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we Tried to Keep it Light and colorful

By Bandit, Rogue, Wayfarer, Bob T. Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, El Waggs, the Redhead, and the whole crew

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Life is whacky.
But one thing is for certain. We are still going to have Christmas, the joy, the happiness, the warmth and caring. No matter what is happening in the world or health wise, Christmas reigns supreme.

So, let’s share the brotherhood, the fun, and the joy of Christmas with everyone in every way we can this year.

All the best for the Holidays. Let’s hit the News:


The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

DIME BAG NEWS-- DIME BAG WORKING TO CREATE THE PRODUCT EVERY BROTHER NEEDS—A cell phone holster. The Bikernet staff is testing the first one. And here’s news from the Master.

Yo, Worked up this custom seat for Billy at Choppers Inc. I used the same font as the one that Choppers Inc had on the Easyriders Centerfold Tour. More epic seat builds are coming, working with legendary builders is always a great goal to share.

All the best
Dimebag Leather
Follow us on Instagram @dimebag.leather

Click for custom leather seats and leather products.
Click for custom leather seats and leather products.

SADDLEMEN SEAT OF THE WEEK—2018-2021 Fat Boy FLFB/FLFBS Brown Step-Up™ TR Front & LS Rear Seat

Brand Fitment: Harley-Davidson
Model Fitment: Fat Boy FLFB/FLFBS
Year Fitment: 2018-2021

From the early days of the Wheelie King to the present day, Saddlemen® has been there to support talented riders with purpose-built equipment to help them push the limits of both man and machine. The latest creation born out of this relationship is the Saddlemen® Step-Up seat. A beautiful blend of the rider and passenger comfort you have come to expect from Saddlemen® combined with ergonomics required to keep the rider locked in place, providing the highest level of bike control available in an aftermarket Harley-Davidson seat.

Don't take our word for it, just ask the guys over at Unknown Industries. These talented riders have been pushing the limits of their purpose-built HD motorcycles for years. If you are not already familiar with these guys, you can see them performing at Monster Energy's latest V-twin productions or locally at rallies like Sturgis. No matter where you see them, you will notice that they only ride Saddlemen® seats.

? Designed and made in the USA.

? The seat combines a Gel-Core interior and Ultra-Foam that creates a foam that is a perfect balance of rigidity and user compliance.

? Ultra-Foam unique molding process creates an element-resistant self-skinning process that seals the foam from water and enhances the seat's durability as well as comfort.

? The Co-molded Gel-Core is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension.

? True Tuck and Roll will complete an awesome look.

? If you are looking for the ultimate performance upgrade, look no further

? Installs easily with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions included.


NEWS FROM LOWBROW--REDEMPTION ON THE SALT - RACING AT THE BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS 2020-- However, in this case it was not because of the world-wide pandemic.

On my first run at Bonneville Speed Week in 2019, I crashed at over 120 mph...

Like most things this year, preparing for racing at Bonneville in 2020 was very different than other years. However, in this case it was not because of the world-wide pandemic. On my first run at Bonneville Speed Week in 2019, I crashed at over 120 mph.

Lowbrow Customs - Redemption on the salt - 1First day on the salt at Bonneville Speed Week 2019 with my 1950 Pre-unit Triumph land speed bike.

For most of the year leading up to Speed Week 2019 I had worked on my race bike and engine, dyno testing and preparing engine and chassis for a record setting season. The attention to detail and meticulous work had paid off; my horsepower was up 12% since the prior year, when I had first built and raced (and set a record with) the bike.

The arrival to the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2019 was a bit disappointing, as the surface was partially flooded and there were standing puddles of water everywhere. Just walking around the pits led to soaking wet, salty shoes, and everything became a mess very quickly. A rain storm had swept through the area the night before. The salt flats are surrounded by mountainous foot hills and the water streams down to the lake bed.

About 500 racers and an additional 1500 or so crew members and SCTA volunteers were now there, ready to race and waiting for the sun and light wind to dry up the salt.

Four long (but fun) days of waiting and everyone was ready to race on Tuesday. Instead of 3 or 4 courses as usual, there was only 1 good enough to race on. We were up at 5am and in line on the road to get onto the salt, and we were late! Some people had gotten in line hours before that, sleeping in their vehicles to ensure they would be some of the first to race.

Read the whole story on the Lowbrow web site:

Click for action.
Click for action.

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT-- So my friend Greg Hale of MC Creations had a swap meet today, couldn’t have been a better day for it! Started off early about 39 degrees then warmed up into the 60s.

It was a great turn out, be it vendors or folks looking for that one particular piece need to continue forward on their project or others just coming out to visit. Greg is just a couple years older, we ran basically the same places in our younger days, just different circles.

I’m 98% sure it was Greg that sold me the S&S 84-inch kit I bought in ‘81 when he worked for ??? Before he started his own shop after winning a contest to attend MIC to learn all you need to know to repair Harley-Davidsons.

Ran into a few folks I hadn’t seen in a while, talking about how we are the old guys now. Thing is the younger riders aren’t building the stuff we did. One of Greg’s friends has as part of his retirement plan 50 or so OEM glass tombstone taillights. But will that turn out to be a good strategy?

There are no other shops in Houston that have the older parts and knowledge that Greg and MC Creations has. Who will step up to take on this task when a Greg decides it time to retire? Things are changing that’s for sure. Guess it’s just the mechanic in me. I just don’t understand doing a burnout until the engine explodes.

Tech Reporter™

ERIC HERRMANN REACHES OUT--Deal of the Day "Thumpers" I positioned the 441 Victor to be reflected in the tank of a BSA Goldstar. I altered the background & sky, but tried to keep the irregularity of the reflection.

The original sold to a friend in Canada who's first bike was a Victor. A good home!
I have (1) 20 x 30 Canvas Giclee' available for $600.00/ frt.
Normally $850.00

Metal 8x12 @ $45.00
Paper prints 14 x 21 @ $125.00 (480) 575-7559…

A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, “Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?”

The father, surprised, answers, “Well, son, there’s three kinds of breasts. In her twenties, a woman’s breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her thirties to forties, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After fifty, they are like onions.”

“Onions?” asks the boy.

“Yes,” said the father, “you see them and they make you cry.”

This infuriated his wife and daughter so the daughter said, “Mom, how many kinds of willies are there?”

The mother, surprised, smiles and answers, “Well dear, a man goes through three phases also. In his twenties, his willie is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his thirties and forties, it is a birch, flexible but still reliable. After his fifties, it is like an old Christmas tree.”

“A Christmas tree?”

“Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are for decoration only.”


Join Bandit's Cantina for the kicks.
Join Bandit's Cantina for the kicks.

The Holidays are fast approaching, and we would like to take a moment to showcase the official Rodder’s Journal 2021 Calendars.

Just like the magazine, these calendars feature a wide variety of hot rods and customs from coast to coast. They’re printed on heavy stock right here in the United States, and each one is individually signed and numbered by the publisher, Steve Coonan.

This year’s theme is Traditional Trendsetters. These are cars that pushed the envelope when they were first built and their timeless designs have helped to define what we now refer to as traditional hot rods and custom cars. With a combination of studio and location photography, we like to think of this calendar as an oversized issue of TRJ for your wall.

We have less than 1,000 left, so make sure to get yours while supplies last. To place an order, click the red box above, or give us a call at (800) 750-9550 in North America or (804) 496-6906 internationally.

Your Friends at The Rodder’s Journal

NMA ALERT--Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestrians
Personal Delivery Devices or PDD enjoy the status of pedestrian in several states. According to the new Pennsylvania law, the PDDs can weigh up to 550 pounds without cargo and can be used everywhere there is a sidewalk. These sidewalk bots must yield the right-of-way to actual human pedestrians and cyclists and allowed only to travel 12 mph (Average walking speed for humans is about 3 to 4 mph).

When they are not on sidewalks, the PDDs can travel on roadways or shoulders (or bike lanes) at 25 mph.

Other states have different weight and speed limits. Does this indicate a trend or perhaps just a reality foisted on all of us by tech companies?

Harley-Davidson LiveWire versus Zero SR/S: Premium electric motorcycles face off—It was a very promotional piece, but we ran an important clip.--Bandit

Range and recharging
How far you can go and how long it takes to recharge are two considerations that require some scrutiny with electric motorcycles, far beyond what you have to do with an ICE motorcycle. With the LiveWire and the SR/S, I found some similarities and some key differences.

Zero claims a max range of 161 miles for the SR/S (in the city) and Harley-Davidson specs the LiveWire’s max urban range at 145 miles. There’s a high degree of variability in how far you can actually ride on one of these high-performance electric motorcycles, however, depending on which riding mode you use and the type of riding you do, and that exposes an ongoing drawback of electric versus gas motorcycles.

Putting either in high power mode and heading out on the highway makes for a pretty short trip. Testing these two electric motorcycles (and others), I’ve found you get the most out of them by riding in efficiency mode most of the time — which still offers a good deal of zip — switching to Sport when the occasion arises and then switching back to Range or Eco modes to conserve power.

Following that modus operandi, the LiveWire and SR/S were pretty evenly matched, and offered around 85 to 100 miles of range per charge, on my mix of roughly 25 percent city riding, 45 percent curvy two-lane and 30 percent highway cruising.

An important difference is revealed when it's time to recharge these two motorcycles. Zero and Harley took different approaches and that may determine which bike works better for how and where you ride.

Level 1 charging is plugging the bike into a regular home outlet. Level 2 charging stations basically double that power. Level 3, also called DC Fast Charging, uses DC instead of AC power. DC fast charging stations provide the quickest way to replenish any EV that's equipped to handle it.

charging the LiveWire

The LiveWire charges faster than the SR/S — assuming you find a compatible Level 3 charging station. If you're charging either motorcycle from a regular wall outlet, it's an all-day (or overnight) wait.

The SR/S Premium accommodates Level 1 or Level 2 charging. The LiveWire gives the rider the options of Level 1 or Level 3 and free Level 3 charging is available for two years at Chargepoint stations at all Harley-Davidson dealerships that sell the LiveWire.
Using a Level 3 fast charger, the LiveWire can charge to 80 percent of battery capacity in 40 minutes and reach 100 percent in roughly an hour. The Zero SR/S Premium charged to 100 percent in around 90 minutes, using a Level 2 charger. Charging either bike at Level 1 on a home outlet happened at a snail's pace.

I clocked it at 11 hours for a charge after I ran the big HD’s battery down to two percent state of charge. Basically, Level 1 charging is for when the bike is parked overnight or maybe at your workplace, if your employer lets you plug in while you're on the job.

The Harley's faster Level 3 charging sounds great, but the advantage is not so clear cut. Only 15 percent of public charging outlets in the United States are Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Plus, you have to make sure the DC fast charging station has the SAE Combined Charging System (CCS) plug to match your LiveWire.

What does all this mean for this comparison? With the SR/S Premium, I could charge relatively quickly from a lot of charging stations. With the LiveWire I could charge faster but at far fewer locations.

For riders who plan to ride further than the range a full battery provides, the availability of charging stations is an important consideration. Electric motorcycles still require riders to accept a high degree of inconvenience over gas-powered bikes in how far you can ride and the time it takes to top up your scooter.

--Jake Bright, revzilla


The first Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.

The ceremony came on the fifth anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite and other high explosives. In his will, Nobel directed that the bulk of his vast fortune be placed in a fund in which the interest would be “annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”

Although Nobel offered no public reason for his creation of the prizes, it is widely believed that he did so out of moral regret over the increasingly lethal uses of his inventions in war.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1833, and four years later his family moved to Russia. His father ran a successful St. Petersburg factory that built explosive mines and other military equipment.

Educated in Russia, Paris, and the United States, Alfred Nobel proved a brilliant chemist. When his father’s business faltered after the end of the Crimean War, Nobel returned to Sweden and set up a laboratory to experiment with explosives.

In 1863, he invented a way to control the detonation of nitroglycerin, a highly volatile liquid that had been recently discovered but was previously regarded as too dangerous for use. Two years later, Nobel invented the blasting cap, an improved detonator that inaugurated the modern use of high explosives. Previously, the most dependable explosive was black powder, a form of gunpowder.

Nitroglycerin remained dangerous, however, and in 1864 Nobel’s nitroglycerin factory blew up, killing his younger brother and several other people. Searching for a safer explosive, Nobel discovered in 1867 that the combination of nitroglycerin and a porous substance called kieselguhr produced a highly explosive mixture that was much safer to handle and use.

Nobel christened his invention “dynamite,” for the Greek word dynamis, meaning “power.” Securing patents on dynamite, Nobel acquired a fortune as humanity put his invention to use in construction and warfare.

In 1875, Nobel created a more powerful form of dynamite, blasting gelatin, and in 1887 introduced ballistite, a smokeless nitroglycerin powder. Around that time, one of Nobel’s brothers died in France, and French newspapers printed obituaries in which they mistook him for Alfred. One headline read, “The merchant of death is dead.”

Alfred Nobel in fact had pacifist tendencies and in his later years apparently developed strong misgivings about the impact of his inventions on the world. After he died in San Remo, Italy, on December 10, 1896, the majority of his estate went toward the creation of prizes to be given annually in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace. The portion of his will establishing the Nobel Peace Prize read, “[one award shall be given] to the person who has done the most or best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Exactly five years after his death, the first Nobel awards were presented.

Today, the Nobel Prizes are regarded as the most prestigious awards in the world in their various fields. Notable winners have included Marie Curie, Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Nelson Mandela In 1968, a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science was established by the Swedish national bank, Sveriges Riksbank, and first awarded in 1969.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decides the prizes in physics, chemistry, and economic science; the Swedish Royal Caroline Medico-Surgical Institute determines the physiology or medicine award; the Swedish Academy chooses literature; and a committee elected by the Norwegian parliament awards the peace prize. The Nobel Prizes are still presented annually. Each Nobel carries a cash prize of nearly $1,400,000 and recipients also received a gold medal, as is the tradition.

--History Channel
A&E Television Networks

GUN NUT REPORT—New Bill Would Ban Texas Private Firearm Sales

Against all hope and experience, Texas Democrats have been busy throwing all kinds of gun control bills up agains the legislative wall in advance of the upcoming biennial session. One of those pre-filed bills, HB 118 which would outlaw private gun sales without a background check, making it a crime to sell a gun without one, is real doozy.

Texas Rep. Lina Ortega [D] really doesn’t like private sales one little bit. Allow me to quote a considerable portion of the bill:

OFFENSE. (a) A person may not sell or otherwise transfer a firearm
to another person unless:
(1) the person is a licensed firearms dealer; or
(2) the person is not a licensed firearms dealer, and:
(A) the person sells or transfers the firearm to
a licensed firearms dealer, a peace officer, a law enforcement
agency, or a person licensed to carry a handgun under Subchapter H,
Chapter 411, Government Code;
(B) the transferor and the transferee are related
within the third degree by consanguinity or within the second
degree by affinity as determined under Chapter 573, Government
Code; or
(C) before delivering the firearm to the person
to whom the firearm is being sold or transferred, the person selling
or transferring the firearm requests that a licensed firearms
dealer conduct, in the manner required by 18 U.S.C. Section 922, a
national instant criminal background check to verify that the
person to whom the firearm is being sold or transferred may lawfully
possess a firearm.

I’ve added some emphasis here and there to help make a point.

To sell a firearm either you must be a Federal Firearms Licensee or (see that emphasis above?) meet the requirements of part (2). To wit that you aren’t an FFL but you follow the conditions in (A) and (B), or (C). Note that neither (A) nor (B) have an “or;” that means all three conditions must be met”

the buyer is an FFL, law enforcement, or licensed to carry a handgun, and
the buyer are closely related, or
a NICS check is completed
As the bill is written, you can only sell a firearm if at least one of you, the buyer or the seller, is an FFL (or LEO or CCW) and close family; or you do a background check. I’m not sure if Ortega is being stupid or clever here.

It’s possible there was supposed to be an “or” at the end of (2)(A), making any one of the conditions a requirement. I suspect a bit of both — stupidity and cleverness — because requiring that the seller or buyer be an FFL suggests Ortega thinks the FFL would have to enter this into their bound book, creating a permanent record and requiring a background check anyway.

But — FFLs, correct me if I’m wrong here — items to or from the licensee’s private collection (as distinct from commercial inventory) don’t have to be entered.

In any case, this is a poorly written bill that has little to no chance of ever becoming law as both the House and Senate remain under solid Republican control despite Democrats’ fervent pre-election dreams and all of the bogus media predictions


LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK-- 2015 Harley-Davidson® FLRT - Freewheeler for $18,995.00

see it here:

This bike is a really cool Trike based off a Road King platform

ONLY 11271.00 Miles !!!!!

2015 Vivid Black Harley-Davidson TRIKE/THREE WHEELER FLRT

Some of the features/Add-on's on this bike

* 103 Twin cam motor
* 6 Speed trans.
* Steering stabilizer
* Detachable windshield
* Passenger backrest
* luggage rack

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 101 point safety and mechanical inspection. Whether your looking to commute to work, ride the coast or take that dream vacation, this bike is ready to go!!!


Fill out an online application and ride today!!!

**Open 7 days a week**

Just $18,995.00 at Lifestyle Cycles (714) 490-0155


BRAND NEW BIKERNET READER COMMENT--Horny Air Horn by Air Stream Studios

Waggaman, Wimmer, and Women. Nice article. My memory shot back to Lee Wimmer's Kobalt Kruiser. All the K's tell us right away that Brian Klock was instrumental. I read about Mr. Wimmer's bike in "How to Hop-Up and Customize Your Harley-Davidson Bagger" by Timothy Remus.

This was 2004 and the builds in this book from Wolfgang Publications still personifies what a bagger can be.

--Sam Burns
Somewhere in Texas

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I’ve never cared too much for a grown up man to use some stupid name like bandit but whatever. He’s been around like forever, has never done a goddamn thing for bikers ever but sure had taken advantage of bikers. Sounds always like a disgruntled old republican shit.

The bikes he used to push were hella gay ruined a good mag called easy rider , guys a dweeb. He’s kinda like Biden, been in office forever never done shit for anyone but make his self rich always a piss can with no constructive solutions. Here is a clue bozo bandit southern states suck all that white upper crust privilege could go on but I think you get my gist

Robert Marquez
Prosser , WA
Friday, December 11, 2020
Editor Response Perfect, like Happy Holidays. Reminds me of when I was at Hot Bike, and guys would bitch me out for putting girls in the mag, because their grandma might see it.
No link on Dimebag Leather Instagram and Facebook but no website that I can find.

Friday, December 11, 2020
Editor Response I'll see what I can do. I avoid social media connections whenever possible.
Dear J.J. I myself know who Peter Baker is but I digress, thanks for letting us read your words of wisdom{?] again . Please write more stories like in EASYRIDERS that we all loved. Thanks from a long time reader.

Ruben Serrano
Sinton, TX
Thursday, December 10, 2020
Editor Response You made J.J.'s day.

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