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Screamin' Eagle High-Flow Exhaust System and the Complete H-D Experience!

Installing a High Flow Exhaust System On A 2019 Street Glide

Dale (Misled) Hvizdo - Photos by Shannon Chenoweth

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Back in September 2018 I had the Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Exhaust sitting in a box waiting to go on my new 2019 Street Glide. While out doing some break-in miles, I was struck by a driver illegally making a left-hand turn. While still in my recovery I decided to look for another bike for the exhaust. It's usually the other way around but hey, what the heck. So, in the last 12 years this will be my 3rd buy. I've had good experiences with the last two purchases, but I always hate the haggling.

I went into Space Coast Harley Davidson, the largest dealer in the world, and met Jon Estep the Sales Associate, a straight shooter and knows his bikes. He helped me browse around the 2019 and 2020 Street Glides, based on my preferences I went with a Vivid Black 2019 Street Glide Special with Tony Ane, the sales manager giving me a great deal without all the haggling.

Jon and I discussed the stage IV out the door using my exhaust, that I had at home for it. I met with James Champany, the Service Manager and John Elwood, the Service Writer, and told them that I wanted to do an article on the exhaust portion of the build and this is where the store volunteered to help take pictures of the build and help me out wherever they could.

Regarding parts section of the store, again staffed with guys who know their stuff, I worked with Sarge Ortiz – Parts, and Kevin Reeck – Parts Manager. We ordered everything needed for the build that I didn’t have.

Once the parts were in, it was time for action. Brad Silva, the service tech tore-down the bike and started the build. Care and thoroughness were taken throughout the process. Installation of the exhaust was a straight forward process.

1. Remove main fuse.

2. Remove saddlebags.

3. Remove the original equipment (OE) exhaust system. Retain exhaust flanges and mounting hardware for later installation. See the service manual.

4. Remove heated oxygen sensors (HO2S) and retain for installation.

5. Remove the used HO2S gasket from sensor and install a new gasket to the HO2S


When it was time for the exhaust, The Screamin' Eagle High-Flow Exhaust System with Street Cannon Mufflers were very well packed. Stainless header built with race quality. They are pre-tapped for stock and wideband o2 sensors. The Catalyst is relocated to the 4.5inch performance street cannons to reduce restrictions.


Proper installation of the kit requires Anti-Seize Lubricant (Part No. 98960-97).

All models require ECM calibration with Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation. You do need to have the Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner P/N 41000008C for this build.


This kit requires the separate purchase of two heated oxygen sensors (HO2S) gasket (Part No. 11936) and two exhaust port gaskets (Part No. 65324-83B)

6. Install HO2S adapter with supplied gaskets in new head pipe and torque to 30–44 ft-lbs.

7. Install HO2S in new head pipe adapters an torque to 12–14 ft-lbs.


Do not tighten hardware until directed to do so.

Loosely assemble the collector shield to the new head pipe using the supplied clamps. Do not tighten clamps.

8. Loosely install new head pipe.

9. Install the cross over pipe gasket onto the head pipe then loosely install the cross over pipe and clamp.

10. Loosely install the cross under pipe hanger and bolt.

Install the required separate purchase end-caps to mufflers. Harley gives us several choices to meet your visual style.

11. Install the supplied clamps into the mufflers and slide the mufflers into the pipes.

12. Install the rear muffler support and screws and torque to 14–18 ft-lbs.

13. Tighten exhaust manifold nuts and torque to 8–10 ft-lbs.

14. Tighten the transmission exhaust bracket nut and torque to 15–20 ft-lbs.

15. Tighten the cross over pipe bracket bolt and torque to 14–18 ft-lbs.

16. Tighten the cross over pipe clamp and torque to 38–43 ft-lbs.

17. Install front and rear header pipe shields and torque to 19–40 in-lbs.

18. Position and align collector shield with front and rear header pipe shields and torque to 19–40 in-lbs

19. Install the cross-over pipe shield and torque to 19–40 in-lbs

20. Tighten the muffler clamps and torque to 38–43 ft-lbs.


The exhaust has a deeper sound than stock exhaust and are slightly louder. At idle they produce about 90 decibels max, at 3000 rpms 104 decibels max and 4000 rpms 108 decibels max. Great torque throughout the rpm range. With the catalyst moved to the mufflers there is less heat at the rider compared to stock headers. With 500 miles on the bike in mid '80s to mid '90s temperature I have not had any issues with heat bothering me.

I am very satisfied with this setup and glad I was able to find a dealer that can provide the level of service that met all my expectations throughout the process.

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The 5-Ball Pit Crew, Ballistic Nylon, light vest. Click to check the Leathers and books.



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