polished to remove the ribs and casting marks before we decide on a finish.

Let us know what you think. I think I should black powercoat the swingarm and maybe the trees and lower legs. We're looking for a painter for the sheetmetal, and we'll be ready to rock.


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