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Learn How it's Done to Save Lives, including Yours...

By Rogue

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BIKER LIVES MATTER held their first Accident Scene Management Course: The Bystander Assistant Program, “A Crash Course For The Motorcyclist,” at the American Legion Post 81 in Melbourne, Florida.


 Diane “DMAC” McLennan Accident Scene Managements Florida Lead Instructor taught the class. She is available to organize a class anywhere in Florida. If you are interested in having one in your area email and leave your contact information and a message. 


 I should mention that the Accident Scene Management Courses are considered the leading International Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization. For more information on them, go to

 Having the course at the American Legion was a perfect place, not only because they are set up for this type of training session, but they have facilities all over the country. There is also a part of the organization named the Legion Riders. Three members of that group took this class and now will be better able to help other riders in case of an accident. They will also be able to explain the course to other Legion posts.  Obviously, the more people who take this course the better chance of keeping more people alive.


Prior to the class starting, Coffee and Donuts were available and bottled water during the class.


First order of business included Rogue, the founder of Biker Lives Matter, (me) thanking everyone for attending and asking that they take what they learn in this class and share it with others so more people can become educated on what to do to help their fellow riders.

Though this class was specific to motorcycles the majority of what was taught would apply to any accident.

The Bystander Assistance Program is designed to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclist through education. This includes securing the accident scene, so no further injury occurs.

It uses common sense and adult principals of learning to teach essential skills that connect the motorcyclist to the Emergency Medical System (EMS). The more information the EMS has the better they are prepared to handle the situation.

Prevent Further Injury

Assess The Situation

Contact The EMS

Treat The Injured With Life Sustaining Care

The topics of this class were limited to management of a crash scene. Other more advanced classes are available as well.


 Biker Lives Matter provided lunch for class attendees cooked by Legion Post 81

Dale Rolling A Injured Person On Their Side
Dale Rolling A Injured Person On Their Side

Using Multipal People To Roll A Person On To Their Side.
Using Multipal People To Roll A Person On To Their Side.

Patient Had Previous Injury and Leg Came Off. You Never Know What Kind Of Situation You Will Be Dealing With, So Be Prepared For Anything
Patient Had Previous Injury and Leg Came Off. You Never Know What Kind Of Situation You Will Be Dealing With, So Be Prepared For Anything


The afternoon portion of the class had hands on demonstrations on how to treat and protect the injured and to keep them alive until the EMTs arrive.




All of those completing the class received class materials, a certificate of completion, cloth sew-on patch and a Trauma Pack

There are many safety items that can be used and Dee displayed and discussed them with attendees.


Accident Scene Management recommends that you carry Adequate supplies. Special Thanks to Motorcycle Riding Attorney Brad Sinclair who Donated Trauma Packs to those who completed the course.  

The Honored and Prepared Graduating Class.




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Reader Comments

This class was very informative and interesting. I strongly urge people to take this class. Valuable information was learned that can be applied in everyday life not just at an accident scene. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the materials that we we able to demonstrate for ourselves. Great class. ??????

Christy Severino
Friday, September 30, 2022

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