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Climate Change Religion--Obey or Die Trying

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns
Do you know what I can do? I can “present the case” that the American-Government decrees regarding “human-caused global warming” is “the establishment of religion” by the government and is thus in violation of the Constitution.
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Fear Rides with Motorcycling Photojournalist in Ukraine

From the Common Thread Team

By Neale Bayly of RevZilla
When the phone rang a couple of weeks ago, the voice on the end of the line sounded tired. Alone. A friend in need of a chat, someone in need of a familiar voice and a chance to maybe release some of the emotions from the pressure cooker inside his mind.
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Electric Cars Can Kiss My Ass

Eclectic article on Electrifying Changes in Our Lives

by the Wicked Bitch with photos from Dean and J.J. Solari
Here it from the lady who has driven everywhere and tweaked the vehicle to get anywhere. 'Charge' up your courage and decide the road for your own fate.
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Estate Planning for Motorcycle Collectors

Or What To Do With Your Beloved Bikes When You’re Not Around To Do It

By John Stein with images from Sam Burns
As motorcycle fanatics, we’ve all laid awake nights wondering how we could add to our collections when at this point in our lives, doing exactly the opposite probably makes more sense.
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Veterans Crisis Line


Trying to help veterans in crisis and remembering those who needed help and did not get it.
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After Eric Stahl’s King of the Baggers race bike was destroyed in a fire

'Reprinted from AMA Magazine, By Kali Kotoski and Ron Brefka
As Jiffy Tune Racing’s Eric Stahl and his team were crossing the country and heading to Wisconsin’s Road America for the second race in the lauded MotoAmerica King of the Baggers series, tragedy struck.
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Sturgis Delta Update

Panda-Created Bat Pandemic Death Contagion Causing Tree Ignition

by Randy Rhinestones of the Dissociated Press (transcribed by J.J. Solari), photos by Jack McIntyre
The 2021 Sturgis Rally caused Vast clouds of Covid dust filled the air causing mutated cases of new cases. Cases also were reported of other cases caused by caseness. Run for your life...
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The OFFICIAL Harley-Davidson Suggestion Box

We Want the Freedom Machine to Succeed

By Bandit and Bikernet Readers with images from Bob T., Sam Burns and Barry Green
We are reaching out to readers for their suggestions for the future success of Harley-Davidson.
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