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Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips for Women

The Two-wheeled Lifestyle Overseas

by Ujjwal Dey

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No, there isn't a new seafaring hover-bike unveiled here. We men may be comfortable in same fixed clothing and gear on motorcycles, well-worn, tested & true. However, women have such a range of choices, they often end up selecting a two-wheeler that's most commonly known and popular, based on their daily clothing.

Everyone is aware of female motorcycle riders in the Western nations, who can straddle a heavy Harley-Davidson or Triumph or safely manage breakdowns on restored vintage models. There are famous female motorsports professionals including record holders such as Valerie Thompson or 2022 WXC National Champion Rachael Archer from AmPro Yamaha Team.

Women in Asia however seem to be on scooters. They don't prefer trousers as travel wear most of the week even in metroploitan cities and urban, hip joints. Sometimes, because pants look weird for them in public places. Most of the times its because they have such a wide range of ethnic and Western wear dresses that trousers are "just a stupid thing Men are stuck with at the workplace."

I was thinking of upcoming weekend's motorcycle trip and the women who are riding regularly and are on Royal Enfields. These are the heaviest bike you will find on most Asian roads for men and women. Only the financially wealthy or celebrity seem to have V-Twins or SBKs. Consideration is also the expense of maintenance of such big bikes and large amount of fuel it consumes.

With options and popularity of light-weight and middle-weight motorcycles gaining ground, many developing nations have found new customers for motorcycles in women population. Previously only seen on scooters, they are now more comfortable straddling the motorcycle and beating the stereotype.

While it may be common for women in North America or Europe to be seen riding a heavy bagger or land speed record prototype, women elsewhere have to deal with bad roads, congested traffic, roadside vendors and no available parking.

Here are some basic points that women aspiring to ride a motorcycle can benefit from. Get going and enjoy the thrill of the open road. Long distance riding trips is possible with modern tech and gadgets leveraging the power of information, directions, road side assistance and community development for female riders.

1. Buy the motorcycle which is right for you and not the one that your best friend is riding. Trends are great but a suitable bike does not have to be the one everyone rides.

2. Become acquainted with your motorcycle's features, specifications, limitations and power. Don't let it surprise you far off from home.

3. Get the mandatory and basic gear such as riding boots, gloves, eye protection. Your safety is your responsibility too.

4. Get a pre-purchase demonstration and trial ride to see if you believe in the product. It costs quite the penny, it will be with you for a long while, its something you should be able to depend on. So take trials on different models and find your match!

5. Practice in a safe setting. Take an experienced motorcycle rider along. Make sure you are not practicing on public roads and have access to first aid and other assistance. Practice makes perfect and soon it would be your second nature, with natural reflexes.

6. City riding finds everyone in a hurry. Don't be aggressive and watch out for surprises at every corner and traffic signal. Defense is the best offense for many motorcyclists, male or female, in city rush hour. Be kind. Give pedestrians the best possible signals and horn alerts. Everyone on road may not be attentive and may even be listening to music on earphones or talking / typing on phone. So don't let your guard down just because its the same route to college or office or marketplace.

7. If you are in touch with other women who enjoy two-wheels on a daily basis, even if not all of them have a motorcycle, form a group. Share and care about your experiences on motorcycles Vs others on a scooter.

8. Let go and give a pass to those with an ego !!! Many a times, there will be those men, women and children who feel joy and respect for a woman choosing to ride a motorcycle instead of a scooter. Sometimes you may also meet those on motorcycles or cars wanting to challenge your skills for no fault of yours. Let go but be determined. Be bold but give their fat ego a pass. The way of the two-wheeled warrior is to discourage unsafe riding rather than instigate. Your good vibes will bring support from any and all on the road.

9. There are Laws and the Unlawful. You must stay tuned to changing news about motorcycling laws and regulations in your city. For example, motorcycles may not be allowed on some expressways to allow high speed transport for larger vehicles or flyovers closed for repairs. Helmets are often mandatory and actually beneficial -- they will keep your hair & skin protected from the elements apart from safe in a mishap. Yup, ask your dentist for some horror stories of motorcycle riders if you don’t believe me.

Just because the signal is green or it's the correct lane does not mean there won't be drivers / riders who break the signal or drive on the wrong side of the road. You may have to accommodate these unlawful fools while managing your ride to and fro. Never let anyone convince you to ride under the influence of alcohol because "there are no cops on that route" or "you only had one drink". Treat yourself as a princess and take command of your own self and your motorcycle.
10. Often, motorcycle manufacturers include a bonus called RSA, which is Road Side Assistance, free for the first year. Whenever you face a technical problem or breakdown of your motorcycle, you will be able to call the Toll Free number to get support from the nearest registered mechanic. This can include a range of issues such as tyre puncture, empty petrol tank, battery fuse fault, even towing for a road accident.

If the motorcycle has a major fault and under warranty, they will tow your bike to the nearest Authorised Service Center. This way, you can have assured support not just in cities but most other regions within the nation.

RSA is not common for scooters but getting common with middle-weight motorcycles such as Royal Enfield, Honda CB 350, BMW G 310, KTM 390, Hero XPulse 200, etc.

Even if its not included, you can buy one from an RSA service provider. Also, for second year, if you choose a custom insurance policy, the RSA can be included in insurance renewal / modification as an add-on to the policy document.

Now get out and ride! Tell 'em sent ya. Get yourself a 5-Ball Racing gear while you are planning your next adventure.
This is an amazing 5-Ball Womens' Jacket designed by women with a complete zip-out hoodie and the softest, cowhide leather. It's modeled here by Em an amazingly talented tattoo artist and rider. Click for action
This is an amazing 5-Ball Womens' Jacket designed by women with a complete zip-out hoodie and the softest, cowhide leather. It's modeled here by Em an amazingly talented tattoo artist and rider. Click for action


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