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Louisiana fights Back, Missouri finds Freedom, Texas Bans, Washington and More

By Bandit, Bob T., Rogue, Laura, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Gary Mraz, Ujjwal Dey, and the rest of the gang

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What’s it going to be?
I’ve just spent three days welding on the Salt torpedo and rattle can attacking parts for final assembly to begin this weekend.

In a world gone insane with regulation you see that freedom still matters. In Missouri they are about to repeal the adult helmet law. I just read a thoughtful report from a Los Angeles Times reporter who is a rider and decided not to signal other riders to the presence of cops. He was so moved by negative statistics he felt it necessary to punish us with more speeding tickets.

The accident rate for motorcycles hasn’t increased in a decade, yet the number of riders on the road has, but who cares. We ride for freedom and excitement, not to improve safety statistics.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

QUICK THROTTLE MAGAZINE NEWS--Dysfunctional Veterans: 2019 Blue Collar Build Off Champions

The 2019 Blue Collar Build Off brought some of the most talented custom motorcycle builders you’ve never heard of to Las Vegas and the Saddle Sore Ranch over the weekend of March 29-31. A total of 26 teams started the competition and eighteen made it to the finale. Of the eighteen bikes that made it only one can be called the absolute best.

This year the best of show went to the Dysfunctional Veterans. These guys started with a pile of parts/raw metal, added in $1,500 and ended up producing a one-off custom motorcycle that could upset far more expensive bikes built by much bigger names in the industry. Allow me to give you a small glimpse into this beautiful work of art.

This bike was designed to highlight the custom fabrication and machine work. The one of a kind frame, swingarm, front end and footboards were all cut from 3/16” and 14 gauge plate steel on Buck Miller’s home-made CNC plasma table.

When it comes to details this bike is mind blowing. Nearly all the wiring is hidden within the frame. The ignition coils are tucked away under the split tank. One side of the split tank houses fuel and the other side houses oil. The first glance over the rear end might stump you. It almost looks like a rigid frame that is missing chain tensioners. Take a closer look and you will notice the leaf springs as well as the chain tensioners hidden on the inside of the swingarm. The repurposed tractor seat compliments the rest of the bike nicely. There are so many small details I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.

The Specs

Frame: 45-degree rake, 5” raise in the backbone, 4” stretch over stock. No downtube.

Powertrain: 88” H-D Evolution, Ultima 6 speed. Custom machine work and covers.

Front End: Custom leaf spring 14” over stock

Wheels: 26” King spoke front, 18” King spoke rear with a 240 rear tire.

Tank: Demons Cycle reworked (split and modified to match custom frame).

Rear End: Custom leaf spring. Utilizes H-D swingarm bushings/sleeves.

Brake: Rear only, sprocket/rotor combo (sprotor) with custom mounting spacer.

Controls: Bars and risers off an H-D Softail Deuce. Custom split skull footboards.

Finish: Powdercoat and pinstripe.

By Justin James

Photos by Michael Hernandez. Model: Baylee Krisine Smith

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Click for Quick Action.

MISSOURI HELMET LAW A SIGNATURE AWAY FROM REPEAL--The Show-Me State may soon grant adult motorcycle riders the freedom to choose whether or not to wear helmets, as legislation to repeal their mandatory motorcycle helmet law for those 18 and older who carry qualifying medical insurance is currently sitting on the desk of Governor Mike Parson (R) awaiting his signature. Parson previously supported repeal as a member of the state legislature.

Senate Bill 147 passed the Senate 21-12 on Thursday, May 16 and the House voted 94-46 the following day to advance the omnibus transportation package to the governor.

Missouri is currently in the minority among states, as only 19 states and the District of Columbia mandate the wearing of motorcycle helmets by all riders. Repeal efforts have been debated in the General Assembly for decades, and twice before lawmakers had passed helmet law repeal bills, in both 1999 and 2009, but couldn’t overcome gubernatorial vetoes.

But now, with Republicans holding hyper-majorities in both chambers and the governorship, riders’ rights groups like ABATE for Missouri and Freedom of Road Riders of Missouri took advantage of the “perfect storm” to navigate their bill through the Conservative-controlled legislative agenda.

Gov. Parson has voted in favor of this issue in the past, and according to the St. Joseph Post newspaper, “nearly all stakeholders expect him to sign it.”

--Bill Bish

Read Bill’s entire legislative report right here in the Cantina.--Bandit

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

Class of 2019

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is featuring Hall of Fame Highlights of this year's outstanding new group of inductees. Here is a glimpse at what they had to say. For the full story join us at the 2019 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (tickets available below). Congratulations and welcome Terry Rymer.

*Please note: Hall of Fame Highlights will be published as we receive them from the Inductees. We look forward to sharing information about all of our Inductees in the weeks and months to come.

Terry Rymer

Born September 1960 in Aberdeen SD and raised in a single parent home with his mother and two younger sisters, motorcycles were never on Terry Rymer’s radar. At the age of 17 Terry purchased a new 1977 Yamaha IT175 it served as both a race and road bike. That purchase made Terry a staple at the local Yamaha shop, which turned a free time hangout into a fulltime job in 1978.

Learning motorcycle sales, parts sales, promotions, marketing, but mainly, improving great customer interaction and experiences, all of which proved to be a valuable tool for the future.

Then at the age of 24, wanting more of a motorcycle racing scene, Terry packed up everything and moved to Rapid City. In 1986 things started to accelerate with Harley-Davidson and the annual Sturgis Rally. Terry’s dream was realized in 2010, after 25 years with Black Hills Harley-Davidson, from parts counter to general manager, Terry’s lifelong commitment to the dealership paid off, as his dream came true when he was made partner of Black Hills Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle racing was, and still is Terry’s passion. Particularly Flat Track. Terry has promoted or co-promoted many races throughout his career and presently owns a race team that sponsors local Sturgis rider Dawson Schieffer campaigning in the American Flat Track series.

Learn more about Terry Rymer and all of the 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees on August 7, 2019 at the annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

NEW PEGS FROM BILTWELL--Cast Stainless Steel Mushman Foot Pegs

Enjoy more grip, less slip with our vintage MX-inpsired, investment-cast stainless steel Mushman foot pegs. We’ve got ‘em in polished or black electroplate finishes for a variety of vintage and modern motorcycles, including most 07-19 Sportsters and 18+ Softails.

THIS WEEK’S CROP—From Barry Green, Bikernet contributor.

World’s hottest peppers

I grow these. This was this Mornings harvest ....
Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and a cross between both.
You like really hot peppers?

--Barry G

Hang On for more reports—Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--Weekend Round-Up for June 17, 2019

Captain America pic.

I was out yesterday riding around locally and made a stop. Parked outside of the place was a Capt America tribute. It had updates such as disc brake and turnsignals The tank had a signature scribbled on it which looked like Peter something.

Kinda made me miss my old ‘53 pan I sold many years ago to buy a house.

S. Daytona, FL

I need to confirm this, but one of the Big Dog like companies built Captain America upgraded replicas until the financial crisis. They looked like Panheads but were Evos.--Bandit


I have enjoyed working here these past several years. You have paid me very well and given me benefits beyond belief.

I have 3-4 months off per year and a pension plan that will pay my salary until the day I die and then pay my estate one year salary death bonus and then continue to pay my spouse my salary with increases until she or he dies, and a health plan that most people only dream of having. 

Despite this, I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position. During this time, I will show up for work when it is convenient for me. In addition, I expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated with my current job.

If my search for this new job proves fruitless, I will be coming back with no loss in pay or status. Before you say anything, remember that you have no choice in this matter. I can, and I will do this.


Every Senator or Congressman running for President in 2020, Republican or Democrat.

--from Sam

FEMA welcomes new members

At the FEMA meeting in Prague on 1 June, the FEMA Committee voted in two new member organizations. FEMA is proud to welcome our newest member, MotoADN from Romania. FEMA’s general secretary Dolf Willigers said: “I am very happy having more riders from eastern Europe on board, helping us shaping and securing the future of motorcycling. I look forward to working with them!”

Joining us as a full member after a year with observer status, is Comitato Coordinamento Motociclisti (CCM) from Italy. CCM represents several Italian riders’ organizations.

2017 Harley-Davidson FXDLS - Low Rider S

only $20,995.99

Check it out here:

This is a very rare and hard to find, very fast, and very beautiful Dyna with some cool extras and low miles. Just 2,499. If you want to make it tough on your buddies to keep up and look good doing it, this one is for you!

Stripped down, yet stuffed with the largest engine that Harley puts in a motorcycle and a laundry list of features previously reserved for CVO editions, this new dark custom was created for the next generation Harley-Davidson owner.

Harley listened to what customers wanted-- everything and nothing at the same time. Welcome to the dark side. With a bigger motor, blackened fork tubes, 2-into-1 exhaust and anything else that is normally chrome on a Harley, the Low Rider S also gets Vivid Black Ram air treatment and magnum gold painted 5 split-spoke wheels and trim pieces.


Black Beauty was a horse, but meet Black Beauty the iron horse! Vivid Black paint is pristine and has a black powder console. Vivid Black 12" T bar, Memphis quarter fairing, black mirrors, switch housings, levers and Performance Machine charcoal grips.

The fork is chrome (also the push-rod tubes) but that is about it. The fork lowers are vivid Black and sit on magnum gold painted 5 split-spoke wheels and trim pieces that really make this bike POP. It has a beefy Screaming Eagle black 110 motor with the machine cut fin edges. Black 2-into-1 Thunderhead exhaust.

It has ABS braking system and a Power Commander dyno-jet tuner. Vivid Black 90* Ram air with cone filter, and battery case with a black powder strap. Black powder trans, rocker covers, and cam with 'Twin Cam' cover. Black powder chain guard, primary and vivid black derby cover. Vivid black exposed adjustable shocks, shift / brake arms and peg mounts. Even the kickstand is black. A solo seat and side license plate with rear stop / turn / tail blinkers in red. It puts the horse to pasture!

This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 101 point safety and mechanical inspection. Whether your looking to commute to work, ride the coast or take that dream vacation, this bike is ready to go!!!


Fill out an online application and ride today!!!


NEW FROM LOWBROW--Weld-On Hardtails for 1982-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters

The Lowbrow Customs Hardtail Frame for 1982-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters offers an absolute perfect fit (stock front frame section not included).

Sportsters continue to be a popular platform for custom builds as they offer excellent reliability and low-maintenance. For those builders (home and professional alike) looking for the classic styling of a rigid frame, the Lowbrow Customs Sportster Hardtail offers ease and affordability.

These hardtail frame sections are a 3 inch stretch and 1 inch drop compared to a stock Sportster. This means axle-to-axle the hardtailed bike will be 3" longer, and have 1" less ground clearance.

This is the perfect blend of style and performance. Every aspect of these frames has been engineered for the ultimate in strength and style. They accept the stock rear wheel and axle, and include slick, custom axle adjusters. Frames are 100% professionally TIG welded and proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Lowbrow Customs Weld-On Hardtails for 1982-2003 Harley Sportsters are in stock, ready to ship and are $374.95. Easy-to-follow hardtail install instructions are available, as is a step-by-step hardtail installation video. For more information or to order please visit or call Lowbrow Customs at 1-330-850-7040.

Click for action.
Click for action.

TOP 10 Reasons to Fight against Road Diets in your Community--You just learned that your city intends to install a road diet on an arterial route you take every day. You are not alone—this now happens regularly all over the country. Here are 10 excellent arguments to combat road diets in your city council or county commission.

Road diets can cause more accidents. When traffic does not flow, more accidents occur. Vulnerable road users sometimes have the mistaken belief that the road is safer. In reality, all users of the road need to remain vigilant and responsible.

There are better and less expensive ways to make a street safer: Better crosswalks, improved stoplights, and bikeways placed on non-arterial streets.

Emergency vehicles such as large fire ladder trucks cannot always navigate corners on streets that have been reduced, which could violate fire codes.

Blocked egress during mass evacuations can cause injury and death.

Loss of parking can cause business districts to be decimated with job losses and business closures.

Gridlocked boulevards will divert traffic to residential streets which are not intended to handle that load.

Due to the increased gridlock, there is more individual vehicle wear and tear, greater overall street noise, and increased vehicle emissions.

Many times, a road diet may cause violations of the Americans with Disability Act due to difficult curb cuts and the loss of handicapped parking.

Road diets can present already underfunded local and county street departments with more street elements to maintain, stretching their budgets and liability exposure even further.
Road diets can create animosity between neighbors in the area.

Residents and business owners can have increased distrust of government if the process is forced and not transparent.
If you would like to become more involved in defeating road diets in your city, contact the NMA today at

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director

Click to join.
Click to join.

Click for action.
Click for action.

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Easyriders not covering events? Looks like the end is near? Been reading them since '75. it's not as good as they used to be but i still dig it.. Kinda sad.

charlotte, nc
Monday, June 24, 2019
Editor Response Yep, times are strange. The Horse hasn't published since December. ER may stop publishing any day now, but they are talking about a quarterly next year.

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