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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition


Staying True to the Code of the West and Supporting Freedom Forever

By Bandit,Wayfarer, Rogue, Sam, Barry Green, Mark Lonsdale, Andy, Laura, the Redhead and the rest of the crew

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Life is so interesting, challenging, foreboding and sometimes fucked.
But what the hell, each day is an adventure of sorts. It’s all about your attitude towards every aspect. This week isn’t over, and I need to conquer a couple of elements.

The Nissan Van I bought is cool. I’ve been trying to get it lowered since I got it. After months of research I may have found the resource to a kit, yesterday, by accident.

We are still struggling with the wrist restraints for the Salt Torpedo. They need to be quick release. RJS racing equipment held us up time after time, and then said they don’t make wrist restraints. I shifted to Shrouds, who are very helpful, and I ordered a set from them, but now can’t figure out how to attach them or how to get out of them without burning daylight. Shrouds is trying to help.

When I went down to the shop to shoot these, I may have discovered out to make the puzzle work.

Over the weekend I hope to get very close to finishing the firewall and making a small hatch, so we can reach inside the body to turn the petcock on. Micah will be able to turn it off from inside his driver compartment.

I’m on the search for a trailer. Talk about daunting and expensive. It’s a challenge, but I know something perfect will surface.

There’s way more to this non-stop picture, but let’s hit the news. It’s exciting this week.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Click for Quick Action.
Click for Quick Action.

Ruins of Finkenstein Castle
(Watercolor paper prints of this one also available at $200 unframed)
Ruins of Finkenstein Castle (Watercolor paper prints of this one also available at $200 unframed)

NEWS FROM THE MASTER, Artist David Uhl --As you may know, David and I recently returned from Austria where his gallery was featured with Harley-Davidson at European Bike Week. A very enthusiast crowd visited us while there!

For this event, David did several watercolor pieces featuring Bill Davidson who was in attendance as well. Each of these features a flavor of the area where the event is held and is a hand-embellished watercolor (he had lots of time at the show and on airplanes!). Each one measures 20x16, but will be substantially bigger once matted and framed. Each is priced at $2,500 framed.

If you'd like to reserve one, simply respond to this email or call me at 303-913-4840.

Thanks and have a great week!

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director

Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO 80401

BONNEVILLE RACERS NEED YOUR SUPPORT—Dennis Manning and Valerie Thompson are looking for sponsors so they can make some amazing runs with the rebuilt number 7 Streamliner. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dennis or Valerie on facebook.

The Salt Torpedo could also use Sponsors as we roll to El Mirage for our first speed runs in November, and then back to Bonneville next year.

Click to become a sponsor!
Click to become a sponsor!

Indiana bikers stop at lemonade stand of little girl whose mother helped save them during crash--Daryn Sturch and her young daughter, Bryanne, pulled up on an accident involving multiple motorcycles on State Road 19 near Denver, Indiana.

"I'm a nurse and saw several motorcycles were involved," she said. "I told my daughter I need to help and ran up to assist."

Sturch said several of the bikers were airlifted from the scene that day, but luckily they all survived.

"I learned later that the victims were affiliated with a group called Miwaukee Iron," she said. "They all reached out to me and thanked me."

Fast forward to September 2019. Sturch's little girl was having a lemonade stand and that same group of bikers couldn't resist stopping by for a cool glass to drink.

"They came through and made her day," she said. "She was so happy."

Not only did they make the little girl's day, but Sturch says some of the bikers who showed up to her home were the same ones she stopped to assist last September.

"I feared for his life," Sturch said. "This was the first time I've seen him since that day."

"Not only did they make my daughter's lemonade stand unforgettable, but reuniting with these people and seeing how well they are doing was such a fantastic surprise!"

By Katie Cox RTV6 Indianapolis

ZERO MOTORCYCLES CONTINUES PUSH FOR UNCHARTED ADVENTURES WITH NEW 2020 LINE OF MOTORCYCLES--The company redefining the electric motorcycle market is pushing for new adventures by launching the Black Forest DSR global model as part of the revamped 2020 base-model line.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, is adding more depth to its lineup following the release of the transformational 2020 SR/F earlier this year. Adding to the fast-growing dual sport category, the company is reintroducing the popular EU Black Forest DSR Adventure Bike as an all-new Global model for 2020. The 2020 Black Forest DSR joins the remaining 2020 model lineup, which all enjoy refreshed colors, graphics and the power and precision of the Cypher II and Cypher III operating systems.

Complementing the powerful Cypher operating systems, every 2020 Zero Motorcycle will possess an updated Next Gen App that provides effortless connection to a motorcycle’s custom ride modes, charging status, updates and diagnostics.

“With the year-over-year growth of fast charge stations around the United States, riding has become more accessible than ever,” said Sam Paschel, CEO. “The 2020 line ensures riders can experience their adventures and push for new places with the effortless experience of taking their motorcycle wherever they would like to go.”


Deriving from the undisputed champion of this category, the DSR 14.4 kWh, the DSR Black Forest Edition enters the U.S. market as the pinnacle dual sport motorcycle in the Zero 2020 lineup. Arriving with a history of riding success overseas, Zero now brings this EU favorite to the U.S. equipped with three lockable cases for ample storage, accessory bars, hand guards and a protective headlamp cover for added protection for the rider and bike. The DSR Black Forest Edition retails for $18,995 and is available with various Zero Motorcycles accessories and upgrades for riders to continue to push the boundaries of the dual sport category.

Additionally, the advance of Zero Motorcycles technology at the top of the spectrum allows for the 2020 DS model to now be available with the 7.2 kWh battery for $10,995. The 2020 DS will sport new colors and graphics in the Mojave colorway and will carry more adventure essentials with its increased on-board storage, making it the ideal option for riders looking to begin their electric dual sport riding.

The 2020 DSR will be available in new colors and graphics styling in black and gold along with an exclusive 14.4 kWh power pack for a price at $15,495.

For narrow paths and quicker maneuvers, the light and nimble 2020 Zero FX is also updated with new graphics in the Dune colorway and starts at $8,995. Zero’s focus on technology and affordability makes the 2020 Zero Motorcycles model line the most accessible and capable way to enjoy adventure riding.


The effortlessly powerful street line receives a similar boost in value with the SR being equipped with a 14.4 kWh Power Pack for $15,495. The 2020 SR is compatible with either a Charge Tank or Power Tank and, when equipped with the Power Tank, the SR is the longest-range motorcycle available in the 2020 line. Ideal for the first-time rider looking for an entry-level street motorcycle, the S comes exclusively with a 7.2kWh battery for only $10,995. Not to be overlooked, the FXS also has a new look in Slate colorway and will be available starting at $8,995.

All 2020 Zero Motorcycles models are available at any one of the hundreds of dealerships across North America and Europe and are shipping right now from the company’s California factory offices.


How many coal plants are there in the world today? Green New Deal???

The EU has 468 - building 27 more... Total

has 56 - building 93 more... Total 149

Africa has 79 - building 24 more... Total 103

has 589 - building 446 more... Total 1036

has 19 - building 60 more... Total 79

Korea has 58 - building 26 more... Total 84

has 90 - building 45 more… Total 135

China has 2,363 - building 1,171 more... Total 3,534

That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries.

USA has 15 - building 0 more...Total 15

And Democrat politicians with their "green new deal” want to shut down those 15 plants in order to "save” the planet.

Because you could not get many Republicans off the sofa last November, the Socialist party now runs the U.S. House Of Representatives.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

-- from Mr. Wonderful

I tried to confirm these facts. I found a site that also listed them and went on Snopes, but didn’t see anything. I did just receive a report regarding China and new coal powerplants, so that’s confirmed.—Bandit

THE BAD SHIT FILE WAS FOUND OPEN-- Deputies: Couple had sex in patrol car after arrest

FERNANDINA BEACH – Authorities said a man and a woman who were stopped for drunken bicycling in a Florida beach town had sex in a deputy’s patrol car before one of them fled naked.

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office deputies last Friday arrested Aaron Thomas and Megan Mondanaro. Both face charges of resisting arrest with violence, committing a lascivious act and exposing sexual organs.
The Florida Times-Union reported a deputy was patrolling Fernandina Beach when he spotted the bicyclists almost get hit by a car.

An arrest report said that after they were put into the squad car to await being taken to jail, they took off their clothes and started having sex. A naked Thomas was removed from the cruiser but fled. He was later captured.

Court records showed no attorneys for them.

Miami swingers club owes models $892K for using images

MIAMI – A Miami swingers club must pay 32 models a combined $892,500 for using their images without permission.

The Miami Herald reported a jury agreed Monday on the payment, which totals much less than the models’ desired $5.3 million.
Miami Velvet caters to couples who share partners and have group sex.

The women filed suit in 2015 after advertisements featuring their photos appeared alongside explicit images on Miami Velvet’s website, leading people to believe that the models endorsed the club.
A judge ruled in favor of the women in 2017, saying the club was liable for false advertising. This month’s trial was held to determine damages.

The club’s lawyer acknowledged his clients were responsible for stealing the images but said the models were asking for too much money.

--from Rogue

NEWS FROM THE NEW EASYRIDERS SHAKY SHACK—According to our inside source, the new issue of TATTOO Magazine will arrive in November, but it will likely be the last. There’s been some wrangling over content.

Easyriders Magazine was shut down and the shows and rodeos have been canceled. We offered to call them Bandit’s Rodeos and Bandit’s Bike Shows in the future.

Billy Tinney, the former Editor of Tattoo Magazine was contracted to produce a piece for the new Choppers Magazine, but the second issue may only be published online for now.

We will keep you posted.



Female Motorcyclists Embark on 12-Month Ride Around the World;
Tour the United States September 25 Through October 12

MEDINA, MN (September 17, 2019) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its support for the Women Riders World Relay, a world-wide motorcycle tour exclusively for women that strives to ignite a global sisterhood to inspire unity and passion across cultures worldwide.

Motorcycle ownership among women has steadily increased in the United States. In 2009 only 10% of motorcycle owners were women, while a 2018 survey from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) reports that number has climbed to 19% over the last 10 years.

The global relay enters the United States on September 25 through Calais, Maine. Guardians of the baton will ride a total of 18 legs spanning 18 days before passing the baton into Mexico out of Laredo, Texas on October 12.

During the tour, the Women Riders World Relay will stop at historic motorcycle landmarks including the Wood Museum of Springfield History which is home to the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle and the Indian Motorcycle Collection in Springfield, Massachusetts; The AMA Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio; the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa; and a day of dirt riding with the Colorado GS Girls.

“No matter gender, race, or religion, riding around the world is an incredible feat, and we’re proud to be support these female riders who enjoy the escape, the freedom and the comradery you get when riding motorcycles,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle “When we first learned about the Women Riders World Relay, we wanted to help in any way possible, as our core values aligns with theirs. We are proud to welcome and support our women riders and hope to inspire courage, unity and pride for generations to come.”

Women Riders World Relay was founded by UK motorcycle enthusiast Hayley Bell to shine a light on a widely overlooked segment of riders. The global ride made its very first debut on February 26 and will conclude in the United Arab Emirates in February of 2020. Hayley, among other female riders, help pave the way for the growing landscape of women riders through inspiring events such as the Women Riders World Relay.

Ride leaders of the Women Riders World Relay will be riding Indian Motorcycle Chieftain and Roadmaster motorcycles, bikes that offer modern, streamlined designs, technology, multiple ride modes, and comfortable riding position appeal to female riders of all skill levels.

For a complete look at the global ride route visit Women Riders World Relay. To learn more or to follow along, follow Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To learn more, please visit

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No news from EASYRIDERS on refunds for un filled paid for subscriptions?

mike pullin
charlotte, nc
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Editor Response Hey Mike,

I'm working on it.
Mighty fine read. Super well balanced Bikernet News. Thanks.

Friday, September 20, 2019
Editor Response Appreciate it. The Chopper lifestyle and the fight for freedom is never dull.

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