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Climate Change Religion--Obey or Die Trying

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns

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HUMAN-CAUSED Global Warming Violates The “Established Religion” Prohibitions Of The First Amendment

Do you know what I can do? I can “present the case” that the American-Government decrees regarding “human-caused global warming” is “the establishment of religion” by the government and is thus in violation of the Constitution.

I know what you’re saying, “Aren’t you a doddering delirious old man who was once a Mouseketeer with Annette and dropped from the epitome of pop culture in America down to the very bottom of it later in life by writing vulgar, borderline-felonious-crap for the early Easyriders Magazine, universally condemned as the most inept, most socially-unredeeming, most vagrant-targeted publication in American history?

Well, yeah. What’s your point. Where are you going with this. Tell you what, why don’t you pipe down for a minute and let me have my say. Write your own article if you’re so damn smart, meanwhile give it a rest, ok? And let me get-on with this. Ok? Well, I don’t hear you sayin’ nuthin’ so I guess it’s ok. Thank you. I don’t mean to be rude but really, you need to back off just a tad. Ok, ok, relax.

Where the hell was I? OH yeah: declaring the global warming edicts as the establishing of a religion. This ain’t allowed!

Amendment I

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The first ten words of this Bill of Rights thing that everyone declares is very spiffy, says, in the language vernacular of the day, that DC can’t create a fucking religion and then issue “commandments” regarding it that everyone has to fucking obey.

Ok, so here’s where this is going: “Human Caused Global Warming” is a religion. And there are commandments being issued by the creators of this religion that have to be obeyed under penalty of the usual penalties governments inflict for disobedience: confiscation, incarceration, and murder.

So, let’s define what a religion is and then we can see why Human Caused Global Warming IS one.

1: A religion is something that can’t be proved. It’s a conviction or a belief or a delusion or a whim or a suspicion or a hunch or a tale or a legend or a supposition that cannot ever be subjected to analysis, experiment, results, conclusions, findings, testing, and retesting. Human Caused Global Warming is one of these things.

2: A religion’s assertions cannot be tested for accuracy or even be tested for actually being in existence. There is no actual evidence that humans, much less gasoline in particular, are altering the climate and the effects of climate: the weather. PLUS!!!! there is no way to even hunt down any evidence of anything created by humans that would result in the clear conclusion that this action or this behavior or this particular practice was conclusively and repeatedly demonstrating on demand that it was producing something as astoundingly mammoth as an effect on the atmosphere of a planet 25,000 miles in circumference buried under a dynamic global violent meteor-vaporizing blanket of gasses 100,000 feet high both of which are being eternally blasted by so many thermonuclear explosions per second that they are creating a sphere of multi-million-degree fire nearly one million miles in diameter which if we were any closer to it we would all fucking die. The actions of you driving to work do not affect these three monstrosities. Rather these three monstrosities affect you. UNLESS you are a high priest of human-caused global warming, of course. Then you are running things. In between visits to Epstein Island.

In other words, saying that humans affect weather and climate is something straight out of voodoo land from the bowels of Tanganyika circa 25,000 BC.

3: A religion has a “powerful being” that is capable of overriding the laws of Nature, and this entity is either one that resides not on the earth but “out there” somewhere where Pelosi and Gavin Newsom live, or if he or she or it does reside on the earth it lives in the very rocks or IS the very rocks or the trees or is the globe of Earth itself, like Gaia is.

The supreme entity of a religion can also be us. Such that we are the all-powerful beings who by our powerful and divinely awesome majesty can…..control the weather. And move the stars around. These religions are referred to, at least in the Christian realm, as pagan if not satanic in that the member of the religion is also the deity of the religion, and these religions are referred to in the “secular” realm as humanistic or “enlightened.” Kabbala, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Scientology unless I miss my guess, and most cults, all have the membership as being of deity level in abilities and performance and overall nature and capacity to do truly marvelous things, even if relentlessly unemployed.

4: Human Caused Global Warming is a religion of claimed, not-to-be-questioned, foregone actual untestable reality evident only to people in high places in politics, or adepts, as opposed to those living in the underling world like ourselves, none of whom high-placed people are meteorologists and most of whom have the scientific training and intellectual adroitness of Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and A. Ocasio-Cortez and company. Human Caused Global Warming cannot be proved or disproved by any amount of testing in that the premise exceeds all known current levels of human ability to test its accuracy on a global or even on a township scale. The entire planet would have to be the laboratory in order to test the assertion. In other words we’re powerful enough to alter earth’s climate and weather but we’re not powerful enough to prove that we’re doing it. This sort of quandary of whirling doubletalk is the kind of merry-go-round that lunatics and/or con-men operate with, both of whom routinely create religions when not just stealing hubcaps.

5: Congress, in addition to creating a religion out of - oh the irony! - thin air, is forcing the citizenry to obey the religion’s rules and edicts and commandments.

6: This (item 5) is what is known as “respecting the establishment of religion.” Ordering people to obey edicts and to follow the directives of edict-hurlers for the purpose of maintaining the behavioral norms and protocols of a religion….is unconstitutional. Not only does it violate the Bill of Rights, it violates the first fucking ten words of the Bill of Rights. Apparently, this has happened before and the Constitution Assembly Committee made that item the first no-no of the day. Tell that to the alleged “Supreme” Court.

Those meatheads are about as aware of the Constitution as they are aware that they are supposed to wear clothing under their robes. There’s a reason people want to become judges. And it’s not the prestige. It’s the absolute total groinal freedom which that robe allows. Shoes on the feet and the bottoms of pantlegs sewn onto the hem of the sith robe and it’s day after day of Sex Organ Fandango while boredly listening to applicants pleading for justice to someone sitting a-high-up a million miles away playing with himself. Those robes are there for a reason. And it’s a gross one.

So there ya have it!……the global warming bullshit all wrapped up and tied with a bright ribbon of Established Religion, all brought to your attention by a hack on I guess you’ll have a little more respect for this site now that you have used it as a guidepost to launch your own personal counterattack against the Greta Thunbergs and Gavin Newsoms of the world who are determined to send you back to pre-industrial Ur of the Chaldees, going to work on burro-back and having your air conditioner confiscated as a heretical violation of the Atmospheric Religious Brotherhood of the Annointed Sky Monitors.

So, remember: human-caused global warming is a DC-created religion, the rules of which you are required to follow, in disobedience to and with flagrant disregard for the first ten words of the Bill of Rights. Imagine what this Congress-established religion is going to do to the rest of the Bill of Rights once it gets some momentum going.

--J.J. Solari

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