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Non-stop Action from Around the Globe

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Buckshot, Joe Smith, Sarge, David Campbell, Barry Green, Ujjwal Dey, Sam Burns, Mr. Wonderful, Joe Smith and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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This is one of those crazy days.
The Long Beach Show is this weekend and we’re hosting an Ultimate Builders Reception at the Bikernet Headquarters. That means spring cleaning, and scrambling. The Redhead volunteered to make two wonderful soups. It should be a blast, and then Brenda mentioned Thankgiving a week away. Holy shit. Never a dull moment.

Hang on. Let’s hit the news.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, BorntoRide.com and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

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INDIAN MOTORCYCLE NEWS-- Motorcycle Racing Statement Regarding American Flat Track, Rule Changes for 2019 Season

American Flat Track recently communicated a series of rule changes for 2019, designed to increase the competitive balance in the sport. Two of the three rule changes single out Indian Motorcycle and the FTR750, and one of the three unfairly handicaps Indian Motorcycle’s ability to compete.

Indian Motorcycle developed a superior purpose-built race bike that conforms to AFT’s rules and regulations. While our efforts over the past two years produced unparalleled success on the track, the result has also been a competitive imbalance that ultimately does not benefit the sport. For this reason, we are fully supportive of efforts by AFT to restore competitive balance. However, we believe the changes for 2019 do not create the competitive balance we all desire and instead put Indian Motorcycle Racing at a competitive disadvantage.

First is the change from Sonoco Supreme fuel to Sonoco GTX-260 fuel, a lower octane, lead-free fuel that will force reductions in compression ratios and, ultimately, reduced power output. This is something that affects all teams equally, and Indian Motorcycle is aligned with this change.

Second is the allowance of street-legal production engines up to 900cc. The change to allow smaller displacement engines to increase bore and stroke past 750cc to 900cc will produce broader torque curves and higher peak power where desired, which is a significant advantage. “Production” engines are also allowed to change out all internal components including crankshafts, cams, pistons, connecting rods, and valves. Although this change puts Indian Motorcycle at a disadvantage, we support this as part of AFT’s effort to create competitive balance.

We take serious issue with the third rule change – allowing production engines to increase from 38mm throttle bodies to 40mm. This rule excludes Indian Motorcycle Racing, because the Scout FTR750 is not a street legal production motorcycle. Not only does the rule singularly handicap Indian Motorcycle, it represents a significant impairment of our ability to compete on an equal level with every other team in the paddock, specifically on mile tracks.

We have done extensive testing in this area, and our results have shown that 40mm throttle bodies produce 20% to 22% more air flow than the 38mm throttle body. In previous years, larger throttle bodies have been allowed, but limited specifically to larger production motors. This will be the first time that smaller, lighter production motors, similar in dimension and weight to the FTR750, will be able to increase throttle body sizes, creating a significant advantage over larger, heavier motors, let alone over the FTR750, for which this allowance does not apply. This is extremely significant on mile tracks where the increased air intake is maximized over the longer straights. Considering that the mile tracks are the predominant racing format in the series, this puts us at a drastic disadvantage and is detrimental to our ability to fairly compete at mile tracks.

It is critical to us that American Flat Track fans understand how these changes exclusively impair Indian Motorcycle Racing. Despite these changes, we will attack 2019 with the same competitive focus and determination that resulted in back-to-back championships over the past two years.

"Before we go any farther, I want to lay somethin' on you; it's not heavy and it's not to imply that you don't already do it. It's just a reminder... to all of us.

The next chance you get, do somethin' nice for somebody - say 'good day,' hold a door open - and don't wait around for a thank you... you don't need it. And because of you, that person will go out and do something nice for somebody, and then that person will go out and do something nice for someone else, and this whole world can wind up doing nice things for each other and we can be the ones that start it.

It takes all of us working together to get things done - no one does it alone. Only One did and I'm not that strong. Let's start it - here's to love - it's still the best!" - Roy Clark

Roy Clark, the legendary 'superpicker', GRAMMY, CMA and ACM award winner, Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member and co-host of the famed 'Hee Haw' television series, died today at the age of 85 due to complications from pneumonia at home in Tulsa, Okla.

Roy Clark’s decade-defying success could be summed up in one word — sincerity. Sure, he was one of the world’s finest multi-instrumentalists, and one of the first cross-over artists to land singles on both the pop and country charts. He was the pioneer who turned Branson, Mo., into the live music capitol of the world (the Ozark town today boasts more seats than Broadway). And his talents turned Hee Haw into the longest-running syndicated show in television history.

But the bottom line for Roy Clark was the honest warmth he gave to his audiences. Bob Hope summed it up when he told Roy, “Your face is like a fireplace.”

“A TV camera goes right through your soul,” says the man who starred on Hee Haw for 24 years and was a frequent guest host for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. “If you’re a bad person, people pick that up. I’m a firm believer in smiles. I used to believe that everything had to be a belly laugh. But I’ve come to realize that a real sincere smile is mighty powerful.”

For a man who didn’t taste major success until he was 30, the key was not some grand plan but rather taking everything in its own time. “Sure,” he said, “I had dreams of being a star when I was 18. I could’ve pushed it too, but it wouldn’t have happened any sooner. I’m lucky. What’s happened has happened in spite of me.”

In fact, that’s what Clark titled his autobiography, My Life — In Spite of Myself! with Marc Elliot (Simon & Shuster, 1994). The book reminded many that there is much more to Roy Clark than fast fingers and a quick wit.

Roy is preceded in death by his beloved grandson Elijah Clark who passed at the age of fourteen on September 24, 2018. Roy is survived by Barbara, his wife of sixty-one years, his sons Roy Clark II and wife Karen, Dr. Michael Meyer and wife Robin, Terry Lee Meyer, Susan Mosier and Diane Stewart, and his grandchildren: Brittany Meyer, Michael Meyer, Caleb Clark, Josiah Clark and his sister, Susan Coryell.

A memorial celebration will be held in the coming days in Tulsa, Okla., details forthcoming.

We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.
We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.

5-BALL LEATHERS HOLIDAY SALE—Throughout the holidays all leather orders will receive a new Bikernet custom bandana and a signed book with every order, plus Bikernet Bling.

Chance of a lifetime.


Click for action.
Click for action.

LOWBROW FIND OF THE WEEK--Almost all of us dream of that 'barn-find' motorcycle. Billy Balcer (owner of Balcer Performance & Restoration in Bedford, Ohio) had that dream come true and became second owner of this '47 Knuckle.

This motorcycle was found by the perfect caretaker, one who would maintain, ride and enjoy this time capsule. Enjoy!


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Click for action.

Yummy sandwiches, vegetarian sandwiches, all kinds of chips, cheetos, water, soda, sugar free soda, all so nice for us. That was the welcome the media received from the camp at Churchills Boxing Club.

Premier Boxing had the Wilder media workout today on the west side at what used to be Wild Card Boxing Club. That’s a lot of W’s. Hopefully it will result in a lot of great boxing. A knockout is always spectacular, but I’d love to see Wider and Fury box a few rounds.

Wilder came into the ring, and was instantly mobbed. Wilder has a lot to say, and boy can he multi task. This professional athlete was non-stop words, answers, thoughts, and recollections while getting treated like a Gumby. His trainer stretched him out for a quick 10.

Wilder is a super giant good looking guy with beautiful gold Everlast gloves. It was perfect for today’s get down. A photographers delight. All through his stretch he talked. He said all of his training is in Alabama and very isolated. “I feel like a killer” he said. Wilder is the currant WBC heavyweight title holder since 2015. The “Bronze Bomber” is 6’7? tall and 33 years old. He is 40-0 39 by KO. Watch the fight this Dec 1st, 2018. Showtime Boxing PPV.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury December 1st, 2018 by Premier Boxing Championship Promotions Showtime Boxing PPV

--Raquel Vasquez

NEWS FROM FOX RIVER HARLEY--We're changing it up this year and doing our very first ever Harley Holiday Fashion Show! November 16th, come out and see the hottest new fashions for the holiday season as some of our staff, customers and even some NEW faces walk or ride down the runway!

6:00 pm Food & Beverages
7:00 pm SHARP - Fashion Show Starts!
9:00 pm Fashion Show ends
Fox River Harley-Davidson® | 131 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles, IL 60174

Click to order.
Click to order.

NEWS FROM THE CLIMATE DEPOT--Gov. Brown blames climate ‘deniers’ for worsening wildfires – Scientific evidence refutes him: ‘Less fire today than centuries ago’ –

Wildfires are NOT due to ‘climate change’ – Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from author Marc Morano’s new 2018 best-selling book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.

"There is increasing evidence that there is overall less fire in the landscape today than there has been centuries ago, although the magnitude of this reduction still needs to be examined in more detail."...

"The ‘wildfire problem’ is essentially more a social than a natural one.” Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid found that “climate change” is not to blame for increased forest fires in the Mediterranean basin."...

"In the United States, wildfires are also due in part to a failure to thin forests or remove dead and diseased trees. In 2014, forestry professor David B. South of Auburn University testified to the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that “data suggest that extremely large megafires were four-times more common before 1940,” adding that “we cannot reasonably say that anthropogenic global warming causes extremely large wildfires.” As he explained, “To attribute this human-caused increase in fire risk to carbon dioxide emissions is simply unscientific.”

By: Marc Morano - Climate Depot

California Governor Jerry Brown is blaming “climate deniers” for more California’s devastating wildfires despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that wildfires are not historically worse or caused by “global warming.” See:

Jerry Brown: Climate-Change Deniers ‘Definitely Contributing’ to the ‘New Abnormal’ of Wildfires– California Gov. Jerry Brown said all climate-change deniers are “definitely contributing” to the fatal wind-whipped wildfires that have pummeled northern and southern parts of the state over the past few days, as well as blazes “in the coming years.”

Al Gore also thinks he knows all about wildfires. “All over the West we’re seeing these fires get much, much worse,” Gore said in 2017, adding, “the underlying cause is the heat.”

But the science tells a very different story. A 2016 study published by the Royal Society reported, “There is less fire in the global landscape today than centuries ago” and the “global area burned” has seen a “slight decline over past decades.” The study, by Stefan Doerr and Cristina Santín of Swansea University in Wales, noted that “many consider wildfire as an accelerating problem, with widely held perceptions both in the media and scientific papers of increasing fire occurrence, severity and resulting losses. However, important exceptions aside, the quantitative evidence available does not support these perceived overall trends.”


By John S. Stein
By Sonny Nutter

By K. Randall Ball
Harbor Town Seduction
By K. Randall Ball
By K. Randall Ball

All the authors will be on hand to sign books and discuss them. Booze, Beer, sodas, and soothing soups by the Redhead. Plus a glimpse at the first Belly Tank Streamlined 5-Ball Racing Trike for Bonneville International Speed Trials 2019. And of course, the Ultimate Builders.

SALT TORPEDO CONNECTIONS—Check the following sites for racing frame components.
http://www.dragstersupply.com/Contact_us.html (don't know these guys)

https://neilparks.com/chassis-services.html (well known in the industry)

--Paul Aiken
Aeromach USA, LLC
10015 Metromont Ind. Blvd, Ste F
Charlotte, NC 28269
800-990-9392 orders
704-599-1333 office

Highway Hawk is a product of Motolux

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Click for action.

NEW M8 CAM CHEST SYSTEMS FROM S&S--Always on top of performance and reliability, S&S Cycle recently launched their complete Cam Chest Kits designed specifically to update the M8 engines with the latest in pump, plate and cam technology.

They’ve put together sixteen unique kits designed to match your bike, performance demands and riding style combining all of the best components into one perfectly matched package. Kits include Cam, Outer Drive Gears for Gear Drive Kits, Cam Plate, Tappets, Tappet Cuffs, High Flow Oil Pump, Quickee Pushrod Kit and all bearings and gaskets needed for installation.

Each part is designed to work with everything around it and create optimum power and reliability for 2017-2019 M8 Powered big twins. Each kit includes their new oil pump featuring 44% increase in flow and 58% increase in scavenge paired with either a Torque or Hp cam and even black or chrome pushrod tubes.

More importantly, the kits are comprised of parts designed to work perfectly together and make serious and reliable power!

Check out the details on their site at https://www.sscycle.com/cam-chest-kits-for-m8/

Real deal COMPLETE cam chest kits for the M8! Best oil pump flow, cam selection, and only kit with pushrods and tubes!

--David Zemla |
VP - Marketing
S&S® Cycle, Inc
Email dzemla@sscycle.com


Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.
Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.

QUICK, JOIN BANDIT’S CANTINA--Daddy is back with Dad Jokes.
Only family PG rated content in the Bikernet Weekly New, but inside the notorious Cantina it’s a different story. Age proof required to get inside.

"From one Dad to another Dad's adult baby."

Enjoy, goodies inside the Cantina Section, sign in today.



Krawiec Defends His NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Title to the Final Round

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle®/Vance & Hines riders Ed Krawiec and Andrew Hines capped another successful season on the 2018 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series with a strong run in Pro Stock Motorcycle final eliminations at the 2018 Auto Club NHRA Finals in Pomona, Calif.

Winners of nine of the last 16 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing world championships, the Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle®/Vance & Hines team scored four wins in 11 final-round appearances during the 2018 season racing Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™ competition motorcycles. Both factory riders qualified for the Countdown to the Championship playoffs.

In one of the most-competitive seasons in the history of the class, Krawiec battled to defend his 2017 Pro Stock Motorcycle championship to the final round of the season at Pomona, but came up one win and 39 points short of claiming his fifth NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship. Aboard his Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™ motorcycle, Krawiec finished the season in second place with 2,627 points and won four events (Gainesville, Atlanta, Norwalk and Brainerd) in seven final-round appearances.

“Every race weekend the Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle®/Vance & Hines drag racing team arrives at the track ready to win,” said Scott Beck, Harley-Davidson director of global brand marketing. “Win or lose our crew represents the Harley-Davidson brand and our loyal fans with grit and class.”

Hines, a five-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, raced his Harley-Davidson® Street Rod motorcycle to the second round of eliminations at Pomona. Hines made four final-round appearances in 2018 and finished the season in sixth place with 2,450 points.

The Street Rod competition drag bikes are based on the Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™ production motorcycle, an agile middle-weight powered by the liquid-cooled High Output Revolution X 750 engine tuned for maneuvering through traffic and congestion.

Harley-Davidson and Vance & Hines Motorsports created the Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines team in 2002 to compete in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle division. In 2004, the team was the first to win the NHRA title with a V-Twin-powered motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines team is led by Vance & Hines Motorsports owners Byron Hines and Terry Vance and crew chief Matt Hines, a three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit www.h-d.com.

"A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come.
When the opponent expands, I contract; and when he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, "I" do not hit, "it" hits all by itself."

- Bruce Lee: Enter the Dragon (1973); In a conversation with an older member of the temple.

Enjoy! Dance in the streets. You will have to read all of the below to understand the second sentence of the Bruce Lee quote above. This is why without the Theory Education in yoga and martial arts schools, the black belt or certificates does not help the many fighters and so called -- become an Official American Association / Federation Certified Yoga Teacher / Karate Sensei / Sifu, etc.

"The Art of Fighting Without Fighting", is mentioned in that same movie by Bruce Lee.


Bill's 1941 Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

A few months ago, we featured an 883 Sportster that Biltwell co-founder Bill Bryant had spec’d for the notoriously harsh NORRA Mexican 1000 all-terrain race in Ensenada, Mexico.

While the ‘Frijole 883” took shape, an unfinished project languished in Bill’s garage – a self-confessed “not great” flat track racer. Bill had decided to try racing a re-built 45” Harley having gotten nowhere on his venerable TT500: “I wanted to give the whole tank shift thing a shot. I built a 45” Harley for the street years ago, but was never that into it. I loved working on it because of the simplicity and the aesthetic, but riding it in modern traffic just wasn’t much fun.

“However, for racing other nerds around in a small circle, an old flathead is a great choice. I picked up this WLA engine as a mostly complete basket case with an original frame that was slightly raked. I took the engine to Rico Fodrey (Hi-Bond Modified, in Pomona, California) for a full rebuild, and we went out to 45’s Unlimited in Anza, California, for a transmission and a bunch of other small parts.

“The frame went to the wizard who is Mike Palazzo at 47 Industries in New Jersey and he de-raked the neck back to stock geometry, added the rear WR-style braces, bored holes in the frame castings and straightened everything out.

“The wheels, WR gas and oil tanks and rear fender were all sourced from W&W in Germany. The foot controls are sourced from Jeff Leighton out of SLC, Utah - less vulnerable than stock controls. The bars were custom bent to my specs by Jason Ball over at S&M in Santa Ana, California.

“With the ‘Frijole’ project consuming most of my “extra” time over the winter, the beautifully rebuilt flatty engine and frame sat lonely in the shop just mocking me and my poor time management skills. Once I realized I just wasn’t going to get it done, I dropped it all back off at Rico’s shop and asked him if he could get it wrapped up by Born Free. He did, and the bike ran great at the Stampede race the Thursday before the show.

“Pete at Hot Dog Kustoms sprayed the 1966 VW Sea Blue and bright white single stage paint, just in time for the race. It definitely looks even better than I imagined, but I’ll probably cry when I lay it down for the first time! As for my performance at the Stampede? I sucked, but I didn’t crash and didn’t finish last – I’ll take that all day long!”

--from AMD

RODDER’S JOURNAL DEADLINE--Get the 2019 TRJ Calendar & Win Original Tillrock Art

Our 2019 TRJ calendars are available now! To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve assembled a special edition calendar that we feel represents our first quarter century in print. While picking the cars, we sifted through 79 issues, selecting the rods, customs and racecars that show the breadth and depth of The Rodder’s Journal. In short, it’s an oversized issue of TRJ for your wall.

Each calendar will be signed and numbered by the publisher, Steve Coonan. For a custom number, you must place your order by Friday, November 16th at 5 p.m. PST either online or over the phone. For online orders, please put your two top number choices in the "notes" section at checkout. They will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

We’re only printing 2,500 and when they’re gone, they’re gone. The calendars measure 15x23-inches, are printed on heavy stock and list popular car show dates.

To order, click the red box above or call us at (800) 750-9550 in the United States,
(877) 479-2627 in Canada or (650) 246-8920 internationally. Get yours while supplies last!

Your Friends at The Rodder’s Journal
Our mailing address is:
The Rodder's Journal
South San Francisco, CA

BIKERNET BAD JOKE LIBRARY OPENS AGAIN--Here is a list of one liners that should take care of things for awhile.

Q: When do you kick a midget in the balls?
A: When he is standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice

Q: Did you hear about the guy who died of a Viagra overdose?
A: They couldn't close his casket.

Q: What's 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and drives women wild?
A: a $100 bill!

--from Rogue

SOFAR Sounds at Standard--Connecting over 400 intimate music venues world-wide, through secret performances, Sofar provides a live curated music experience bringing together artists and fans in an extremely special way.

This Saturday night, in partnership with Sofar, we’re taking our Secret Show concept to a whole new level and we’d love for you to join us.
EXCLUSIVE for Standard patrons, use code “ORLANDO-34DBE” and get immediate access to purchase tickets.
Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.43.46 AM.png
Brand Name


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Reader Comments

Another great read, I can't believe the stupid, stupid California voters. Prop 6 failing amazed me, I recently bought a basket case '83 fxwg from AZ., it cost me close to 300 by the time I did the reg. and title transfer.

The cat that I bought it from in AZ. had just gone through the same process to get it in his name. His AZ. bill was 35 dollars and the roads and infrastructure seem to be very good over there. Go figure.

I was also wondering if a non-motorcycle industry rider could stop by Friday night, I would love to check out the belly tank. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

Orange, CA
Friday, November 16, 2018
Editor Response I wish you could have made it. You can alway cruise over and I'll give you a private tour.

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