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New Models and Road Tests

New Models and Road Tests

With the constant growth of new bikes in this industry, Bikernet opened a testing/new model review lab. We now offer manufacturer road tests, reviews of new models and news about existing models on everything we can straddle from new Harley-Davidsons and Victorys to Steeds, Hard Bikes and Saxons. Since this is a Bikernet Internet endeavor we can take requests. If you want a review on a particular model, don't hesitate to ask. If you need specific info on a given model, let us know.

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Can-Am Ryker: A Small and Agile Three-Wheeler

The all new 2024 version is out and about

by Ujjwal Dey
This could be a Can-Am Ryker Review--- the author says just about everything except that Ryker will eat your babies.
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Friggin’ Economies of Scale

In Harley-Davidson's desperate search for volume sales, Will there be a smaller Harley-Davidson X210 in India?

by Ujjwal Dey with images & illustrations by Wayfarer
X440 is already the smallest engine – perhaps too small of an engine – to be considered a ‘real’ Harley for those who can actually afford to buy it. A rumoured Harley X210 may share the same design elements as the current X440. The smaller H-D is rumoured to be powered by the same 210cc single-cylinder engine found in the Hero Karizma XMR.
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Lunar Looney Bunny: A Vespa Is for Fun

Automatic Gears and Automotive Attraction

by Ujjwal Dey
Vespa is a two-wheeler brand with great recall value all over the world. Their Vespa 946 “Bunny” model was introduced to commemorate the Year of the Bunny and the 10th anniversary of this model. But you don't need to be hopping mad to buy it for other reasons.
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Indian Electric Two-Wheelers

Competitive in features, pricing and target audience

by Wayfarer
While lot has been published and reported on Harley-Davidson's electric adventures including Serial 1 electric bicycles and of course LiveWire becoming a separate company, few have awareness of the electric offerings of Indian Motorcycle of Polaris. These are very competitive in features and pricing, yet they have their own limitations and target audience.
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What Happened to the Sportster?

H-D Factory Built the Last Traditional Sportster in November 2022

By Bandit, Reg Kittrell, Lance Onan and Willie G. Davidson
So, what killed the iconic Sportster? Was it diminishing sales, technology, the EPA, a marketing push, Indian competition, what gives?
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Celebrating 120 years of the most desired motorcycle brand

Harley-Davidson keeps it new at anniversary model announcement

by Wayfarer, Editor Bikernet Blog
Fans and dealerships waiting patiently for the model release would surely be impressed if not dancing in the streets. Some limited edition collectibles are of course for ‘collectors’, but there is plenty for us common two-wheel monkeys to run with. Breakout makes a comeback and Road Glide is now available as a Trike too. There is a Nightster Special and a re-imagined Freewheeler.
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New Petrol Motorcycles still getting launched in India

A motorcycle major, TVS Motor, has launched a new model to compete with Royal Enfield & latter's competing two models branded 'Honda CB-350'

by The Fella
How & why global net zero emissions and electrified vehicles cannot be achieved as simply as signing international agreements? Apart from few options to generate electricity, its not really developing nations' vehicles that consume most fuel.
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Alt-Rock Cruisers: BMW targets American Brand's Market

BMW R18 meets Indian Challenger and Harley Heritage Classic

by Jack Baruth from
The slightly ridiculous 1800cc, two-cylinder, leather-saddlebag, CHiPs-windshielded cruiser I’m trying to force through six stopped lanes of Los Angeles traffic can’t be taken as anything but an admission on the part of the Bayerische Motoren Werke that Harley-Davidson knows a) what boys like; b) what men want ... in America, anyway.
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