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By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Laura, Bob T., Barry Green, the Redhead, Jeff Najar, Maril

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What an interesting day, week closing in on the Rally. I can’t wait. I’ve watched tents, displays, new signage sprout up all over the town of Sturgis. The 120th rocked Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, and I’m trying to access whether the brothers are coming here and how the anniversary might impact the 83rd rally.

Hamster Dan is working hard on the Sturgis Museum, building an historic looking shop and that's his 1914 H-D twin project on the bench. Stop by. 

It’s all going to be fun and exciting to watch. Let’s hit the news.

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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Helping with Horsepower Takes on Tiny Custom Chop—Off

Resulting auction supports putting kids on bikes in kindergarten P.E. Class nationwide

Helping with Horsepower, founded by Laura Klock in 2011, is taking part in the prestigious 2023 Tiny Bike Custom Chop Off, a competition that encourages young people to pursue careers in the industrial arts. The Chop Off is featured at the 2023 Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and Auction in Sturgis. Six programs are competing in the Chop Off with each bike making its debut at the event.

"We are thrilled to be taking part in the 2023 Tiny Custom Chop Off and showcasing the incredible talent and resilience of our youth involved in the Bike Rebuild Program," said Laura Klock, founder of Helping with Horsepower.

The Flying Piston breakfast kicks off on Sunday, August 6th, from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip and the tiny customs are auctioned off that morning via an online platform. Anyone can bid from anywhere.

Proceeds from the auction support All Kids Bike, a program that puts bike riding classes in kindergartens nationwide. The Flying Piston Benefit has helped train over 100,000 kindergartners to ride on 2 wheels.

The tiny custom bike began as a stock Strider balance bike generously provided to all six programs by Strider Sports International, of Rapid City, SD.

Six schools are taking part in the Tiny Custom Chop Off including Lakeville North High School from Minnesota; Pine Bush High School, NY; Helping with Horsepower in Ethan, SD; WyoTech, Laramie, WY; Mitchell Tech in Mitchell, SD; and the Jessi Combs Foundation.

"This competition provides a great experience for the students,” explained Marilyn Stemp, co-producer of the Flying Piston. "The young men and women are exposed to career paths they may never have known about. And really, in this competition, there are no losers, only winners!"

Helping with Horsepower invites everyone to attend the Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and witness the unveiling of the custom tiny bike.

The silent auction that follows presents a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind creation while supporting a worthy cause.

Enthusiasts can register for the auction at to bid online from anywhere. To buy tickets for the Builders Breakfast, held at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroads on Sunday, August 6th and presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, go to

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--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.
If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.


Fiction that kicks butt: You gotta read this guy

He also has a version of some of his novels marked "Low Profanity Edition"

Author Clayton Lindemuth

Thanks & regards,


The list includes tanks, wheels, cams, pipes, tools, shocks, fairings controls, springers, you name it. Check out what the Cycle Source mastermind has to offer.

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Fuel CLE is brought to you by Lowbrow Customs, Forever The Chaos Life & The Gasbox.

We couldn't do it without support from Biltwell, BMW Motorrad, Whiteknuckler and W&W.
FRIDAY July 28th

Official Pre-Party
Skidmark Garage: 7pm to 1am
4600 Hamilton Ave. Cleveland OH 44114
Free to attend, live music, adult beverages, food, motorcycles and so much more.

SATURDAY July 29th

Meet up at West 14th and Abbey Avenue. Ride departs at 9am sharp, arrives at Fuel around 10am! Check out the route / get directions here.

Fuel Cleveland Show
The Historic Hale Farm & Village 2686 Oak Hill Rd. Bath, OH 44210 • 10am - 7pm

Official After Party
Hoopples: 8pm to last call
1930 Columbus rd. Cleveland OH 44113

SUNDAY July 30th

Fuel Cleveland Show
The Historic Hale Farm & Village 2686 Oak Hill Rd. Bath, OH 44210 • Time 10am - 4pm

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--Sam Burns
Official Curator™

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Lengthy article but people who know CVO would love it

Well, this year, besides bumping the displacement up to 121 cu. in. from the now paltry 117 cu. in. of the previous year, other huge changes were mixed in, giving an advanced look at what we predict the bulk of the Milwaukee-Eights will be like in the not-to-distant future.

Chief Media Investigator™

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Hamsters are riding in from all over the country.
Hamsters are riding in from all over the country.

83rd STURGIS RALLY-- at Legend Suspensions

Front and Rear installations at our manufacturing facility. All installation appointments are first come first serve. Be sure to stop by 3461 Whitewood Service Road, Sturgis, SD 57785 to make an appointment.

July 31st - August 11th, 2023

For more information and location details please visit:


Aaron Egging is a tattoo artist at Project Tattoo Studio, N Seattle WA.

Contact info: 22000 64th Ave W Ste 2E, Mountlake Terrace, WA, United States, Washington (425) 967-3265

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!
And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!


I realized something today. We are experiencing first hand right now what a female president would be like. America is currently being ran by a ditsy, blonde, trophy 2nd wife, fake doctor, schoolteacher, fucking female, who is just dragging around her potato of a husband and calling all the shots from behind the scenes.

It’s come out lately that she hired Pissantski and probably the Ramen Noodle, too. It said she has say in all the staff hiring at the White House, and that she controls everything Biden says or does, his schedule and all the planning. If you think about it, his little handwritten notes and atrocious speeches sound like they are her talking... the laminated cheat sheets with reporter's for him to call on? Schoolteacher bullshit… Jill is running the show. Biden even slips up and says so often.

The Biden administration is like watching some goofy ‘80s Mel Brooks comedy with Jill played by Shelley Long, as a school teacher trying to run the country in ugly dresses and shoulder pads and Farrah Fawcett hair.

Joe woulda been played by Leslie Nielson, of course, as the demented, dottering, perverted old president who goes around nibbling children and sniffing people and honking Eva Longoria’s boob on a stage and falling down everywhere. The Secret Service would be just a bunch of bumbling morons getting serviced by Kamala, and nobody notices Hunter doing shady foreign deals while sniffing blow out of an Asian hooker’s crack in the White House library.


by Amy White aka The Wicked Bitch


Man Tracks Stolen Bike With Apple AirTag, Says Police Can't Help

What do you do in a situation like this?

Sorry, Basket Case Bike Enthusiasts: Vermont Closes Registration Loophole

Which is worse: Having your bike stolen and not knowing what happened to it, or having your bike stolen, knowing where it is, and not being able to do anything about it? That’s the problem that Chicagoan Scotty Woods is facing in mid-July 2023. According to him, his Honda CBR was legally parked on the street near his apartment building.

What about the Chicago police? When NBC 5 asked what they would advise in this situation, a spokesperson informed them that the best course of action would be to contact the local district office where the stolen property is located, explain the situation, and ask for assistance.

That’s exactly what Woods did, but so far, it hasn’t helped. “[The officer] wasn’t on the scene for two minutes. I asked him if he could take me through the alley or anything of that nature just to do a safety check or assist. They denied and they said I don’t see it in plain sight that they can’t help me,” Woods told NBC 5 Chicago.

Chief Media Investigator

Click to check the Jak Shirt line from 5-Ball.
Click to check the Jak Shirt line from 5-Ball.


Life in America’s Breadbasket is Good and Getting Better

Our report, American Midwest and Climate Change: Life in America’s Breadbasket is Good and Getting Better, was just published. In it, we provide the science that disputes the claims of ongoing and future climate catastrophes.

We document that there is no climate crisis. In fact, we discover just the opposite. The ecosystems and agriculture in these ten Midwestern states are thriving and prospering partly because of modest warming and more CO2.

Below is information provided by NOAA showing that maximum temperatures have declined since the Dust Bowl years of the late 1920s and 1930s and all the while CO2 was steadily increasing.

We find that:

High temperatures peaked 90 years ago.
Recent temperatures are comparable to those nearly 100 years ago.
Growing seasons are lengthening.
Minimum winter temperatures are increasing (that is a good thing).
There is a beneficial increase in precipitation.
There is a decline in droughts, strongest tornadoes and heat-related deaths.
Agricultural productivity has increased greatly.

Further, we find that a transition to "net zero" for the Midwest would make no improvement to the environment and be prohibitively expensive.

The cost to transition the 10 Midwestern states to so-called renewable power would cost more than $6 trillion, or $92,000 per capita. A theoretical effect of such a transition is calculated as averting 0.043° C of warming by the year 2100, which translates to a cost of $14 trillion for each tenth degree of warming averted.

Download the entire report here (pdf).

Support these guys. They are trying to keep us and scientific transparency alive. Click here.
Support these guys. They are trying to keep us and scientific transparency alive. Click here.


Yesterday we hit it hard with Dan and Luke working on final aspects of the Salt Torpedo. Just about the time we think we’re close we stumble onto more challenges.

I’m working on a Torpedo check list. We let the parachute pop out and discovered a mess. Luke is cleaning it up with the help of the Redhead.

I thought I had some space above the tank and raised it slightly. Fuck, it smacked the top and we had to adjust.

We got it buttoned up and decided to soak it. We also made progress with the rules. The EMTs need to be able to turn on the fire entinquisher, shut off the battery and the fuel from the outside of the liner. Crazy.

Bonneville Check list
  • Check front end
  • Check Fuel Level
  • Check Engine and trans oil
  • Check chain adjustment
  • Check parachute connection
  • Check Fire Extinguishers


The Buffalo Chip City hosted a new style of rider to the Black Hills this weekend.

Get On! ADV Fest Tickets

A Four-Day Camping and Adventure Motorcycle Festival July 20-23, 2023.

Camping is Free with Admission.

It rocked with four days of camping, adventure riding and community in the gorgeous backcountry and front-country of remote South Dakota July 20-23, 2023. In addition to world-class adventure riding, the weekend was full of test rides, seminars, entertainment, prizes, awards, and the latest adventure riding gear and accessories for you and your bike.

Kids 15 and under were free. Max 2 per adult and must be accompanied by that adult at all times. Kid's meals were not included. Food was available for kids via the concession stand.
I even took movie snacks and bought a Twisted Tea for the first time.
I even took movie snacks and bought a Twisted Tea for the first time.

I was invited for movie night under the stars, while the boss roasted marsh-mellows behind the bar.

I ran into a kid at the Tiki Bar buying a beer who was very excited to see this film. I dug out my camping chair, stretched is out and watched the boss, the film director and the main promotor, Zero motorcycles sit on stage and discuss the making of the film.
They came from BDR a 501c(3) non-profit organization. “We are here to help you plan adventure motorcycling trips. This non-profit website provides you with free GPS tracks, information, and planning tools for each Backcountry Discovery Route. Plan your multi-day off-road motorcycle adventure with their free tracks, interactive maps, photos, video content as well as hotel, food & gas information. Be sure to check out the discovery points, packing lists and FAQ’s for any routes you are considering. Have fun, be safe and enjoy exploring on two wheels.

I watched some of the promotional film, but was caught by a guy, Bill Hearne, who acted as a guide for the team of six who rode the three-day loop through the black hills.

He’s a major supporter of making the off-road trails accessible. When the BLM tries to shut a trail down because they say the budget doesn’t exist to maintain it, he steps in to negotiate with the Bureau of Land Management and raise the funds to repair the trail.

I’m concerned about the new BLM mission and Bonneville. The new mission will shift from management and human access to less management and less access. There is current legislation to stop the shift.

The Zero aspect of the film played a major role and the rep who rode the tour touted the ease of charging which she attempted to do at every stop or coffee break and all night at the hotels, motels or lodges along the route. She said it was no-problem, but fortunately there were only two electric bikes in the crew. Hang on if there were 20…


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Harley-Davidson to Introduce Nightster 440 in India--

Here's What We Know So Far

After successfully launching the feature-loaded X440 in partnership with Hero Motocorp, the premium two-wheeler manufacturer Harley-Davidson is all set to drop another product in the Indian market.

It has been reported the company is likely to introduce Nightster 440 in collaboration with a homegrown bike maker. The report says Hero Motocorp has already filed the trademark for the upcoming Nightster 440, which will hit the market soon.

The brand has taken the name inspiration from its international 975cc Nightster motorcycle and might share some of the design elements from it as well. However, the company is yet to reveal official details about the same.

Full Story at:

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