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Monday Edition

Softail Project Sheet Metal Report

Mods To A Cole Foster Tank

By Kent
6/11/2010 4:07:41 AM

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ld bike

LUCKY DEVIL REPORTS IN-- I ended up with a 6" stretch on the Cole foster tank to make it look right over the twinkie motor. I also made it wider in the front so I fabbed up a wider center rib

ld two tanks

Here is a shot with the bottoms tacked in place, I think I have about 20 hours left to go on this project. I also had to jump off for a couple days to get a few parts ordered and some pre assembly work done on a Shovel that is going to the Dallas show. It is a little on the plane Jane side but clean just the same!



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Reader Comments

I like what I see for that scoot but for my ride It's not what I'm lookin for ..... maybe you can help me out with this, I have a 2006
Softail Heritage. I have been workin on changing it over to a bagger look and now at the point of maybe a slight stretch or more to the tank. Can I get a opinion from you about this being the bike is still pretty much stock, and I think I will lower the front fender, solo seat.
Not real sure yet about the bags ...kinda like the stock leather look.
I have the dual exhaust now also bat wing and some other bagger
add-ons to change the stock look. also its slammed down to 3" off the ground. But I just don't know about the tank being stretched out
....Getting ready to paint, so I hope you might be able to sell me a
stretch kit or whatever it takes. Thanx robert doyle

edmonds, WA
Sunday, January 16, 2011
Editor Response Hey,

There are lots of stretched tanks available. That's easy. Redneck built some terrific fiberglass bags for Softails. See if they are still doing it. Grab a Custom Chrome catalog and start looking. It's all there.

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