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Pick an Event, from Born Free to Rip's Bad Ride and Ride Goddammit

Bandit, Sin Wu, Ray Wheeler, Prince Najar, Bob T., Rogue, Mary Lou, Sarah Liberte, Sam Burns, Uncle Monkey, and the whole crew

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New girls of Bikernet headed your way.
New girls of Bikernet headed your way.


I should make this quick
. I’m burning daylight. This weekend is packed once more. The 100th anniversary of Motorcyclists magazine hit the Source offices tonight with a gala bash. The Born Free event begins set up tomorrow with move-in of home built motorcycles, choppers and bobbers, and then Rip’s Bad Ride rocks on Sunday.

Watch for the feature on this Victory Cross Country, with a Camera Kit installed for Mike Lichter, on the way to the Smoke Out.
Watch for the feature on this Victory Cross Country, with a Camera Kit installed for Mike Lichter, on the way to the Smoke Out.

I could weld tabs to my son’s bike, mount the forward controls and the Le Pera seat, and he could be riding, if I didn’t have so many parties to attend. WTF?

Chris builds bikes, you you might see one of her scooters featured on Bikernet.
Chris builds bikes, you you might see one of her scooters featured on Bikernet.

Get this. Last night we cruised into Long Beach for a highrise gathering and presentation by our own Gary Mraz, highly acclaimed Supreme Bikernet Trike Editor, regarding riding in China. Long Beach shares a sister city working relationship with Quin Tao in China, a beautiful city on the coast. The Quin Tao HOG group flew over for a tour and Craig Franz, the owner of Westminster H-D and Gary hosted rides to San Diego and Vegas, then the Chinese riders invited Craig and Gary to fly and ride in China—amazing experience. You will read the whole story on Bikernet.

Let’s hit the news before another party invitation flies in the window.

THE BIKERNET SENIOR MOMENT--An older gentleman was on the operating table
awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation.

As he was about to get the anesthesia, he asked to speak to his son.
"Yes, Dad, what is it?"

"Don't be nervous, son; do your best, and just remember, if it doesn't go well, if something happens to me, your mother is going to come and live with you and your wife...."

--from Sarge

A person who causes contention or discord.

The man was a hater of the great Governor and his life-work, the Erie; a makebate, a dawplucker, a malcontent politicaster.
Samuel Hopkins Adams, Grandfather Stories

But after all he pays well that pays with gold; and Mike Lambourne was never a makebate, or a spoil-sport, or the like.
Sir Walter Scott, Kenilworth

Makebate stems from the Middle English word bate which meant "contention".


EASYRIDERS SUES THE EASYRIDERS SALOON-- Publisher sues Fargo-based owner of Sturgis bar in contract dispute.

By: Dirk Lammers, Associated Press, INFORUM

The publisher of Easyriders magazine has filed a breach-of-contract suit against the owner of a Sturgis bar, saying the saloon has stopped using the Easyriders mark in violation of vendor and licensing agreements.

Paisano Publications LLC is suing Fargo-based KSLB&D Inc. in Los Angeles County Superior Court for more than $2 million.

Agoura Hills, Calif.-based Paisano said it is entitled to a royalty of sales of food, beverage and merchandise and is the exclusive agent to sell vendor space adjacent to Easyriders Saloon & Steakhouse, which is at the intersection of Main Street and Junction Avenue in the Black Hills biker town.

The suit filed Friday alleges that bar owners sent notice at the end of May to terminate the vendor agreement, claiming Paisano had materially breached the contract by failing to sell sufficient vendor space ahead of the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August.

Paisano accuses the bar owners of breaching the contract by covering up the Easyriders logos with tarps, acting as their own sales agent for vendor space and improperly trying to terminate the vendor agreement.

The removal of all Easyriders affiliation “was a transparent attempt to avoid its royalty and commission obligations,” the magazine company said.

Owner Scott Upton declined to comment on the lawsuit Monday.

The website for Easyriders Saloon & Steakhouse now redirects to Sturgis Saloon Company and Triple 8 Grille, a new name for the three-story bar and restaurant. The 23,000-square-foot facility features a restaurant, multiple bars, a stage and a third-floor private meeting and events area.
The suit seeks an injunction to prevent the bar from covering up the signs and using a different name.

“SKIRTED” REAR BAGGER FENDERS--  You’ll be Smokin’ in style when you fit your Bagger with one of these way cool Skirted Rear Fenders from Paughco’s latest Bagger-Werx line. The awesome fenders are designed for 2009-2012 FLHX Street Glide, FLTR Road Glide and FLHR Road King models.

Each incorporates built-in full length filler side panels that cover strut and saddlebag gaps. The finely crafted, all steel pieces are available in both smooth and ribbed styles, with or without cutout and license frame. If you order the cutout model it comes with a chrome full function LED for signals, running and brake lights. Cutout fenders with the frame go for just $734.95 in smooth or ribbed and the non-cutout style goes for $535.9

For complete details visit or call direct to 75-246-5738.


Click to Join
Click to Join

The CDC and MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT PROPAGANDA--Recently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) presented a study on motorcycle safety. Specifically the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention.

The study is nothing new, in fact it is a collection of conclusions drawn from past studies and old statistics, some of the CDC's conclusions even seem to be drawn from thin air.

CDC uses the same tired worn out examples we have seen again and again. They cite the Florida study that said fatalities increased 63.4% from 2000-2009. Which is true, but like every other instance of using this statistic they fail to mention that motorcycle registrations increased over 100% during the same time frame.

The study goes on to uses imaginary numbers to back up their position that motorcycle helmets save money. They claim that in 2008, the United States saved $3 billion because of helmet use and then claim that the US could have saved an additional $1.8 billion if mandatory helmet laws were on the books.

They provide absolutely zero evidence of this supposed financial burden.

The CDC makes no mention of rider education. We know rider education to be the best way to prevent crashes. Take New Hampshire for example, according to Robert LeTourneau, New Hampshire State Official Motorcycle Education Specialist, they have had 15 fatal motorcycle accidents of riders who took the class since 1990. That’s out of over 44,000 students trained in the same time period and .034% of fatal motorcycle accidents. All with no mandatory helmet law.

Of course, the CDC uses NHTSA's 1997 base year for motorcycle fatalities, which was also the lowest point of motorcycle fatalities over the past 30 years. In 1997, there were 2,116 fatalities for 3,826,000 motorcycles registered. Or 0.055% of the motorcyclists were killed. In 2010, there were 4,502 fatalities for 8,368,000 motorcycles registered. Or 0.053% of the motorcyclists were killed.

So we have more than doubled the motorcycle population and we have actually reduced fatalities.
The study also contends that states without helmet laws have higher insurance costs. According to, that's not true. Out of the top five most expensive states to buy insurance, only one allows for helmet free riding.

The supposed findings of this study are likely to show up in your local media. Do not let them get away with this.

The MRF encourages you to continue to use the “Fact or Fiction” pieces published by the MRF to combat the junk science in this study and all future attacks on our freedom. You can find the Fact or Fiction pieces HERE later in the news.

The MRF is working with Federal legislators on this report and to help redirect the priorities of the CDC on actual disease issues, not transportation.
To keep things in perspective, let me remind you that the CDC is the same organization that uses the idea of a zombie apocalypse as a way of scaring people into preparing for disaster.

Seriously, read it here:


Thank you for being a celebrity judge again this year. Be on time goddammit, or there will be hell to pay.

Willie G. will also be a judge, so don’t let us down.

Lisa C. Dalgaard
Promotions Consultant
JULY 1st, 2012

American Diabetes Association ?151 Kalmus Drive Suite # C-100  Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Join the MillionsSM. Help us Stop Diabetes® at


Garage-Girls are pleased to announce the winner of the 2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover….. Marilyn Elmore Bragg--Marilyn along with three other contestants were chosen from a group of over 26 submissions of who was most deserving of an Ultimate Biker Makeover. The final four were then placed up on for public voting.

The final four all had compelling stories of why they were in need of the makeover, but after the publics vote the winner has been chosen.
Winner, Marilyn Elmore Bragg has been down on her luck after she decided to stop working to be a full time caretaker for her mother. It’s been tough for her to make ends meet and has been riding her 1993 XL 1200 since 2004.

With over 193,000 miles on the bike she finds herself “making due” with the simplest of things to keep the bike on the road. New riding gear is way far down on her list of necessities. She was hoping this contest could help her obtain some parts and gear she is in dire need of to stay on the road, which she attributes to the only thing that gives her a sense of enjoyment these days.

Marilyn will be getting hooked up with…new riding Jacket and Gloves from Hot Leathers, a wardrobe of shoes from HD Footwear boots, a cleaning kit from Wizards Products, a case of Synthetic oil from Spectro Oils, and a technology case from Otterbox, a set of AVON Tires, a Mustang Motorcycle seat, a set of shocks from Progressive suspension, and exhaust wrap along with other goodies from DEI.

For more information, , visit
If interested in getting your company involved please contact Sara Liberte at


NEW FEATURE COMING TO BIKERNET--   Mike, the Bikernet Extremely Brilliant East Coast Editor is thinking about doing a feature on this bike.

What do you think? I think he’s nuts.

More extreme wife


2013 Garage Girls Calendar - Beautiful Models hard at work!-- Here's a revealing look at the beautiful Calendar Kittens from the popular Fast Dates Racebike and Iron & Lace Custom Bike PinUp Calendars, but without the motorcycles getting in the way! Garage Girls is prefect for any on or off-road motorsports enthusiast, and a great 2nd Calendar to keep up to date in the Garage or the House!

Featuring the hottest, sexiest new Calendar Kittens from the other 2013 Calendars featuring supermodel Shannon Baucom, World Superbike grid girl Camilla Chiniquy, centerfolds Pepper, Bree Daniels, and Layla Bella, plus the Candise Lakota, Kimberly Girard, Ekaterina Koplenko, Alena Savostikova and Alex Carson. These girls know how to play dirty, and love to get hot and sweaty when they do.

The new 2013 Calendars make their red carpet premier Sunday July 22nd 2012 at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show at the Calabasas Inn, Calabasas, CA. Many of the top Celebrity Motorcycle Builders, their latest Bikes and the Kittens featured in the new Calendars will be there. For additional details go to:

The 2013 Calendars reveal a full 16 months of the world's top motorcycles with beautiful pin up models beginning with September 2012. They are premium quality printed in full color on 15x15-inch dull coated heavy art board and wire spiral bound with a hang clip for easy wall display and page turning. Ask for them at you favorite motorcycle dealer, distributed in the USA by Van Leeuwen and Mid-USA. Suggested retail $16.96. Order toll-free by phone in the USA 1-800-461-1226 / International 001-818-896-2200 and online at In the UK visit


BREAKING NEWS: Champion Investments, Inc. assumes Operation of Lehman Trikes--  USA
Keeping Dreams Alive in the Three World
The Triking Viking--

Bikernet Triking Viking is proud to be the first to announce the acquisition of Lehman Trikes USA by Champion Trikes based in Garden Grove CA. Champion Investments, Inc., doing business as (dba) Lehman Trikes USA, operations will resume at the Spearfish, South Dakota, facilities. Financial resources are in place and the first order of business will be providing service parts with a phased-in return to full operation as vendors and personnel staffing are reestablished.


EASYRIDERS RODEO TOUR--  Who is ready? Summer's here and that means it's time for the Easyriders 2012 Rodeo Tour!
Wilson, NC July 13-15
Fowlerville, MI August 17-19
Chillicothe, OH August 30 - September 3
For complete event details, vendor info, etc please go to .


Biker clubs claim civil rights violations from Las Vegas police--  By BEN FREDERICKSON LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL

Attorney Stephen Stubbs tried to talk to Las Vegas police in September about law enforcement harassing motorcycle club members.
He said he was told to file a lawsuit if he had a problem.
So that's exactly what he did.

"They kind of left us no choice," Stubbs said Tuesday. "They don't want to abide by the Constitution."
Stubbs, legal counsel for the association of 37 biker organizations known as the Las Vegas Confederation of Clubs, filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court Monday. It alleges club members have been systematically harassed by law enforcement agencies.

The lawsuit lists 78 individual plaintiffs and seeks damages in excess of $75,000 for each of 15 claims of relief. It also calls for punitive damages. The defendants named in the lawsuit are the Metropolitan Police Department, the North Las Vegas Police Department, Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, North Las Vegas Chief of Police Joseph Chronister and 14 individual police officers. Four motorcycle clubs - the Mongols, Stray Cats, Bandidos and Vagos - are involved in the case.

The lawsuit details six encounters that occurred between June 2010 and September 2011 that Stubbs alleges violated his clients' First, Fourth and 14th Amendment rights.

The lawsuit is not related to the Mongols Motorcycle Club's annual meeting, which took place in Boulder City last weekend.

The lawsuit alleges that police officers persuaded the Alexis Park resort to cancel a Mongols Motorcycle Club car and bike show; threatened to remove multiple bar owners' liquor licenses if they hosted Mongols or Vagos events; broke up a Stray Cats party without a warrant and denied a club member's right to counsel; defamed a member of the Bandidos to the point he was fired from his job as a paramedic; and arrested another member of the Bandidos on an invalid warrant.

Included in Stubb's release of the lawsuit was a copy of a June 2011 letter Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie sent to the management of Scoundrels Pub on South Decatur Boulevard.
Gillespie described the Vagos as a criminal gang and said knowingly serving such groups could result in discipline from the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Board.

Stubbs does not believe any of the clubs he represents are gangs.

The attorney thinks case law is on his side and referred to a 2002 Nevada Supreme Court decision in Burgess v. Storey County Board of Commissioners.

Burgess, a brothel owner, lost his business license because of his association with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Burgess successfully appealed, with the high court finding his First Amendment rights had been violated because the licensing board did not provide a compelling state interest to interfere with his right to associate with the Hells Angels.

North Las Vegas and Las Vegas police declined to comment on the lawsuit because of polices that prohibit speaking about ongoing litigation.
Stubbs predicted the case will be served within the next 30 days. The involved police departments then will have 20 days to respond.

"Everybody has the same constitutional rights," Stubbs said. "The minute we start disregarding someone's constitutional rights because we don't agree with them, this country is in big trouble."

--from Rogue

Now available here on Bikernet!
Now available here on Bikernet!

BIKERNET CONTRIBUTOR REVIEWS TERRY THE TRAMP BOOK—It’s been at least six months since I read Terry the Tramp, but it’s a hard book to forget. That said, I’m going to write this review from memory… Not something I have a lot of these days.

In late 1970 I returned to California, after a one-year stint in southern Michigan, custom painting bikes, and buying up as many old Harley-Davidsons as I could find. It wasn’t long before I’d made friends with other guys in the West Covina area that rode hogs. One of them introduced me to “Dresser” Sam, a real good guy when it came to helping out FNG kids like me that didn’t know shit about working on a Harley.

I spent a lot of time over at Sam’s wrenching in his garage on some of the Pan, and Sportster motors I hauled out of Michigan. Sam was and probably still is a pretty good motor builder. There were Vagos that used to drop by Sam’s for motor work. I remember a fair sized Vago named Duffy that used to show up in a white ’58 Coupe De Ville when his bike was down.

There was other Vagos too, “Jerry the Jew”, “Speed” “Parts” and other Vagos I don’t remember the names of now. Maybe I’d heard of “Terry the Tramp” back then at Sam’s, but I can’t remember. A year or two later I moved to El Monte, not far from where Keith Ball does a great job of describing the surroundings Terry the Tramp grew up in.

For someone that knows the area it’ll bring back some memories. For those that have never seen the place especially from back in the day, Keith paints a perfect picture describing Terry’s early beginnings and how the town at the end of the Santa Fe Trail shaped his future. The wild shit, fights etc. that used to happen at the Denny’s next to Earl Scheib, and Sears El Monte, I used to ride by the place all the time heading out of town.
I have vivid memories of the area, but all a person has to do to is read Terry the Tramp and Keith’s words will leave them thinking they were back there in the day. It’s a time warp, I couldn’t put the book down, I read it from cover-to-cover.

One of the most interesting, and I imagine hard to write about accounts was the Vagos’ bum murder wrap in New Mexico. I knew of a fellow custom painter in Baldwin Park at the time named Art Smith. It has to be the same Art Smith involved in that mess.

Terry the Tramp is a must read… Even for bikers that don’t usually don’t like to read this motherfucker is great book.

—“Krylon” aka “Crazy” John


They say that during sex you burn off as many calories as running 8 miles.

Who the hell runs 8 miles in 30 seconds?

(no comment)

--Sam Burns

When errors, omissions or inaccuracies are discovered in reports or statistics, it calls into question the integrity of results. Additionally, small numbers can be easily skewed by slight or seemingly insignificant variations. Furthermore, numbers may be exploited if uncharacteristic highs or lows are used as a baseline. None of these discoveries are intended to argue against helmet use, but rather to demonstrate that suggesting a helmet law is not the solution to motorcycle safety. Individual states need to maintain the ability to determine what measures best address the needs and desires of their residents as suggested in the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS)

FACT Comparison of studies is complicated due to varying criteria, wherein one report references riders, it is unclear if that includes passengers or specifically operators. Other papers may refer to the numbers of persons, crashes or vehicles intermittently. This can be quite confusing as the numbers are usually very close and are frequently compared in error.

FACT A Minnesota motorcyclist survived a crash only to be struck by a car while standing on the road attempting to flag down a motorist for assistance. This was subsequently counted as a motorcycle fatality.

FACT A Pennsylvania taxi driver, with multiple suspensions, was responsible for about two percent of the state’s total motorcycle fatalities when he caused a crash with three motorcycles and killed five helmeted riders in a single incident.

FACT Motorcycle fatalities dropped by 10% in 2009 and preliminary reports indicate that 2010 numbers will be further reduced by at least 2%. The Motorcycle Industry Council advises that sales of replacement tires were up by 6.1% in 2010, suggesting an increase in motorcycle usage. A decrease in fatalities despite an increase in exposure would suggest that motorcycle safety and awareness programs, specifically rider education courses, have been successful.

FACT The National Transportation Safety Board has investigated over 120,000 airplane incidents, over 60,000 surface transportation incidents, and just 6 individual motorcycle incidents in their entire 44 year history — Apparently enough investigation to warrant adding mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists on their “top ten most wanted list.”

FACT According to preliminary data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, states that have a mandatory adult helmet law had six fewer fatalities in 2010 than in 2009, while free choice states saw a reduction of 74. The state with the single largest decline in fatalities (Texas -60) is a choice state and a state which requires helmets on all riders tied for the greatest increase (New York +24).

FACT FARS continues to include “mopeds” in motorcycle crash statistics despite the fact that most states do not require registration of these vehicles. This practice skews the most respected method of measuring the effectiveness of motorcycle safety programs, which is the ratio of accidents, injuries and fatalities per 10,000 registrations.

For more information, contact Jeff Hennie, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, 202-546-0983,


ANOTHER BIKER FEATURE COMING TO BIKERNET—from the Most Senior Bikernet Advertising Director: I will soon have a story on this build. Bike made in France, by an old friend of mine.

--Ben Lamboeuf

Click on the art and it will take you there.
Click on the art and it will take you there.

HERE is Hoka Hey editorial for Thursday news--

Ok I am done for the week, I am heading our to Santa Barbara to report on new Victory models.


DO NOT JAYWALK IN LAS VEGAS--  Few problems after Mongols event in Nevada town. 

LAS VEGAS -- Police issued summonses for jaywalking and traffic infractions, but few problems were reported following a meeting that drew Mongols motorcycle club members to a historic small city between Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. Police Chief Tom Finn linked several misdemeanor arrests to bikers who rode into Boulder City on Friday and stayed at a hotel in the center of town until Sunday.

Club lawyer Stephen Stubbs counted just one arrest - a man who refused to identify himself after he was stopped for jaywalking. Finn says police from Las Vegas and neighboring cities, the Nevada Highway Patrol and federal agents kept a close eye on the Mongols' national meeting.

Concerns were raised following a fatal brawl between Mongols and rival Hells Angels during a 2002 biker rally in nearby Laughlin.

-- AP report from Rogue Launches New Site-- Carlsbad, CA, June 27, 2012 — is proud to launch a superior job board and upgraded website. Already the leader in the field, the new site incorporates state-of-the-art computer software to cater specifically to the powersportsindustry. More features, enhanced listings and direct links to social mediachannels are just some of the upgrades.

“We are confident that employers and job seekers alike will love the increased resume exposure, time-saving features and the updated look of the site,” says MIJ founder, Alex Baylon. “In addition to the facelift, employers and job seekers will enjoy some great new features.” According to Baylon, the job seeker accounts have had the biggest upgrades.

Foremost among these upgrades is the ability to build resumes online by filling out a simple web form. Add photos, upload videos and attach files… all with a click. Job seekers can also upload their resume straight from LinkedIn, as well as now having the ability to control who can view his or her resume.

Further enhancing the experience are theinstant job notifications via e-mail immediately when a job is posted that matches the desired category and location. The “Priority Resume” feature places a job seekers’ resume above all others. However, the upgrades are not limited to job applicants.
Employers can now enjoy several new features, including:

Resume alerts: The MIJ system will alert employers anytime new resumes matching the employer’s criteria are entered into the system.
Screening Questionnaires: Employers now have the ability to create questionnaires that require a passing score before a job seekers can apply for their position, pre-screening any non-qualified applicants.

Employer Sub-Accounts: Employers with multiple dealerships can now create accounts for all of their locations.

“We encourage everyone from the powersports industry to create a free account and upload their resume to,” says Baylon. “MIJ helps create opportunities for everyone… Even if you are currently not looking for a new career, a new career could be looking for you!”

Alex Baylon
Motorcycle Industry Jobs
Office: 760-466-7534

SECOND PITTSBURGH MOTORCYCLE CLUB FIRE--PITTSBURGH (AP) — City and federal investigators say a second motorcycle club building in Pittsburgh has burned this month, though authorities don't know if the fires are related.

The Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club was reported on fire about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. The building was burned more than a year ago, on June 7, 2011, when someone was seen breaking windows and throwing a burning object — possibly a Molotov cocktail — into the building.

The building had been used primarily for storage until it was destroyed by the latest fire, which has been ruled arson after investigators found traces of gasoline poured throughout.

The second Sin City fire comes barely two weeks after a building owned by another group, the New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, was heavily damaged in an early morning fire June 11.
That fire is also considered suspicious.

--from Rogue

Click here to check out our sister's site.
Click here to check out our sister's site.


It's beach weather, which means that you could have a run-in with a jellyfish. The stings from these weird-looking creatures can ruin your day unless you know how deal with them. In spite of what you may have heard, having someone urinate on them is not the best treatment; neither is meat tenderizer.

Studies have shown that vinegar or a paste made with baking soda and water help, but that research was done on jellyfish native to Australia and Indonesia.

--Dr. Weil



Speed Week Bonneville, 43 Days 23 hours
BUB Speed Trials Bonneville, 57 days 23 hours

Todays is shaping up to be a scorcher of sorts, we're headed for 78 degrees in the harbor with a slight on shore breeze. With the sun streaming through my bedroom window my upstairs penthouse warms up in the early morning then cools in the afternoon when the sea breeze rolls in cooled by the Pacific ocean. Nirvana at its finest in the halls of Bikernet headquarters.

Come on in the CANTINA is open 24 hours a day!
Checking out the Cantina is an experience to behold, seems most of the hard bodied models hired by the Bikernet staff can't afford clothing. Could be the reason the girls are working so hard? Take a look in your spare time for less than four cents a day, $14.44 a year for a basic open-the-Cantina-doors membership.

Street wise 97-inch Twin Cam

Haulin ass North on the 405 in my Ranger just before the crack of dawn Friday morning, destination San Jose. Should roll in about noon after running the I-5 gauntlet. The Dyna now has a brand new Daytona Twin Computer on board handling the fuel injection and critical timing chores. This Saturday you will find me at the Corbin event in Hollister, CA. on my hot rod Dyna, smiling from ear to ear.

Bonneville Bound 124-inch Turbo Charged 5-Ball Raycer

This week progress included the addition of a stress bar in the neck area to prevent the frame from flexing as much under power. Fork stops were added, the frame plugged in the seat area so the air-in-frame will be available on demand for shifting the 5-speed Sharp Eye transmission with a Pingel Air Shifter.

We're down to the final, time consuming, phases of the build. The next couple of days on the short list, the seat and tail section sub-frame come to life, detail the electrical/battery box, machine and mount foot pegs, build the shift and brake linkage, install the Pingel air shifter kit (we have air-in-the-frame)...... Thankfully the list is much shorter than a month ago or last week although we still have the 3/4 fairing to mount and an air plenum to fabricate for the Turbo Doc, rebuilt Aerocharger Turbo system. Modify the fuel tank for a Pingel pet cock and Install the fuel system designed by Dan Thayer, located upstate New York.

Hope this has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next gory details out of the halls of Bikernet has we prepare for the ride of a lifetime on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Have a great weekend, See Ya in Hollister at the Corbin event on Saturday.

Haul Ass!
Ride for your Life!
--Ray c wheeler
Performance Editor

"HOTTER THAN HELL" AMRA Summer Shootout at Bowling Green--
After the exciting trip back from Norwalk, Tom Caldwell freshened up his Pro Stock/Pro Gas bike, made arrangements for an "uncrunched" vehicle to use to get to AMRA Bowling Green. (Thanks to Garvin Wiawiaole for use of the truck!)

Jerry Cardwell at Trailer Specialist in Knoxville, repaired the trailer so it could be used at least until we acquire the components to make the repairs. Dana Eckhart of Knoxville signed up to be much needed crew at Bowling Green.

Early Friday morning Caldwell and Eckhart pulled out and arrived at Trammel Creek Cycle Works at 11 a.m., to do a "meet and greet" for Mike, Vikki and their customers. Trammel creek has signed up again for the September race at Bowling Green. Mike and Vicki had arranged for Matt Pedigo, from Citizen-Times newspaper in Scottsboro, KY, to take photos and do an interview for his article.

On the road again and after a quick trip Caldwell rolled in to Bowling Green about 1:30 and setup after visiting with AMRA staff and crew, "I walked the track and decided to save the runs for Saturday as the bike has been running like the wind! Saturday morning while prepping the bike Dana spotted an issue with my rear tire!
It was chunked! It had 2 quarter size chunks missing! Wow, “OK”, I stepped back and decided to install my year old slick on it, as a replacement was not to be had. Thank goodness, I had it! I could not stand another tire explosion and destroy the bike and myself."

AMRA had a full field of 8 bikes in Pro Gas. Saturday, Caldwell qualified #1 at 8.27 the latter with a 8.24 @ 159.59 mph in 98 degree heat! "I was spinning all the way through low gear with 130 degree track temps."

"Sunday, the track came back to something manageable mostly because we ran immediately after the fuel bikes. The track temp was 140 then. I acquired a bog situation but, advanced to the second round, where we had a staging duel and I was not going to stage first. I was a little late but, I had a .6 advantage and the HORSE to “Git-R-Done”!

The results were running a "8.299 @ 161 mph Sunday in 104 degree heat."

Caldwell went on to say, "We had a SHORT turn around for the finals and I was not able to re-tune my clutch for the bog but, Mark Colburn broke a chain; Steve Allstaedt spotted me on the line and I got the single with a slight bog and ran a 8.41 @ 159 mph again in the 104 degree heat.
It was not pretty but, the last man standing is the winner!"

2012 Results to date:

4 #1 qualifier’s
1 runner up
3 wins!

Not too shabby for the “Old Guys Do Rule Racing Team”

Thanks to:

SA RACING (Best damn heads available)

A special thanks to Trammel Creek Cycle Works for their support at this event!

Hope to see everyone at AHDRA Bristol RACE, I will be ready for the home crowd!

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OK, how long are they going to continue to cite the Laughlin incident? It's been 10 fucking years. Maybe there should be extra police presence in Pearl Harbour in case the Japs come back or Tombstone because that's where that gunfight occurred.

Talk about belabouring an issue.

One Eye
LaSalle, ON, Canada
Friday, June 29, 2012
Editor Response You know why the continue, to keep their controls growing, and budgets up.

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