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Electric Motorcycles: The Search for New Markets

Zero seeks to open up new markets by becoming a powertrain supplier

By Bikernet
Zero Motorcycles have exhibited at the past two IDTechEx events, and typically showcase their sporty S and off-road DS models, as well as their impressive 45kW electric motors (designed from scratch in California and produced at a factory in China).
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AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Nominees

Terry Cunningham, Gary Davis, Skip Eaken, Nicky Hayden, Corky Keener and Mary McGee are the Class of 2018

By American Motorcyclist
The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2018 recognizes greatness in racing and ambassadorship, whether on the track, at the mechanic’s bench or in the court of public opinion,” said Ken Ford, a member of the AMA board of directors and chairman of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation.
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For the 115th Anniversary Event

By Tony Sanfelipo, Hupy and Abraham Investigator
Hupy and Abraham, S.C., a well-known law firm located in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, is representing the first motorcycle victim of a new streetcar system being constructed in Milwaukee.
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Wilmington Waterfront Sculpture and Transportation Suggestion

Community Efforts from the Bikernet Janitor

By K. Ball with art from Aubry Sheldon and Emilio Loza
I’m not posting these for entertainment, but you might find them interesting. They are just a couple of community projects, which may never go anywhere. On the other hand I designed them and worked with local artists to inspire something that could help.
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Hanging Out at Heroes Motorcycles Melrose

Bikernet Feature

By Paul Garson
A while back we introduced you to a new L.A. bike shop called Heroes Motorcycles, purveyors of rare and historic motorcycles, the operation run by Serge Bueno who in 2014 had arrived from Paris with his wife, four kids and a ton of awesome bikes.
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Police Violate Fourth Amendment Rights

In Routine Traffic Stop of Club Member

By Tony Pan Sanfelipo
A December 2016 traffic stop in Austin, Texas, is getting lots of views on social media lately. In a video posted on the Motorcycle Profiling Project’s Facebook page1 a motorcycle club member is detained after a police officer observed him neglect to use a turn signal on his motorcycle. That traffic violation amounted to probable cause to pull the motorcycle rider over. Once detained, the traffic ...
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Targeted For Existing

Where Pop Culture Ends and Real Life Begins for America’s Bikers

By: Megan Ekstrom
I noticed he was remarkably polite and articulate, which isn’t surprising given his career as a middle school teacher and college professor. What IS surprising however, is the fact that this man was recently arrested, charged with a felony and held on a $125k bail.
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History of ABATE

the Organization

author unknown Provided by Rogue
Back in June of 1971, a new and exciting motorcycle publication was introduced - EASYRIDERS - a motorcycle magazine for the entertainment of adult bikers. This came into existence by the hard work of Lou Kimzey, the Editor, along with the owner of Paisano Publications.
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