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Give Thanks and Fight for Freedom

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bob T., Berry Green, Rogue, Sam Burns, the Redhead, Jim Waggaman, Laura, RFR and the rest of the gang.

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It’s Thanksgiving again and wow, what a year. It’s hard to give thanks to our politicians, but there’s always family and friends.
I want to give thanks to all the riders all over the country who come to Bikernet. I want to give thanks to all the brothers and sisters who help contribute or help with the production and content in Bikernet. We have almost 27 years of content built into one stinking website. 
I want to give thanks to all the girls I’ve loved before, and my family who seem to have found their creative path to success and happiness in a troubled world. 
The human spirit is amazing. We can find happiness, peace and Nirvana under any conditions. Check this quote below. Did you know the British began control of India in 1757 and took complete control from the people of India in 1858 until 1947. Incredible. 
Quote from a movie about the British conflict in India:
The Spirit that fights for freedom never dies.

Give thanks to everything including metalflake paint and flames…
Let’s hit the news:
The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. 
THE GREATEST RACE IS BACK--That's right, the greatest race on earth is back for 2023!! 
When: Friday, February 17th, 2023
Where: The Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee Wi
Come experience a family-friendly event - all ages are welcome.

250 motorcycle racers from all over the world will put on a show for you on an indoor flat track racing on Dr. Pepper-soaked concrete floor!!
Mark your calendars and don't miss us this year.

SGT Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time T-shirt. Available worldwide. SUPPORTGOODTIMES.COM
For good times click...
For good times click...

NEWS DIRECTLY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE--White House proposes blocking sunlight to fight global warming
The White House recently announced that it was funding a five-year research plan for a controversial proposal to fight climate change by geoengineering — i.e., technologies and processes that can be used to artificially modify the Earth's climate.
This research would be dedicated specifically to a form of geoengineering known as "solar radiation management," which involves spraying fine aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.  The hope is that, once the sunlight is reflected, less heat will be generated, and ergo temperatures will go down.  Presto: actual anthropogenic climate change!  A global SPF 100, as it were!
The research reportedly will attempt to model how solar radiation management might impact the atmosphere, as well as assess its viability as a potential technique to be employed to "manage near-term climate risk."
They're hoping to fight the scourge of climate change by blindly trying to change the climate?  What is it with Democrats?  They're also fighting racism with racial quotas and making race the primary consideration in, well, everything.  That's working well, isn't it?  Next, they'll propose fighting drug abuse by giving out free needles and crack pipes.  Oh wait, they're already doing that.  Why haven't they yet suggested we combat STDs by having indiscriminate sex with as many other people as possible?
Now they're going to "cancel" the sun, without which life on Earth would be impossible?  What could go wrong?!
See more at
We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.
We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.

"Arm yourself with the facts. Order this book quick."
AND THERE’S MORE--With the movement towards a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030, many companies are being mindful of CO2 emissions.
That’s one reason why UK modelmaker Evie Bee turned to Garnica when creating The ElectraPly, an environment-friendly e-bike made from sustainable plywood. Evie Bee specializes in traditional woodworking and was inspired by the iconic Yamaha SR250, a scrambler bike (a lightweight bike specially designed for off-road motorcycling) when designing her modern rendition.
She wanted to construct a version as close to the look of the Yamaha as possible while being mindful of the environment. With raw materials sourced from Garnica, a leader in sustainable plantation-grown plywood from Europe, The ElectraPly was created. Garnica’s poplar plywood is an ideal choice for any transportation designs and builds as it is cost-effective and lightweight with superior strength.
If you think a bike created out of sustainable plywood is flimsy, think again! Get ready to see The ElectraPly in action roads near you.
Why sustainable plywood is ideal for any design application, including transportation.
The strength and durability of sustainable plywood.
Multi-purpose plywood designs that are both eco-friendly and cost-efficient.
Zenergy Communications

36-Years-Owned 1955 Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide
This 1955 Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide was acquired by actor Dan Aykroyd in 1984 and was gifted in January 1986 to its current owner, award-winning composer Howard Shore, in appreciation for his suggestion to Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi to name themselves “The Blues Brothers.” 
The bike is powered by a 74ci Panhead V-twin paired with a hand-shifted four-speed transmission and is finished in blue and cream.
Features include a sprung solo saddle, a Hydra Glide fork, 16″ wire-spoke wheels, engine and rear guards, valanced fenders, rubber-lined footboards, a dual chrome exhaust system, and both rear and side stands. The bike has remained on display during Shore’s ownership and recommissioning work in preparation for the sale reportedly included draining the fuel system, changing the oil, and replacing the spark plugs, fuel lines, air filter, and ignition points. This FL Panhead is offered by the seller on behalf of its current owner with transferable New York registration in the owner’s name.
The fuel tank and valanced fenders are finished in blue and cream paint over a black rigid frame. Brightwork includes chrome side panels, engine and rear guards, front fender trim, and the headdress. 
Additional equipment includes a headlight, a taillight, passing lamps, rider footboards, both rear and side stands, and a sprung Buddy Seat with a chrome handrail. Corrosion is noted on the hardware as are chips and fading in the paint and pitting on the brightwork. Photos of paint depth readings are provided in the gallery.
See more at
FOR VETERANS THIS JUST IN--On October 17, the president signed into law S. 1198, the Solid Start Act (Public Law 117-205), which permanently authorizes and expands the Solid Start program, a VA outreach program for veterans in their first year of separation from the military. The law specifically requires the VA to coordinate with the Department of Defense to prioritize outreach to veterans who have accessed mental health resources prior to separation from the Armed Forces.
Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be stressful and navigating the VA health care and benefits systems can be difficult. The Solid Start program has proven to be effective in assisting those separating from service and providing valuable outreach. In fiscal year 2021, the VA’s Solid Start reached out to over 32,000 veterans who had mental health treatment prior to separation and successfully contacted over 24,000 transitioning service members.
DAV provided testimony and support for this legislation in accordance with 2021-2022 DAV Res. No. 128, which calls on Congress to monitor and improve services for transitioning service members. To view the Solid Start Act (P.L. 117-205), click here.

And there it is… the last air-cooled sportster that will ever roll out of the H-D assembly plant. Signed by all the factory workers that helped build it.

The last Evolution-powered Sportster model rolled off the production line on October 14. 
In nearly four decades, 1.4 million Sportsters powered by the Evolution engine were produced, ridden, wrenched on, and raced by owners and enthusiasts around the world. 
With an exceptional riding experience, technical features, and continuing the tradition of customization and personalization, the Revolution Max powered Sportster S and Nightster return the Sportster platform to its sport roots with innovation and thrilling performance – with more yet to come. 
Senior Editor™
Wimmer Custom Cycle’s Single Tube Billet Oil Cooler offers a practical and attractive solution for maintaining both engine life and performance. The unique design offers sixty square inches of surface area which allows the deep grooved heat sinks to dissipate maximum heat. 
Inside the oil cooler features an internal baffle which provides even oil circulation throughout allowing the entire oil cooler to be utilized. 
Each oil cooler is provided with standard 3/8” ID oil line fittings, one straight and one 90 degree fitting. Pair of double pinch frame clamps allows for secure mounting to the front down tube and are available in various sizes ranging from one inch all the way up to and including two inches. 
The single tube billet oil coolers are available in four different finishes: show chrome, show polish, black with polished fins, or all black. Great looks with superior performance will keep your motorcycle running cool!
To learn more send us a message, or call us at (866) HOT CYCLE.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM WINDVEST--We want to take a special moment to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a customer and friend.
NEWS FROM THE LICHTER FOUNDATION—Mike and his son Shawn covered the Lone Star Rally recently. Mike said the above shot was one of those perfect happenstance occurrences. Amazing.
His son is shooting more and more and this was an excellent riding shot. 
Mike also caught my granddaughter at Born Free Texas recently. He’s constantly on the go and so is she. He said he has a golf cart shot of me from the Smoke Out about 15 years ago.
JACK DANIELS WHISKEY DISPUTE--I am a Jack Daniels Drinker and would like to know what you think about this court case. Justices asked to hear Jack Daniel’s dog toy dispute
WASHINGTON – The company that makes Jack Daniel’s whiskey is howling mad over a squeaking dog toy that parodies the company’s signature bottle. The liquor company has asked the Supreme Court to hear its case against the manufacturer of the plastic Bad Spaniels toy. 
The high court could say as soon as Monday whether the justices will agree. A number of major companies, from the makers of Campbell Soup to outdoor brand Patagonia and jeans maker Levi Strauss, have urged the justices to take what they say is an important case for trademark law.
The toy at the center of the case mimics the square shape of Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle as well as its black-and-white label and amber-colored liquor while adding what it calls 'poop humor.' 
While the original bottle has the words 'Old No. 7 brand' and 'Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey,' the parody proclaims: 'The Old No. 2 on Your Tennessee Carpet.' Instead of the original’s note that it is 40% alcohol by volume, the parody says it’s '43% Poo by Vol.' and '100% Smelly.'
The back of the toy, which retails for about $13 to $20, says in small font 'this product is not affiliated with Jack Daniel Distillery.'
The toy’s maker says Jack Daniel’s can’t take a joke. 'It is ironic that America’s leading distiller of whiskey both lacks a sense of humor and does not recognize when it – and everyone else – has had enough,' lawyers for Arizona-based VIP Products wrote the high court. They told the justices that Jack Daniel’s has 'waged war' against the company for 'having the temerity to produce a pun-filled parody' of its bottle.
But Jack Daniel’s lead attorney, Lisa Blatt, made no bones about the company’s position in her filing.
'To be sure, everyone likes a good joke. But VIP’s profit-motivated ‘joke’ confuses consumers by taking advantage of Jack Daniel’s hard-earned goodwill,' she wrote for the Louisville, Kentucky-based Brown-Forman Corp., Jack Daniel’s parent company.
Blatt wrote that a lower court decision provides 'near-blanket protection' to humorous trademark infringement. And she said it has 'broad and dangerous consequences,' pointing to children who were hospitalized after eating marijuana-infused products that mimicked candy packaging.
The toy is part of a line of VIP Products called Silly Squeakers that mimic liquor, beer, wine and soda bottles.
The case is Jack Daniel’s Properties Inc. v. VIP Products LLC, 22-148.
Here are the comments so far:
John Blaze Erlandson
Like Harley suing people for using the “bar and shield”
Don Arrigo
Companies spend a lot of money branding and marketing their products! They have every right to protect what is theirs!
Don Jones
Agree or disagree... that's a fact. Years ago Disney forced many businesses in Florida to remove trademark likenesses... same grounds. Your business can be severely damaged by no cause or association with a business due to perception of its trademark display as deemed association by a consumer.
Michael Hupy
The more times people see the toy the more they are reminded of Jack Daniels. Free advertising
--from Rogue
TEXAS WEATHER REPORT--She’s not even warmed up. Been trying to fire her since last week, a few quirks along the way.  Whether one believes the story of my girls or not, they are amazing mechanics!  
They began pushing me two weekends ago on Friday night. I’m telling them the stuff I need to pick up the next morning like lower pushrod O-rings to at least get them adjusted, and then I mentioned intake and I’m reminded to look in the giant orange Snap-On top box marked “Intake”.  
Thought I had put everything in the black cart when I began the back-together process.  Anyway, there’s also two S&S intake O-rings, but no new rebuild kit. So I asked them, “We gonna try the carb that’s sat since 2020 and see what happens?”  They pointed out what was wrong this last Saturday night, why it wouldn’t not fire off.  I checked the schematic Sunday morning after church, removed the wire in question and she fired right off like she normally does!
I let it cool, rolled it outside to start her again!  She set off the carbon monoxide detector in the garage, being chocked as she was initially.  Greg at MC keeps telling me, “It’s my bike now.” She will eventually get the kicker put on and maybe a jockey shift? Never seen a picture yet of one on a FLH with the starter.
I’ll have to send you the Tale of Two Sets of Heads, she runs S&S now. 
Oil of Love
By K. Randall “Bandit” Ball
Googy shit
But what a hit
Came from the earth 
And warmed the hearth
We never knew 
The value of goo
Oil of Love
Oil of Love
Is it the Perfume of Doom
Or will it send me straight to the moon
It warms the poor
And sends me to distant shores
It fuels the masses
And cooks the sauces
It brought us meds
And foam for beds
Oil of Love
Oil of Love
Is it the Perfume of Doom
Or will it send me straight to the moon
Is it bad
Or does it make life glad
Will they be honest 
Or just want to control us
Oil of Love
Oil of Love
Is it the Perfume of Doom
Or will it send me straight to the moon
Click to order...
Click to order...

SPEAKING OF OIL—Here’s a letter from an AMA member regarding Ethanol, another government scam.
Just read the ethanol article in the August issue, and while it contained some informative material, I think it missed some very important data. I spent over 35 years doing business with oil refineries and corn-processing plants, the latter of which produce food products as well as ethanol. 
Let’s be clear: ethanol has been subsidized by the government since day one. Any savings as mentioned in the article are more than offset by approximately a 50-cent subsidy by the federal government. 
Let’s look at what is required to produce a gallon of ethanol. The corn is planted on a farm field that been prepared by a tractor that runs on diesel. Then the corn is harvested by a combine that also runs on diesel. It’s trucked to a processing plant by a diesel truck and processed using electricity produced in our area by natural gas and coal. 
It also takes almost four gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol. The amount of energy produced by that gallon of ethanol is almost equal to the amount of energy used to produce it.
An oil refinery, on the other hand, simply refines a barrel of energy taken from the ground in raw form. This requires drilling and transporting, but most of the energy for this is produced from that barrel of oil. Much of the energy used in refinery processing comes from the oil as well.
Ethanol is nothing more than a water-absorbing additive that pollutes our fuel and causes millions of dollars of damage to internal-combustion engines.
When riding around the Great Lakes several years ago, my wife asked why her BMW ST seemed to be running so much better. I told her we’d been using non-ethanol fuel for the last two days… available in Minnesota at nearly every gas station. Since we are from Texas, I thought, “how ironic.”
--Tex Welch
Amarillo, Texas
QUOTES FROM CHARLIE CHAN, 1968—If you want wild bird to sing, do not put him in a cage.
Cannot see the contents of nut until shell is cracked
Inquisitive person, like bear after honey, sometimes finds hornets’ nest.
--Warner Bros
BIKE FEATURE OF THE WEEK—A stripped down old school Softail framed Twin Cam chopper by Marcos Vazquez.
--from Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™
Quick, join up. Just click and go.
Quick, join up. Just click and go.

Artist David Uhl - 12 Days of Uhlness - Day 8

Reminder that all of the pieces offered in this promotion are only available through me. If you order on the website, you'll pay the normal prices.
"New Face at the Ace"
** 18 x 24 - normally $1,295, this one is priced at $995
"Pledging Allegiance"
** 18 x 24 - normally $1,850 and Rare, this one is $1,250 with the matching label wine bottle
--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios
Click to see the studio.
Click to see the studio.

LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK-- 2005 Harley-Davidson FLSTN - Softail Deluxe FOR $12,995.00
2005 Black/White Harley-Davidson DELUXE SOFTAIL FLSTN with only 15063.00 miles!
This bike is an amazing Softail built with no detail overlooked super clean and some of the features/Add-ons on this bike are:
* 88c.i.Motor with a 6-speed trans
* Fat spoke chrome twisted wire wheels
* Chrome Vance & Hines exhaust system
* Chrome engine package
* Chromed out beach bars,switch housings,levers,grips,mirrors,and braided cables
* Chromed out front forks,cans.
* Banana board floorboards
* Twisted chrome shift linkage
* Chrome belt guard and pulley
* This is one of the nicest Softails you'll ever see built with no detail overlooked
This bike is only $12,995.00 Plus license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax.
NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees. This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.This motorcycle has not been refurbished and does not come with any warranty expressed or implied!
Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING
Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd, Anaheim CA 92806. Open 7 days a week.
NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.
We carry Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Ultras, Sportsters, Softails, Dynas, and much more!
We are California's pre-owned Harley Mega-Store with over 200 Pre-Owned Harley-Davidsons in stock!
Somewhere beyond the maze of concrete and steel, far away from the sad rat race of the world, there’s a place where the sun goes to rest, and new dreams come to life under a blanket of stars. Where rugged mountains and bottomless canyons dance across the wide-open plains, and wild souls can escape the madness to find hope in an endless horizon. A place where the cowboy spirit was born, strong and independent. Lonesome but never lonely.
Wild and free like a horse that could never be tamed.
We're proud to announce that Ed Shequen, from Motley, Minnesota, is the lucky winner of our 2022 Annual Raffle! Ed has visited the museum twice and purchased his winning ticket online after a visit to the museum in May of this year! Ed was ecstatic when Matt called to say he won and said "the 37’ is going to look great next to his '59".
Second prize went to Richard Cooper of Quinton, Alabama, and third prize went to Randy Farabee of Gilbert, Arizona!
Thank you to all who participated in this year's raffle and have helped to keep us "The Museum That Runs!" 
Among the festivities on Raffle Day, Matt unveiled the raffle bike for 2023, another 1937 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, but this one is in a hot-rod bobber style and dressed in HD custom Silver, striped in Black, and edged in Gold, with bobbed fenders, and Flanders accessory risers and bars, sporting an authentic period-modified look and feel.
We are now closed for the 2022 season, and will re-open April 6th for the 2023 season.
The good news? You can follow along all winter long to see the newest projects hitting the Wheels Through Time Museum on our Facebook and YouTube!
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Love the poem, "Oil of Love" Mutha

Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Editor Response Thanks!
Just got back from a visit to Maine. Burrrr. Hey regarding that CO2 pic. That would make a cool sticker.

S. Daytona, FL
Monday, November 28, 2022
Editor Response I'm pondering a couple of stickers... Hang on!

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