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Hang On for the Wild Reports

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Laura, Bob T., Sam Burns, Jim Waggaman, the Redhead, Fred Harrell, and the whole gang...

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I’ve been an outspoken outlaw all my life.
More than once, I’ve quit a great job because I didn’t like the direction of the ship. I jumped ship into a paddleboat and made my way into the future.

Well, I’m still here and fighting the system for a better, respectful and free future.

Let’s hit the news. It’s going to be good.

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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There are a couple of gas stations that have started selling ethanol free fuel, yeah! However, it's only 87 octane. I have a shovel and an Evo. Should I continue to use the crap gas or is the lower octane okay? What about an octane booster?

Thank you, Soda

"Here's the deal as far as I know. Ethanol contains water, so if it comes in contact with metal, it will rust or in the case of brass build scum and block jets.

I would suggest running non-ethanol fuel. Sure, you can give your motor a shot of octane booster, or antique guys always use Marvel Mystery Oil.

Here’s a piece of a piece about the Ethanol Industry:

Ethanol: A Dumb Idea or A Crime — Or Both?

by Gregory Wrightstone

Expanded use of ethanol — enabled by President Biden’s lifting a summertime ban on fuels with a 15 percent blend — is a poor answer to high gasoline prices and a refusal to recognize the failures of the corn-based fuel additive. Reuters described the president’s action a win for the corn lobby, but all others appear to be losers.

Shortcomings of ethanol as an alternative to gasoline have been reported continually since at least 2007 when the U.S. government expanded its requirement that distributors blend ethanol with fuels to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The additive also has been touted as a way to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

“There is a great danger for the right to food by the development of biofuels,” U.N. human rights advocate Jean Ziegler said at the time. “It (the price) will be paid perhaps by hundreds of thousands of people who will die from hunger,” A year later he called the diversion of food crops to fuel production a “crime against humanity.”

Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.
Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.


We are at two shows this week - Ocean City Bikefest and Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest.

David has the gallery at Ozark Harley-Davidson and I'm at the convention center here in Ocean City, Maryland. If you're attending either of these, please stop in and say hello! You'll see his new Sturgis and 120th anniversary Harley pieces, among others.

Our production department continues to ship the many orders we had from Sturgis and we'll let you know when yours is on the way.

Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest Commemorative

These Fine Art prints will come framed and will include a Certificate of Authenticity and a special commemorative nameplate. David Uhl will hand-sign and number each piece.

** Image size 18 x 24,$725 framed

** Image size 24 x 32, $1,450 framed

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

-- Greg
David Uhl Fine Art

Click to see the studio.
Click to see the studio.

BOB OF THE WEEK—Slab by Luck Motorcycles.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

The Cantina is packed with weird shit, including J.J.'s Burma Shave slogans, books, girls, and the Cantina series. Join, if you would and support all of Bikernet's content.
The Cantina is packed with weird shit, including J.J.'s Burma Shave slogans, books, girls, and the Cantina series. Join, if you would and support all of Bikernet's content.

MIKUNI CARBS FROM AMERICAN PRIME-- Genuine Mikuni Parts, Carburetors & Kits

Now available at your Carburetor Super Supplier... APM!

Click for Action!
Click for Action!


“You always reap what you sow; there is no shortcut.” – Stephen Covey

Thirty-nine years ago, at the first national gathering of motorcyclists’ rights activists in nearly ten years, we met searching for common ground. Metaphorically, the field was a cheap motel in St. Louis, Missouri, and we were not there to plant anything.

The MRF listens, makes a difference, and moves forward at the direction of members, SMRO and motorcycle club partners to protect the future of motorcycling. This year’s Meeting of the Minds features sixteen workshops and ten new presenters, plus a host of new topics added to the mix!

The success of this year’s Bikers Inside the Beltway was a result of what is taught at the Meeting of the Minds. Keeping our members and partner SMROs and motorcycle clubs informed and on point is what makes the Motorcycle Riders Foundation the nation’s leading motorcyclists’ rights advocacy group for on-street motorcyclists.

The Meeting of the Minds – September 21-24, Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111. Call 717-939-7841 and mention Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2023 Meeting of the Minds

Thank you for your support of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Minds.

Yours in Freedom,

--Fredric Harrell
MRF Director of Conferences & Events


Cubensis and the Grateful Dead Concert Experience "Celebrating 35 Years"

Now Booking 2024 Dates

The Los Angeles-based group has carried the torch in celebration of one of America’s most beloved touring bands. CUBENSIS brings the original, organic Grateful Dead concert experience back to life. Drawing from all eras of the Dead, the band performs improvised sets of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band classics that retain all the spontaneous exploratory jamming for which the bands were renowned. However, the music produced is uniquely Cubensis.

Now celebrating their 35th anniversary, CUBENSIS has been privileged to be joined on stage by numerous rock superstars, including Chris Robinson and Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Warren Haynes (Phil & Friends, Allman Bros.), John Molo (Phil & Friends), and both Vince Welnick and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, as well as Melvin Seals of the Jerry Garcia Band.


I would like to personally thank all of the customers who supported the National Motorcycle Museum over the 22 years. This is a bitter sweet end to the Museum. Thank you to the supporters who loaned motorcycles and memorabilia over the years for us to display.

Thank you to all of the Mecum customers who purchased motorcycles and memorabilia during the auction.

I hope that you all enjoy them with the same passion that John Parham had in his life. I especially need to thank all of the employees of the Museum, they put their heart and soul into the Museum along with me, especially these last few months.

It has been quite a ride! Just remember, Keep the World on Two Wheels forever!

Jill Parham,
Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Motorcycle Museum.


"Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Liberty Safe, which describes itself as “America’s #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer,” has come under fire after a report revealed that its parent company has donated almost half a million dollars to pro-gun control Democratic officials.

On Wednesday, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk shared FEC filings on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that show Liberty Safe’s parent company, Monomoy Capital Partners, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats.

“I pulled the FEC reports on the company and found approximately $400,000 over the last 10 cycles of max donations to Democrats,” Kirk wrote.

--Carson Choate
Western Journal


--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™


California: Anti-Gun Bills Eligible for Floor Votes as the Legislature Enters the Final Two Weeks of Session

Friday was the deadline for the Appropriations Committees of both chambers to finish passing bills from the suspense file to make them eligible for the floor. Most anti-gun bills have advanced, with some amendments, making them eligible for floor votes at any time.

Additionally, last week, the Senate Public Safety Committee also passed Senate Joint Resolution 7, and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee passed Assembly Bill 135. These are also eligible for votes on the floor. It's important that you contact your legislators and urge their opposition to the many anti-gun bills that could come up for a vote.

Please go to the NRA web site to take action

Eligible for the Senate floor:

Assembly Bill 28 places an excise tax of 11% on the sales price of all firearms, firearm precursor parts, and ammunition. These taxes are to be collected from California retailers and placed in a newly created “gun violence” fund for appropriation by the state legislature. It is unjust to saddle law-abiding gun owners with special taxes. Such a measure makes it more expensive for law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutional right and discourages them from practicing to be safe and proficient with their firearms for purposes such as self-defense, competition, and hunting.

Assembly Bill 574 requires gun owners, when filling out the Dealer Record of Sale, to affirm that they have checked and confirmed possession of every firearm they own or possess within the past 30 days. This requirement runs contrary to the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and is an additional burden for gun owners, especially those with firearms stored in multiple residences or in safe deposit boxes, that can make them ineligible to purchase another firearm until they visit all of those locations.

Assembly Bill 732 goes above and beyond federal law in its requirement for individuals to relinquish their firearms upon conviction of a prohibiting offense. In addition, it creates a verification and enforcement procedure that can potentially violate the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Assembly Bill 733 prohibits state and local government entities from selling off surplus firearms, ammunition, and body armor. This prevents them from being good stewards of taxpayer money and prevents the public from buying these taxpayer funded items, which are lawful to own.

Assembly Bill 1089 expands California’s ban on private citizens, and non-professional users, making firearms with CNC milling machines, or possessing CNC milling machines that have the “primary” or “intended” function of manufacturing firearms, to also include 3D printers. This is simply another scheme to harass law-abiding hobbyists by preventing them from using modern manufacturing techniques for otherwise lawful purposes.

Assembly Bill 1420 broadens the grounds for firearm dealer inspections and punitive measures for technical violations. In addition, it requires that prospective firearm purchasers and recipients list their email address on the DROS forms.

Assembly Bill 1587 requires that credit card issuers use specified Merchant Category Codes to designate firearm and ammunition retailers.

Senate Joint Resolution 7 calls for a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, in order to spread California-style gun control schemes nationwide.

Assembly Bill 135 allows the Attorney General to unilaterally increase the fee to conduct ammunition eligibility checks. It repeals the language in existing law specifying that increases are not to exceed “the increase in the California Consumer Price Index.”

Eligible for the Assembly floor:

Senate Bill 2, among other things, creates new subjective criteria for the issuance of carry permits to allow authorities to arbitrarily deny applicants, restricts permit holders to carry only handguns registered to themselves, increases the requirements to apply for a permit, and increases “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless.

Senate Bill 241 mandates that licensed firearm dealers and their employees complete an annual training program that the Department of Justice is to create.

Senate Bill 368 mandates that licensed firearm dealers offer the service of storing firearms for safekeeping, prohibits firearm dealers from offering items in games of chance (such as by raffles), and expands prohibited persons categories for certain misdemeanor crimes.

Senate Bill 452, as amended, sets forth the process to prohibit non-microstamped semi-automatic pistols from being sold through licensed dealers if the Department of Justice determines the technology is viable and available by 2028. In addition, it also prohibits replacing a microstamping component on such a handgun, unless it is replaced with another “valid” microstamping component. In recent weeks, a federal court struck down the microstamping requirement, as well as other required features for handgun models to be placed on the California handgun roster. While the attorney general has appealed the decision, he did not appeal the microstamping requirement. To read more about California's microstamping law, please check the NRA web site.?

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE these bills.

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