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Tuesday Edition


The Event is Hot Heavy and Growing

By Bandit, Sin Wu, Rogue, Buck Lovell, CarlR, Jim Waggaman, Prince Najar, Gary Mraz, and the Crew

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Girls of Sturgis, from the Bob T. Collection
Girls of Sturgis, from the Bob T. Collection


Half the world is in Sturgis, and the other half wishes they were in the Badlands drinkin’ whiskey and doing a burnout.
It’s incredible. Reports indicate increased crowds.

I ran over to the new BDL Headquarters the other day. What an amazing new facility where they build BDL, GMA, and pump products. The building is clean as a whistle and production friendly. Over the next couple of weeks we will bring you reports on new GMA/BDL products, including this new clutch basket locking tool.

Let’s hit the news. My thoughts are of our Bonneville projects, a new trailer, and a brother stepped up to help us with a vehicle upgrade to a 2004 1500 Express. Bandit is going to trade Richard Kransler, his 1956 Shovelhead for this custom van conversion. Shit, that means the Bikernet Hearse is for sale. It's amazing trying to pull all the elements together to afford to hit the trail to the Salt flats. We just received our first reader contribution, from Brian Ingraham, the owner of Empire Cigar and Jerky Works. He sent us a box of Empire Jerky. If only we could weld it together and build a motorcycle trailer. Thanks Brian, we appreciate any contribution.

MUDFLAP GIRL FXR MOD--That Aeromach mirror made all the difference in the world! Now I can see.


THE DOUBLE TIMKEN LOWER END TECHNOLOGY-- Talked to a bunch people in the industry in the know. The idea was not to make this bearing conversion,
like the left side drive Timken conversion or for a hot street bike. It designed was for a gear drive cammed Twin Cam racing engine, ie Bonneville/Drag's/Turbo's etc.

Most of the people I talked to know there is room for improvement in the right side, pinion bearing area of the Twin Cam. Harley's tolerance for the flywheels and pinion bearing are ridiculous even for a street bike in my opinion.

One idea from one source was to do a conversion something like the old Evo/Shovel pinion bearing. This would require a bearing race sleeve, line hone the sleeve/race to the left side, and fit with the old roller bearings. Lots of work, but a good idea.
I still think the double Timken bearing for the pinion shaft or Timken/roller bearing, like Delkron would be easier and better. Yes, assembly will be more work. Again my intention is not for a street bike but a full race engine.

So my brain fart will require a special Timken bearing insert similar to the Jim's left drive side Timken conversion but of a different design. I believe that an insert flange might be made, so it is on the cam chest side of the right
case. This is because the flywheel assembly is so close to inside off the right case half. Not totally sure on this just yet.

Either way it's gonna involve some machining of the right half case.

Comprende Amigo, yes??
Bikernet Supreme Tech Editor

We have looked at doing double
Timken bearings... Both with case machining and inserts. Never put very much resources in it though.

It’s not a crazy notion, just small niche’

As things progress on your end, keep me updated.

--Paul Platts
JIMS Machine


MEETING OF THE MINDS 2012--  The annual Meeting of the Minds is closer than you think. The dates seem early; but it is still the 4th weekend in September. This year those dates are September 20-23.

Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of North Carolina (CBA/ABATE) will be our hosts for this year's conference. We will be in Durham, NC at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. For those not familiar with Durham, they share an airport with Raleigh. Our rate for the Conference is $99.00 per night. Be sure to mention the Meeting of the Minds to get our rate. You must make your reservations no later than August 19th to take advantage of the discounted rate. Shuttle service is available to and from the airport to the hotel.

August 19th is also the pre-registration deadline for the Conference. Members pay only $70.00 registration fee; for non-members it is $80.00. On August 20th, the registration fees go up by $10.00 for both members and non-members. Pre-registering is easy. Simply log on to, click on 2012 Conference Information. A secure link for registration is right on the page. You will also find a link to make your hotel reservation. If you prefer to pay by check you may send you check to the DC office: 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 204, Washington, DC 20002. To get the pre-registration rate the envelope must be postmarked no later than August 19th.

The Conference begins on Thursday evening at 7:00PM with the Meet and Greet. This is one of the most important events at any conference. This is where we find out who is in attendance and what issues they are facing at home. It gives us an answer to the question "Who do I need to talk to this weekend?"

Again this year, we have a variety of topics to cover in the General Sessions as well as the offered workshops. We will be doing a panel discussion of what challenges different parts of the country are facing; and how to help each other. Our individual workshops will cover topics ranging from attracting younger (read that sport bike) riders to leadership to an analysis of the CDC statements on motorcycle safety.

Another item to note is this may be the last year for the Tug of War. Currently, the standings are three wins each for Bibs and Kilts. And as an added bonus, Bruce “goes both ways” Downs will come out of retirement and again tug for the team who raises the most money. In the previous year's that Bruce tugged, the team he was on won three of four matches. We have other fun events planned as well. You will need to join us to find out what all there is to do, and who all there is to meet. See you next month!

Click to Join
Click to Join


NEW FILM BLUE COLLAR BOYS--Please mark your calendars for the theatrical release of our latest film acquisition, Blue Collar Boys.
Leomark Studios is proud to present this first feature by promising young director, Mark Nistico, and we hope you will join us and spread the word!

Blue Collar Boys tells the story of Red, a 27-year-old construction worker, who must take over the family business to save his family. Inspired by true events, Blue Collar Boys captures the reality and pathos of the working man in today's world, where the rich and corrupt are "too big to fail." Brave New Hollywood calls Blue Collar Boys “a searing reflection of our times.”

Friday, Sept. 7 Palace Theatre
2384 James Street Syracuse NY 315-463-9240

Fri-Thu Sept. 14-20 Laemmle NoHo 7
(Fri. Night Q&A with director Mark Nistico)
5240 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood CA 310-478-3836

Saturday, Oct. 27 Bijou Art Cinema
492 East 13th Ave Eugene, OR 541-686-2458

--Erik Lundmark & Maria Collis

GARRY HUGHES PASSES--Some of you have been asking about services for Garry Hughes, please see below:

Per Garry’s request there will be no services.

A Celebration of Life is being planned for September 8th.

In honor of Garry Hughes, and in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the American Cancer Society through his Mosaic page: Your donation will directly support efforts to save lives by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back against cancer.


AHDRA Announces 2013 AHDRA Championship Series--  The All Harley Drag Racing Association is pleased to announce that the 2013 AHDRA Championship Series schedule will comprise six races, beginning March 9-10, 2013 in Gainesville, Florida, and concluding on October 12-13, 2013 in Rockingham, North Carolina.

Compared to previous years, AHDRA has reduced its schedule to six dates to focus on its historically strongest events, which AHDRA director Craig Tharpe explains is partly a result of the recent announcement of the formation of the NHRA Screamin’ Eagle Championship Motorcycle Series, a 10-race series that will compete at NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional events beginning in 2013.

Tharpe noted that while AHDRA has reduced the number of events in its Championship Series, the new NHRA series will provide an additional ten race dates for competitors in several AHDRA classes to compete in. At least one NHRA Screamin’ Eagle Championship Motorcycle Series race will be held in each of the seven NHRA divisions, with the remaining three race locations to be selected based on scheduling and the best competition opportunities for Harley-Davidson motorcycle racers. The final series schedule will be announced later this year following the 2012 NHRA awards banquet in November.

The NHRA Screamin’ Eagle Championship Motorcycle Series events will host five AHDRA classes, including Top Fuel Nitro Harley, Pro Gas, Street Pro, Hot Street and Draggin’ Bagger. AHDRA will continue to host these classes along with its normal class lineup at all of its championship events.

"Harley-Davidson and Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts are pleased to continue our commitment to the AHDRA as a presenting sponsor of six events in the AHDRA Championship Series," said Harley-Davidson Racing Manager Kris Schoonover. "Combined with the announcement of the new NHRA Screamin’ Eagle series, the opportunities for sportsman drag racers to showcase the power and performance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles at racing venues nationwide has never been greater."

Stay tuned to for more details and updates.


NEW BIKERNET ’59 IMPALA BOAT AND VEHICLE—Can we carry all our gear for Bonneville?
--from Jim Waggaman

LOS ANGELES ALERT, 405 TO BE CLOSED--  As one of our valued Metro stakeholders, we are including you once again in a series of email distributions pertaining to the second full closure of the I-405 freeway beginning September 29 through September 30, 2012. It is our hope that you can relay the emails to your own contacts so the information reaches the widest possible audience.

For this second full closure we are asking drivers to “Plan Ahead, Avoid the Area, or Eat, Shop and Play Locally.”

As background, Metro’s improvement of the I-405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass will add a northbound HOV lane. This effort requires the demolition and reconstruction of Mulholland Bridge. We began this effort by demolishing the south side of the bridge in July 2011. With the south side near reconstruction, it is time to demolish the north side of the bridge. Because of the design of Mulholland Bridge, it cannot be demolished in sections the way Sunset Bridge was, hence the need to demolish an entire side over a weekend.

The 53-hour closure of the I-405 will be managed through an incident command post headed by LAFD/LAPD/CHP/Caltrans/Metro. As with last year, our outreach to commuters and travelers will reach national audiences, as well as local, regional, and statewide stakeholders.

Consequently, please expect to receive regularly emails, including approved detour maps, and several channels through which you can receive up-to-the-minute updates. We intend to provide you with all the critical information you will need leading up to the demolition date. We ask you to help us to encourage travelers to refrain from driving through the affected area.

Your first line for information is the project website:, as well as the project’s social media sites: or You may also call Jennifer Gill at 213.922.4224 for a referral to your regional lead. Please be advised that our Board of Directors and the agency staff are committed to informing you with the latest information, up to and including the weekend closure. In the future, all communication on this freeway closure will be labeled I-405 Sepulveda Pass Closure Alert.

--Arthur T. Leahy
Chief Executive Officer

BIKERNET CLOCK GONG-- While proudly showing off his new apartment to friends late one night, the drunk led the way to his bedroom where there was a big brass gong.

"What's that big brass gong for?" one of the guests asked.

"That's a talking clock" the man replied.

"How does it work?"

"Watch", the man said, giving it an ear-shattering pound with a hammer.

Suddenly, someone on the other side of the wall screamed, "For gods sake, you wanker, it's 2am in the morning!!"

--from Robin Hartfiel


STURGIS UPDATE-- Last night 30,000 people at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis saw Marshall Teague talk about his new movie “last Ounce of Courage” that will open in theatres September 14th.

Marshall and I have been friends for 15 years and he stars in some of our TV commercials.

--M. Hupy
Attorney Michael F. Hupy
Hupy and Abraham, S.C.
111 E. Kilbourn Avenue, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Main: (414) 223-4800 Fax: (414) 271-3374

Tony and Vickie are in Sturgis someplace.
Tony and Vickie are in Sturgis someplace.


Welcome to visit our booth Agora Hall, Stand A23,at there, and pls kindly look at the attached invitations.

Any questions pls feel free to let me know.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Thanks & Best regards


Automechanika Frankfurt 2012 on Sep.11-16th, Agora Hall, Booth A23.
TEL: +86-532-88801607, 88802080; MP: +86-13864803219
FAX: +86-532-88802033



Check out the Renegade 30-inch front wheel, one of a kind Hawg Halter triple trees, S&S Cycle's 111-cubic-inch, show polished motor, the JIMS 6-speed transmission nestled in a one-off Rolling Thunder frame, and your bike is gonna kick some serious customized ass. On top of that, Paul Yaffe has a couple of surprises up his wizard-like sleeves in the fabrication department. Soon you will be gazing at the finished Grand Prize in the $100,000.00 Sweepstakes sponsored by Dennis Kirk.

You can't win if you do not enter! Enter today and win! Just click on the link below. Other prizes include a brand new Harley-Davidson from Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley Davidson, a set of custom wheels, rotors, pulley and brake calipers from Performance valued at $5,000.00, 2 Vance & Hines exhaust Systems valued at $1,000.00 each, 3 Hawg Wired stereo systems & accessories valued at $1,000.00 each, 10 Saddlemen seats valued at $500.00 each, 200 Star Tron fuel stabilizers valued at $10.00 each, & more!

NEW AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE EXPO HEADS TO ORLANDO IN 2013-- It works out very good for staffing for us, for Biketoberfest we do event sponsorship and no booth. I’ll have two reps in Orlando at the Expo, and I’ll do Daytona. Overall I think our costs will be greatly reduced and we’ll be in front of dealers who normally don’t make the trip to V-Twin or Indy….. plus consumer days should be good.

Stats so far show Sturgis up 15 -20%, I think that’s accurate. Weather has been hot and dry with just a few T-storms.

--Rollin Karoll
Vice President of Sales
Spectro Oils
993 Federal Rd
Brookfield, CT 06804


Emmy-Winning Stunt Coordinator, Peewee Piemonte Receives 2nd Nomination For Outstanding Stunt Coordination For TNT's Hit Show "SouthLAnd"--  LOS ANGELES (August 7, 2012) - The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced this week that 2011 Emmy Winner, Peewee Piemonte has been nominated for a second time for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for TNT's hit show, SouthLAnd.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees Thursday morning, presented by Kerry Washington of "Scandal" and Jimmy Kimmel, who is hosting the Emmys in September and received a nomination in the variety series category. The list includes many of last year's nominees, including "Mad Men," which has taken the drama series Emmy for four consecutive years, and "Modern Family," which has won twice for comedy series. Peewee is also Stunt Coordinator for the new show, "The Newsroom".

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 64th Primetime Emmy Award Nominations announcementwas presented on Thursday morning, July 19 in North Hollywood by Bruce Rosenblum and Jimmy Kimmel.

Partners help each other undress before sex.
However after sex, they always dress on their own.
Moral of the story: In life, no one helps you once you're screwed.

When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch the stomach and saying "congrats".
But, none of them come and touch the man's penis and say "Good job".
Moral of the story: "Hard work is never appreciated.

1. Money cannot buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than on a bicycle.
2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the asshole’s name.
3. If you help someone when they're in trouble, they will remember you when they're in trouble again.
4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.

THERE YOU HAVE IT … and remember, life is good!

--from Dave Clancy

This shot was take prior to lowering. We blacked out the trim, installed mags and black wall tires.
This shot was take prior to lowering. We blacked out the trim, installed mags and black wall tires.


BIKERNET HEARSE FOR SALE—1994 Buick Roadmaster Hearse for sale. Trim blacked out. Hearse interior replaced with station wagon leather interior. Vehicle is lowered slightly, has custom wheels, new tires, new shocks all around, adjustable air shocks in rear. Trailer hitch ready. New Kenwood sound system installed, and serviced regularly. 42,388 miles. Just $6,800

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Reader Comments

Found the article on motion blindness to be very beneficial. Will definately keep this in mind while driving or riding. Thanks. L&R

Lawrence Rodhouse
Pleasant Hill, IL
Friday, August 10, 2012
Editor Response Interesting huh? I'm all for education over rules.
I have a sharp enclosed 16 maybe 18 ft trailer. It is a Santek, smooth side that was built a few inches taller than the norm for my 6 ft plus self and I am sure you could appreciate it too. Work bench, tool boxes, cabinets.

Here is the catch, I still have a dragbike in it, along with the starter cart, weather station, pit bike, (honda 50.) But I would make a killer deal on the whole lot, lots of nice parts on the dragbike that would work nice on Bonneville stuff.

robert warren
orange, CA
Friday, August 10, 2012
Editor Response We will run Roberts rig in the Sunday Post and the Thursday News next week 8-16-12. Ya never know. Wish we had the space for it.

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