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Motorcycle Freedom Fighter


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Top of ring with the Official Hall Of Fame Logo
Top of ring with the Official Hall Of Fame Logo

 In 2005 John” Rogue” Herlihy, Keith” Bandit” Ball, Michael Lichter, Jim and Phillis McClure, Soichiro Honda, Scott Parker, The Walker Family and the Motor Maids Inc. were inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame

They all received a trophy with their name on it. Rogue's trophy stated he was being inducted into the Freedom Fighter section of the HOF which is for indivuals who fought for motorcycle rights.

Rogue was well known for putting on Motorcycle Helmet Law Protests in Connecticut and other parts of the country. You can see one of the many article on the protests at  .He was also responsible for getting Connecticut Senator Stu McKinney to get the motorcyclist a hearing in Washington D.C. Rogue appeared at that hearing as Reverend John "Rogue" Herlihy Pastor of Bikers Church. He caused quite a commotion when he asked the panel when did they condone Blackmail and Extortion.
He went on to explain that the Department of Transportation had sent a letter to Connecticut Governor Ella Grosso threatening to withould highway funds if they did not pass specific laws one of which was a Mandatory Helmet Law for Motorcyclist. 
 The Blackmail threat was removed and Connecticut Repealed its Mandatory Helmet Law and many other states followed.

Rogue was very surprised and honored that his close friend Berry Wardlaw had nominated him to the Hall Of Fame. Rogue did what he did because he thought it was the right thing to do and did not even know about the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall Of Fame.
When in Sturgis for the 51st year he was able to make a good deal on a Black Hills Gold 50th ring. It was not a Hall Of Fame Ring as those did not become available until 2020 

In 2020 the inductees received Hall of Fame Rings designed by Frank Zubieta owner of NINO 925. Frank has been in business for over 20 years and has a great reputation in the industry by creating specialized handcrafted jewelry in .925 Sterling Silver, YellowGold, White Gold and Platinum.

Right side of ring has the inductees name.
Right side of ring has the inductees name.

Left side of ring has the year of induction
Left side of ring has the year of induction

Members of the Sturgis Hall Of Fame were given the opportunity to have rings made for them by contacting Frank at 1-877-NINO925 or by email at SALES@NINO925.COM and providing their name and the year they were inducted. Of course this will be verified as this specific ring is only available to Hall Of Fame Members.

I want to Thank my long-time friend and owner of, Keith Ball for getting my Sturgis H.O.F. Ring for me. I have wanted something like this for a very long time as I am proud to be in the Hall Of Fame. I am very impressed with the weight and quality of the ring and I will wear it proudly.

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Reader Comments

I had no idea there were rings available! Wrote them to inquire about getting one. Hopefully a bit smaller than yours.... my fingers wouldn't support a ring that big!



Medford, MA
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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