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Tuesday Edition

Rollies Speed Shop Holds Manufacturing Dealer Expo

Big Names in the Manufacturing Industry Attend

Words and Photos by Doc Robinson

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Following a very successful event two years ago, Rollie Callow, proprietor of Rollies Speed Shop in Brisbane, once again invited a number of luminaries from the US aftermarket industry to fly down and both visit various dealers of theirs as well as hosting two days at the shop. Friday was scheduled for an industry only day and then the Saturday morning hosted an Open House for the general public giving riders a chance to meet and speak with company personnel.

Companies represented included Accel, Arlen Ness, Belt Drives Ltd, Daytona Twin Tec, Energy One Performance Clutches, Feuling Oil Pump Corporation, Freedom Performance Exhaust, Hawg Halters Inc, James Gaskets, JIMS Machine, Kuryakyn Holdings, Legend Air Suspension, LePera Seats, Performance Machine, Roland Sands Design, Ridewright Wheels, S&S Cycle, Spectro Performance Oils, Xtreme Machine, Zippers Performance and ThunderMax. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Grady Pfeiffer, veteran V-Twin industry expert and President of GH Marketing, also represented Zippers Performance and Belt Drives Ltd and was able to guide dealers and the public through the impressively wide range of products this innovative California company produces.

Denise Hughes from JIMS was kept busy discussing the extensive range of speciality tools available to technicians working on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Over the past 40 years JIMS has developed over 500 of these items.  
Allen Alvarez from Daytona Twin Tec displayed the range of products from this creative manufacturer while technical seminars were held during the Friday dealer sessions, outlining the very sophisticated functions available. Scott Breckenridge from Bub’s Customs conducted these evening sessions, and the feedback I received suggested they were well received.

The very approachable Cory Ness displayed a nice range of their industry leading products including a very stylish range of air cleaners for which he is planning to incorporate some new filter material technology. 

Christine Le Pera, daughter of company founder Bob LePera, very ably represented LePera Seats and their current range needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. It’s one thing to look at pretty pictures in a catalogue but when you can hold the product, and feel its quality, actually seeing the fine details takes you to another level.

The always ebullient Ted Sands represented both Performance Machine and Roland Sands Designs and each time I hear Ted speaking on these products I am further impressed by his depth of knowledge in these top shelf products.

Allon and Tracy McBee from Feuling Oil Pump Corp.displayed a range of their finely engineered precision performance parts including their renowned oiling system kits and camchest kits and anyone with a high performance engine would be well advised to study what they have on offer.

The irrepressible and always smiling Martin Arteaga of Freedom Performance was there to present his range of state-of-the-art exhaust systems, which incorporates a very extensive range for all model Harley-Davidsons as well as Victory and various metric brands. 

Tom Gillette, Kuryakyn’s tech guru and all round nice guy, outlined to dealers and customers some of the high points of their extensive range of innovative products including some very trick lighting and some new dress up items.

Sam Wakim, the dynamic driving force behind Ridewright Wheels, displayed their beautifully machined modular hub concepts that allow you to take your stylish wheels from bike to bike, should you wish to do so. What a great concept!

Motorcycle oil is always a controversial subject, with individual riders having their brand preferences more often based on emotion rather than science. Dave Miller and Ken Ciocci from Spectro Peformance Oils set to putting various misconceptions to rights regarding the slippery stuff. 

Tami Smith from James Gaskets displayed a range of these top-drawer products and very professionally elucidated their features and benefits to interested parties. While across the way, Kent Foltz from Energy One Performance Clutches explained the science behind these over-engineered high performance motorcycle clutches.

Larry Nerada travelled all the way from Dalonega Georgia to represent Hawg Halters range of calipers, rotors, triple trees, forks and other fine products, such as their innovative HHI BFBK- 18", 6-piston direct bolt on brake caliper and true floating rotor kit for big wheel baggers.

Jim Putman from Legend Suspensions in South Dakota demonstrated their unique products, which are the only suspension systems featuring Gates Rubber Company's patented Kevlar, rubber air spring technology, along with deflective disc damping.

Lastly, but by no means least, was the big guy of S&S Cycle, Steve Iggens, who was assisted by Aussie bike identity Neale Bolam. S&S continue to innovate and have recently released crankcases for 2007-14 Harley-Davidson touring models and also a new series of high performance and replacement flywheel assemblies for 1999 and later Harley-Davidson big twins and S&S T-Series engines.

All in all, I think the two-day event was a roaring success for Rollie and his dedicated staff who worked hard and long to make it all happen. A special bonus for dealers was a generous discount offered for products ordered during the week following the event. Smart.

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Reader Comments

Gosh Doc,
You sure do write nice. Some really fancy words I had to look up. Hope all that's going on down under doesn't hamstring all of the bikers in your great country.

San marcos, TX
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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