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Split Image Kustoms Shovel / Knuck Chopper

Buckshot finds probably the most beautiful chopper ever made

By Buckshot

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When I was a kid, I remember a bumper sticker that said "Where the hell is Hanford?" That question will soon be a thing of the past, because the unique and hand-built choppers crafted by Dalton Walker and the crew at Split Image Kustoms is putting Hanford on the map!

I had a chance to talk with him a while at the Screamin' Demon's Shovelhead Run in Fresno, and I was impressed by his talent as a fabricator, and eye for detail, but perhaps more important, that he's also a really nice guy.

His bikes, (like the one on page 8 of the June issue of Easyriders,) aren't cookie cutter, bolt 'em together catalog bikes, but well thought out, well engineered, and detailed to perfection one off custom works of art!


I'm not gonna waste a bunch of words here describing things like the hand built frame and front end, the chain driven generator, the most unique exhaust system on the planet, or the perfect flow of the bike; I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. Just be sure you look at each picture several times, because the first few times you're going to miss a lot! —Buckshot


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Reader Comments

This bike has to be the nicest chop I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!! great job bro. you have put the valley on the map.

mel low
fresno , CA
Monday, August 6, 2012

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