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SAD BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for February 4, 2021

My Last Dog Died, Jon Towle Died, Dale Walksler Died, sad!

By Bandit, Waferer, Rogue, Barry Green, Laura, Sam Burns, Stealth, RFR, Bob T., the Redhead and the rest of the crew

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My last dog, Cash, died.
It broke my heart that I was in Deadwood drinking Jack Daniels, when it happened. I wanted to be with him one more time before he departed. Death seems to be everywhere with the Covid, although half a million meet the Reaper from cancer and heart attacks annually and we are facing a rapid decline within the baby boom population, which is my group.

We will see the impact of drugs on much of the aging population. And I touched on Kip’s documentaries this week with “What the Health.” Our current diet is killing folks and spreading disease more now than ever. Hell, it’s way worse than the opioid epidemic.

This problem comes from a meat and dairy based diet, not sugar. So hang on, the meat industry is 86 times more detrimental to our society and planet than all the fossil fuel use put together. But even Al Gore didn’t want his control freaks to go down that road.

It’s so interesting, and that’s why we need the first amendment or free speech. We need to discuss real solutions, real problems, and be comfortable and open with dialog about the topics. Death and hate are not the correct path. Rest and be kind, we will sort it out.

Let’s hit the news:

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Click for all the info...

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Harley-Davidson posts quarterly loss of $96 million; reveals turnaround plan—Shares in Harley Davidson tumbled Tuesday after the company posted a fourth-quarter loss and said it was setting "realistic expectations" after years of underperformance.

Harley also revealed a five-year turnaround plan that includes $190 million to $250 million a year in capital investments and a focus on touring, cruiser and trike markets to achieve higher growth in motorcycle revenue.

The company said its bike shipments to dealers for 2020 fell 32% to about 145,000 units, one of the lowest levels since the 1990s. In the recent quarter, bike shipments were down 48% to about 40,500 units.

Part of the company's strategy has been to tighten inventories to address an over-supplied market, along with eliminating discounted pricing.

"We will not chase volume for volume's sake," Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO said in a conference call with analysts.

Harley posted a fourth-quarter loss of $96 million, or 63 cents per share, compared with a profit of $13 million, or 9 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue fell to $725 million, down 32% from a year earlier.

The company said its North American motorcycle sales were down 15% in the quarter and 18% for the full year. Worldwide, it exited 39 markets in 2020, and its bike sales were down 17% for the year.

Going forward, Harley has set goals of low double-digit earnings per share growth through 2025 as it comes off years of disappointing results.

"In the past, we have over committed and under delivered," Zeitz said.

Highlights of the five-year turnaround plan, named The Hardwire, include launching a used bike program called Harley-Davidson Certified, creating a separate division for electric motorcycle development, and extending employee ownership to all 4,500 employees through an equity grant.

"We launch The Hardwire with capabilities, assets and a legacy unmatched by any competitor," Zeitz said.

Still, it's going to be a hard road back for the world's largest manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles as its baby-boomer customer base ages out of riding and not enough young people have embraced the big cruiser and touring bikes.

Following the earnings announcement and conference call with analysts, Harley shares tumbled nearly 19% as investors showed skepticism. The stock closed at $33.28, down 17% for the day.

"Obviously the earnings were a big disappointment. Until they can prove Wall Street wrong, I think the stock is going to continue to be volatile," said analyst Brian Yarbrough with Edward Jones Co.

"They are doing the right thing by trying to correct the supply and demand problem. There has been way too much supply in the market and not enough demand," Yarbrough said. "But I just don't know that shrinking your way to profitability works."

"The biggest cloud that hangs over Harley is the cloud of aging demographics and younger customers not being interested in their bikes. Whether that is the truth or not, it's the cloud that hangs over them from an investor standpoint," he added.

A year ago, then-CEO Matt Levatich said 2020 would be a pivotal year as the company focused on attracting new customers through smaller, more versatile bikes and electric motorcycles.

Shortly after, Levatich left the company after 26 years. Under Zeitz's leadership, Harley-Davidson has focused on big bikes that are more popular with older, wealthier, experienced riders.

The company has taken strong measures over the last 12 months such as exiting international markets where sales were flat or nonexistent to focus on key markets in North America, Europe and portions of the Asia-Pacific region.

"We are now committed to setting realistic expectations, and we know that execution is everything," Zeitz said.

Until the company shows consistent growth, Yarbrough said, investors are going to have doubts about the turnaround plan.

"I think there are a lot of questions around that. ... I'm just not sure they can recreate the kind of demand they had back in the heyday of bike sales. That's the million-dollar question."

--Rick Barrett
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

They have been talking aging population since before 2000. Hell, my son got into riding and now his son and one of his daughters builds and rides motorcycles. --Bandit

Finally healed up enough to get started. Maybe a slow process, but reckon I have a couple of months to get parts and install them. That little Sportster is now longer than a whore’s dream. Will follow up with pictures as progress continues.

--Andy Assel
King of the Wild Frontier

I know, you have no idea! She could be a Movie star? Recording artist? Politician?

Her name is Nancy D'Alesandro.

Still stumped?

Nancy D'Alesandro is today known as Nancy Pelosi, the former Miss Lube Rack 1959!

Her father was Tommy D’Alesandro ...who ran the Baltimore mafia and controlled the port.

They brought in tons of drugs and Tommy D made millions of dollars. He wrecked Baltimore and relocated to San Francisco.

--from Joe Smith

SWAP MEET DATES FOR WALNECK’S 2021 1/7/2021--Feb 14 Due to COVID, , , this event has been cancelled. Princeton, Illinois. Walneck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet. Bureau County Fairgrounds, Off I-80 at exit # 45. All indoors, 3-connected – heated buildings. Great food in building. 10’ x 10’ vendor spaces $ 50. ( tables included .)

TWO-wheel access through multiple doors. General admission adults $ 7.00 under 14-free, free parking. Vendor set up 6-8AM. Hours 8AM – 2PM. 630 / 985- 2097 Very nice family diner and new motels at the exit.

Thanks Buzz & Pixie

BRAND NEW New Bikernet Reader Comment!--Life and Times 2020

I am 72 myself . Have followed you since the Easyriders days, as well as Bikernet. Had the opportunity to have met you in Hollister 50th rally, but you were busy in conversation with others and I am not one to butt in.

Been a few years since I have been to Sturgis. I love Deadwood and Keystone. Also have been to Mount Moriah cemetery. If I ever go back to Sturgis, with your permission, I would like to have the opportunity to meet you sir.

--John JC Cruz
Austin, TX

Absolutely, stay in touch and let me know when you will be in town. My son works as All Saints Tattoo in Austin. Stop in and say hello.


To keep it fair, all of the Ragnaroks will be sold first come first serve on the website. Please do not call us to attempt to reserve one. Also, we do not take pre-orders, or special request orders.
If you miss one on our website, the bulk of them have shipped to our dealers, they'll be hitting their sites later this week.

The Ragnarok 12" is a full tang tomahawk made from .270" 80CRV2 carbon steel with a Black Cerakote finish. The handles are made from Black G10 and feature a grippy 3D contour without being overly aggressive. The handle end features a one of a kind pry-bar feature, and the holes provided in the handle allow for the addition of paracord to help lock it in to your hand for aggressive use.

The Ragnarok is like a high-end skeleton key that allows the user to access countless functions whether by prying, chopping, cutting or use as a defensive tool.

There are 2 versions available, Blackout and a hand textured version.

Overall Length: 12"
Cutting Edge Length: 3.5
Thickness: .270 in
Weight: 1 pound, 3 ounces (without sheath)
Blade Steel: 80CRV2 Carbon Steel (HRC 56-57)
Handle Material: G10 Scale
Sheath: Molded kydex Bottom-Eject sheath and Low-Ride M.O.C. Straps

QUICK, OPEN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY-- A teacher asks each of the kids in her class what they need at home.

Joey said, "A computer."

The teacher replied, "Yes, Joey, that would be very useful."

Jenny said, "A new lawn mower."

The teacher again replied, "Yes, Jenny, that also would be very useful."

Little Johnny popped up and said, "At my house we don't need anything!"

Shocked because Little Johnny’s family was quite poor, the teacher asked, “Johnny, your family must need something. Everyone needs something.”

Little Johnny replied, "Nope, I'm sure we don't. When Biden was elected, I clearly remember my dad saying, ‘Well, that's the last fucking thing we needed!’”

--Rik Savenko

CHOPPERS MAG SUBS NOW AVAILABLE-- US Domestic Subscriptions available again.

Available for a limited time. Subscriptions will be offered this month only.

Domestic Annual Subscription

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THE TALENTED AND FAMOUS JON TOWLE PASSES—I worked with Jon Towle for over 35 years. He was very talented, but also bitter about many things. He looked after his parents until his father passed and his mother was institutionalized with Alzheimer’s.


He moved to Arizona and for awhile he had a good time until the Covid struck. He will be missed. His cartoon strip "Nick the Dick" is still on Bikernet.

WOW NOBODY CAN FOOL A WELL-INFORMED CITIZEN...The Keystone pipeline upon completion would carry more than 800,000 barrels or 33.6 million gallons of oil through the pipeline per day. With no harmful emissions. A Barrel of Oil is 42 gallons, not to be confused with a Drum which is 55 gallons. Because a gallon of oil weighs between 7.5 and 7,8 lbs per gallon, most trucks can't carry but up to 130 barrels of oil at a time without violating our department of transportation laws of 80,000 lbs. on our roadways.

That's truck and cargo weight, It would take 6,154 more trucks going just from Canada to the Gulf Coast for that same oil and that's every single day.

Now a rail car holds approx. 30,000 gallons or 700 barrels. It would take trains every day pulling 1,143 more rail cars per day. just pulling the oil from that pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Trains and Trucks emitting more emissions and burning more fuel that would be eliminated by the pipeline.

So, when they tell you this is about the environment, it is not, that would be a lie. Just thought you should know.

I don't take credit for this post, but I think it's eye-opening.

Senior Editor

THE MASTER AT DIME BAG LEATHERS ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR FLYING PISTON BREAKFAST--Yo, been in talks with Marilyn Stamp about DimeBag Leather one of a kind POW/MIA King Queen chopper seat with tons of special features including a built-in custom taillight.

We spoke with the good folks a Naamz during Sturgis 2020 at JP Cycles. They have superior led lighting fixtures I can use for handmade taillights.

Also, gonna feature a handmade knife mounted to seat made by another well-known builder. A couple more features and donated accessories we will reveal along the way.

The entire set will be donated to the Flying Piston Benefit builders breakfast in Sturgis to help raise money and awareness.

We need to find or make a cool King Queen seat pan. If anyone would like to donate a cool King Queen chopper seat pan like this, please email

I would make one, but I am still saving for a Miller welder. We will definitely give name/business props for a similar handmade seat pan that's off the hook!!

--Adam Croft
Dimebag Leather
PO Box 391
Danvers IL 61732

Click for custom leather seats and leather products.
Click for custom leather seats and leather products.


I hope this finds everyone well as we move into 2021. All is well here at Uhl Studios. Our production crew has been feverishly working to get all of the pieces on order out to you. We've encountered some delays in receiving framing materials, so we appreciate your patience.

You, our customers and friends, have been our lifeblood for so many years now -- and we recognize and appreciate that and are thankful for your support of David's program!

As a thank you, we are announcing a time-sensitive offer for a never-before-produced, limited edition of one of David's pieces from several years ago. Most people have never seen this one - it's based on an archival black and white photo circa 1915. This famous racing group was photographed after a 300 mile race in Venice, California.

We will now take orders and close the edition on Friday at 5:00 pm Mountain Time. At that time, we will count up the orders and close the edition. David will sign and number each piece, which will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

"The Wrecking Crew"
David Uhl

Each of these 10 x 10 (appx) paper prints are offered unframed for $95 including shipping within the Lower 48 United States. If you are outside that area, please contact me for shipping details.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your support!

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios

1 - Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving. Maybe it's time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21

2 - If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry, USA.

3 - The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire feminist movement.

4 - Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you'd know it.

5 - When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle.

6 - The NRA murders 0 people and receives $0 in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.

7 - I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms. While we're at it, let's do the same when it comes to immigration, Voter I.D., and candidates running for office.

8 - Folks keep talking about another Civil War. One side knows how to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use. Now tell me, how do you think that would end?

Don’t be afraid to share this. There’s more logic and common sense expressed here than probably anything you have seen on the news today.

--from Micah McCloskey
5-Ball Racing Pilot
Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame
Bike Builder extraordinaire


Sat March 6th - Destination Daytona - Pavilion
Sun March 7th - FT Bike Show at the Rats Hole (Indian Daytona)
Tues March 9th - Jam On Swap meet FT Bike show
Wed March 10th - REVVED Up Bike Show - Beaver Bar
Thurs March 11th - Cabbage Patch (Day) Grandview Live (Night)
Fri March 12th - Boardwalk Bike Show - Daytona Beach Boardwalk

TEXAS WEATHER REPORTER USES BANDIT’S BEDROLLS--Needed both the Day & the Bedroll just to go see the grandson today, couple games up front & my first bike jacket and denim in the bedroll.

Factory jacket from the ‘70s has that back panel doesn’t really fold, sort of like a kidney belt. Sure, he’s not two yet, but they’ll be waiting. That’s the no-fun part of leaving the redheads, but life continues forward.

I got him that balance bike for Christmas, I was surprised at the quality for the cost. Needs a Bikernet sticker.

There’s an App For That I’m sure & probably from my dad’s box. A decimal to fraction pocket ruler, it changes with the light angle. The other is my grandfather’s Blackhawk ¾-inch drive ratchet you just slide the head through, no switch. I remember messing with it when I was young, always thought it was cool.

Eventually I need to rebuild that front master cylinder, that was really the only causality from us being in the mud, stop light staying on. Have the part, but my Blue Tape/Bungee Cord repair is working. You won’t get that kind of repair service anywhere else.

Certified Meteorologist

Click to check out Bandit's bedrolls and dayrolls.
Click to check out Bandit's bedrolls and dayrolls.

DO US A FAVOR—Sign up for weekly updates. I know, every web site on the planet wants you to sign up, but they are all trying to sell you shit or make you a deal. We just want you to know what’s happening in the industry and on Bikernet.

We are about to re-do the survey, so ignore it, if you like. It’s a pain in the ass.


Check out our threads, buckles and books.
Check out our threads, buckles and books.

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Reader Comments

Hey Bandit- long time,

Sorry to hear about Jon passing away.
Jon and I kept in close contact after I moved from L.A. to NorCal, but he became increasingly overwhelmed with family and health problems, and some major financial challenges. I ended up loaning money to Jon a few times, and even ended up buying some of his gun collection to keep him in beer & groceries.

Then I lost touch with him a few years back, as he suffered increasingly from depression and booze. It got difficult to talk with him after a while, so communicating with him faded away.

Jon was a helluva good guy, a mega-talented artist, a very impressive guitarist, a great friend, and- considering all the huge challenges he had to face daily- one tough ol' sumbitch.

R.I.P. Jon, ride the wind, brother.

Concrete Pete kidwell
Buckeyeland, OH
Sunday, March 14, 2021
Editor Response I tried to stay in touch with Jon, but he wouldn't respond after awhile. Too bad.
I'm sorry about your dog, Keith. He was with you for 15 years? I met Cash a few times in Wilmington. No, I didn't break in your yard He was a nice dog and must have been a good watch dog too. Life is just really tough to take sometimes!

Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Editor Response Thanks much. Losing an animal, even and old one is like losing a small child. Hits hard. And I thought I was a tough realist...
Those Pups are family members. They don't ask for much, but they indeed always give so much to our human lives. God speed.

Pauly D.
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Editor Response Thanks brother.
That picture of Andy Assel’s sporty chop is awesome. He’s a good friend of mine, and I hope he can make it out to Sturgis this year, so I can see it in person.

Al Mitchard

Monday, February 8, 2021
Editor Response Hang on, more reports coming.
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