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Monday Edition

S&S cams for Touring models with M-8 engines

By Bandit

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S&S bolt-in cams for Touring models with M-8 engines are compatible with all stock valve train components and can “improve power and peace of mind,” according to Motorcycle Storehouse. The S&S 465 cam is available in chain drive and gear drive versions. Both provide a substantial increase in performance. The gear drive 465G and the stock spec gear drive 350G cam provides improved valve timing accuracy and reliability by eliminating the cam drive chain and tensioner.

The camshaft and gear kit seen here includes camshaft, drive gear and driven gear on camshaft, all required bearings, O-rings and hardware. The 350G bolt-in stock grind for 107" M-8 engines eliminates the stock chain drive; the 465G bolt-in also increases torque and horsepower.

The 465C M-8 bolt-in chain driven camshaft kit also boosts torque and horsepower; this includes all required bearings, O-rings and hardware.
Available for chain or gear drive camshafts, the cam drive installation support kit can be used when changing cams – it includes camshaft cover gasket, O-rings and an inner bearing.

S&S Quickee pushrods for 2017 Touring models
Motorcycle Storehouse say S&S Quickee pushrods for 2017 Touring models with M-8 engines “make cam changes a snap”! 

By using a bolt cutter to cut the stock pushrods out of the engine, the money saved in labor by not having to disassemble rocker covers and coolant lines to remove them more than makes up for the cost of the Quickees – effectively making for a minimal cost an upgrade to super strong and adjustable pushrods that are more reliable and versatile; their chromoly steel construction reduces pushrod flex. Compatible with all cams and tappets and available as pushrods only or pushrods with covers.



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