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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition


Plus a girl or two

By Bandit with photos hand selected by Sam Burns

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We are living in such strange times. But through it all is the beauty and style of the custom bike or a gorgeous woman.

We as brothers of the wheel understand the longing for the open road, the desire to create fine alluring lines in a bike build, the tug of a bitchin song that speaks to our souls or the shape of a woman.

I’ve always thought that women are the flowers of humanity. When they blossom or smile nothing compares except maybe the beauty and grace of an amazing sunset. I’m watching one right now over the hills of Deadwood above the pristine pine covered hills.

Choppers and custom motorcycles are an art form. Their glistening metal flake paint often tries to compete with the crimson clouds at sunset, just like the fine clean simplified lines of a custom motorcycle tries to compete with the lines of a slender woman’s body.

A custom motorcycle represents the freedom to fly, while never leaving the ground. Nothing on the highways leans and flexes with the road surface like a motorcycle. A custom bike embraces pure style and curves and sways like the motions of a strolling woman.

In these strange times nothing bothered me, because luck brought me a redhead and a Panhead to build in my shop. I was able to write about hot looking and clever women in my latest book effort. Hell, I got to tinker with our next Bonneville effort, the Salt Torpedo. What the hell could be better?

Plus, I’m deeply connected to brothers and sisters around the country who understand the power of the creative soul, the freedom custom two-wheels brings and the joy a girl’s smile can afford the dullest day. We don’t need anything else.

We have it all with wrenches, the open road and Sam’s and Barry’s pretty women to keep our creative spirits alive. Then I escaped Los Angeles and California for Deadwood, South Dakota and a new adventure unfolded.

Think about it for a minute. In some cases, motorcycle sales are through the roof. What’s important, being jammed in a bar or being out on an uncluttered open road, feeling the wind, listening to the roar of engines breathing fire, or building something so cool it makes you want to share it with a girl, who understands the sheer pleasure to create a stellar sunset in your garage.

Every day in every way, we find joy and respect for the creative spirit. We don’t need crowds, congestion or jammed lines. All we need are the tools to create and the eyes and ears to experience every pinstriped line, every blue sky reflecting in chrome and every sway or curve making your eyes twinkle and your smile bright as the glistening sun.


Enjoy every creative minute and ride free forever!

Quick, join Bandit's Cantina before it's too late.
Quick, join Bandit's Cantina before it's too late.


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Reader Comments

Amen! Right on!

Saturday, November 14, 2020
Editor Response Thanks.
Great article! Describes my felins about custom bike to a T !

charlotte, NC
Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Editor Response Sam inspired me with the shots. They immediately made me think about our current times and how lucky we are...

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