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Tuesday Edition


Ride Free or Die Trying

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Vicki Roberts-Sanfelipo, Wayfarer, El Wags, Buckshot, Uncle Monkey and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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It’s the middle of January in a new year.
This is the time to center on our goals for this year and make a move.

There’s so much discussion going around about our industry, but much of the problem goes way beyond it. Did you know that Al Gore’s films has been aired in front of school children. In England it was stopped because of the fear is caused in kids.

I watched his first film and was impressed, but my concern has always been for motorcycling and riding free, so I questioned him. So much of his film is unfortunately lies. What’s worse is his policies will kill people and mostly poor people. Did you know Global Warming stopped in 2001. Did you know that temperatures rise first, then CO2 levels. Did you know CO2 levels are not a bad thing and were much higher thousands of years ago.

That’s just the tip of the bullshit iceberg that’s hurting so many of our industries including motorcycling. Let’s do something about it. Here’s a quote from Roy Spencer’s (NASA Scientist) “Global Warming Blunder:”

In my first book, Climate Confusion, I provided some qualitative reasons why I thought the climate models are wrong. But we have learned much more since that book was published in early 2008. We have uncovered scientific evidence that strongly suggest the fears of man-made global warming are unfounded. While scientists like NASA’s James Hansen and politicians like former Vice President Al Gore are increasingly warning us that we must act now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the latest science is turning in the opposite direction.

Even though global temparatures have not risen in at least seven years, we are being told that the climate is changing faster than expected…

I’ll let you check out his books. He points out that science is the study of all factors good and bad, It’s does not stop at one assumption. What the hell do I know. I’m just a grubby biker. I won’t ever give up trying to keep us riding free.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown and BorntoRide.com, Sturgis Museum. And the Smoke Out.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

bike night every Thursday.

SUNDAY, Jan 21
Cumberland Gap Live | 3pm
Catch these boys playing the best classic tunes on a Sunday afternoon!


International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair--
October 3-7, 2018 in Cologne, Germany - Dealer & trade media day: October 2

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2018 Manufacturing Update + Embr At CES

Posted by Embr Wave (Creator)
Hey Embr Wave Backers,

We’ve got our first campaign update of 2018...

We’re happy to report that production for the February 2018 units is complete! We’re going through the final quality checks to make sure your Waves are working properly.

We've already shipped nearly 500 Waves, and we’re still on schedule to deliver by the timelines promised during the campaign.

Boston has been...well, absolutely freezing cold these last few weeks. We’ve been using our Waves to warm up in and out of the office to stay focused on delivering your Waves on time.

We’ve received a ton of great feedback from our initial batch of Wavers, and we’re using all of it to make sure that you’ll love your Embr Wave from the moment you receive it.

We appreciate all of your support, and we can’t wait for you to #feelthewave soon.

For now, check out our recent Facebook Live segment with Kickstarter at CES in Las Vegas! Sam talked about the long and bumpy road to launching Embr Wave.

-- David, Sam, Matt & The Embr Team


Pan says he wishes he would have seen this sign before he went boom yesterday on the ice, LOL!

Now it's on his hospital room door. We were at an exciting event yesterday at Wilson Park when for the first time in 35 years, AMA sanctioned motorcycle ice racing was taking place in Milwaukee. As always, Pan was in the thick of things with Eric Ellis shooting pics and videos for Behind the handlebars.

The ice was slick and Pan fell hard, landing on his back and hitting his head on the ice. There was an immediate response of emergency personnel and I was near enough to get there quickly.

The staff worked well with a swift response to get him on a scoop stretcher and off the ice. He was in tremendous pain and was taken to the ER by ambulance. After CT scans of his head, neck and spine they found that he has 3 broken vertebrae: T-12, L-1 & L-2. He also has a broken rib. He was admitted for pain control and will be seen by neuro today.

He is joking with the staff and having me communicate with people so he's doing OK. He says, "god can walk in water but he prefers the soft kind". We appreciate your well wishes and prayers.

--Vickie Roberts
First Responder


As I sit here getting ready to work on some Motorcycle Rights I cannot help but take a minute to mentally say Thank You Martin Luther King.

I was a young man when I saw him on TV and read about him in the newspaper. I paid serious attention to what he was saying and doing to help people of color. But then I realized that he was not just talking about people of color But all people.

It was during a time that the motorcycle people were having issues with law enforcement referring to them as outlaws while in fact many members of law enforcement should have been the ones under investigation.

That was also around the time that the Federal Government tried to Blackmail states into passing Five (5) laws or face the possibility of losing highway funds. One of these laws was the Mandatory Helmet Law for Motorcyclist. Though the majority of motorcyclists have never been against helmets they were upset about someone trying to force them to wear them.

This law and other things caused the motorcyclist to say enough is enough and they banded together to fight the helmet law. Using the teachings of Martin Luther King they formed motorcycle rights groups.

Easyriders Magazine started ABATE (A Brotherhood Of Totalitarian Enactments). Bandit was the manager when it started and ultimately the National Director. People and organizations intentionally got traffic tickets and took them to court while others contacted their legislators and filed paperwork to make the Federal Government Stop The Blackmail Threat and when we were successful in doing that, many states repealed their Mandatory Helmet Laws. I should note that some states are still trying for repeals today.

Oh just in case you are wondering what the other laws were, they were the 55 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit, Mandatory Seat Belt Laws and .04 Blood Alcohol Content for DUI. And something to do with school busses, sorry do not remember exactly what that was.

Motorcycle rights like other rights are a Big Thing in our country now. The motorcycle rights organizations are numerous and represent a large amount of people and all the organizations are active in getting their members to become registered to vote.

While many do not indorse specific candidates for fear of upsetting some of their membership, most do let their membership know how legislators voted on motorcycle issues in the past and suggest they use that as a guide on how to vote.

I do belong too many of these organizations and value the information I receive from them. I ask questions, get facts, look at voting records and then decide who I think I can work with on Motorcycle Rights and then campaign and support my choice. I try to let people know why I have made the decisions I have and why and I also reserve the right to change my opinion should other information and facts become known to me.

There is much going on in the United States right now and some of the issues will be decided in 2018 with the upcoming elections. I am requesting if you are not a voter to become one, to become educated on the issues and Vote. I would hope that you would be inclined to vote for those I like and support them, I do realize that many of my friends and associates do not agree on every subject and I am good with that.

I remind my friends in motorcycling we cannot all agree on everything including what motorcycle to ride, color, model etc. But we still all want to be treated fairly and with respect and we continue to work towards that goal.

We may take different roads to get there as we have in the past. But we have accomplished a lot and I expect we will accomplish more as we continue to move forward.

Thank You Martin Luther King For The Lessons You Have Taught Us.


Nice. Here's my 1937 W, engine rebuild is almost done. I painted the ‘37 myself with rustolem. The motor is tricked out with gonzo cams & valves. Built to H-D racing specs, guaranteed over 50hp.

--Billy Lane
Choppers Inc.

Click to find out more.
Click to find out more.

Fight over Right to Repair will heat up in 2018

You bought, you own it! That’s what most of us think anyway when we buy a car. We should be able to do what we want with it, whether modifying the engine for better performance or taking it to our favorite mechanic to have it repaired. Many car owners, however, might be surprised to find that they actually don’t own every part of their vehicle.

Increasingly, automakers have utilized embedded software to take the place of mechanical functions. Automakers consider this code to be intellectual property protected by the 1996 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Access to the software can only be given by permission. The embedded programming can control brakes, emissions, ignitions, transmissions and even windshield wipers.

Vehicle owners cannot just have any mechanic (themselves included) make adjustments to the factory coding. You either have to take your car back to the dealer or have it serviced by an approved/authorized third-party repair shop.

According to the Auto Care Association (ACA), the advocacy association for indie repair shops, this limitation hurts the free market. ACA’s Aaron Lowe notes, “The manufacturers want to control where you get your car repaired. There are many ways they can make it available to independent shops, but then it’s no longer an independent market.”

Richmond, VA independent auto shop owner Gary Thaxton said he would love to see some competition entering the programming side of the auto repair market. “Right now the dealership has you by the …, they can charge whatever they want.” He added, “I would be in favor of having an independent option to get the price down to a more reasonable amount.”

The right to repair and property rights seems to be clashing with intellectual property rights. The autocareadvocacy.org website questions whether the DMCA should even cover manufactured equipment.

U.S. patent law protects consumers’ right to repair their motor vehicle themselves, or choose a trusted technician to perform the work for them. Cleaning, repairing and refurbishing parts or replacing worn or broken parts has always been considered permissible under the law.

Congress passed the DMCA to provide IP protections for expressive works, such as movies or music – not enable original equipment manufacturers to design systems that prevent replacement of functional software and parts. While unattended, DMCA is being used to stifle competition in the vehicle repair industry. Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office must take immediate action to clarify that vehicle owners and authorized third parties can continue to access embedded software for purposes of repair and maintenance.

Every three years the U.S. Copyright Office solicits public comments with suggested exceptions to the DMCA. As the 2017/2018 comment period opened up the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) joined forces with the Auto Care Association to ask the copyright office to provide an exemption allowing independent repair shops, and third party companies authorization to access and fix factory-embedded coding with the vehicle owner’s permission.

In December, the EFF logged their preliminary comments with the patent office and has been successful on advocating for other DMCA exemptions since 1999. If you wish to write a comment in support of this exemption, go to the NMA web site. The Copyright Office ask that all written reply comments from supporters of a proposed exemption and parties that neither support nor oppose a proposed exemption are due March 14, 2018.

The right to repair goes further than just cars. The Owners’ Rights Initiative represents a broad coalition of stakeholders who have interest in protecting ownership rights around the world.

If owners don’t have the right to alter their property as they wish within the confines of existing regulations while also accepting that factory warranties could be affected, then the idea of product ownership begins to lose meaning. The battle on this front, particularly as it relates to vehicle repair, will continue long past 2018.

Click to join.
Click to join.

I wonder where the MIC (motorcycle industry council) and SEMA are on these issues?--Bandit

Bare Bones Solo Diamond Seating for Touring Models. If the quest is for a lowered bagger, all the elements are available including lowered, comfortable, classic seats from Le Pera.


The Bare Bones is a little lower and thinner than the Silhouette Solo. Simplistic design allows it to slip into any stock or custom touring bike.

This bad boy will change the entire attitude of your bike and is the perfect seat to take full advantage of one of our killer inlays or stitched graphics.

Pillion pads are available, please see next page.


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Give A Shift Clicks up the Gears in 2018--
Additional panels to drill into five areas of focus

The Give A Shift About Motorcycles initiative was formed out of a desire to elevate and promote the category of motorcycling in a public manner that leverages industry experience, enthusiasm and new ideas via an “informed anonymity” round-table.

With new motorcycle sales stagnating after a significant drop in 2009, and a quickly shifting consumer base and retail culture, GAS is an informed grassroots effort to facilitate a variety of solutions.

The goal is to discuss issues, address some problems and develop some solutions. The initiative was seen by a considerable audience, becoming the biggest business story in the LA Times in December 2017 with over 80,000 reads of the story and thousands of downloads of the report.

Additional stories and sharing of the report has spurred increasing interest. The final reports and the full and anonymous transcript from the first meeting can be downloaded at the new web hub at www.MotoGiveAShift.com for free. Additional links, a blog, photos and all future materials will be posted to this site as well.

Announced at Lucky Wheels Garage on Jan 11, 2018, the Give A Shift motorcycle industry round-table will host additional round-tables to discuss the five major take-aways from the initial meeting. With a mission to create five more sets of reports, and transcripts that delve deeper into the initial meetings output.

We have a categorical desirability problem, not a product problem
2. Motorcycles can get eliminated in an autonomous vehicle future
3. Mothers and female ridership increase is critical, but real action is needed
4. Motorcyclists and industry must relentlessly self-promote to survive
5. Improvements in the dealership experience is desperately needed

Give A Shift will kick off the next set of roundtable events with a late spring session in New York. Additional round table events will be announced in the coming months with a goal of completing the reports and making each available by the end of August 2018. This will produce diverse and actionable information that can be used by anybody interested in the future of motorcycling going into the 2019 selling season.

“What I thought would be a very focused base for the report has grown exponentially”, says GAS founder Robert Pandya. “I feel that the interest is high enough and I have received many notes of support from a variety of people in the industry as well as well-informed enthusiasts from around the world, that committing to a complete drill-down of the five major topics is worth the work and effort. I’m very happy that so many people have taken the time to be part of the initiative and wish to be part of future panels. I encourage OEM’s, industry leadership and connected businesses to participate in the GAS panels and absorb the work.”

Give A Shift is seeking out additional leaders for the remaining panels to encourage a further diversity of voices and leadership coming out of the initiative. Panel leaders will be responsible for managing facilitation, overseeing the report and supervising transcripts coming out of the sessions. In addition GAS is seeing out facilitation sponsors who are willing to donate space, food and and resources to complete the series.

Give A Shift is a volunteer program that leans on simple but critical enthusiasm for motorcycling, riders and the genuinely positive effect that motorcycling and scootering can have on a community and an individual. The program requires voices and leadership that is reflective of the wide variety of riders.

Those interested in the program can connect with Robert Pandya directly at RobertPandya@gmail.com or via www.MotoGiveAShift.com.

I take a slightly different slant. Here’s my list:

Motorcycles will never be eliminated by autonomous vehicles.
More females are riding than ever before and we’re helping.
We are working on a major campaign to promote motorcycling and motorcycle racing all over the world.
Dealers are more engaged with their customers than ever before, sponsor more events and racing. We can help.
We are working with school kids all over the world to introduce them to the fun and adventures of motorcycling.
We are actively involved in the science of the climate and how little change is man-made.
We are actively involved in motorcyclists rights and how regulation impacts the sport—ride free


Charge Debuts Portable Charger That Can Also Jump a Vehicle--6600 mAh Adventure Jump Start works on cars, trucks, boats and ATVs

According to AAA, dead batteries are one of the top reasons American drivers place a call for roadside assistance. The automotive association also says that 4 out of 10 drivers are not prepared for a roadside emergency and don’t carry an emergency kit containing items like a phone charger and jumper cables. The new myCharge Adventure Jump Start makes it easy to remember both of these essential tools by combining them into one glove box sized package.

The Adventure Jump Start features a 6600 mAh battery, enough for up to 4X extra battery for a smartphone. Compatible with most cars, trucks, boats and ATVs the myCharge Adventure Jump Start has a sustained jump start current of 200A and a peak jump start current of 400A. The included smart jump start cables provide LED feedback for safe use.

Designed for compact portability, the Adventure Jump Start .75 x 3 x 5.75 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. It has one USB-A port with 2.4A maximum output and comes with a recharging cable. An integrated LED flashlight with SOS function further enhances the safety features of the device.

Now available at mycharge.com and Best Buy the myCharge Adventure Jump Start retails for $99.99.

Learn more at www.mycharge.com.

The Children's Climate Lawsuit Against The Children

Litigation may be as American as apple pie, but some lawsuits are so destructive that they stand out even among the hugely expensive wreckage wrought by our legal system. The most prominent current example is the "children's" climate lawsuit (Juliana v U.S.): A group of kids, including "future generations, through their guardian Dr. James Hansen," claim that the government's actions and failures to act have caused climate change, thus violating the youngest generation's constitutional rights to life, liberty and property, and have failed to protect essential public trust resources.

I leave the numerous legal issues to the lawyers, although precisely how the ineffable Hansen came to be the "guardian" for future generations is a question both fascinating and amusing. Instead, it is crucial to recognize first that the fundamental policy assumption underlying this lawsuit — we can make "the children" better off by making them poorer — is preposterous.

More generally, the lawsuit is a blatant attempt to circumvent democratic processes, in terms of both the Congressional power to make policy and the authority of the president to implement it.

No Hidden Agenda: Get News From A Pro-Free Market, Pro-Growth Perspective
Climate policies — mandated reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions — by and large are energy policies, and the constitution is silent on which such policies would serve the interests of future generations, or on the appropriate tradeoffs between the interests of "the children" and the adults alive in the here and now.

Those are policy questions, and this attempt to induce judges to interfere with Congress' legislative powers is deeply destructive of our constitutional institutions. Should "the children" not be concerned about that? Why are "the children" not suing about, say, the national debt?

Second, the claim about the protection of "essential public trust resources" boils down to an assertion that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant." No, it is not: A certain minimum atmospheric concentration of it is necessary for life itself. (Merely look at NASA's time-lapse photo of the earth's greening over the last 30-plus years.) By far the most important GHG is water vapor; does anyone claim that it is a "pollutant?" Obviously not, and not because ocean evaporation is a natural process; so are volcanic eruptions, and the massive amounts of effluents emitted by volcanoes are pollutants by any definition.

Third, consider a homo sapiens baby born in a cave some tens of thousands of years ago, in a world with environmental quality effectively untouched by mankind. That child at birth would have had a life expectancy on the order of ten years; had it been able to choose, it is obvious that it willingly would have given up some environmental quality in exchange for better housing, food, water, medical care, safety, ad infinitum. That is, it is obvious that people willingly choose to give up some environmental quality in exchange for a life both longer and wealthier.

In other words, the children's lawsuit is inconsistent with actual interests of future generations, as the obvious underlying assumption is that future generations would prefer the purest possible environmental quality. That is not correct: Future generations want to inherit the most valuable possible capital stock in all of its myriad dimensions, among which environmental quality is one important component among many, and among all of which there are tradeoffs that cannot be avoided.

Is it the position of the attorneys representing "the children" that making energy more rather than less expensive unambiguously would make future generations better off? In order for future generations to receive the most valuable possible capital stock, the current generation must consume and invest resources most productively.

If regulatory and other policies implemented by the current generation yield less wealth now and a smaller total capital stock for future generations, then more resource consumption and more emissions of effluents currently would be preferred from the viewpoint of those future generations.

That is only the beginning of the problematic factual assertions and assumptions underlying the children's lawsuit. The measureable effects of increasing GHG concentrations are far smaller than the climate models would lead one to believe. The degree to which recent warming has been anthropogenic is unsettled in the scientific literature; and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its fifth assessment report (AR5) has reduced its estimated range of the effect in 2100 of a doubling of GHG concentrations from 2.0–4.5 to 1.5–4.5 degrees C.

There actually is little evidence of strong climate effects attendant upon increasing GHG concentrations, in terms of sea levels; Arctic and Antarctic sea ice; tornado activity; tropical cyclones; U.S. wildfires; drought; and flooding. IPCC in the AR5 is deeply dubious (Table 12.4) about the various severe effects often hypothesized (or asserted) as future impacts of increasing GHG concentrations.

One might assume that the facts underlying a lawsuit ought to be consistent with its central claims; one would be wrong. And wrong again if one assumes that the policy objective would make an actual difference: The Paris agreement with full U.S. participation would reduce temperatures by 2100 by seventeen one-hundredths of a degree. The U.S. contribution would be fifteen one-thousandths of a degree. Add another one one-hundredth of a degree if you believe that the Obama pseudo-agreement with China is meaningful. (It is not.)

Precisely what is the children's climate lawsuit trying to achieve? It cannot be protection of our constitutional principles, or protection of future generations, or environmental improvement. Only one possibility remains: It is part of the long-term effort by the environmental left to use any means possible to exert control over other people's property, economic choices, and lifestyles. The plaintiff attorneys are happy to participate in a litigation process in which "the children" are irrelevant.

Zycher is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

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Reader Comments

Fuckin A , Bandit, well said brother.

Emma lake, SK, Canada
Monday, January 22, 2018
Editor Response Keep up the good fight and keep riding free. Remember, everything will be all right in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end.
Another observation, the image of the couple with the Pan is flopped. I was sent down to the Viera va clinic after many years of trying to deal with the VA. I came home in '67, my brother in '68 were pretty much told to get lost.

Anyway after 40 some odd years a partial diagnosis, PTSD and hearing loss but still cannot find missing records of being hospitalized twice. i can bitch but over 58,00 can notify brothers passed years ago. i still believe agent orange had a lot to do with it, as a foot note my wife and daughter both ride.

deland, FL
Friday, January 19, 2018
Editor Response Keep riding and fighting the VA. I feel like we're getting somewhere.
Back when I was just a boy the science was that the world was flat. Then the science changed and the world was round but the sun rotated around the earth. Then the science found that the earth did in scientific fact rotate around the sun and in good company.

So, science and scientific fact like most things tend to change. This is great for those who are politicians or write books on the subject. Always something new to work with. And that's a fact.


Friday, January 19, 2018
Editor Response Well said.

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