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REVIEW: Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus Riding Apparel

Heated 12V Jacket & Pant liners and Glove Liners

Review & Photos by Koz Mraz

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Tourmaster, a leader in motorcycle riding apparel has been providing high-tech motorcycle products since 1979. They recently released the updated Synergy Pro-Plus heated 12V ensemble of jacket/pants/vest and glove liners. Unlike other 12V heated gear, this jacket does not require a separate thermostatic controller, because the Synergy Pro-Plus has easily accessible, built-in waterproof 3-setting LED smart soft touch controllers. A 12V battery harness and safety fuse are included with the jacket, pants, or vest which eliminates the need for any other accessories to get your winter riding started.

Be apprised that if you purchase the heated jacket and heated pants an accessory Y splitter cable to connect them is also required. Part # 8763-9912-00. If you just buy gloves, an accessory Y splitter/extender cable to connect them is required. Part # 8763-9913-00

These liners are meant to be worn under your motorcycle jacket, pants and gloves. They should fit snugly for close contact with your body. I wear a comfortable t-shirt as a basic layer, then the heated jacket, and finally my protective motorcycle riding jacket. Using glove liners requires a bit of forethought because your existing motorcycle gloves probably fit …like a glove. I suggest trying on a set of cold weather gloves while wearing the liners underneath to find that perfect pair that allows the comfort and control, we motorcyclists demand.

Digging through my riding gear I found a motorcycle jacket, pair of riding pants, and gloves perfect for the job. Connections are a snap. The jacket has wires in the sleeve that connect to the gloves and with the additional Y Splitter, connects the jacket, pants, and gloves to the Synergy wiring harness provided. The soft-touch controller for the jacket is on the left chest which I found easy to access and control while riding. If you’re not using the heated gloves, the wiring is hidden in zipper pouches in the sleeves.

The controller on the heated pants has a long tongue that hangs outside the exterior of your riding pants. This makes access to the touch controller easy even while riding. Tourmaster recommends that you connect to the motorcycle battery lead while the bike is running.

Each liner has its own easily accessible 3-setting LED smart soft touch controller allowing the rider to make adjustments even with gloves. The LED switches from RED, (high) Yellow (medium), and Green (low) giving riders a visual cue if need be. Heat settings are, high (126°f/52°c), medium (113°f/45°c), low (100°f/38°c).

Wind Chill Factor lowers body temperature due to the passing flow of lower-temperature air. If you’re riding in 32-degree Fahrenheit weather at 70 miles an hour the outside air effectively becomes 11 degrees. Motorcycle faring and windscreens can reduce these numbers. I only have a windscreen so my exposed hands get the brunt of the wind chill. As we motorcyclists know, our hands are the most critical appendages that need to keep warm and nimble.

Northern Arizona winters offer crystal clear skies and stunning scenery but morning temperatures hover in the mid-'40s for months. Heated gear allows me to continue my weekly rides through the Red Rocks of Sedona and the White Mountains. We have ten peaks over 9000 feet here and endless riding abounds.

I found that during most of my chilly morning rides I kept the pants on Green, the lowest level, the jacket on Yellow, mid-level, and gloves on Red, the highest level of heat. I was wearing a pair of Feildsheer leather gauntlets over the liners and struggled with heating my fingertips.

On further examination, I turned the gloves inside out to reveal the wiring architecture. The carbon fiber element runs top-center of each finger but stops somewhere over the fingernail. hence there is no heat at the actual fingertip. With only a windscreen, I have to factor wind chill in my mid 40-degree rides. Tourmaster does not state the lowest temperature threshold for the optimum operation of their heated gear in their documentation.

Tourmaster designers found with constant temperature heat, the body can begin to sweat. Subtly fluctuating the temperature keeps riders more comfortable. An integrated microprocessor and thermal cut-off protect against power surge and overheating of elements. Lycra side stretch panels provide added comfort and keep the jacket snug increasing warmth. All the Synergy Pro Plus line is hand washable.

The jack and pants work wonders and without question, heated gear is a game changer for winter riding. Giving up months of cold weather riding is no longer an option.

TIP: I leave the liners inside of all the apparel. This makes dressing and removal of the gear very easy.

The Jacket is made from a 100% polyester softshell fabric which makes it wind and water-resistant. The inside liner of the jacket is 100% nylon and sports a very comfortable microfleece collar. The ribbed knit cuffs prevent wind from blowing up your sleeve thus helping keep your arms warm. The 7 Lightweight, flexible steel fiber heating elements located on the chest, sleeves, back, and collar provide more than enough coverage to keep you warm.

The Pants Thigh to shin flexible carbon fiber heating elements are located on front panels. Nylon and spandex rear compression panel for reduced bulk and increased comfort. 100% Polyester microfleece fixed liner100% Polyester wind and water-resistant soft-shell fabric front panel

The Gloves have 100% Polyester wind and water-resistant soft-shell fabric on top of the hand. Spandex fourchettes and palm reduces bulk. 100% Polyester microfleece fixed liner. Hook and loop closure with Lycra gusset. Flexible carbon fiber heating elements extend across the back of the hand up to each fingertip

The Vest total of 4 flexible carbon fiber heating elements located on the chest (2), back (1), and collar (1) Built-in waterproof 3-setting LED smart soft touch controller on the left chest

The apparel wiring connectors are a standard design and will work with other brands.

The Synergy Pro-Plus line of jacket, vest, pants, and gloves all work together.

Jacket $259.99 Men's: XSM - 3XL Women's: SML - 4XL
Vest $199.99 X Small to 3XL
Pants $199.99 X Small to 3XL
Gloves $119.99 X Small to 2XL

Refer website:

Postscript: CanBus wiring may exceed amperage capability for heated gear. Almost all European motorcycle manufacturers use this technology. It’s a single data line along which signals are transferred between system components to control various functions of the motorcycle. If CanBus detects a higher-than-expected current passing through it that circuit will simply shut down and an error code produced as the system thinks there is a fault. To bypass this, connect the Synergy wiring harness directly to the battery.

Spenser tech at Tourmaster 818-239-9657
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