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Royal Enfield 650 Twin-Engine Double-Barrel Shoots for the Top

BY Ujjwal Dey, the Magnificent Bikernet Wayfarer

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Here is one of the new 650 models, the Cafe style RE.
Here is one of the new 650 models, the Cafe style RE.

NOW ON SALE: The new "Twins" or as old school Enfield purists call it locally "Twin-engine, Double-barrel", replaces the old-guard. The Enfield Rifles, which are still fit for official duty use in historic rural police "chowkies" would probably cherish an all-round upgrade in their garage as Enfield royally rolls out a first twin-engine after many decades.

The world's longest production eternal brand "Bullet" in continued success, now has Enfield shooting for bigger revivals of icons such as Interceptor.

Modeled on "California Cool" image of the Flower Power '60s, the Interceptor is back in stock at Enfield dealerships after many years of no hip or hop in the mid-weight motorcycle segment worldwide.

Goa the Hippie capital of the world saw thousands paid & registered to attend from all over India on the Royal Enfield official website page for well over a month in advance to the countdown since the grand launch announced was unveiled at Vagator Beach in Goa on this year's annual congregation of gearheads, nostalgia freaks, road-romantics and lovers of all things on two-wheels.

These models became available for booking for purchase across 14 key metro and mini metro cities starting November 14th 2018.

Already having the only genuine Cafe Racer in the Indian market, the Continental GT got more street racing power with twin-engine Continental GT 650. All the urban hipsters can now visit every favourite cafe from uptown to downtown with the authentic, essential, complete retro-Cafe Racer now in production for all-India release.

Made precision like a gun and goes like a bullet.
Made precision like a gun and goes like a bullet.

Seriously though, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 scored 241 Km per hour (150 mph) at the Bonneville Salt Flats with 18-year-old Cayla Rivas revving the throttle - she is the daughter of former National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) motorcycle racer Chris Rivas. She already has 12 speed records in her past and did 20 speed runs on Salt Flats with the new GT 650 in September 2018.

So don't be surprised to see Enfield Factory Racers in Flat Track Racing Teams in near future. You want pedigree, lets race circles around your chrome plates on dirt to check the dust on your legacy.

The groovy twin-legends will roll across 120 dealerships in India, priced at Rs 250,000 for Interceptor 650 and Rs 265,000 for Continental GT 650 (ex-showroom prices pan-India).

Royal Enfield has announced a Pan-India launch in a phased manner. The company also began Online motorcycle booking facility with the booking launch of the 650 Twins at Dealerships on November 14th.

So, while sipping your pumpkin spice latte or maybe when you catch a midnight break from answering the messages from all your girlfriends, you could book and pay for a Twin-Engine Motorcycle online and wake up fresh for a new lifestyle on the mean heart-breaking campus streets of your University.

Commenting on the launch of the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 in India, Siddhartha Lal, CEO - Royal Enfield said, “The launch of the 650 Twin motorcycles adds many more miles to this journey, and is the perfect opportunity to further our ambition of growing the leisure motorcycling market across the world. We strongly believe that the 650 Twins will be an attractive, evocative motorcycle for our customers across India.”

So all those loud cranky engines complaining that the Millennials are killing the motorcycle culture - well, maybe you didn't have anything to spark the fires of passion in the youth of today. Go babysit your antique at your garage instead as the wild-side of today's generation is unleashed to roar ahead of the rest.

At the many choices of beaches in Goa, with every thing cooking and smoking hot, the Interceptor 650 whispers sweet-smooth adventures as the tourists and locals witness the endless parades of motorcycle riders and top reporters wanting a "Twins" test-ride near their "shack".

Starlit night-skies overhear the spirited vibes from fever-pitch "Goa Trance" Parties dancing beside the ebb & flow waltz of eternal tides, nourished exclusively by locally famous brand "Kings Beer" and many varieties of "Fenni" (local country liquor made from cashewnut or toddy palm).

If you have not grabbed the local handmade pork sausage fresh before the siesta afternoon market takes a traditional nap, you may just have to wait till next morning to cook your own barbecue dinner at your preferred bonfire camp fiesta.

The two twin-engine motorcycles come with a 3-year warranty and Roadside Assistance service. These motorcycles will also come with over 40 Genuine Motorcycle Accessories with 2-year warranty to truly customize or modify the seasonal flavor as you head north from Goa into luxury palaces of Rajasthan or south to the forbidden infamous "Hippie Island" near the 7th century Temple ruins of Hampi (please don't play with the "Indian sloth bear" at Hampi - it is neither lazy nor a huggable teddy, wildlife is real, not a petting zoo).

World War bonifide Royal Enfield.
World War bonifide Royal Enfield.

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As Hemingway says it best in the very title of his debut novel "The Sun Also Rises" - the siesta of the countryside brings dreams of new love and passion as the wild bull Std 500 Bullet keeps me going onwards. "Made Like A Gun - Goes Like A Bullet" the original Enfield Trademark had announced at an era when Hemingway was young and the world was wild.

"Dawn cannot deny me my sunlight" - Ujjwal Dey
#dancing in the streets

Wayfarer - 50 Shades of Dey

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