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Schuberth and 5-Ball Racing Together at Bonneville

A lightweight motorcycle racing helmet on the bleeding edge of aerodynamic performance.


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Aliso Viejo, Calif. - September 12, 2014 - Landspeed racing team 5-Ball Racing’s “JETobey” Harden is the latest Bonneville racer to hit the salt in a Schuberth helmet at the 2014 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trails. 5-Ball joins other landspeed racing competitors Valerie Thompson, Erin Hunter, Andy Sills, MOTUS Motorcycles and Robert Pandya in the Schuberth line up.
5-Ball Racing is the brainchild of Keith “Bandit” Ball, the editor of and a custom bike legend. The latest 5-Ball Bonneville entry was a heavily modified 1940 Harley-Davidson flathead with a K-model top end, piloted by accomplished former road racer Harden. In spite of much of the week being rained out, Harden laid down some runs in the 750-APG class, taking on other vintage bikes and current models alike.
Harden sports Schuberth’s masterpiece SR1 helmet, a lightweight motorcycle racing helmet on the bleeding edge of aerodynamic performance. "I've worn lots of full-faced racing helmets, but I have never worn one as aerodynamic as this one," Harden reports. "There is no side-to-side buffeting. It just flows through the air as if on rails. There is no sense of weight pulling against my neck, it just glides."

The wind-tunnel developed shell design and adjustable D-Force spoiler reduce aerodynamic lift, and stabilize the helmet at speed to prevent the buffeting and oscillation riders often experience at extreme speeds. A variable ventilation system flows over 2-1Ž2 gallons of cooling fresh air over the rider’s head and vents warm air out the back of the helmet to keep the rider cool and comfortable. The quick release shield system allows riders to easily swap the Pinlock-ready face shield, available in light and dark smoke, clear, amber, silver mirror, blue mirror and iridium finishes. Tear-off ready shields are also available.
For more information about Schuberth North America, its products, and its helmet ambassadors, visit Join the Schuberth community online on Facebook, and follow @SchuberthNA on Twitter. You can also connect on Instagram and YouTube.
5-Ball Racing's "JETobey" Harden sporting the Schuberth SR1 on the Bonneville salt.

About Schuberth GmbH: The German helmet manufacturer Schuberth has been developing and producing high-end head protection systems for over 90 years. With a multitude of innovative products, the company ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of motorcycle, Formula 1 and motor sport helmets as well as head protection for innovative solutions in industrial safety, fire fighting, the police and the military. The experience gained in particular from Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor sports, constantly provides fresh impetus for product developments that set the benchmark for head protection systems.

About Schuberth North America: In 2010, Schuberth GmbH opened the North American sister office in Aliso Viejo, California and continues to grow its exclusive dealer network for motorcycle products in the U.S. and Canada. Additional business segments work directly with law enforcement departments on the motor officer and crowd control products and with IndyCar and NASCAR teams on the auto racing helmets. In 2014, Schuberth North America also assumed U.S. distribution for German apparel and glove manufacturer Held.

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