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Thursday Edition

Run What Ya Brung Street Drag Race Day is Here!

It was such a trip to be able to line up and race down Idaho Avenue in Oldtown.

By Algie Pirrello – Killing Machine Choppers

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Finally, Saturday! Race day was here, and right off the bat we got rain, it didn’t last long. It cleared right up and just washed the track for us. Everyone was cooled off and ready to go. The Pirate Wenches suited up with donated rally wear from Russ at Russ and I go back to the Elsinore Machine via the Redwoods, he has always been a real big supporter of our brave Veterans. He sized up the girls faster than the wink of a young girl’s eye and we had some super-hot outfits for the wenches to sport. Man check the pictures, did they look good or what? Thanks Russ! Hun (The Hardtail Harlot) did the girls hair and helped with makeup and outfits. They were as hot as the sun on the track. Many racers lost to those good looks that day. They were like: "Flag? What Flag?".  What a day!
It was such a trip to be able to line up and race down Idaho Avenue (not quite Main Street but as close as Oldtown gets). Every bit as intense as the Friday night heat races, the race was on.  The crowd went wild as bikes lined up and dragged down the road.
The streets of Oldtown screamed that day. As you look at these pictures you can see how much everyone partied. That day we made history in Oldtown. This Veterans Benefit was just so unreal, nobody could believe we were getting away with this. It was way too much fun and we waited to be shut down at any moment. That moment came when Earl Moon crashed trying to stop by hitting his front brake in gravel. We all know how well that works, right? He slapped his head a good one, blasting the track getting that Hog all sideways, hitting the center cones and making ‘em fly. He was not holding back, when the dust cleared he was out like a light! Spud, our End of Track Official and Earl’s good friend, tried to wake him up. The ambulance picked poor Earl up and he woke up just as they were about to put him in. Earl wanted to know if his bike was hurt and did we catch the bastard who hit his front brake. 
As we bid a farewell to Earl and the ambulance with sincere promises that we would find the culprit that made him crash, I turned to see the Mayor of Oldtown looking over my shoulder. Spud made sure Earl’s bike was gone, and made sure the cops never saw it, or Earl, or anything for that matter. Spud came close to taking a ride that day (with the cops, not on his bike). Crash, what crash? Bike, what bike? Who, huh, what? Seems nobody saw a thing. The pissed off cops left laughing after they saw what was up. Track Official, my ass, just Spud handling business! Hey we did LOOK official with our Custom Safety Line Vests. Just like the ones the guys wear to get the shopping carts off the lot. 
Well, the real official of Oldtown was shaking his head after watching all of this. We turned and were returning to the starting line when he said, “Algie, what do you say we shut down the race?” I saw that one coming so I agreed. Sure Mayor, whatever you say. He said, “I think we should shut it down, for at least 20 minutes, and maybe ask the racers to wear helmets when they race.” MAYBE WEAR HELMET's? I have to tell ya it was very hard to keep a straight face, only years of practice saved me. See Idaho has no helmet law for adults over the age of 18. Earl, the race, everyone and everything was taking place in Idaho, so we were racing without helmets. Only in Oldtown, my friend, I cannot think of anyplace on this planet  where you can slide that by.  I get the feeling as you read this you’re thinking, “Hmmmmm…..they were at least wearing their Thinking Caps.”
DJ Ron Goodbrake announced that Earl was going to be ok and that helmets would be required if we wanted to keep racing, please and thank you. He called some raffle prize winners and soon we were back to racing. Every year Ron, a veteran himself comes out to announce and play music. 
Mind you everyone DONATES their time and whatever they can to help our Veterans. It did not matter if you raced, the vendors, swap meet, music, drinks, food, could not be beat. Hot fun in the summer time, we raced until our clutches could stand no more. The bands kicked in and the party started, it was a beautiful night of music, tall tales, good food, and plenty of cold drinks. It was everything a real biker could want from life. And the smell of burnt rubber just made it that much better. 
Everyone who came saw what Biker Life was on that day in Oldtown. Being the first ever Street Drag Race we learned a lot, played a lot, partied a lot and we were better for it. We saw what nobody else saw, we could have fun and raise much needed funds to help local veterans. The City of Oldtown, Mayor Lonnie Orr and his right-hand gal Sheila are the real heroes here. They were so impressed with our huge grand opening party and our help at the mower races they let us race on their streets. Shit the mayor even chucked hay bales at the track clean up party on Sunday morning. It just doesn’t get any better than that!
If you would like to be part of this great event or become a sponsor please contact Algie through his Facebook page, below.  Thanks every bit helps! 
Click for Facebook page.
Click for Facebook page.


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Let's hump this bitch! 2015, here we cum!!

anjie n jon granbois

anj cov
back street, WA
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Editor Response We're scrambling as fast as we can for Bonneville...
LETS HAVE A BLAST,,,, More fun than Sturgis and close to home

Randy Ditch Noziska
Spokane, WA
Monday, June 30, 2014

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