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New Models and Road Tests

New Models and Road Tests

With the constant growth of new bikes in this industry, Bikernet opened a testing/new model review lab. We now offer manufacturer road tests, reviews of new models and news about existing models on everything we can straddle from new Harley-Davidsons and Victorys to Steeds, Hard Bikes and Saxons. Since this is a Bikernet Internet endeavor we can take requests. If you want a review on a particular model, don't hesitate to ask. If you need specific info on a given model, let us know.

Let's rock 'n' roll, we're burnin' daylight.
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Royal Enfield 650 Twin-Engine Double-Barrel Shoots for the Top

BY Ujjwal Dey, the Magnificent Bikernet Wayfarer
The world's longest production eternal brand "Bullet" in continued success, now has Enfield shooting for bigger revivals of icons such as Interceptor. This model allow the RE family to grow and for fans to step up or build a collection.
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Compilation of news on the new Launch of the very old Jawa Motorcycles.

BY Ujjwal Dey, the Magnificent Bikernet Wayfarer
Mahindra and Mahindra’s two-wheeler subsidiary Classic Legends launched three Jawa-branded motorcycles in India on Thursday, reviving the defunct Czech brand. Here's the news:
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The Tork T6X first production Electric Motorcycle in India

Young Graduates build their dream machine

by Ujjwal Dey with photos from the Tork team
Inspired by Silicon Valley Start-up culture an Indian Electronic Motorcycle is attempting to do what top Motorcycle Companies did not do
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Trike Editor Fears the Worst

by Ujjwal Dey, Supreme Editor, Bikernet Trikes
The world is fast changing. No, not Governments and definitely those Senators never leave or change. While the more Hollywood movies change, the more they remain the same. Generations change and the new millennials have different priorities and preferences. Climate is supposedly (“allegedly”) changing. Is Electric the answer?
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Norton 650 cc Twin Engine Motorcycle In The Works

Norton Motorcycles CEO Stuart Garner said that the 650 cc motorcycle will be more powerful than the current Norton Dominator and Norton Commando

by Ujjwal Dey
Norton Motorcycles has just announced a joint venture with Kinetic MotoRoyale to assemble and sell two motorcycles in India and the ASEAN region. The two models are the Norton Dominator and Norton Commando. However, Norton is also developing a 650 cc engine which will make 100 bhp.
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First Drive — 2018 Polaris Slingshot

How much fun can one have on three wheels? We found the answer with Polaris' new 2018 line of road-hugging screamers.

By Ben Lamboeuf
You come to Bikernet to get your two and three-wheel motorcycle (trike) news, right? So why are we about to bang on about Polaris Slingshot? Admittedly, this contraption looks more like a car or an autocycle than a motorcycle or even a trike. In the eyes of the law in the US, it actually is a motorcycle, and that's why we'll see us driving it on the streets wearing a helmet
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First Ride: 2017 Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite

Indian Motorcycle turns up the heat on the big cruiser bike market with a pair of upscale factory custom baggers

By Ben Lamboeuf, photography by Brian Hathaway and Felix Romero Garcia
Not about to slow its momentum for 2017, Indian Motorcycle has announced today the release of two custom-infused high-end models to the Chieftain platform: the Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite.
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A review of Drayko Jeans

the light weight Kevlar inner lining is the key.

by Jack McIntyre
Recently I received a pair of Drayko Kevlar jeans to wear around town as I do my normal daily motorcycle riding. I wore them both in the heated temperatures of the fall in the North East, and again waited until the temperatures turned in late November. I found the jeans to breathe well, not too hot when the sun was beating and in the cold winds, equally as comfortable. But that’s not where they sh...
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